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Yes. That was the right word.


Rin looked down at the pool in an unpleasant distaste, and a mix of memories swarmed into him. Why couldn't he look into a pool without thinking of what he saw just yesterday?


He leaned back against the rickety bench he was sitting in and shut his eyes. The memory flashed into his mind in an instant.

He was running.


And for what?

To see his "friends" in a relay race? Why did that matter to him? Was it because he didn't believe it?

He didn't have time for the answers as he rushed outside into the open pool area, and took in the sight before him.

There they were.

Iwatobi Swim Club, in line… for a relay!

He quickly scanned over the first three, unknowingly curling his lips up on distaste at the sight of the other guy… the new one, whatever the hell his name was, but his gaze fell upon the last one.


No… Haruka. Rin smirked, but let it fade away just as quickly as his mind fully reached the point where it realized just what was going on.

His former friends… his former swimming "buddies" were doing a relay… something that meant so much to all four of them… without him.

Now why was that such an unpleasant thought for Rin? He's no longer in their club… he's no longer their friends…why does he get the feeling that he actually cares?!

His thoughts cut off as the whistle was blown and the swimmers began. It was Makoto up first. Of course it was... it always is.

He watched Makoto, feeling the sense of nostalgia loom over him.

His stroke…

A rough but dynamic stroke that leaves everyone behind.

An image of a younger Makoto appeared before him, and Rin just watched in awe.

It hasn't changed at all since then…

that's Makoto's stroke.

Rin's eyes widened in surprise at his own thoughts as Makoto finished his part, and when he watched Nagisa… more memories.

He watched him, and flinched in surprise as his thoughts carried on.

And of course I can't forget Nagisa's stroke…

how he speeds up after the turn.

And how he creates the illusion that his arms extend when he swims…

It was still Nagisa… he was the same… Nagisa had reached the end, and Rin's eyes flickered over the image of seeing that this was usually his turn, but this time…

And him.

Rin's eyes twitched in irritation. What was the feeling? And why did it have to be someone who used the same stroke as he did? He glared at the man and his stroke.

Is that supposed to be butterfly?


Rin fisted his hands against his side in irritation and…what was this feeling?

Why is someone like you swimming with them?!

It was supposed to be him. Why wasn't he down there with them, swimming his heart away?! Why wasn't he the one who could practically be the "go" for when Haru would jump in?!


Rin glanced at Haru, and saw him staring at him. He looked… he looked what?! His eyes though… did Rin see a flash… no, that's ridiculous. He was so far away, but still… damnit! Why wasn't it Rin?!

Rin stared at Haru as he bent down preparing for the idiot to come back from his turn.


They were all swimming together.


Rin swore that he didn't want to swim with Haru or any of the others again…no he had the "others" part partially correct, but Haru… he defeated him yesterday! Why did he suddenly want to go down there and pull that idiot who thinks who can do the butterfly out, just so he can be the one to witness Haru leaping over him with that perfect form of his? Why did he suddenly want to be "a part" of them again?!

Haru dove in then, flexing his muscles as he slid into the water with grace. Rin watched in amazement as Haru swam.

He… he was…


Rin watched as Haru quickly passed the other swimmers... fourth… third… second… now it was him and the one who was first who were both dead even.

Rin just stood there, in shock. Why didn't he know what to do? What was going on with him? Damnit! He'd finally done it! He'd finally defeated Haru, and how here he was thinking about how much he wanted to swim with him again! This wasn't supposed to be what happened! He was supposed to move on!

Haru swam easily, without too much effort, and Rin held onto everything movement.

Haru's stroke, how he pulled his head up to breathe… how he swore something just changed.

Although he wasn't sure what…

Rin shut his eyes briefly, trying to push back more memories, and when he opened them again, he saw Haru ahead… in first… getting closer and closer, until finally, it was official.

The Iwatobi Swim Club had won the relay race and they were going to regionals.

He watched as Nagisa literally threw himself on Haru, and as the unwanted idiot hugged him. He watched Makoto laugh and smile like he always did, but most of all… he watched Haru.


Now why the fuck did only that name bring all these emotions up at once…?

Rin just crushed his hands harder together, and eventually stalked off, trying to think of anything but what he just witnessed.





Rin just kept walking.

Rin's eyes snapped open, and he sprung up, clutching his head. He looked down at the bench for a second before turning his gaze to the clock above the door.

Only an hour had passed since Rin had sat down, but… he still couldn't shake the feelings out of his head.

Damnit… Rin thought as he gathered his bag and headed back towards his dorm room.


Why was that all that Rin could think of right now? And how come when he thought of that word, he didn't think about swimming, or his dad, or his sister… but instead…

Why is it that when he thinks that four letter word, all that comes to his mind is Haru?"

"Damnit!" Rin muttered, as he shouldered his bag and started to run. He ran at full speed, but he wasn't sure what he was trying to run from.


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