It's been ages since I wrote this and I had to edit it for it to be readable again.

Ace stood on the crowded deck of the Moby Dick, watching in awe with the rest of his crewmates as their first commander flew off the ship's figurehead in a blaze of bright blue flames. Other than the moon, he was the only light illuminating the deck. It was a tradition of sorts; Whitebeard's most trusted commander would leave the ship for some mission or another every once in awhile and they would all gather on the deck to watch him circle the ship three times before flying off in a flurry of beautiful blue flames tipped with gentle orange.

It had been a windy night, making him look all the more beautiful with the wild flames licking at his skin before he turned into a phoenix completely, but the danger in his appearance was there for everyone to observe. He wasn't actually dangerous for his crewmates, but an enemy would be condemned upon witnessing the first bout of flickering blue. All eyes were fixated on the fire as it glided away, brightening it's way, outshining every single star that decorated the clear night sky.

In all honesty, there wasn't a single member of the crew that hadn't seen the Phoenix in all it's glory already, but they all congregated on the deck every single time nonetheless. After Marco's departure, lanterns would be lighted all over the deck and a party started, to the utmost amusement of their captain (therefore also, the utmost horror of his nurses).

Ace lingered by the railing a bit longer, tuning out the ruckus behind him to observe the night sky and the fading blue light on the verge of disappearance. In the comfort of his secluded piece of the deck, he could admit to himself that what he felt for Marco went beyond a simple brotherly love. It had vexed him, this infatuation he felt, when he first became aware of it. What followed was fear of Whitebeard's hatred and that of the rest of his family. They would be disgusted by him, for sure.

Yet, it took a simple slip of the tongue from Thatch to ease his mind and give him hope. They had been on shore leave only a day ago and Ace was in the company of the other commanders, including Thatch who had a nagging habit of getting drunk on every occasion. Ace, as always, got stuck dragging his s semi-conscious form back to the ship at an ungodly time of night. At one point Ace had seriously contemplated leaving him in a ditch to sleep it off, but couldn't in the end.

It had paid off, though, as Thatch found his voice and engaged in a pretty long monologue about birds, lighting someone's fire and the beauty of one or another orifice in connection to Marco and Ace himself. Trying to make sense of a drunken man's rambling was a challenge for another day so Ace pressed until Thatch had given in and told him a secret that "Ace can never ever ever find out". Namely, that Marco had feelings for Ace that were not unlike Ace's own.

With a renewed bounce in his step, Ace had dumped Thatch somewhere on the ship and managed to sleep only due to his narcolepsy. Suddenly knowing that the feelings were mutual, Ace found it hard to not sneak into Marco's room and see where it goes.

So waiting patiently for the object of his turbulent thoughts to leave, Ace found himself against the railing, the Phoenix out of sight. He wasn't one to think of himself as a scheming person and he'd usually jump at what he wanted head on, but this was a situation that even he could see required at least a semblance of subtlety. He would be as subtle as he could even when he needed the help of the least subtle person aboard the Moby Dick.

Stepping away from the railing now that the Phoenix was out of sight, but never out of mind, he walked through the mass of people drinking on the deck. It never ceased to amaze him how big the crew was, completely different from the selected few crewmembers of his Spade pirates.

Even in a crowd such as the one on the deck of Whitebeard's flag ship, spotting Izo was an easy task. He did, after all, have style amongst a crowd of people that couldn't be bothered to dress nicely. It also helped that he sat next to Thatch whose hair stood out like a beacon, one that Ace half expected it to light the way for him.

He moved across the deck, members of his own division as well as many others patted his back in passing, saying their hellos or simply stepping aside for him to pass. A bottle of some sort of booze found it's way into his hand and he was compelled to stay with his division for a while longer. He wasn't in a hurry, anyway as he was confident Izo would help him and there was plenty of time before Marco's return. Well, it was only two days, but Ace had a lot of faith in Izo's matchmaking methods and abilities. Izo could, in fact, work wonders with less than what he'd have in this case.

Well over half an hour and what seemed like a boatload of alcohol later, Ace was finally seated next to Izo. He established that Thatch didn't remember his blunder from the previous night, so it was important to keep the impending conversation with Izo private.

Unlike Thatch, Izo knew how to keep secrets, mainly other people's, because it was nearly impossible to keep a secret from him. For example, he was the only one that knew Ace's secret regarding Marco and not even because Ace told him. He didn't dare think what else Izo might know about the rest of their family. Ace leaned closer to him so Izo could hear over the sounds of festivities around them.

"You still sober?" he asked.

"Sober enough," Izo replied. "What is it?"

Ace's face split into a grin he somehow successfully suppressed for the past day.

"Someone," he nodded in Thatch's general direction, "told me that a certain birdie likes me." The excited grin was widened in a matter of seconds, soon mirrored on Izo's face.

"How did you not know about it, anyway?" Ace asked with genuine interest. "You always know everything."

"I was pretty sure of it," Izo said with a smile. "But Marco's not like all of you, he can actually keep his mouth shut."

Ace pouted at the insult and Izo couldn't help but laugh. "So, what are you going to do about it?" he continued after subduing his laughter.

"Well," Ace started, "I need your help. What would you do?"

Izo lifted an eyebrow at that and smiled suggestively. "What I would do might be a bit too explicit for your innocent ears," he said amusedly and after a pause, that might have slightly disturbed Ace for a moment, continued, "but I think I know what you could do."

Both their faces were beaming, Ace for obvious reasons and Izo because he was sure both his friends could end up happy if he played this right.

Before Ace could say anything at all, Izo cupped his chin in thought and mumbled only loud enough for Ace to hear, but not really understand. "He left that silk sash behind and it's his favourite. I still have the camera too." Izo's grin widened as he looked at Ace again.

Ace couldn't make sense of his line of thought, but he had a somewhat bad feeling about it.

"A... camera?" Ace asked with a healthy dose of skepticism. Maybe going to Izo for help wasn't such a good idea.

"Don't worry your pretty little head with that, dear, and leave everything to me," Izo went as far as to pat him on the head like a puppy. "Just meet me in front of Marco's room during lunch tomorrow."

"During lunch?" Ace blanched. "But, Izo, I have to eat," he whined, to hell with dignity when someone was trying to deny him food.

"You want me to help or not?" Izo looked at him with a stern face and Ace knew this was a lost battle so he simply nodded. Reap what you sow and all that.


Narcolepsy was once again Ace's saving grace; this time, it wasn't purely excitement that would have kept him awake, but also the dread in his gut. Izo was his friend, but he had weird ideas sometimes. Ace didn't really know what his plan was this time, but something about that camera didn't sit well with him. In the end, the will to live without regrets won over and if he at least didn't try to win Marco's affections, that would be the biggest regret of his life.

