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Warning: Contains yaoi and lemons

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Dawn was breaking and the fraternity house stood silent. The usually pristine lawn was littered with bottles, cans, cups and various comatose students. The Akatsuki House fraternity had had a pretty rowdy night.

The beautiful, white building currently looked like it had seen better days. There was toilet paper hanging from practically every window; shirts, shoes, underwear and all manner of strange items dangling from windowsills. Hedges were destroyed; the basketball court in the lawn was drenched in alcohol and vomit, and several windows had been punched in. Akatsuki House might've been the most prestigious fraternity at the University of Konoha, but when they partied, they partied hard.

Inside, the party-goers were beginning to stir. Eyelids flickered open; blinking against daylight distastefully as there were groans at the poundings in their heads. Floors creaked with movement as those who had passed out began trying to drag themselves to their feet then resigned themselves to a morning on the floor. There was the sounding of hurling in one of the bathrooms, and then a crash as a chandelier fell to the ground after having dangled by a thread for most of the night.

Shikamaru Nara was one of the first to wake; sitting up on his bed and managing to sit relatively upright, disentangling himself from the bed sheets. There was a brief, sleepy, feminine groan from the bed beside him and it took him a split second to realise that he was completely naked. Filled with apprehension and incredibly fuzzy memories of the night before, he looked over his shoulder to see a familiar blonde face sleeping relatively peacefully –and contentedly at that.

"Troublesome," he sighed heavily, staggering to his feet as holding his throbbing head as he searched for something; anything to wear, really. He managed to find his pyjama pants in a corner of the room; having to pick past a familiar black dress and matching underwear. Pulling on his pants, he managed to stumble to the door and tentatively pull it open to peer outside.

The corridor was littered with people, clothing, and garbage. He sighed heavily, yawned again and stepped outside, tentatively dodging hands and heads everywhere. Pictures were askew; things were broken; there was a pig sleeping in the corner…The place was a tip.

To Shikamaru, the ground felt as though it was swaying. By some miracle, he managed to make it all the way down the hallway and to the bottom of the stairs without falling. Having decided that that was far enough to travel in one go, he leaned heavily on the banister; clutching at his pained head. He looked up as he heard snickering.

There was a very large, blue man sitting on the couch with a bowl of cereal in one hand and an amused, sympathetic look on his face.

"Morning, Shikamaru," Kisame remarked conversationally, "…Good night, I take it?"

"Wouldn't I like to know?" Shikamaru grumbled, staggering over and flopping down on a nearby couch. "What's got you in such a good mood?"

" –Apart from the lack of hangover?" Kisame chuckled, and the lazy genius glared at him jealously, only to forgive him as the elder man extended a large glass of water towards him.

"…I am going to be in so much trouble," Shikamaru remarked flatly, taking a long scull of the water. Kisame just chuckled again.

"Did something bad, did you?"

"…Highly likely."

"Would this 'something' happen to be a pretty blonde from the Konoha Sorority who claims to dislike you?"

"Cliché, right? What about you?" Shikamaru replied smoothly.

Kisame made a noncommittal noise that made Shikamaru instantly suspicious as the blue man proceeded to take a large bite of his cereal. Shikamaru had to avert his eyes; he couldn't stomach the thought of milk right now…Kisame was saved right then from more questions from the Nara by the appearance of one incredibly bedraggled Kiba Inuzuka stumbling into the room, clad in what appeared to be a large, black garbage bag.

"Please just kill me now," he begged of Kisame, flinging himself down against one of the couches and holding his face in his hands, "…Gouge my eyes out, please; I beg of you."

"…Quit being melodramatic," Shikamaru grumbled.

" –No; if you had seen the things that I have just seen…" Kiba wailed.

"…Last night?"

"No! This morning…" he complained, "Here I am, waking up in a shrub in the back yard; missing all my clothes and my phone, I might add; I'm hung over as all hell and all I want to do is crawl into my bed. But no; instead…instead…" He gagged a little in the back of his throat and fell silent once more.

