Johnny's Girls
Johnny Gat x Fem!Boss

Rated: M (Sexual content and language)

Disclaimer: Pop culture references do not belong to me.

Summary: Alternate Universe – Johnny Gat and the boss have been together since their takeover of Steelport and have started a family of their own. Alexis comes home one afternoon to find Johnny playing an innocent game of "Where Would You Hide the Body" with their daughter Bethany. Hilarity and smut ensue.

A/N: Noticed a lot of people have been craving some Daddy! Gat and Fem!Boss so I gave it a shot after an anon prompted me. This story doesn't take place in the universe I already created for my canonically queer boss, Alexis. Hope y'all still manage to enjoy!

Alexis couldn't believe her luck; she was on her way to her car after a long day at the office when some idiot driving a gas guzzling Kayak crashed into her beautiful custom pink Temptress. She was beyond infuriated. What made it worse was the fact that the dumb bastard didn't even seem the least bit remorseful when he stepped out of his barely damaged piece of shit. Instead of apologizing like he should have since he was the one who crashed into a parked vehicle, he had the audacity to yell at Alexis. Did he not know who he was talking to? She was the infamous leader of the Third Street Saints whom also just happened to be engaged to the most dangerous man on Earth; Johnny Gat. This guy was in for a treat alright. Alexis yawned as the thick headed Steelport citizen criticized her supposed inferior driving skills as a woman (which she took personal offense to since she was legally parked in a garage and thus, her driving was not involved) and took a few steps forward to get in the Saint's face. Alexis sneered and quickly head butted the annoying gym rat whose temper was totally out of control for somebody who was at fault for this unnecessary accident. When he fell to the ground clutching his bleeding forehead, the newly appointed mayor of Steelport casually walked away and pulled out an emergency detonator for the bomb she stealthily planted on the guy's vehicle while the prick had been busy yelling at her the entire time.

A loud explosion erupted behind her as bits and pieces of the surrounding vehicles (and possibly random body parts from that stupid frat boy asshole) flew all over the parking garage. Alexis, disappointed with the lack of total carnage, posted a status on Saints Book requesting a vehicle delivery from one of her loyal Saints. Two seconds later, a fellow female Saint replied to the status by promising the Bloody Cannoness bike that had been a wonderful gift from Josh Birke awhile back. Ignoring the sirens from incoming emergency vehicles and the overwhelming response from police to the explosion in the garage, Alexis sent Johnny a text saying that she would be late tonight. She sighed. Alexis hated those nights she'd come home and her daughter would already be asleep. Not being able to cradle her baby in her arms as she read passages from Bethany's favorite children's books to put her to sleep made her feel miserable. That douche bag totally ruined her night and now she would have to bear the burden of cleaning this mess up and making it seem like this was a totally justifiable murder, which it totally was, to the press. Balancing her life as both the mayor and the leader of the Third Street Saints could be difficult at times, especially when the consequences of her actions interfered with her personal life at home. She would just have to learn to adjust and learn self-control…if she could help it.

It was eight thirty at night and Alexis was beyond done with the snobby journalists and reporters who dared to challenge her authority. They were lucky she chose not to put a bullet through their heads on live television when they had the nerve to question her parenting since she was indeed, as they simply put it, an irresponsible sociopath who had no right to wield the power she did over Steelport. Fuck it, she'll just chalk it up as a bad day and tomorrow, she'll be able to fix everything with Viola DeWynter as her Public Relations Manager. She'll bitch and moan at first but she'll still be able to maintain Alexis' image as a favorable one. Walking into her penthouse, Alexis sighed and all the tension that had built up throughout the course of the day seemed to finally leave her body. Her nostrils flared when the familiar scent of cinnamon flooded her senses. Wait…did Johnny actually bake something without burning the entire building down? The smell... it was absolutely irresistible and it didn't seem like anything had caught on fire during the process. Something officially felt off. Usually when she came home from work, she'd walk into a complete disaster and she'd end up cleaning after Johnny, who could be a messy man-child at times. When Alexis rounded the nearest corner, she ran straight into Gat who just appeared out of nowhere.

