Chapter 1

Yuuki P.O.V

"You have the Academy, all you need to do is open it and then when it becomes stable"

"You can integrate the night class once we have the approval"

I pull the blanket over my head to bloke out the light peeping through the curtains, the voices pulling me from my dreams even further. My mother and father talking about my mother's dream, then I hear a voice I did not recognize.

"True I could open it up within a year, within four years I could have it running smoothly and stable enough to integrate the night class". This stranger's voice said.

I slowly crept out from my room to follow their voices to find out who this stranger was, my mother never had any guests before. My father said when I asked Why? "Yuuki my dear girl it is to protect you from the many evil people who would seek to harm you simply for your pure-blood".

I peek through the crack of the open door, seeing my mother and father sitting on the couch facing the door. The strangers back was to the door, sitting in a arm rest facing from the way they looked towards me peeking through the door.

"Juri, Haruka while I can get the day classes up and running. guarantee of the vampire council will approve a night class?" the stranger asked my parents, then my father got out of his seat and came to the door picking me up into his arms. He walked back to his seat next to mother, with me seated in his lap.

"oh Yuuki you look so cute! I remember when you were just born, you looked so adorable in the pink onesy your father bought" the stranger animatedly exclaimed with stars in his eyes.

"Yuuki you were too young to remember but this is Kaien an old friend of your mother" my father told me tucking my hair behind my ear.

"Oh yes me and Juri go way back, your mother is quite the fierce women when you get in her way" the stranger now named Kaien said starring off into the distance.

"Yuuki?" Kaien asked.

"Yes Mr Kaien?" I asked.

"Oh call me uncle, would you..." Kaien reached behind his back looking eager with blush dusting his cheeks "... put this on!" he screams excitedly, holding in his outstretched arms a pink dress with frills and bows. I stare blankly at him, questioning his sanity and male pride, hearing my parents giggling at his antics and my face, while Kaien falls to the ground crying from my lack of excitement. After trying the dress, Kaien spent the next hour taking pictures before sitting down and looking deep in thought.

"I must be going now i will leave you to deal with the vampire council, while i deal with the Hunters Organization and Academy" Kaien said before saying farewell and leaving.

Haruka P.O.V

(week later)

(council meeting)

It's the day of the council meeting I had requested a gathering to seek approval for the co-exist between Day and Night class at Cross Academy.

As I walk through the hallways heading towards the council meeting room, I paused as my thoughts were drawn to more pleasurable company, with my wife and daughter who are back at home together while I have to attend the meeting for the sake of our daughter and Juri's dream.

Normal P.O.V

The council members are seated in their seats around a big table right in the middle of the room. They all whispered among each other questioning why the request for a meeting with the council members?, what is it about?.

"Do you have any idea what the meeting is about?" One council member asked the other.

"Do Haruka and Juri plan on having any kids?"

"Would Rido be the next Head of the bloodline?"

"Would the son of Rido, Kaname be the next Head after Rido dies?"

Haruka enters the room pushing the two big twin doors with a calm expression on his face. The council members hear the doors open, turning their attention towards the doors and sees a figure of Haruka in questioning what will he say or explain for the event. They eye Haruka warily as he makes his way to an empty seat, sitting imposingly with his back straight.

Haruka's P.O.V

I breath in slowly opening my mouth a little as if I'm leaving them in suspense and more questioning about what will I say. I look at them with my full attention towards them ready to speak my thoughts.

"I have requested for these meeting with you all in the importance of peace and co-existence" I spoke with a calm and conviction tone.

My eyes watched the members closely as they talk among themselves with questioning for How? and if it is possible for them to co-exist for peace.

"I could see you would have many questions and doubts about the Academy accepting both races causing the risk of exposing our race higher. Also having Kaien being the Headmaster considering his past occupation as the Vampire Hunter" I stated to them.

"What will we do about our diet? We can't live with the humans in peace when we drink from them, also the matter of sunlight being a nuisance to our kind" an older council member said.