Waking up wasn't a problem, but the fact that it had been past breakfast was something that he just couldn't live down. Especially considering he wouldn't be able to eat lunch with the crew. He stepped out onto the deck to stretch in the morning sun before sneaking into the galley to get some food. On a good day, Ace could charm the cooks into giving him a bit more than was usual, but with having missed breakfast, he was sure he could use his puppy eyes to get something special.

He was sitting in the empty dining hall with his mountain of food, mulling over what kind of plan Izo might have. Admittedly, he did feel slight regret that he hadn't asked what they were going to do, but that was mostly due to him not wanting to be too shocked when the time came.

The food was gone in a heartbeat and Ace found himself nervous and bored. There was still an hour before lunch and he strolled around the ship, mulling over questions he knew he should have asked Izo. Mostly what it was that Izo planned with a camera and Marco's favorite sash. That thing was almost sacred.

Ace blinked and noticed he had reached the deck. It was sunny outside and he could only see a few crewmembers here and there. With a sigh, he walked over to the railing, barely registering that he instinctively went to the spot he occupied when Marco was leaving, and sat down. The warmth of the sun and the soft breeze lulled him into unconsciousness, the only sound reaching him being the gentle crashing of waves against the ship's hull.

The call for lunch resonating through the ship woke him from his nap. He was feeling hungry, but invoking Izo's wrath wasn't on his itinerary so without further ado, but with a clenching in his gut, Ace walked past the kitchen and into the depths of the ship.

Marco was the commander of the first division and the first mate, a position that gave him the right to the second biggest room on the ship. Ace stood in the hall, looking at the wooden door leading into it, wondering what it looked like on the inside. He wasn't sure what in the hell he was doing there in the first place, but yet again decided to give Izo the benefit of a doubt. An uncomfortable nervous feeling was coming over him as he paced in the hall, stopped only by a loud opening of a door that, surprisingly enough, turned out to be the very same door he'd been watching.

The initial shock washed away as he realized Izo was the one to open it, his head peeking out from the room.

"Well, what are you waiting for?!" Izo hissed. "Come in before someone sees us." He stepped aside and let Ace enter, locking the door behind him. Ace was faced with a camera perched the neat bed opposite the door.

"What are we doing here?" Ace whispered, afraid someone might hear them. He had never been a coward, but this felt extremely wrong. His gaze halted on a piece of familiar blue fabric on the pristine white sheets of the bed, just next to the camera. "Izo, what is that?" Ace asked, pointing at the fabric.

"That, my dear, is what you'll be wearing," Izo replied with a smirk which grew into full blown laughter as Ace's face turned completely horrified.

"I... what?"

With an exasperated sigh, Izo took Ace's hat off his head and placed it on the desk behind him. "You will strip, climb on that bed and wear that sash to hide your," he motioned towards Ace's crotch, "family jewels."

"What good will that do, I'm not staying here like that until Marco comes back!" Ace screeched and Izo slapped a hand over his mouth to keep his hysterics under wraps.

"No, you're not." The smirk was back in place as Izo spoke. "I'm going to take pictures of you."

Ace stood frozen in place and his jaw would have hit the floor, if it had been possible. Pictures. He didn't think of that.

"Say what now?"

"Oh, you're already half naked all the time." Izo rolled his eyes with an exasperated sigh and tugged at the orange belt Ace wore. "Just strip, pretty boy. You've got nothing I haven't seen before."

With no escape route or a better plan, Ace sighed and took his boots off. It still felt weird to strip in Marco's room without Marco being there, but Izo must have some kind of plan. "I still don't see what you're planning."

"You don't have to. Now, take those pants off, don't make me tell you again. You'll get Marco with this, trust me."

That was the only encouragement he needed as he dropped his shorts to the wooden floor and moved to the bed.

"What do I do?" he asked with a grin finally plastered to his face.


Marco was gliding through the air, the setting sun behind him. This had been a short trip, but he felt home sick all the same and the sight of the Moby Dick, rocking on the waves, was most welcomed. With every flap off his fiery wings bringing him closer, Marco felt the feeling ebb until the deck came into sight, dotted with lights nowhere near as bright as his own and people awaiting his return. A sight as that one never failed to make him smile, never mind the fact he couldn't actually smile with the phoenix's beak.

Waiting for him to return from these trips had also grown into a tradition; the ones left on the ship rarely had something to do or an actual reason to party. The Marines weren't dumb enough to attack Whitebeard's flag ship while Whitebeard himself was on board, and neither were other pirates that managed to cross over into the New World.

Finally above the ship, Marco circled the main mast three times and observed the deck bellow. His crewmates shouted their hellos and waved at him, he could see barrels of alcohol, food and musicians spread across the deck. A party sounded just perfect at the moment.

He circled the ship, going lower and lower with each turn until his talons touched the figurehead from which he departed only two days ago. Blue flames disappeared with each step he took towards the crew and the captain, his human form revealed in a matter of five to ten steps. He wore black pants and a white t-shirt, something so different from his usual attire, that Thatch couldn't help but whistle at him as he stood in the centre of attention.

Ace, on the other hand, couldn't rid himself of thoughts of defiling Marco's favourite sash. If he wasn't fire, he'd think he might burn in hell for it, but the way things were, he might just be thrown overboard. Upon seeing the most frequent object of his thoughts, Ace started developing mixed feelings about Izo's plan, a problem Izo himself didn't seem to have.

And why should he? There was no way of Marco knowing about his involvement in what they did. He shook his head and joined the others. It was too late to change his mind, anyway. No regrets, right? Those jeans did make Marco's ass look great, and Ace simply decided to focus on that and let things play out the way they want.

Marco was preoccupied with Thatch and his antics to notice how time flew by and the night was coming to an end by the time he dragged his exhausted body to his room. The soft bed was a sight for sore eyes and he simply dropped onto it, falling asleep immediately. There wasn't a place in the world where he slept better than on the Moby Dick.


The first bright rays of the sun woke Marco from his slumber. He might have been tired, but as first mate, he had a duty of setting a good example for the rest of the crew. Ignoring the lingering smell of alcohol and cigarette smoke, he untangled himself from the sheets and stood up. Thanking his lucky star that his room had a window, he opened it and let the morning breeze erase the remnants of last night's party from the fairly big space.

Turning his back to the window, he peeled off his once white shirt and glared with unhidden disgust at the unidentified spots he hadn't noticed before going to bed. The shirt was unsalvageable was, as far as Marco was concerned, and was immediately thrown to the floor and forgotten at once, Marco's attention turned to the pants he knew he'd struggle to get out off. He missed his regular clothes so much.

