Chapter 5

~Time skip 1 year~

Yuuki was now is and the night class was to begin their classes tonight, but all student's of the day class were assembling in the hall taking seats. The chairman stood on a stage at the front of the room as all the students were seated. The chairman cleared his throat calling everyone's attention.

"Today I have an important announcement, as you are all aware of the construction going on, on the other side of the grounds is finally completed. So with its completion and the completion of certain documents everything is finally set up and ready for the new student's. These students are going to be part of the now night class and you all are the day class. While your classes are in the day then night class will have their classes at night. As for why they are to be separate classes is simple they will be learning for a more advanced subjects" When the chairman had finished his speech he gestured to the back of the hall where all of the night class walked in and down the aisle in the middle to the front all dressed in their white night class uniforms.

When they had walked down the aisle all the day class looked and watched the Night class with awe. Many of the Day class students whispered amongst themselves talking about the new students of the Night class, the females talked about the males to how dreamy and handsome they are while as for the guys in the Day class talks about the females in the Night class to how pretty and elegant they are when they all walk together taking their seats.

The Chairmen looked towards the Day class students when he sees the students chitter chattering with one another knowing that their attentions are now elsewhere. The Chairmen tilted his head a little with his eyes closed and pushed his glasses up with his middle finger while he clears his throat over the microphone letting the students know they must be quiet and pay attention to him, not towards the Night class students. All the students turned their attention back towards the Chairmen when they all heard him clear his throat, they all eyed on him giving him their attention even though there would be times few students will glance at the Night class from the corner of their eyes.

Soon as the Chairmen have all the students' attention he started and continued with the assembly by talking about the rules for both of the classes. Also telling the students how Zero and Ichiru would be prefects to enforce the rules and reporting all those who breaks them.

Yuuki P.O.V

As the Chairmen has informed every one of the rules and how Zero and Ichiru's new responsibilities which had caused the Night class to turn their attention towards Zero and Ichiru because everyone in the Night class gets the feeling that their responsibilities are much more, which is what I have come to know so far is that it's true, their responsibilities is much more than having to make sure we all follow the rules. After all they are both Vampire hunters. Knowing everyone else could sense it too, they would have figured it out straight away why they are given this duty which seemed to cause an unease and offence to the Night class.

I looked in the same direction of the twin brothers seeing them look towards the eyes of the Night class showing no fear of our kind. While I continue to stare at them but when I was about to turn my attention back to the front I see Ichiru look straight at me with a cheery smile and waning towards me not caring about the eyes and noticed Zero looks towards me as well but showing emotionless expression on his face. When Ichiru waved at me with that carefree smile, I noticed that now the eyes of my class switches glances from Ichiru then to me then back to Ichiru. I felt somewhat nervous that I sort of hesitated a little smiling awkwardly and waved back towards Ichiru trying to ignore the eyes of my class knowing they are wondering why we are waving at each other…

Kaname on the other hand who seats right beside me having to notice the situation as well. I soon lower my hand back down to my lap having to try and stop the students giving those stares at us. I slowly turned my attention towards Kaname who had a smirk and a twitch of his lips wondering if he had found the situation quite amusing to him since that he looks calm despite the fact that I had given my attention to two Vampire Hunters. When they finally looked away from my direction and looked back towards the front of the room. Kaname looked down at me giving him a small gentle smile and he returned a small smile before he looked back to the front and did the same.

After couple of more hours the assembly finally ever the students felt relief that they all are free from that long speech from the Chairmen. When we were finally free to leave, the Day classes were the first to leave the assembly hall before the Night class. We waited until they had left every last one of them, we watched them leave the room and seeing them wave at us of course some of our classmates seem to be acknowledging them as they leave.

"This will be an interesting school life…" one of the Night class student said among friends as they agreed giving a nod of their head at each other with a smirk on their face until the Chairmen had approached us having to give his last words to us on what is happening.

"The Day classes are sent to their dorms…As for the Night class. You all will be escorted by our Prefects Zero and Ichiru to your classes" The chairmen noticed us on what we will be doing. I looked over to see both Zero and Ichiru once again smiling straight at me giving a small wave. I felt that yet again nervous to respond become of getting these stares from the classmates. I shook my head a little gesturing to him to not do that which he got the idea and withdrew himself. Finally we were able to leave the assembly hall following the Prefects Zero and Ichiru, which we started walking down the hall ways. I walked along side with Kaname, Aido followed up behind us were Shiki and Rima and up ahead were Ruka and Kain. As we walked down the hall ways of the school building Ichiru ran up behind me and hugged me from behind. Many of the Night class became tense while others prepared to attack Ichiru, Zero pulled out his gun and pointed it at them, while some went to attack from behind.