"The fuck took you so long, Lexi? Ever since you decided to settle down with a real job, your murderin' skills have gotten sloppy. I gotta say I'm a bit disappointed." Johnny teased as he wrapped his arms around the mayor's waist. Alexis rolled her eyes and cupped Johnny's chin before pecking him twice on the lips. "Good to see you too, Gat. Listen, I'm not sure if anyone's told you but you look like you rolled straight out of a My Little Pony orgy. What's with the stickers and glitter anyway?" Alexis asked as she tried to suppress her laughter. Johnny could see right through the guise and motioned for her to let it all out as he tried to explain himself. "Bethany and I went on a few adventures today. You should be jealous because at least we had some goddamn fun today. She takes after you, you know? We've been runnin' around doing crazy shit all afternoon and she still wants to play past her bedtime. Help me put her to sleep, will ya?" Johnny asked, dodging the sudden barrage of swats to his body when he inadvertently bragged about the day he spent with their daughter.

Annoyed that her fiancé was incapable of putting their daughter to bed at a reasonable hour but feeling a bit relieved that she'll be able to spend some time with her, Alexis stepped away from Johnny and placed her hands on her hips. Before she could admonish him for allowing their daughter to stay up past seven o'clock, the sound of tiny pattered footsteps in the living room caught the boss' attention. "MOMMY'S HOME, MOMMY'S HOME!" Bethany squeaked as she ran towards her mother who immediately knelt down in order to welcome the beautiful six year old into her embrace. Johnny snickered and leaned against the wall to observe the disgustingly cute scene before him. It was weird being the most dangerous stay-at-home dad in the world but at the same time he absolutely loved it. He frequently worked out his aggressions while working on his comic book series, Gangstas in Space, which was now becoming a hit television series. On occasion, he'd go out with the Saints and maybe the night would end with somebody leaving in a body bag. It totally worked out either way though and there's nothing he would trade in the entire world for the life he proudly led.

"Bethany Luciana! Oooh, mommy's missed you so much. What are you doing up so late, munchkin?" Alexis asked gently, her tone of voice almost unrecognizable to Gat. He still had to adjust with the way his fiancé behaved around their daughter. It had been well over six years since they threw down with Phillip Lorene and took over the city of Steelport and Johnny was still struggling to the register the fact that Alexis, the leader of the Third Street Saints, was his fiancé who bore their child those many years ago. For a complete psychopath, the boss made an excellent mother (and lover but that was neither here nor there). The raven haired toddler beamed up at her mother and wrapped her arms around the woman's neck and pulled her in for the tightest bear hug the child could offer. "Daddy and I were playing a game with my dollies. It's called 'Where Would You Hide the Body' and daddy still can't find my Monster High boy doll." She answered with a giggle. Johnny stifled his laughter when Alexis shot him a look of disapproval.

"Teaching our daughter the family business this early on, babe? I also just bought her that freaky doll with the snake hair; he was the cutest boy I could find in the collection!" Alexis whined, completely ignoring the look of disgust her daughter made when she mentioned "cutest boy". Johnny shrugged. Alexis wanted nothing more than to slap that shit eating grin off his face but she'd have to postpone that for later. "Why the fuck not, Lexi? She's obviously got a natural talent for torture and leaving clean tracks which is surprising for a toddler with parents like us. It's not like we're dealing with real people anyway, just her dolls. She's been real good about not asking us to replace her toys too. Point is she's having fun. Deal with it." He told her plainly, running his fingers through his sleek black hair. "Mommy, don't be mad at him. I just want to be like you when I grow up. I'll only get rid of boys because they're so icky and gross. I like girls, mama, I like them very much." Bethany admitted sheepishly.

Johnny raised a brow and chuckled. "Kid, you've got a mouth on you. Seriously though, daddy will love you no matter what. If you need help getting rid of the boys that cross your path, you can always count on me to help." Alexis continued to smile at her daughter as she played with her daughter's black tresses. Bethany was going to be a heartbreaker when she grew up. Freckles, dimples, and almond shaped emerald eyes…she had never seen anything more beautiful. "Well that certainly explains why Ghoulia Yelps cuddles with Frankie Stein naked in your dollhouse. I love you no matter what, Bethany Luciana. Don't you dare ever feel like you can't tell us anything, Boo Bear, okay? Now, just because you like girls doesn't mean your daddy and I will play nice to any potential suitors." Alexis teased, Bethany simply allowing herself to be twirled around by her mother. "Yay! Before I go to bed, will you please tell me the story about how you met Carlos again? I don't know him but I miss him only because you do." The Saint prodigy said, causing Alexis' heart to clench painfully at the memory of his death. To this day, she still believed he would have made one hell of a gang banger had he been given the chance. Her daughter was amazing and she still continued to throw her off her game every once in awhile. She had the potential to be a good person, to create her own path rather than follow Alexis in her footsteps but this was the real world and adulthood was a real bitch. The last thing she'd ever want to do was strip her daughter of her independence and lie to her. This was her world to rule and she wanted her daughter to make her own choices in order to pave a path to success.