It took him far too long to get out of the pants, but he'd managed before striding to the dresser, enjoying the breeze coming from the window. He found his clothes on top of the dresser, folded in a neat pile just like he left them. Removing the folded sash to the side, he grabbed the blue pants and slid them on with greater ease than the other ones required. He stopped for a moment, contemplating whether he should even be bothering with a shirt given that he'd usually worn it unbuttoned.

Deciding to save the last shred of decency, he gently grasped the sash and let it unfold in the breeze as he pulled it towards himself. He had begun tying it around his hips and only when he looked down did he notice a piece of paper on the floor. After finishing with the sash, Marco reached for the paper; the texture told him it was a photograph, but he hadn't turned it around right away, his attention on a marking in one of the corners. It simply said: 1/15.

With a shrug, he turned the photo and promptly dropped it, his eyes wide for the first time in a while. He must have been hallucinating, for sure. Marco picked the photo up again, this time with both hands just in case, back side still facing him before he turned it around, with far more care this time.

He couldn't believe his eyes at first. The man in the photo was sitting on his knees on a bed, Marco's bed, back turned towards the camera and face hidden with black hair, but his identity was unmistakable. It was Ace in all his naked glory, arms lifted and crossed with forearms resting on the top of his head, the muscles of his back stretched and Marco could swear they were rippling before his eyes.

The tattoo of their captain's mark bathed in sunlight, the same light that caressed Ace's parted thighs on the tousled sheets, parted enough for Marco's imagination to start working overtime. The firm cheeks of Ace's ass were peeking out of the blue fabric draped around his hips. Marco could feel himself getting aroused at the sight of a naked Ace beyond what simple words could describe, the image of his own sash touching Ace's ass and, God, his cock too, it almost drew Marco over the edge.

"What the hell?" he mumbled, his hand subconsciously moving to the sash around his hips. It was always his favorite, since he'd gotten it years ago and it was unique, hence recognizing it in the picture wasn't a difficult task. With that out of the way, the question of why the hell was Ace naked on his bed with that same sash while he was gone remained unanswered.

Thinking of Ace like that made him turn his head towards the bed, his hand slipping from the sash to the front of his pants. The soft touch made him shudder, surprising him as if his hand moved on it's own.

Imagining Ace on his bed was easy, the picture in his hand left little to imagination after all. His eyes were drawn to the photo again as his hand moved on it's own once more, stroking up and down. Marco was lost in thought, his control slipping for the first time since Ace joined the crew. The damn brat was constantly tempting, walking around the ship without a shirt. The fact Marco was able to stop himself from acting on his feelings as long as he did spoke volumes about his self-control and now it was all gone with one simple photo.

Deciding to indulge himself just this once, he walked back to the bed. Just thinking of a naked Ace on that very bed, various naked body parts touching the sheets, made Marco lose his cool. He tossed the picture to the sheets in front of him, to the spot where Ace himself was seated in the image, before he propped his left knee on the bed followed by his left elbow until his face was inches away from the photograph.

With a sigh, he moved his right hand to undo the sash that quickly became more than just his favorite and gently placed it to his side. As he started at the picture, memorizing every detail as if it might disappear, his hand moved further and undid the button as well as the zipper. The breeze was cooling the heated skin of his chest and back as he moved the tips of his fingers past the waistband of his boxers. Jerking off to a crewmate's image was incredibly wrong and Marco was aware of that, but the longer he stared at the picture before him, the weaker his will became.

Promising himself that this would be a one time only thing, he glided his hand into his boxers and groaned at the touch. Imagining that it was Ace's hand on him wasn't a difficult feat at the point he had reached. The image was vivid in his mind after he closed his eyes and he buried his face into the crease of his arm as he gripped himself with his right hand. The other hand clutched at the sheets under him as he started stroking himself with Ace's image on his mind.

Marco sped up and groaned as he remembered the sight of blue fabric around his hips. He couldn't help but imagine stripping Ace of the only thing covering his otherwise nude frame nor could he stop wondering if his skin was softer than the blue cloth. It made him stifle a moan and clutch at the sheet tighter, fuck, just the thought of Ace turned him on to no end. His movements sped up, the image in his head too much to handle. He pumped harder, the knuckles on his hand turned white from the iron grip he had on the sheet.

Biting his lower lip stopped him from moaning out loud as he came, momentarily not caring that he stained his boxers. He was breathing hard, but hadn't moved from the position he was in. His hand retreated from the stained boxers while he steadied his breathing and only straightened his back when he could breathe normally.

His gaze drifted back to the photograph on the bed and Marco felt a bout of shame come over him. For the millionth time since he woke up, he was aware how wrong all of that was. With another sigh, he took the photo from the bed without looking at it, contemplating where he should hide it. Looking around his room, his gaze stopped at the desk and he opted for the easiest solution; placing it into one of his drawers before he figured out what to do with it.

He briskly walked to his desk, feeling like the picture was burning his hand as he held it. Without further thinking, he opened the top drawer and froze, recognizing another just like the one in his hand. It's back was turned up and he couldn't see the actual picture, but he recognized the markings on the back. Only, this time it said 2/15. A depressing realization hit him as he picked up the picture. There couldn't have been fifteen, could there? He groaned at the notion that he would go mad before finding them all. What the hell had Ace been thinking?!

Warily, he placed the first one in the drawer and pulled out the second one. He tried to mentally prepare himself for whatever was on it and only when he felt confident enough, he flipped it over. There was, of course, Ace, on his bed again, back still turned to the camera. He was propped on his knees, legs slightly parted as his hands stretched to the sides, each hand holding one end of the sash, successfully draping it so it covered his ass. Luckily for Marco, it was fully covered in this one, but Ace was still sexy beyond what Marco could handle at the moment. He tossed the picture into the drawer and closed it before the urge to look at it again came over him.

Marco, feeling utterly drained both physically and mentally, grabbed his shirt and a clean pair of boxers before making his way to the commander's bathroom, yet another perk of his position, and he couldn't be more grateful in the state he was in. The walk down the hall was short and luckily undisturbed by other people as Marco was painfully aware of his soiled boxers and the reawakening of his libido. He entered the empty bathroom and locked the door behind him.

For a second time in the same morning, he stripped, noting the pants were okay, but the boxers needed to be washed. Maybe even burned, as far as he was concerned, so no one would know what he had done. Like anyone could know about the pictures just from a pair of stained boxers, but then again, Marco was stripped of all rational thought for the day. He stepped into the shower and let the water spill over him, paying no mind to the temperature. His mind was swarming with thoughts, well aware he should collect his wits before stepping outside and facing the crew. Some of those guys knew him all too well for his own good.


