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Warden Anton Milanovich was not a man to be shaken lightly. He had served as keeper of Azkaban for over 35 years and had been warden of Nurmengard Prison before that, hell he had been a warder, then chief warder at the infamous Black Gulag Prison in Moscow. And in all that time he was composed. He prisoners were HIS prisoners. He ran Azkaban with an iron fist dipped in concrete that had been reinforced with adamant. He was the longest serving and surviving Azkaban warden since Merlin.

With all that history he had only three regrets and that was letting Sirius black escape (thought he was innocent he had still been his prisoner), of not being prepared enough for Voldemort to break out his supporters (even though the dementors had switched sides he should have foreseen the possibility) and finally not retiring when he had the chance.

He had looked Grindelwald in the eye, chatted with Beatrix Lestrange in the same cell but Harry Potter scared him like no other had done in nearly 69 years of dealing with the most evil, violent scum in the world.

Sentenced for crimes against the magical community, for mass murder and for summoning demons he had received the harshest sentence ever imposed. Life sealed in the deepest recess of Azkaban. Anton had listened to the entire trial on the wizarding wireless and then had personally been at the sentencing hearing afterwards when the International Wizarding Council had passed judgment.

Personally he did not believe they should have done what they had done and over 90% of the British wizarding community agreed. Harry had saved them from the return of Voldemort, a Dark Lord so insidious and vile that the atrocities of Grindlewald were overshadowed in history. So what if the boy-who-conquered had executed every single Death Eater, even the ones that had surrendered. So what if he had summoned a demon or two to help him. So what if he had used the unforgivables. HE WAS HARRY FUCKING POTTER.

But after the battle of Hogwarts with the entire ministry of magic destroyed the International Wizarding Council (IWC) had stepped in and implemented an interim ruling body, the Interim Council, much to the dismay of the International Confederation of Wizards [Magic's United Nations] who had called for the British Magical Community to be left to sort out its own issues.

But the IWC persisted and made it their first order of business the arrest of Harry. Though riots had erupted most notably from past and present Hogwarts students as well as the few remaining Aurors, Hit Wizards and even Unspeakables scattered around the country. The riots were soon contained as the council had brought with them over 2000 Pan-American War Mages to restore order.

The International Wizarding Council made up of the 7 leading magical communities of the world, made the judgment that regardless of the outcome, his actions were beyond horrific. America/Russia/China/Africa/Atlantis called for his crimes to be accounted for. Europe (Britain/France/Germany) was forced to abstain due to bias and Australia (Oceania) declared him innocent and left the room with the European member when the other majority won out.

Harry Potter had gone willingly to the Council when summoned to account for actions, when formal charges were made, he had pleaded guilty to all charges and was permitted to explain his reasons for the record.

And so Anton had stepped forward and took his latest prisoner back to Azkaban.

He should have known things were off when he was unable (and no one else was able) to snap his wand, but he took the boy… no, young man and walked him down to the lowest cell, a single room deeper than the high security wing his godfather had resided. The room was tiny; a single chair bolted to the floor was all that was inside.

Harry sat as directed and restraints were latched around his body. A special rune stone was given to him to swallow. It would sit in his stomach and provide a constant source of minimal nourishment. It would also prevent his body from decaying or needing to void. He would be forced to sit there for the rest of his life locked in the same position unable to move anything but his eyelids and mouth. A circlet was placed over his head to prevent Occlumency or Legilimency (mind arts) from being performed. Finally two thick rings of brass steel were wrapped around his chest, should the wards ever fail the brass would physically hold him in place. It was enchanted to be unbreakable in of itself.

Anton smiled sadly at the person-who-had-save-them-again.

"Do not worry Warden, I do not blame you for your duties. You have a role to fill as I had once a role to perform."

Anton turned and walked out the door. As he left the dementors descended. He closed the heavy cold iron gate and locked it with an obsidian key that only he had and wore at all times around his neck. That had been four weeks ago and Anton had been unnerved ever since.

Most people scream or cry or do something at least when confronted with the power of the dementors. There were so many floating near that room that solid chunks of ice had formed on the walls. Anton had checked on his latest prisoner daily for the first week and all he ever saw was him sitting in the chair. Staring with those luminescent green eyes. The dementors came close, touched and moved away as if unable to instill their power on him.

Even with the ancient runic amulet to ward against it, Anton himself would always be inundated with their presence when he visited the young man, he could feel their combined power overwhelming the trinket that had warded him without fail for the past 35 years.

After the first week he went only once more a week ago. The walls were sheeted with ice. The prisoners in the levels above were complaining of the overwhelming presence below. As he had gazed into the narrow room through the viewing slit after breaking the ice away he saw him. Seated in the chair. Ice piled up around him, but not a shard was on him. His steady breathing leaving a plume of frost in the air. Two dementors stood behind him their skinless boney hands constantly resting on either shoulder. There must have been 30 others in the room. Over half of the Azkaban force surrounded just one person… Harry Potter.

Anton ran as the dementors unnatural fear overwhelmed him. The final memory was those eyes burning into his like the green of an Avada Kedavra. It was not something he would do again and instead made a memo that the lowest cell be only checked once a month by the chief warder. Anton then went over to the cabinet in his office.

It was a rare item; once an item was placed inside it could not be removed and in time would fade into nothingness. It only worked for inanimate items (thought similar chests had at one time been created to house prisoners. He opened the draw and looked at the four items inside. All but one belonged to the person bellow. A fine invisibility cloak, a small stone and a knurled wand. The other item belonged to him after the confrontation before he had thrown the obsidian key inside. It would never be able to be removed and begun to fade away and fall into oblivion as was the fate of all the items placed inside.

He had used this cabinet to get rid of many inmates' unwanted objects over the years and had expected the items of Harry Potter to have faded away quickly but they had rested there for the past month as if ready for their master to collect. He hoped it was not the case. He had never needed to put an item of his own inside and knew the key would fade from the earth long before he made his own journey.

Closing the cabinet he walked back to his desk and poured a hefty measure of fire whisky. Gulping it down before swigging directly from the neck of the bottle itself; he waited for the warming burn to envelop him. When it did he relaxed, putting everything that had happened to the back of his mind he pulled out a piece of parchment.

Over the rest of the evening he wrote out his resignation. He then wrote a brief dossier and how-to guide for his replacement and sent all three off to the Interim Council, the ruling body of the IWC in Britain.