Nemesis 2

It is safe again Diary, I cannot believe how much I have changed. Now I am 8ft 12 and I have a purple tube like thing weaving in and out of my body! Just like the nemesis has going in and out of his body. I was attacked by a brain sucker but before it got close to me, I.I killed it by using the tentacle in my right arm. The changes are unbelievable! I am still myself, I am just taller and a tube-carrying virus around my body has appeared.

I need to find the nemesis! I have to get out of this city with him. While there is still time. I have searched the streets, the wreckage of the hospital and the clock all that is left is the park

I was shocked to find the clock tower in such a mess, I looked around the wreckage and found out that the nemesis have mutated, He had destroyed most of the main lobby and gardens. I better leave here soon or the monsters that are out in the streets will find me and I fear that there is not enough time to get out of this town which has changed my life for better and for worst...

Looking around to see if it was all clear before climbing out of a window frame and up the wall to the roof. I looked down at myself taking in the changes, I looked like the nemesis only with breasts and the slim body features. If it wasn't for the tube from my hips along the back, down my right shoulder, above my breasts into my right arm and came out in my right wrist. I would be a super model... a very tall super model.

'I hope that I can find you Nemesis... Where ever you are' I thought looking around as I walked across roof tops towards the park. I have killed since I last met my new found lover, not just zombies but a few survivors...It was a shock to me and the survivor how I killed his comrade. Using the tenticle as soon as it mutated into my body, I was able to use it as I always had it!

'This is a horrible park...full of zombies, leaches and a corspe of a giant worm' I thought walking through the park looking around for signs of the nemesis or any survivors that was going to cross my path. Jumping over another locked gate, I came across a new monster... It looked like a giant frog with sharp claws, I killed it easily by my tentacle which I was getting use to by now. With that killed I looked around and saw a old bridge leading to a old factory of some kind, running lightly on my feet I was able to reach the bridge without any trouble.

'I hope I can find him...Who's that?' I thought climbing onto the bridge seeing two figures fighting on the bridge. Carefully not to step on a broken panel on the bridge I made my way over to where the two figures were fighting. 'Nemesis!' I thought seeing that the nemesis was fighting a woman who was trying to shoot him with a magnum but had a terrible aim. "NEMESIS! I HAVE FOUND YOU!!" I yelled running over the rest of the bridge and got closer to the the nemesis when. "Hold it freak!!" The woman said, holding her magnum up to my chest. "I am not a freak! Just a normal girl who happened to have sex with that hunk of a monster over there! Now get out of my way before something bad happens to you" I said, pushing the magnum away and walked passed the woman. "Some monster! You are the ungliest and most wierdest creation yet!! I will not leave!! I am Jill Valentine, Ex-stars member and I need to get out of this city before that nuclear bomb hits" Jill said, raising her magnum back up at me. "So I was right about something bad coming this way, Did you say stars?" I asked, noticing my tentacle in my right hand twitching. 'Use it! She is the enemy!! She will kill us' A voice muttered in my head. "Stars members have to be killed! I am sorry about this" I said, the tentacle whipped out and ripped her head in half.

Jill's head ripped in half as my tentacle came out of my hand and sliced her head in half. I was a little shocked but to my amazement happy about her death. 'That was beautiful, are you that girl from a few hours ago?' The voice asked. The nemesis came closer to me and hugged me tightly, I pulled him into a tongue kiss. Our tongues danced around each others mouths enjoying the taste of each others saliva. 'I am happy to be back with you! How are we to escape this city?' I asked hugging the nemesis tightly as we walked along the bridge to the old factory. 'So this is the result? I love this, We need to head to the back of this factory and use the moterbike that was hid there when I arrived' Nemesis said, licking the crack in my neck softly making me shiver with delight. 'What ever you say big guy' I moaned as he continued to kiss my neck.

'This is your motorbike?' I asked looking at the huge motorbike that was to support both of us. 'Yes, I know it is smaller than the orginal one that I was given but it will support us both till we get out of this city' Nemesis said, climbing onto the bike and started it up. I climbed on and placed my arms around the nemesis's waist for support so that I wouldn't fall off. 'Let's go' I said, leaning onto the nemesis's back. 'OK' Nemesis said, checking everything was alright.

I watched as the city flew by, as we rode through of what was left of the city. 'Isn't this your home?' Nemesis asked me as the motorbike turned onto another road. 'Sort of, this is one of the nearest cities near to my place' I said, checking the watch on the bike. 'It is almost dawn... turn that way!' I said, gestering to the road turning left. 'Ok, hang on I am about to hit the booster switch Umbrella installed on this bike' Nemesis said, then pressed a red button in the middle of the dashboard. The bike sped up to over 200 miles per hour, Then we saw it heading into the centre of the city.

A large white light heading into the centre and exploded on the touch of the city hall. The white light engulfed everything, We just got to the city limits to the next town area when it exploded in a huge fireball, sending a huge shockwave towards us and miles out of the city limits.

"Did Umbrella plan this? Destroying the town and hiding what they created?" I asked the nemesis who turned the bike engine off. "Yes, it is to hide from the public and keep the public believing that they are helping the world... not their deep plans to control all of the major companies of the world" Nemesis said, snuggling into my neck. "What are we going to do now? Are we going back to the base you were sent from?" I asked, leaning back onto him and placed one of my hands on his musculer chest. "After this mission I was to be destroyed but now that I have you by my side, I am thinking of living in the outskirts and try and live a normal live" Nemesis said, bending down protecting me as the wave finally hit us and knocked us onto the ground.

"We will see, I know of a building near hear...It has all of this computering equipment and other stuff, You could try and email your boss and find out about your next mission" I said, getting up off the road and helped lift the bike back up. "We could try, you point the way then" Nemesis said starting the engine again. We both took off towards the sun rise.

To be continued.....

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