For once, Ace was not saved by his narcolepsy and he found himself on deck before most of the crew was up. Occupying his special spot by the railing, he watched how the sky brightened more and more, sounds from behind him making it clear that more people awakened. He heard footsteps approaching and couldn't help but wonder if it was Marco. Izo didn't share what he was planning with the photos, but it was abundantly clear they were meant for Marco. Ace just had no way of knowing whether Marco had seen them already or not.

"You're up early." It was Izo. Ace didn't know if he was happy about it or not. "Couldn't sleep?" Izo continued and Ace could hear the teasing note in his voice.

Izo sat next to Ace, leaning his back on the railing, obviously not amused as he had thought he'd be since Ace was paying him no mind. Finally, after some minutes of silence, Ace turned and leaned his back on the railing as well, just in time to see Thatch approaching. He sat down without a word and turned his gaze in the direction he just came from. As if on cue, Marco stepped onto the deck and stretched his arms in the morning sun before looking around. His eyes settled on the group of three and he smiled at them before making his way towards them.

Ace, probably for the first time in his short life, felt nervous. The unknown usually held mystery and excitement for him, but this time it was frying his nerves. Even though his insides seemed to bubble, he smiled back and observed Izo from the corner of his eye noting he looked as casual as ever because nervousness obviously didn't exist in his vocabulary.

Ace sighed before widening his grin and waving at Marco, who was just out of arm's length from them.

"Yo!" Ace said excitedly and Marco grinned. "How was the trip?"

"Boring as ever," he replied casually before sitting cross-legged next to Thatch. "Anything interesting happen here?" he asked no one in particular, glancing over all three of them.

While Thatch engaged in a lengthy recollection of the party after Marco's departure, Izo observed Ace and Marco. Ace was downright rolling on the floor from laughter at Thatch's tale, while Marco snickered in a more subtle way, but Ace couldn't help but notice that Izo seemed almost disappointed. He could guess it was due to him and Marco acting as if nothing happened and truthfully, Ace wasn't sure whether something did happen on Marco's end, but Izo was no doubt expecting Ace to blurt something out.

"I'm staaaaaarving," Ace whined and was rewarded with laughter as he mentally patted his back for distracting both himself and Izo. Maybe Marco too, but who knew.


Sitting next to Ace during breakfast was harder than Marco could have imagined, mostly because Ace radiated warmth that had always been appealing to him, but suddenly felt more within reach than ever before. The phoenix in him was drawn to fire in general, but Ace's fire was more than just that. It drew him in, overwhelmed his senses and, during breakfast on that specific day, added to his raging boner.

The fact that Ace never bothered to wear a damn shirt didn't help him in the slightest. Not even Ace's habit of literally stuffing his face with anything food related on the table could revolt him and he had only had his own willpower to thank for managing to subdue his libido long enough to escape the dining hall. They all had some business to attend to after breakfast so his running away didn't seem suspicious. Opting for doing some work in the privacy of his room, Marco hastily made his way through the halls of the ship without stopping to speak to anyone.

The door to his room seemed like a safe haven when he finally reached it, wasting no time in opening it and ducking inside. Finally safe from Ace and his damn attractive heat, he sighed in relief and sagged into the chair in front of the desk. Marco couldn't help but feel confused that Ace didn't do or say anything out of the ordinary, mainly concerning the photos. It wasn't like him to be sneaky and subtle. Well, the pictures themselves were hardly subtle, but it was in Ace's personality to just jump head on into something he wanted without thinking of possible consequences.

As soon as he thought of that, Marco realized that Ace hadn't been the one to hide the photos. No, that part seemed more like something Izo would do. The whole thing reeked of Izo's damn meddling, from the whole game of finding racy pictures to the pictures themselves. Even if it had been Ace's plan, someone had obviously taken the pictures for him.

Marco should honestly have seen it right away, had it been easy to think while looking at a naked Ace. This brought a whole bunch of new questions to light and Marco had no will to answer them. His forehead thumped on the notebook on his desk as he brought his head down and he sighed. He was losing his mind. Or would soon enough, anyway. Lifting his head, Marco brought the chair closer to the desk, deciding that doing some rather boring paperwork would keep his mind from straying.

He took a few deep breaths and allowed for his usual calm to come over him before reaching for a pen and opening the notebook in front of him. That usually didn't make him jump out of his chair hard enough to knock it over, but then again, he hadn't found a picture of Ace in it before either.

With the marking 7/15, Marco was more sure than ever that he'll be finding twelve more of those and wasn't that a thought both thrilling and terrifying.

Marco just stood there, contemplating whether looking at it would be a good idea. On the one hand, not looking would be best for his sanity, but the mere thought of what this one would look like sent all the blood downwards and away from his brain. With a fleeting thought about this being a temporary weakness, he leaned closer to the desk and steadied himself with his hand, just in case, before he flipped paper over.

His mind went blank immediately and his already rock hard cock twitched in his pants as he realized Ace would probably be the death of him. The cheeky prick was sitting in Marco's chair, one leg propped over an armrest while the other was outstretched before him. Of course his legs were parted, the fucking tease, but the sash was there to cover everything Marco wanted to see.

Ace's back was arched against the backrest on the chair with his hands gripping at the top of the same backrest behind his head, elbows in the air. His head was tilted backwards, but Marco could see (or he might have simply imagined it) his lips were slightly parted. He barely registered that his knuckles turned white from clutching the desk as hard as he did nor did he notice how his mouth dried up. With a start, the slight pain in his knuckles registered and he released the desk, opting for running his hand through his hair instead.

With a pained grunt, he opened the drawer and tossed the picture where the others were. This was definitely putting a strain on his mental health. Instead of dwelling on how the pictures were multiplying at an alarming rate, he steeled his will once again (with a huge amount of effort to make his hard-on go away again) and turned to pick up his chair.

"Fucking hell!"

Another one lay on the floor and this one was facing him. He picked up the chair and sighed before picking up the photo, realizing that it was a lost battle, though he looked at the back of the photo first.


It didn't really matter what number it was, he knew it couldn't end well for him either way, but he was still interested. He felt like it gave him a choice, maybe not to look at a naked Ace and just store the photo in the drawer, yet he knew he would look at every single one. Sighing at his own sudden lack of discipline, he turned the damned photo and gasped.

Ace was sitting in the chair again, his back leaned against the backrest. His right elbow was propped on the armrest with his chin resting on his right hand. His left leg, however, was lifted on the chair with the left arm propped on the left knee. The other leg was stretched out in front of him and of course, the sash was ever present. But none of that made Marco gasp.

It was the fact that Ace's face was turned to the camera, his eyes shining and the gentle smile gracing his face that took Marco's breath away. This was the first photo that showed Ace's face fully and Marco couldn't breathe because of the sight of it. The urge to reach out and touch Ace's freckles, trace the patterns on those cheeks with his fingers was almost too hard to resist, but he knew the only thing under his fingers would be the cold surface of a photograph.