"…That was a wild night…" Shikamaru muttered sleepily, "…Itachi is going to kill us when he sees the state of the house…Have you seen him yet? He's usually up by now."

"I think you'll know when he's up," Kisame chuckled, "…And the house is going to be the last thing on his mind; believe me…" he added cryptically, earning himself strange looks from both his housemates.

"…I can't remember a damn thing…" Kiba sighed, shaking his head.

" –The last thing I remember is that whole thing with Neji and Gaara," Shikamaru muttered. Kiba's eyes nearly dropped out of his head at the mention of said incident.

" –I totally remember that!" he exclaimed, "Oh my god, Neji is literally going to kill himself with embarrassment when he hears about that…" He chuckled a little bit gleefully, "…But it was hilarious. Was Sakura videoing it?"

"Probably…" Shikamaru shrugged.

" –Well…it can't be too bad, right?" Kisame remarked.

"…You are so wrong…" a new voice commented, "It can be so bad. So very, very bad…"

Three sets of eyes turned to discover that Suigetsu was limping into the living room from the kitchen, dressed in a sheet and his neck covered in pink lipstick.

"Where did you crawl out of?" Kisame inquired with a teasing grin.

"The fridge," Suigetsu groaned, "…I woke up in the fucking fridge; hugging a garden gnome; and I'm pretty sure we don't own any of those." He paused to take a scull of the water he was holding. "On a related note; our fridge is broken. And I don't know where its door is. Or where all our food went." Kisame just pointed to the ceiling and they all looked up to discover all manner of food plastered to the roof. A glob of spaghetti fell and landed in Suigetsu's hair. Sighing and acknowledging that it was only going to get worse, Suigetsu took a spot on the floor and got comfortable.

"So much of last night is blank," he groaned, "…I remember up until Sasuke and Naruto had that ridiculous competition…but after that…" He, Kiba and Shikamaru all let out a groan, and fell into silence; all jealous of Kisame's lack of hangover.

That was when an alarm went off in the room above the lounge; signalling seven-thirty. It was a distinctive song; 'I'm Blue' by Eiffel 65, and was widely regarded as the most hated song in the house, due to the fact that it was Kisame's and it played at abnormally, unnecessarily loud volumes every morning, without fail. Not to mention that Kisame would hit snooze at least four times before shutting it off completely. It woke everyone up; and drove everyone mental.

"I fucking hate that alarm," Suigetsu growled crossly, wincing at the awful volume.

Suddenly, the alarm was shut off.

"Kisame…who's in your room?" Shikamaru inquired flatly as they all stared up at the roof; wondering who might be there. He resumed eating his cereal as whoever was up there apparently began trying to stagger out of bed.

There was a huge cry, followed by a crash as whoever it was apparently took a single step and plummeted to the floor. For a long moment after, there was an intense silence.

"KISAME YOU HAVE SOME MOTHER FUCKING EXPLAINING TO DO!" came a familiar, aggravated yell from the room above.

"Shit…Itachi's sure got a good yell in him," Suigetsu remarked conversationally. Kisame sniggered to himself as the others suddenly looked at him incredulously; disbelief flooding through their features as they made a slight connection.

" –You didn't…"

" –Hey, don't look at me like that, you fucked Temari –"

"…This is really not the same situation…"

"KISAME, GET THE FUCK UP HERE!" Itachi snarled aggressively; his voice echoing through the house and causing drunken ears to shrivel in discomfort. Kisame chuckled again sheepishly with a small shrug as he got up from the couch and headed for the stairs.

"What…why…how did this…" Kiba couldn't seem to get his words out. Kisame shrugged again.

"…It was a pretty crazy night…"

And in the next chapter, you'll all find out just how crazy it got for them! Why will Neji be embarrassed? What's this competition between Sasuke and Naruto? And what's up with Itachi?

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