When the council member asked these questions all the members of the council needed an agreement so they murmured their agreement to one another.

"First the vampires will be in a night class and different dorms from the humans in the day class, the day class will attend their classes during the day, while the night class sleep. The Night class will attend during the night, as the day class sleep period" He explained the routine between both classes

"As for the blood, I have entrusted the task of creating a blood substitute to Kaien, of which the substitute will be used as a way to maintain control over ones bloodlust" I spoke in a serious tone.

"Why should we trust that vampire hunter? Is he really the person to trust with such an important task? Having our lives in his hands..." With a tone of disgust as another council member continued his sentence.

"He could instead cause harm to the children you wish to send to his academy and our children's diet and lives"

I slowly breathed in and exhaled with my eyes closed then slowly opened my eyes looking at them again.

"I believe in Kaien because my wife Juri believes in him, If she believes in him then why should I not? I trust in her judgement" I stated with a hint of protection from them questioning my wife's judgement. They fell into silence unable to question any aspect of the plan to open up a night class at cross academy.

I waited for any one of the members have anymore doubtful questions about the plan and idea for our co-existence, but instead one of the few Elder members of the council stood up from his seat, standing up straight.

"Maybe we need to have more time to think about these matters, before officially deciding what is our best interest. So when should we have a next meeting about these matters again?" The Elder member spoke in a clear, doubtful tone. I nodded in agreement.

"As we disgust these matters in more depth we will hold off on judgement till we have discussed the situation with the hunter council" The eldest council member Ichio Takuma said.

The members murmured among themselves once more then soon rose from their seats to leave the meeting room while I sat there waiting for most of the members to have left so I could head straight home to my lovely wife and cute daughter. As soon as I stood to take my leave one of the other council member who is a well known supporter and trustworthy to the Kuran Family, had approached me with concern written on his face.

"Lord Aido is everything okay?" I asked with concern leak into my voice.

"Kuran-sama I have an ominous feeling that something unpleasant will happen in the near future..." Lord Aido said looking me straight in the eye, worry clearly evident in all his actions.

"Then we will have to be prepared for the worse then" I said looking at him with a small smile. Lord Aido bowed and left me appearing more calm now that he had voiced his concerns, departed soon after he left looking forward to the greeting waiting for me at home.

Normal P.O.V

Haruka walked out of the gran building which held the council meetings and into his limo, looking out the window, wishing he was home already. When he arrives he walks swiftly into the Kuran mansion, as he closes the door he was attacked by a small, pink, ball, his Daughter Yuuki who smiled at her father giving him a kiss and welcome home as her mother Juri came walking slowly to greet her husband.

Juri P.O.V

"welcome home Haruka" I greet my husband with a chaste kiss on his cheek as Yuuki kissed the other. Holding back the urge to demand to know what happened with council leading Haruka who was holding Yuuki to the couch to have some tea. While he told me what happened, while he enjoyed the tea I made and the pastries I brought.

"Hello Dear how were you and Yuuki while I was out?" Haruka asked patiently with a little smile on his lips. He knew I was impatient and bursting with curiosity, why did he have to make me wait any longer.

"We were fine Yuuki is progressing excellently in her studies, no problems arose while you were gone" I told him trying to hold my patience

"Did you have fun with your mother today?" Haruka looked smiling a little bigger.

"Yes we played chess after my studies were done, I can play now without help" Yuuki told her father smiling a bright smile.

"Oh Haruka stop torturing me and tell me what happened with the council?!" I told him exasperated with his knowing smile, which turned a little smug when I voiced my suffering.

"Your so cute when your angry Juri" Haruka said in a low, deep chuckle. I blushed when I heard him say something embarrassing to me about the way I act and demanding out of curiosity. Haruka smiled at me then he had his mouth opened about to say what I want to hear.

"I have told and explained to the council members about the Academy classes and they are considering it. But want to discuss it in more depth so they are meeting with the other council to do so. Before reaching a final decision" Haruka explained to me as Yuuki sat quietly on Haruka's lap thinking over and trying to understand us.