Still, he realized without a doubt that he was completely in love with Ace.


Ace was restless. Breakfast went by too fast and painfully slow at the same time while sitting next to Marco became almost unbearable. Of course they always sat next to each other, but knowing that Marco had possibly seen one of the photos made Ace want to jump out of his skin. Or at least pounce at Marco and molest him in the middle of the table. At least, he had to admit, that would have been more his style than doing whatever Izo did with his naughty pictures. He might have been adamant about striping and posing nude at first, but he had found that it didn't differ much from his usual half-naked appearance.

He was jittery and having nothing to do only made his nerves frazzle. Resisting temptation of simply walking to Marco's room and propositioning him there was hard. Having Izo lurking around didn't help either. Noticing Izo close by yet again, Ace chucked his boot at him with amazing aim.

Izo was startled for a moment before glaring menacingly in the direction of Ace's laughter. He picked up the offensive boot with his thumb and index finger, as if it were the most disgusting object on the face of the Earth and briskly walked over to Ace. His glare was unchanging as he stopped in front of Ace and promptly dropped the boot on his head.

Ace gathered his wits as Izo dropped to the floor in front of him.

"I hope you have a good reason for that little stunt, pretty boy." Izo still glared, but he could imagine what Ace wanted from him so his annoyance diminished.

"What did you do with the photos?" Ace asked. He was straightforward as always seeing as this wasn't the time for beating around the bush.

"Oh, that. Hid them around his room," Izo replied nonchalantly, as if they were discussing the weather then grinned as he continued. "You should see what I did with the one-"

"Izo!" Ace cut him off before Izo could say something incriminating. "I don't wanna know."

Izo pouted in his own weirdly cute way, but didn't try speaking more. Ace could tell that hiding the photos was fun for Izo and it looked as if he wanted to share the fun.

"He did find at least one so far," Izo said. "It's only a matter of time before he cracks."

Ace hummed in reply as there really wasn't much to say on the matter. The bell signalling that lunch was ready came like a sign from the heavens to Ace, both because it signalled for food and because it stopped their conversation from going anywhere embarrassing. He was up and running towards the dining hall in a heartbeat, not bothering with waiting for Izo. As usual, he was the first one in line seeing as the whole crew knew it was incredibly stupid to find themselves between Ace and food.

His pile of food was ready first and he sat down, digging in immediately. Izo and Thatch joined him shortly, but Marco was nowhere to be found. Ace finished his food quickly, not one to dwell on table manners and waited for the other two to finish their food. At that point, he was worried; it wasn't usual for Marco to miss meals, but in Ace's eyes, missing a meal meant a big problem. He had no time to voice his concerns before Thatch spoke about the subject.

"Ace, can you go take him some food? He's probably working again." Thatch hadn't even needed to say who exactly.

Ace, still possessing some common sense, wanted to say no, but Izo cut in and encouraged the idea. Izo went as far as to arrange a plate of food for him to take with a promise to not eat it on the way. He was halfway to Marco's room when he finally had time to think about what the hell he was doing.

Would he be able to control himself once he was back in that room? There was no time to back down as he stopped in front of the door and reluctantly knocked on it. A muffled voice told him to come in and Ace took a deep breath before opening the door. He said nothing as he closed the door and Marco didn't bother to look up from his notebook until Ace spoke.

"You missed lunch so Izo and Thatch sent me to bring you food," he said and nervously glanced around the room, trying hard not to stare at Marco or think of where the photos might be hiding.

"Oh, thanks," Marco replied and turned back to the desk, moving some papers out of the way. "Just put it down here."

Ace did as he was told then moved to the bed as it was the only surface where he could sit down other than the chair Marco was occupying. Sitting down, though, earned a confused look from Marco.

"You missed lunch and I'm not leaving until you eat that," Ace said, doing his best to keep a stern face even though he was nervous as hell.

He didn't notice Marco's startled stare as his back touched the sheets. Ace's eyes widened in horror, though, as he stared at the wooden ceiling, or rather at the compromising photo of his naked self taped to the planks. The need to escape that room as fast as he could presented itself as he realized it would no doubt be awkward if Marco noticed that addition to his ceiling while Ace was still there, but he had to stay until Marco finished eating or it would be suspicious.

Ace shifted his hands to face, pretending to rub his eyes to hide how surprised he was then stretched his arms to the sides. One reached all the way to the pillow and he decided it would be less weird to put the hand under it rather than on and of course his index finger brushed over a sharp edge of what he could only imagine to be another fucking picture. That room was like a fucking death trap and his common sense made him want to get up and run.

It was too late to do anything about them, but suddenly Ace didn't feel ready to actually talk about what he'd done. So he sat back up and tried to act as normal as possible, glancing at Marco to see how much he had eaten to see how fast he could run away.


Marco was surprised to see Ace at his door, but opted to stay seated and hope he'd leave before noticing the obviously bulging state of his cock barely contained in his pants. He was too old for this shit, popping boners at random times, but Ace seemed to have an interesting effect on him. Having Ace arch his back and stretch over his sheets didn't help him in the slightest, though.

Ace looked inviting enough and the urge to just jump him was getting stronger by the second. Just as he thought his patience might have run out, Ace sat back up and Marco's daze was broken. He quickly grabbed the plate and started eating knowing the faster he ate the food, the faster he'd be saved from temptation. That's what Ace was, the embodiment of temptation. Stretching over white sheets without a damn shirt. Marco knew for a fact that Ace did own actual shirts, but it was a mystery why he never wore one.

The food was gone in a heartbeat and Marco was sure he probably looked suspicious to Ace lounging on his bed. Why did it have to be his bed? Just looking at the bed and the chair was turning into an erotic sight, one glance at either of those and he could see Ace doing dirty things.

He shook his head to rid himself of the dangerous thoughts and handed the plate back to Ace whor was already on his feet, taking it without a word, starting towards the door right away.

"I'll leave you to your work," Ace said as he opened the door. "And don't miss dinner." Ace added with a smile and left before Marco could reply.

Marco sighed with relief that Ace didn't notice the state of his pants. In all honesty, he could have handled the problem after he'd seen the pictures, but he decided that he would not indulge those urges any more.

Of course, it was a lot harder to obey his own command after the show Ace put on for him. He groaned and clutched at his hair in frustration. The whole ordeal was wearing him down. He tried to keep his mind on work and not on the fact that the shifting of his boxers against his cock was very pleasurable. He tried moving as little as possible because too much pleasurable shifting would lead to him relieving his problem again and he'd already said that would not happen.

Marco actually managed to finish writing the report on the mission he had been on for any future needs and reached out for the closest empty envelope he saw. Well, his luck would have it that the envelope was not empty and his cock immediately twitched with renewed vigor, the treacherous bastard, even before he actually saw anything.

