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She doesn't know what she's doing when she leans in, presses her lips to his.

She doesn't know what she's doing when he asks her if she's sure and her response is another kiss.

She swears that she's lost her mind.

(But Nate had never looked at her like that, not recently at least and he was just being so sweet.)

She blames it on the alcohol.


She passes him in the hallway, he's walking with some Matt, laughing like today was just an ordinary day.

Her heart hurts.

Because she remembers.

One year since the limo.

One year of, of nothing.


"Do you remember?" Chuck asks, hands trailing across her shoulders.

Shivering slightly as she giggles.

"Of course I do, Bass." She bites back, grabbing his face and smashing their lips together.


She tries to ignore the pain in her chest when he doesn't comment on today is.

But they hate each other, so she doesn't comment either.


She looks at the phone in her hand.

She's moving on, she can't still be stuck in the past.

Her engagement ring glints with the promise of future happiness, and her slightly protruding stomach hints at a new family.

So she sets her phone down and tries to forget what today is.


"Chuck. Can we just give up this whole deal for one night?" She pleads, puppy dog eyes and all.

He wraps his arms around her, giving her a small squeeze and kissing her forehead.

Somehow it reminds her of Nate in her senior year.


They wake up a total of four times during the night.

"If I knew six years ago that we would end up here, I would of just made you go home." Chuck grumbles, pushing the covers off of the bed.

Blair pouts for a second, and when Henry's wailing up starts again, she has to agree.