"Stop Ichiru was hugging not attacking, stand down and Zero…put your weapon down" I said in an authorities tone.

"But Yuuki-sama a Vampire Hunter should know their place, to touch a pureblood yet alone be in your presence is an insult to you" Some boy said in a deep bow.

"It's quite alright Ichiru is a friend of mine as the Chairmen is a friend of my parents" I told the Night class who were still not pleased but held their tongues. I could tell that they are not pleased to the fact that a Vampire Hunter is touching or laying a hand on me even though I have explained to them what Ichiru means to me but then it would be expected since they don't trust a Vampire Hunter who hunts our kinds and kill us.

"Scary…!" Ichiru said holding a somewhat childish expression on as he said that.

"They are just protective that's all, they all mean well. As for you Ichiru..You would need to be more aware of your position even though you are who you are when it comes to being in the presence of our kind" I gave him advice when I looked up towards Kaname who seem to somewhat be bothered by these as well as the others. I looked away giving a small sigh before feeling and noticing Ichiru was peeling away from behind me. I looked towards Ichiru when I see Zero grabbing Ichiru's collar, tugging him off of me.

"That's enough Ichiru…" Zero said to Ichiru as he still holds his brother by the collar holding him beside him. Zero holding a bothersome look on his face because of what Ichiru had created a nuisance.

"AWWW! But Zero-Onii-san! Yuuki is like our cousin why can't I hug her?" Ichiru whined as he pulled himself only to reattach himself to me.

"ICHIRU!" Zero shouted

"Its fine really lets continue heading to the class room" I said grabbing Ichiru's hand and heading to the classroom. Ichiru chatting happily in my ear while Zero was separated with us, the Night class was confused and tensed.

Zero seems to notice the Night class students were getting confused to the fact of what's going on between the two twin brothers and the relationship with me. But we continued walking down the hall ways, Zero on the other hand making sure we are going the right way but as he looked our way Zero was feeling annoyed that his twin brother is getting way to comfortable with me and probably because his doing all the work leading us while Ichiru not taking responsibility. Sometimes I just think Zero needs to relax sometimes. Zero came back to ys as he reached for his brother about to pull him away again.

"That's enough Ichiru…We have work to do and you getting way to comfortable with…" Zero was cut off when Ichiru had suddenly draped his arm around his brother's shoulder pulling him along side with us as we walking for our classroom.

"Relax Zero-Onii-san! Everything looks fine to me, we can handle it" Ichiru said with a grin on his face. Zero looked at his brother seeing his expression which caused him to sigh and groom that his being dragged into these when they have a job to do. I couldn't help but let out a small soft giggle that Zero seemed to notice when he looked at me. I looked at him, he looked away straight away. For some reason I could faintly see a blush across his cheek wondering if he felt embarrassed or something…I don't know but it would be interesting to the fact that Zero is always the kind to show emotionless expression unless if it's just his brother.

When we reached the classroom Zero was quick to pull himself from his brother's grasp and then proceed to drag Ichiru away.

"Enjoy your classes Yuuki, We'll be watching to make sure your ok" Ichiru yelled and waved as Zero dragged him away to patrol the school grounds.

I waved as they left, when out of site I entered the classroom going up to the back to where Kaname sat. I stared out the window as we waited for our teacher. The teacher arrived and simply had us learning from our text books, I wondered if he was meant to teach us. I soon found myself finished my work and when I informed the teacher he told me to do what I wish till class ended. Just make sure I don't disturb anyone, so I began drawing in my sketch book the backs of the students as I worked on the stance and posture of the teacher while he lean against his desk reading the many empty desk. While Shiki and Rima's lazily eating Poki just leaning against each other.

As I finished I looked towards the clock, I still had a lot of time to kill so I walked to the window and sat on the seal. As I looked for something I wished to draw, I saw my cousin still sitting beside where I once sat and his reading. He always fascinated me in how he did something so simple yet graceful and powerful. I soon found myself drawing and as the teacher had closed our class lesson over, I found myself looking at the picture of my cousin. When I saw Kaname coming towards me with my books I closed my sketch book before he could see the embarrassment of him seeing I drew him, though I don't know why.

"Shall we leave Yuuki" Classes is over" Kaname said.

"Yes, since class is over for today after all isn't the first day, where shall we go?" I asked Kaname as we walked out of the classroom together.

"Let us head back to the dorm" Kaname gestured to me and gave him a smile with a nod in agreement.

We walked through the hallways then exit the school building. We walked along side talking to each other trying to make conversation, when from behind us asked a question about our first day of class.

