The nemesis.

Sitting in a dark empty city, running for my life every hour makes me think about my future if I live. Zombies around every corner, hunter betas and hunter gammas killing other survivors or zombies. The other creatures that are out there, that I have no way in protecting myself from them. One of the creatures I would not want to miss out seeing is 'The nemesis'. I have had a crush on him since I read someone's diary that I found while escaping from the last bunch of zombies. Thinking about him makes me want to have it, why am I thinking like that? He is a monster who kills people because of what he was programmed to do. I wonder if he's smart enough to use protection but who cares!! I might be the only person still alive in this city, so I would like to go out in a different style.

I do not think that he will come along to my hiding place and have sex on the spot but what if he does... what will happen to me? Will I become a zombie like the others? Or will I become his partner? A nice way to gain a partner, have pleasure sex and then turn into a monster's life partner. I smirk at the idea; it might be better than becoming one of those monsters.

Writing in this diary I found while running from monsters and zombies is helping me clear my head, my head is full of thoughts and ideas of my death or my dead end future if I survive. I should become an author, a horror story author if I survive... I mean that a living horror can't be all too hard to write up, especially if you have lived it your self. I better stop writing in you now diary as I hear more monsters heading this way... I will write in you when I am safe again...

I stopped writing in my diary only to here a low hissing coming from a wall near me. 'Another new creature... better get away quietly' I thought to myself while moving out of the makeshift tent made out of wooden boxes. 'A door, unlocked? A break at last' I thought, checking a nearby door and went through it.

"A messy kitchen? Looks like someone blew it up... I better not stay here incase of some zombies are around here" I said to myself looking around the kitchen and diner as I walked towards the back door. Opening the door I found myself in an alley. 'Not the best place to be in a creepy town like this... what's that?' I thought to myself and heard some heavy footsteps. "W.who's there?" I yelled out into the alley. "STARS!!" A growl came around the corner.

A huge monster, wearing black trousers and a black coat. His mouth was over grown with a row of sharp teeth showing, His left eye was missing and stitches crosses along his cheak and his one good eye was pure white. There were some purple tentacles weaving in and out of him like it was pumping some sort of liquid around his body. He opened his mouth and growled again. "STARS!" he roared.

I couldn't move, I was struck by some sort of fear that made me pull my jacket off to reveal my tight black t-shirt underneath. The monster or nemesis I remember reading somewhere came closer to me and pulled me closer to him. 'This is it, good bye cruel world' I thought, remembering the tentacle in his right hand. I closed my eyes and waited for my death, mouth open.

'A tongue?' I thought opening my eyes to see the nemesis up close to me and placed his tongue into my mouth, I felt it move around exploring my mouth. 'This is how he must kiss' I thought enjoying the long tongue touching every area in my mouth, then it left and he opened his mouth. I did the same, I placed my tongue into his mouth and carefully explored the wonders in his mouth... his smooth teeth, his smooth tongue and his wonderful tasting saliva. I found myself with my arms wrapped around his chest and moving my hands down his chest to the end of his jacket. Nemesis pulled away from me and pulled his jacket off, to reveal a tight black t- shirt.

I felt too hot for my t-shirt and pulled it off to reveal my white bra, Nemesis eyed up my breasts as he came back to me. I started rubbing his nipples as he started rubbing mine through the bra. I felt my straps slip as I moved my arms to rub the nemesis's nipples harder. The nemesis pulled me back up gently into another tongue kiss. While I was enjoying my turn kissing, the nemesis pulled off my bra and started to rub my already hard nipples. My hands moved down his back to his trousers buckle and belt. We broke the kiss and he bent down to lick my breasts, I shivered with delight. I closed my eyes and played with his trousers till they slipped off and around his ankles, the nemesis stopped and shook off his trousers from his ankles, and then he pulled his boxers off releasing his trapped hard member.

It must have been at least nine inches long and four inches thick. 'I'm still a virgin!! This is going to be fun' I thought looking at the nemesis's manhood. "Ready when you are big guy" I whispered into what must be his ear. "Stars.." The nemesis gently roared as he inserted his hard dick into me. I held back the pain and enjoyed the pleasure as he gently pushed in and out of me, each time hitting what must be my pleasure spot. "Ugh! Faster faster" I urged the nemesis enjoying every second of it. The nemesis pumped in and out of me faster and faster until he exploded into me, pouring gallons of his virus seed into me. He pulled out his now soft member and collapsed next to me.

Sleep over came both of us, as we slept together in a hug sharing the warmth. I felt myself change a little. Like it was the virus starting to over take my body and demanded more of the nemesis.