"I'd love to, Beth. Now hurry up and brush your teeth then dress in your pajamas. I'll tuck you in and tell you all your favorite stories shortly." Alexis said, pressing a gently kiss on her daughter's forehead. Bethany followed Johnny to the kitchen and hugged his leg before she ran off towards her room. Johnny tossed something in the sink and had to do a double take before he burst out laughing, which led to Alexis stalking towards the kitchen island and wondering what amused Johnny so much. He reached into the sink and pulled out a burnt doll that had been viciously torn in half. Alexis felt like an entirely different person when she demonstrated her concern towards Johnny about Bethany playing with fire. Being a mother certainly softened her up a bit but not enough to completely strip her of her rightful title as a Saint. "I'm telling you, Lexi, we're raising a natural born Saint. I honestly couldn't be more proud of her right now." Johnny said as he observed his daughter's work on the poor unsuspecting doll that just wanted to be played with. Ugh, ever since she saw that movie about the secret lives of toys, she had never felt the same around them. She found that she could no longer enjoy horror movies about dolls that came alive after you slept and attempted to kill you. "Gat, you're such a prick. When I ask you to watch our daughter for the day, I expect you to do some watching. If she wants to play with fire, I need you to supervise next time, okay?" Alexis demanded, yawning afterward. She was so exhausted.

Johnny spun Alexis around and held her body tightly against his and pressed his lips against her ear. "You know, I think you been workin' too hard lately. I think you deserve special treatment tonight. You need to loosen up, babe." He accentuated the final word by thrusting his hips against her backside, the length of his manhood hardening immediately upon contact with her rear. Alexis moaned, her voice broken and raspy after a long day. If there was something that sounded better than sleep right now, it was sex with Johnny mother fucking Gat. Alexis reached for Johnny's face and gently stroked his cheeks as she proceeded to slowly grind against him. The noises that emanated from that horny bastard got her going. "Mmm, that sounds amazing right now. You know how to treat a lady. Let me put Bethany to bed and I'll meet you in the bedroom. You better be naked and stroking your cock by the time I join you." Alexis whispered, turning to kiss Johnny on the lips hard enough to leave him wanting. "See you in a few minutes, Alexis." He whispered as he watched the boss walk away from him with a purposeful sway in her hips.

When Alexis walked into Bethany's bedroom, she wasn't shocked by what decorated her daughter's walls. There were a few posters of her female Saint lieutenants, mostly of Shaundi, and a poster promoting Dexter. She really wished Johnny had a better sense of what shows Bethany should really be watching but she guessed it was too late to matter. It wasn't like her daughter was the psychotic leader of the Third Street Saints, yet. Alexis sat down on the bed and pressed a kiss to her daughter's forehead. Bethany smiled and brought up the two dolls she chose to sleep with in her bed to her mother's face. "Give Cosima and Delphine a goodnight kiss, mommy. They would want some lovin' too!" She exclaimed. Alexis tilted her head in confusion. 'Those are some complex fucking names for a child to bestow her monster high dolls but I think it's safer to stop asking questions at this point.' Alexis thought to herself as she picked up her photo album to point out who Carlos Mendoza was back in the day. The mayor of Steelport couldn't help but laugh when she realized Aisha's hit single "Bounce Like My Checks" was playing in the background from her daughter's stereo in the corner. Her daughter had a big personality for someone so little but it only meant that she would have so much to offer to the world when she grew up. Alexis was proud.

After the boss finished retelling some of her stories from her famed past, she finally joined Johnny into their shared bedroom upstairs. Opening the door, she walked inside and found Johnny standing by their bed in all of his glory. Alexis shyly closed the door behind her, biting her lip before she slowly approached her fiancé. Johnny smirked and met the boss halfway through, swooping in to wrap his arms around her waist as her hands locked behind his head. They exchanged a series of gentle kisses at first before it became more heated the moment Johnny squeezed Alexis' ass roughly. The boss moaned into the kiss, which gave Johnny the opportunity to deepen the kiss by adding his tongue. Pulling away wordlessly, Johnny angled Alexis' head before his lips descended upon her collarbone. Alexis sighed. She shrugged off her blazer and tried to rip her shirt off without interrupting Johnny, who only chuckled at her half hearted attempt to get naked. Words did not need to be exchanged between them as they could easily read other through body language, facial expressions and energy levels. This unspoken bond between them was the strongest connection Alexis shared with anyone and she couldn't be happier that he ended up her soul mate. It was fate that out of seven billion people in the world, Alexis found love in her best friend whom meant more to her than anything, aside from her daughter who was now her number one priority.