"So! What did you think about the First class?" Aido questioned me with a big smile.

"I recon it was quite interesting for a first lesson" I replied politely, actually I think the class was a lot of things, interesting was nowhere on that list though. As we continued to walk I realized I had ended up in a garden instead of the dorms the nobles of the Night class were nowhere to be seen probably at the moon forms. Kaname was behind me when I saw the fountain and took a seat, wondered where my feet had led me to.

"So what did you really think of how the first lesson Yuuki?" Kaname asked as he took a seat beside me.

"It was boring, I'm not even sure the teacher knows what he is teaching us, the only thing I found interesting was what I decided to draw" I told him as I took out my sketch book to draw this place.

"What did you decide to draw?" He asked after a few moments of silence, causing my hand to still over the page. I can't tell him I drew him and then he would know I found him interesting.

"Just the classroom and the class really" I said hoping he wasn't paying much attention to what I was drawing in class to realize I had drawn more than that. Kaname went back to his book and I went back to my drawing , I sketched him in this garden with a few rose bushes on the edge of the stone path way surrounding the fountain and hidden thanks to the forest surrounding this little haven.

"Your very good" Kaname commented over my shoulder causing me to quickly slam close my book when I looked up at him he looked rather amused at my action.

"It's rude to look over ones shoulder is it not Kaname?" I replied hoping he would feel embarrassed at being reprimanded or something so as to distract him from my drawing. Sadly it seems I would have no luck.

"Yes, I believe it is" He answered no shame in even smiling at my discomfort of the situation.

"Tsk to do something you know is rude and still smile about, so rude" I commented hoping he would make a comment and be side tracked.

"May I see your drawings?" Kaname asked reaching for my sketch book.

"No, you may not" I replied, clutching my sketch book and belongings, having to make a run for the moon dorm so he would not go to grab my book. When I looked behind me over my shoulder I saw him chasing after me causing to push myself faster. Soon I reached the moon dorms and raced inside. I saw Ichijou sitting on the couch reading, he looked up when I slammed the door. He looked even more confused as I raced past him and up the stairs to my bedroom door then heard Kaname enter the dorms.

"YUUKI!" He yelled as I quickly closed my bedroom door and bracing myself against the door catching my breath. I quickly used my power to hide my sketch book in the book shelves behind other books out of sight. Once it was hidden I had no problem leaving my position from leaning against the door.

"Yuuki let me see" Kaname insisted as he barged into my room.

"No, stop asking now cause it's not happening" I said to him moving to place my school books on my bed. Kaname was looking around the room trying to find the book.

"Ah" Kaname sighed in relief making me look at him as he walked straight to where I hid my sketch book.

"Don't you dare!" I exclaimed loudly as I rushed towards him trying to stop him.

"I dare" He replied opening my book and flicking through keeping it out of my reach with holding over his head. Soon he reacted to one of my drawings of him from when we were younger, he was sleeping on a couch, a book on his chest. He continued looking through them till he reached one of him and Shiki playing a game of chess. There were a few more of him in there, some of him with people some of him standing around doing something. When he reached the one of him in the classroom and again stopped observing it.

"You find me interesting then" He stated as he flipped to the last drawing of him sitting in the garden reading. I widen my eyes when I heard what he assumed to my interest which of course I reacted without thinking finding myself pounced towards him to jump for my sketch book. When I tried to grab my sketch book from Kaname we suddenly found ourselves fall to the ground in my room.

A loud THUD! Was made which caused probably some of the students in the building from below us to have heard the noise. I slowly opened my eyes giving a light groan from the fall and yet I felt a somewhat soft cushion like yet firm underneath me. Soon as I opened my eyes I looked towards the ground but when I expected to be staring down at my carpet of my room when instead I find myself laying on top of Kaname. We both widen our eyes in shock as she stare at each other because our face ended up having to be quite close to each other.

"Uhm…" Kaname said with an awkward tone of voice when I heard that my only instinct is to grab my book and get off of him. So that's what I did, I looked to my sketch book having to snatch it out of his grasp then pulled away getting off him and created a few meters away from him seating on the ground, clenching on my sketch book tightly against my chest.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about!?" I stuttered as I responded to him. I don't know how he could assume such a thin. "Don't be ridiculous" I added telling him with an embarrassing stutter. I felt my cheeks heat up, Kaname slowly raised himself into a sitting position, smirking with a rough low chuckle as he looks at my flaming cheeks. I couldn't stand the embarrassment so I went to the office like room connecting to our rooms, already Ichijou was there waiting for us with papers to sign.