He didn't even fight it anymore, instead opening the envelope and simply letting himself go. With the mark of 13/15, the picture showed Ace on the desk, propped on his knees with his arms stretched upwards and every muscle on his glorious body flexing in a mouth watering way.

There was a naughty gleam in his eyes and for a good reason too. One tiny bit of the sash's fabric was wedged between his teeth and it hung in front of his body, once again hiding the only mystery that was still left of Ace's body. The image has managed to give him erotic associations to the desk as well. The whole room was starting to turn him on because of those damn photographs and Marco knew there were ten more to come.

Unable to control himself any longer, he reached down and undid his sash again while leaning back into the chair. The zipper was undone soon after and the picture stayed in his other hand. He was well aware that this would be his second pair of soiled boxers in one day and it probably wouldn't be the last for a while, but he couldn't help it. Ace was obviously too good at being fucking hot.

Marco didn't waste time, his fingers sliding down his happy trail and into the already damp boxers. His fingers wrapped around his cock and he trailed his thumb from the precum moistened tip down the side of his shaft, moaning in the process. That was the extent of his teasing, opting for a quick release this time.

Gripping himself tighter, Marco started with a slow stroking motion, speeding up after a short while, knowing this wouldn't last long and he stifled a moan as the first shiver came over him. He didn't stop stroking though and it wasn't too long before he felt himself losing it. If it were really Ace with him, he'd prolong every feeling, every sensation, but as he wasn't a lucky person, that wouldn't be the case any time soon so he continued the ruthless motion until pleasure took over and he arched forward. The hand with the photo was now holding on to the desk as he came down from the pleasure of his release.

He stored the photo into the drawer with the others as soon as he could, removing his other hand from the boxers and stood to clean up. The door was recklessly left unlocked and he was immensely lucky that no one chose that moment to visit him.

Marco stripped yet again and cleaned himself off with the ruined boxers before grabbing another pair to wear for the rest of the day. He knew he had to leave the room because everything in it reminded him of those pictures and Ace and getting him hard in no time. At least he hadn't felt old since Ace showed up because Ace could get him aroused without even trying.

Once he was clean and decent, Marco decided to leave his room as his thoughts immediately headed back to the gutter. He even refrained from looking anywhere for fear he might find another one and that was something he wouldn't be able to handle just yet. Figuring that Thatch had nothing better to do than join him for a drink, Marco went into the hallway and set out in search for someone who wouldn't remind him of Ace.


As promised, Marco did not miss dinner, if nothing else, because the thought of a half naked Ace coming to his room at night was something that would definitely drive him insane. Dinner, as usual, lasted for hours when Thatch brought booze to the table and Marco could have kissed him for it. It gave him an excuse not to go to his room any time soon and by the time they finally drank everything, it was already dark.

Marco opened the door and half expected a naked Ace to jump him. Nothing like that happened, though, so he walked in with slight disappointment without bothering to turn on the light. It was better that way; the chances of finding a new picture in the dark weren't very good so he took his clothes off in the dim light of the moon seeping through the window and dropped on the bed. He could have sworn it smelled like Ace with a faint hint of cinnamon from his sneaking in the kitchen. With a deep breath, Marco closed his eyes and tried to clear his head before falling into what he hoped would be a dreamless sleep.


Ace was sitting on the chair, waiting for him. He wasn't doing anything other than smiling in Marco's direction and it was that mischievous smile Marco loved and was confident he'd come to love it even more. Ace said nothing, he simply sat there with the annoying blue fabric draped over his lap.

Marco was also silent, standing by the door and enjoying the opportunity to absorb every detail of the sight before him. Ace, though, seemed to grow impatient. He motioned Marco to come closer and Marco obliged without hesitation, but only after he slowly slid the shirt from his shoulders. Ace's smile widened at that action and he leaned forward as Marco stood before him.

He was quick to grab Marco's neck and pull him lower until he was kneeling before the chair, his hands clutching tightly at the armrests on both sides of Ace's waist. Ace had no way to escape his clutches now as he leaned in and kissed his neck. The skin there was soft under his lips, traces of sweat already present. Marco moved his lips up, tracing the neck, jaw and finally the lips he wanted to taste for far too long.

The kiss was anything but slow and chaste; Marco moved his hands to Ace's waist and pulled his body out of the chair so Ace's legs were straddling him. Ace didn't protest to sitting in Marco's lap, he took the opportunity to touch as much as he pleased. His hands roamed over hard muscles of Marco's back, scratching them with blunt nails every once in awhile when Marco managed to elicit a moan from his throat.

Marco felt as if he were about to burst, all the pent up attraction and frustration were threatening to overflow. He tightened his hold around Ace's waist and stood, Ace instinctively hooking his legs around Marco's waist. Neither broke the kiss as Marco took those few steps to the bed and gently laid Ace on the sheets that still smelled like him.

He broke the kiss, but Ace's face remained only inches away for a while before Marco straightened his back to look at the arousing sight before him. The sash managed to stay in place as it was wedged between them and Marco took great pleasure in stroking the fabric before grabbing it and gently pulling it away. It glided over Ace's skin and he closed his eyes before moaning at the sensation. He was sitting in front of Marco and as soon as the sash was gone, his hands went to Marco's zipper.

His pants were gone in a flash and Marco leaned over Ace again, this time climbing onto the bed before starting another kiss. Ace's hands found their way back around Marco's neck and he smirked into the kiss. Ace glided his hands across sleek sweaty skin, over Marco's back, his shoulder blades, his shoulders, down his chest and his sides until they settled on his hips. He pulled Marco's hips down and bucked his own and the contact it created was nothing short of heaven. They both moaned and Marco instinctively closed his eyes.

He opened them and found himself sweaty, panting and very much alone in his bed. A dream. It had been a dream, yet it felt more real than anything else he had felt in his life. Except the wetness in his underwear that was also very much real and it saddened him that he went through three pairs of boxers in a single day.

Marco covered his face with his hands and sighed deeply. His resolve was slowly breaking and the temptation to come clean to Ace was stronger than ever. It had only been a day and the effect on him was monstrous. He could only hope he'd be fine after finding the other pictures hidden somewhere in the room.

Somehow he had managed to fall asleep again and was blessed with no dreams of any kind. He had yet to open his eyes, but he could feel the sun shining through the window. The thought of simply staying in bed forever was appealing, but ridiculously childish. He was a grown man, a pirate that had sailed as Whitebeard's first mate for years before Ace joined and suddenly he was breaking like a teenager. In reality, Marco was aware that Ace was by far too young for him; or rather, he was by far too old for Ace. He still didn't like how Izo was using Ace to mess with him like this.