Alexis wrapped her hand around Johnny's cock, stroking it gently at first before she began to really work her lover over. Johnny gasped, steadying himself by grasping onto the boss' shoulders and wrapping his free hand around hers that was in between their bodies. "No, it's not about me tonight, Lexi. It's about you. All hail to the mother fucking queen." The Saint harshly whispered before he suddenly knelt before the golden haired goddess standing before him. Lifting a leg over his shoulder, Johnny peppered sweet kisses along the inside of her thigh, teasing Alexis to the point she had to run her fingers through his hair and pulled. "Please, just please fuck me, Johnny. I need this; I need you inside of me." Alexis panted out as her darkened green eyes met his beautiful chocolate brown orbs. Johnny sighed as his cock twitched at her words, wanting nothing more than comply right away. He would just have to resist the urge because tonight, it was about putting Lexi's needs before his own. He knew what she needed. Once his lips reached her slick folds, he smirked against her skin before he penetrated her sacred region with the tip of his tongue. 'Fuck, she tastes so good. I'll make this last until she practically begs me for mercy.' Johnny thought to himself, lapping up all the sweet juices that seemed to be dripping into his mouth. As for Alexis, the boss continued to thrust her hips forward, riding Johnny's tongue as hard as she could to get the friction she desperately craved. It wasn't until when Johnny stealthily slid two fingers inside of her that she came as hard as she did so suddenly. Yeah, Johnny Gat was that good.

It wasn't long until the two fell hard under the spell of lust and Johnny could no longer restrain the animal that he was when it came to lovemaking. Johnny positioned Alexis on all fours at first, kneeling behind her and using her wetness as a sole lubricant before he finally pushed his entire length inside of her. It was slow at first because she had to adjust to his size but Johnny didn't mind; in fact, he urged her to keep herself from backing into him so quickly so it wouldn't hurt as much. Alexis eventually clenched the bedsheets beneath her and howled at the loss of contact between her nether region and Johnny's eight inch gift before it slammed back inside of her. Unable to keep up with Johnny's pace, she collapsed onto the bed which only deepened the intensity of what was going on inside of her. Johnny spread Alexis' legs further apart before he slid his manhood back into his territory. Alexis moaned wantonly, she even nearly screamed to the point of blacking out when he reached around to finger her. Johnny was about to explode, he desperately needed his release just as much Alexis did, who came more times than he could remember within the span of an hour. How long had they been going at it actually? Actually, it didn't matter. Johnny was about to come and he needed this moment to feel perfect. Grabbing a lock of Alexis' wavy golden locks, he pulled her up so she was on all fours again and continued to pound into her. When the moment finally arrived, Alexis screamed out her orgasm and clenched, which finally provoked Johnny to release his seed inside of his fiancée.

The exhausted lovers collapsed onto the bed, clutching onto each other's naked and sweaty bodies after such an intense lovemaking session. Alexis could barely breathe, adjusting herself so she would feel a bit more comfortable although it was impossible. Her entire lower half felt sore, incredibly wet and sticky. Johnny rested his head on top of one arm while using the other one to pull Alexis closer to his body. After a long moment of comfortable silence, Alexis felt herself drifting off to sleep until Johnny finally said something.

"You know, from what Viola told me, you had no justified reason of killing that douche bag in that parking garage earlier, which makes it even funnier. You were parked in the middle of the ramp nearly the entire day. What are you doing driving, anyway?" Johnny teased. Alexis groaned and rolled over onto her side facing away from Johnny. "I'm the fucking mayor of Steelport, I'll do what I want no matter how illegal it is. The asshole could have lived if he chose not to yell at me, which he did like a little cry baby bitch so in the end he got what he had comin' to him." She replied sleepily, unable to push Johnny away when he decided to spoon her from behind.

"Not saying you have anything to apologize for. Just reminding you that I love you for who you are. Now shut the fuck up and go to sleep; I have a meeting with my agent tomorrow to discuss the Gangstas in Space television series." He said playfully, which caused Alexis to poke him hard in the ribs. She loved him but he could be such an asshole sometimes. "We'd be sleeping by now if you hadn't decided to open your big mouth. Goodnight, Johnny. I love you too." Alexis said tiredly, allowing Johnny to tangle his legs with hers. Their love may seem absurd to outsiders but to those who knew them best, it was a different kind of love that made perfect sense in their little world.