A few hours later, I woke up to feel the nemesis playing with my entrance. Licking it gently in and out, I groaned at the pleasure feeling myself come to a climax. Quickly and softly the nemesis inserted his tongue in and out making me climb to the extreme. "NEMESIS!!" I screamed as I hit the climax and my seed gushed out into his waiting mouth. He was able to swallow it all up, which amazed me. After he used his tongue to clean up all of the seed that came out of me.

"I guess that you have to go soon," I said to the nemesis as he played with my hair in one hand and my breasts in another. I was leaning against his chest rubbing his nipples. Nemesis nodded, and bent down to kiss me again while his manhood grew hard once more. "Once more then" I smiled lying down with my legs open. Nemesis bent down over me and gently but forcefully entered me once more. We kissed while he pumped faster and faster into me. Nemesis then pushed into me once more and filled me with his seed. "Ugh, that...was...great...nemesis" I panted as he took his floppy dick out of me on last time.

The nemesis was covered in sweat as he placed his clothes back on and helped me place mine on. Once we were both dressed, the nemesis helped me find a new hiding place so that I could rest. "You better go and fill out whatever purpose you are suppose to do," I said, stretching up to kiss him once more before he left. He dove his tongue into my mouth for the longest kiss yet. "Stars" He said before giving me a gun and some bullets before leaving me along and cold.

Diary, the nemesis was so cool! He found me and we had it twice! I was so happy to have it with him after all of the boys that have treated me bad in the past. At last I can say that I am no longer a virgin...Once all of my strength is back I will get out of this area and find out something. I have a weird feeling that I need to get out of this city.. I feel weird like some sort of chemical is overtaking my body and altering it, but into what? I am starting to gain my energy back so soon I will be able to go out and check my guessing of the results of the last one off with nemesis and get out before something happens... I don't know if I am turning into a new form of monster or a female nemesis... I wish you can help me diary, I wish that someone can help me in this terrible time...I feel stronger now so I can go out there into the streets and find a doctor clinic or a hospital to test my doubts.. Till later, this is Kat signing off...

Looking for a place where there would be testers was hard to find that wasn't invested with creatures but I looked on with high hopes. 'Zombies? Great that's just what I want!' I thought looking around seeing zombies surrounding me. 'I hope I'm a good shooter' I thought getting the gun out and started shooting the zombies in the head. "Eat lead!!" I yelled, enjoying the shooting of the zombies. Their blood and brains flying everywhere when they exploded on impact, the zombies on the other side was blown up by something and was lying dead in many parts. 'Boots? I guess that will have to do' I thought running into a large boots store. I listened for any noises of zombies or other creatures, 'Nothing, Now to clean myself up' I thought wandering through the store looking for first aid equipment as I was covered in zombie's blood and brains. 'There's a pregnancy tester, as nemesis did not use any protection I am guessing he could have made me pregnant' I thought taking a box off the shelf and continued looking for the first aid equipment. "At last! Now where are the cleaning fluids?" I asked myself looking on the shelves.

Few hours later, Kat had found a new hiding area. an old house. "I better see if I am correct or not" Kat said to herself, searching for the bathroom and any locked up zombies. After exploring the whole house she managed to find the bathroom and was able to do the test. "Come on, I need to know!" Kat said, shaking the tester waiting for the result. The tester changed color. Kat checked it with the box and almost fainted. 'I have to get word to the nemesis!!' Kat thought, looking at the positive results. "I need some more guns first.ugh!" Kat said, and bent down in pain. Looking at her arms, she could see purple veins coming out of her arms and a weird shape tentacle form at the base of her arm. "I am turning into a nemesis!! I wonder how I am going to change again? I have already grown taller and had to change my trousers" Kat said, looking at the tentacle hover near her wrist.

"Where am I now?" Kat thought after getting past all of the zombies and through the fire, as it did not affect her for some reason. Looking around she could see a pile of burning rubble on her left and some stairs in front of her. 'Nowhere to go but up' Kat thought climbing up the stairs and through the gate that was at the top. "Everything is dead? Looks like someone has already been here" Kat said, examine the bodies around the small ponds. "According to this map, I need to go to the left and across the bridge to the lab? What's a laboratory doing here? Hopefully I will be able to find Nemesis" Kat said to herself, reloading her now named 'silent death'.

To be continued

Did anyone like this fic? I know that it is a weird romance story but I have a weird mind. I do think that the nemesis in some weird way is cute; he's powerful but cute R&R please.