He rubbed his eyes a bit before moving his hands under the pillow to support his head. The only surprise was that there was no surprise as he felt the sleek surface so familiar to him under the pillow. Marco pulled the picture out and opened his eyes, finding another one taped to the ceiling. Izo really went through a lot of trouble for a prank. Focusing on the one in his hands, he checked the back first: 6/15. He only had nine more to go, so that was a comfort, however slight it may have been.

Ace was on the bed, sitting on his knees facing the camera. His legs parted and his arms resting above his head, gazing straight at the camera. His back was arched and his head slightly tilted backward, but his face was still clearly visible. Marco set it aside, his nerves too wracked for him to care that he was getting aroused again.

He stood on the bed and removed the on taped to the planks above his bed. 3/15. It showed Ace lying on his bed which was certainly a first. He was propped on his elbows, one leg stretched out on the sheets while the other was bent and the knee was in the air. His head was tilted back and his eyes closed, but his lips were slightly parted. Just enough for his tongue to lick over the upper lip.

Marco was a pitiful sight, standing stark naked on his bed with a boner at the ready, yet visibly shaken by his own issues and the strain this prank was putting on him. He picked up the other one from the bed and jumped to the floor, pacing to the desk to deposit the newest find with the others.

He'd decide what to do with them once he found them all and he would, no doubt, find all of them. After all, he managed to find almost half within a day and it was wearing him down, the experience too overwhelming all of a sudden. His next stop was the dresser where he hopefully had another pair of clean boxers.

Opening the drawer, Marco sighed in relief as he saw several pairs. Grabbing the one on the top, he immediately scowled. He unfolded a pair of plain black boxers and mentally cursed Izo and his idiotic ideas. There was a picture sewn onto his boxers right across the crotch. He had fucking sewn a photo onto his underwear. Flashy was the way Izo worked.

The picture, however, was probably Marco's favourite so far. Ace stood leaning on the dresser with one hand resting on the dresser top next to his hip. The other hand was in a more naughty position, cupping his cock to hold the sash in place. His handsome face revealed a mischievous grin that Marco was slowly getting addicted to.

Marco needed to leave the room as soon as possible so he placed the boxers into the drawer with the growing collection of pornographic pictures. While looking for another shirt, he stumbled upon yet another one, not knowing whether he should be happy about it or not. He only had six more before he could rest easy again.

He knew he should probably just look for them and burn them all together, but he just couldn't bring himself to do it. The picture with the number 5 was found taped to the bottom of his drawer under a pile of shirts. He had to admit that Izo found good hiding places. This one showed Ace sitting on the window sill above his bed. One leg was hanging while the other was propped on the bed. One hand resting on the window sill next to his thigh while the other caressed his chest, the tips of his fingers were on fire and leaving fiery trails on his chest. His face held the most inviting smirk Marco had ever seen. It was so Ace, yet it was also so unlike him at the same time.

Marco could hardly say he'd seen Ace around people he was romantically interested in, but mostly he had seemed less than serious. Easily excited and playful, yet straightforward and always knowing what he wanted. Still, what Marco was looking at was the same Ace showing a definitely adult side to him. If there was one thing he had known Ace wasn't, it was deceiving and if that look was anything to go by, Ace just might have been involved in the photo game for other reasons than Marco had originally thought.

Still, it wasn't easy to believe he might have had feelings for someone much older than himself. Age was always a touchy subject with Marco and the one thing he certainly wasn't was young. Ace, on the other hand, was very young with his entire life before him. Glancing at the photo again, Marco had to admit that Ace's youth was one of the things that drew him in. There was also the fire and Ace's general personality, but also the obvious sex appeal he possessed.

This new line of thought only served to confuse him. As he was sliding into a clean pair of pants and a clean shirt, he decided that he would find the rest of the treasure scattered in his room and only then see if he would speak to Ace.

With a bounce in his step, Marco left his room. He knew the change would be apparent to some people and Izo was probably waiting for some kind of break in the usual. It would, no doubt, be a long day, but it did not matter to him as he walked down familiar halls and stepped into the warm sun.


It didn't take a genius to notice a change in Marco's behaviour, but a class above 'idiot' was obviously needed since Izo found himself to be the only one to notice. It made him confident that his plan was indeed working. Well, how could it not? Marco may have been smarter than most of the idiots in the crew, but he and Izo knew each other for a very long time. Izo knew very well that Marco craved companionship above everything. With Ace in the picture, it was easily arranged.

Ace was his usual self, still oblivious to the way Marco had been looking at him since they all sat down for breakfast. Izo took the opportunity to sneak out and run to Marco's room. He needed to know how many he had found already. Some of the hiding places weren't that obvious, but not that impossible to find either. With a mental list of the places he used, Izo swept through the room and smirked as he found a drawer containing nine of them, including the ones he so skilfully stitched to those boxers. Izo laughed at that, because that one was his favourite and served mostly for his entertainment.

He departed from the room as fast as he appeared in it, making mental notes on how to help Marco find the remaining five pictures. The last one was special and still in Izo's possession, so to speak, to be used when the time was right.


As frustrating as it was, Marco didn't find another photo for a day and a half. After all that time, he decided that he would wait to stumble upon them like he did with the previous ones. His search was short as he triumphantly found one in his nightstand drawer. It was an obvious place and he cursed himself for not looking there sooner. His patience was rewarded, though, as he gazed at the image of Ace on all fours on his bed, back arched and face hidden behind a curtain of black hair. He looked as if he were waiting for Marco and he could easily imagine himself on the bed behind Ace.

The wait for the discovery of all fifteen photos was unnerving and Marco wanted to jump Ace every single time they were close to each other, but he had promised himself that he'd find all of them just to convince himself that he wasn't imagining anything.

He had been grateful when Izo kindly asked to borrow a book that revealed another hidden treasure in the form of Ace lying on his bed with his feet under him. His ass was turned to the camera, albeit covered with the damn sash and he was practically bending over with his elbows buried in the sheets, hands clutching at the same white fabric.

By this point, he was both sure Izo was elbow deep in this mess and that he would not rest easy until he got to touch Ace if only just once. It only made his search for the other four photos unbearable. He had found three of them two days after Izo had helped him with the book, all three close-ups of Ace face showing various degrees of excitement and possibly pleasure that awaited him, but the last one eluded him. He was beyond frustrated at his inability to find one last damn picture that possibly held his happiness, not to mention sanity.

A week had passed since Marco found and cursed the first photo of Ace on his bed. A week that had been both long and short. He was denying himself a chance to approach Ace because that one last piece of the puzzle still had not been revealed. He had looked everywhere and started to believe it might have been a lie and that there were only fourteen after all. That thought saddened him, he had his hopes up only to have them crushed by the lack of a simple paper.

With a frustrating day behind him, Marco enjoyed the shower in his secluded bathroom. He was in no rush, there was nothing or no one waiting for him in his room. The space was eerily empty to him more than ever; he really didn't feel the need to have a room that big for himself. That thought did nothing to ease his mind as he stepped out of the shower and dried himself off.

In his almost catatonic state, he barely registered the object on the floor by the door. Paper rather than object, a familiar paper at that. He had been staring at fourteen others just like that one for the last week. He picked it up, white side turned to him. The whiteness was disturbed by a number written in a neat handwriting. It simply said 15.

He was almost too nervous to turn it around, but judging from past experiences, he really did want to look at it. His cock knew how to appreciate the find before he even gazed upon it. Savoring the moment for a short while longer, Marco took a deep breath before turning it around.

It was an understatement to say this one was different from the others. The offensive sash was finally gone and Ace lay completely nude on his bed, legs stretched out and back arched. His hands were clutching the pillow on either side of the bed. The candlelight threw shadows over his body, making the state of his arousal all the more obvious. The room was bathed in candlelight and that made Marco pause. That was definitely different that before.

As soon as the thought had entered his mind, Marco had pulled on his pants and ran from the bathroom to his door, his hair still wet. He stopped there for a moment to gather his thoughts and remind himself that he would be okay if he was wrong. The chances of Ace being in his room at that very moment were slim to none, but he was simply making sure. His hand was on the doorknob as he took one last deep breath and opened the door.

Candlelight bathed over him as he stepped in and closed the door behind him.

"Took you long enough," Ace's voice came from the bed where he lay just as he was in the photo Marco still held in his hand. His voice was low, seductive and Marco dropped the photo, but made no attempt to approach Ace. He was still stunned at the sight, something he wanted for so long finally within reach, waiting for him. Yet, he did not move from the door.

Ace didn't say another word as he sat up, slid his legs over the edge of the bed and stood. He was completely naked, but didn't seem bothered by it at all. Marco was half convinced that he was dreaming again, like he had one too many times, but Ace approached him and smiled before laying his hands flat on Marco's chest, giving him a few fluttering caresses. He pushed Marco back into the door and pressed their bare chests together. Marco's breath hitched at the contact and at Ace's determined actions. Their faces were mere inches apart and Marco still stood dazed at the unexpected turn of events.

"Marco," Ace whispered, his warm breath tickling Marco's lips and he finally snapped out of it. His hands moved faster than ever to embrace Ace's waist before he leaned in and pressed their lips together.

Ace's lips were hot and soft, just as Marco had imagined, they felt like fire caressing his skin. He moved a hand to the nape of Ace's neck before encasing it with his own flames and caressed Ace's spine with a flaming finger. He could feel Ace shudder in his arms and he knew it was from pure pleasure as his flames were cool and comforting, more so on Ace's heated skin and in combination with his own scalding fire.

Marco pushed himself off the door with Ace wrapped tightly in his arms, never breaking the kiss, and he guided them both toward the bed. It was a short walk and Marco lifted Ace in front of their destination, breaking the kiss, only to gently lay him on the sheets he had previously tousled. His dark eyes were looking up at Marco, but he shifted and sat up without breaking eye contact.

His hands were on the Marco's pants, unzipping them and pulling them down as far as he could. Marco stepped out of them when they hit the floor and leaned down to kiss Ace again. Ace smile again, kissing back with more enthusiasm than Marco could have wished for as Ace's hands touched every bit of exposed skin they could reach, before pulling Marco down.

Marco was flush against Ace, their bodies touching as much as they could while they kissed again and again, both grinding together, looking for as much contact as they could get. They were both hard, to say the least, and every touch, every slide of skin sent shivers down their spines.

Marco quickly found himself on his back with Ace straddling him which he didn't mind in the slightest. There was nothing that could ruin the moment. Ace smiled that mischievous smile of his, sending the remaining blood from Marco's body down to his cock and Ace leaned down to kiss him slower this time, while his hand reached under the pillow. He lifted his head when he found what he was looking for, a bottle of lube Marco definitely hadn't left there.

Marco lifted his eyebrows as he watched Ace coat him with lube. It was an amazing feeling, one that turned him one even more, but there was a question pressing in his mind.

"Shouldn't I be using that on you first?" he asked and Ace looked him in the eyes, his grin widening.

"You were in the shower for too long," he said cryptically without breaking eye contact or stopping the motion of his hands.

Marco's eyes widened as he realized what Ace was saying and he groaned. His hand moved between Ace's parted legs, caressing his inner thigh first and he observed as Ace closed his eyes, moaning at the touch. Marco moved past Ace's cock and smirked when Ace whined at the lack of touching. His fingers reached lube slicked skin, revealing that Ace had prepared himself while Marco was in the shower. This was turning out to be too much for him, it had to be a dream.

Ace seemed to read his thoughts, removing Marco's hand before lifting himself on his knees, positioning himself carefully above Marco who had the sheets by his head in a death grip. Ace smiled as he lowered himself painfully slowly, drawing moans from the both of them. He was too slow for Marco who was at his wits ends.

He let go of the sheets and laid his hands on Ace's knees instead, slowly sliding them up his thighs and hips until he reach hip bones then gripped them tightly, pulling Ace down. Ace cried out, his voice dripping with pleasure. Marco took his chance to flip them over once again, now that he had an opportunity to please Ace and make him come back for more.

Ace's back hit the bed and he didn't try to reverse their positions, he simply lifted his arms and gripped the headboard for support. Marco took that as his cue to start moving and he pulled out slowly, watching carefully at the emotions passing over Ace's face. Almost entirely out, he grinned down at Ace before thrusting sharply. Ace moaned again, but Marco knew that wasn't it just yet.

Pulling out again to reposition himself, Marco changed the angle before slamming in again. He felt lucky for once as Ace's back arched and his head fell back in pleasure, a cry of Marco's name leaving his lips.

He started moving, thrusting, never changing his angle, he kept pounding into Ace, spurred on with the sounds Ace was making. Ace was losing himself and Marco was close behind, having been too long since he'd done this and Ace was so loud, it was impossible to make it last. Marco gripped Ace's neglected cock, making him choke out a moan as he stroked Ace while he thrust into him.

Ace couldn't hold back any longer and he came with a moan of Marco's name, spilling over them both, but Marco didn't stop moving. He let go of Ace and lowered himself for a kiss, thrusting harder and harder. Ace embraced his shoulders and kissed him with more fire than before, pushing Marco over the edge of climax. They stayed embraced in silence and as the fog of pleasure lifted from his mind, the questions were back.

"Ace," Marco started quietly without lifting his head, "what is it you want?"

He could feel rather than hear Ace chuckle before he replied.