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It was the night of the prom, and the boys of the Akatsuki House fraternity were hosting their pre-prom event; complete with photographer, dates, and Itachi actually in a surprisingly good mood despite the fact that his mother, one Mikoto Uchiha had decided to turn up with Naruto's mother, Kushina Uzumaki to coo over her darling boys.

Kisame was sitting on the couch with Hidan, Shikamaru and Naruto; well, he was leaning against the couch –Itachi had forbidden him to sit until the ride to the prom, just in case he wrinkled his suit. Currently, the elder Uchiha was being gushed over by his mother as he showed her the bouquet of roses that Kisame had turned up at the door with (despite the fact that they actually lived together.)

"You like spoiling him too much," Suigetsu remarked with a heavy sigh, approaching the group with a beer in hand, "He's turning into a little princess."

"Yeah, well, what can I say? I like the guy," Kisame shrugged, tugging at the red tie he was wearing with his white shirt and vest, and suit jacket. Itachi had insisted upon red, black and white, because red apparently suited him best, and blue was apparently too 'cliché' when it came to Kisame. "He's been my best friend since we were eleven; I want to make him happy."

"God, Kisame, you sound like such a fucking sap…" Hidan rolled his eyes and slicking back his hair.

" –Like you can talk, Hidan," Suigetsu scoffed, "These days you're all into the daydreaming and sneaking around all cute-like. Who's the girl and why haven't we met her yet?"

" –Or rather, why haven't we caught her doing the walk of shame?" Naruto teased.

"There's no fucking girl," Hidan snapped, "I have not been 'cute'!" They all just laughed at his annoyed look, "Fuck, I knew I should've met up with Kakuzu and them…"

"Those guys are tools," Shikamaru snorted, rolling his eyes and the others muttered in agreement.

"Yeah man, we're your real friends," Naruto chuckled, slinging an arm around Hidan's shoulders and pinching his cheek. "Right, Sasuke?"

"Watch yourself, shorty," Hidan snapped, shoving him away, but it was good-natured and he couldn't help but feel a surge of affection for the kid. He looked up and saw both Uchiha brothers approaching; Itachi immediately making a beeline for Kisame and adjusting his tie for the thousandth time that day.

"Itachi, it's fine," Kisame assured him with a small smile as Sasuke slung himself down on the couch.

"Hidan, tuck your shirt in…"

" –But Itachi…"

"Hidan, I suggest you just do as he says," Kisame advised him with a weak grin and the platinum-haired man sighed and grudgingly did as he asked.

"We're running from mother," Sasuke informed Naruto with a wince, "The girls are with Hinata and Temari."

"Shikamaru!" Temari's voice could be heard calling him as she descended the stairs and the lazy genius looked up and smiled at her. He left his spot on the couch and wandered over to see her, greeting her with a kiss on the cheek.

"…There's the most beautiful girl at the prom…" he remarked as she looped her arm through his.

"Well, I wouldn't say that," Kiba chuckled, appearing at his side as Hinata joined them; looking like an absolute princess in her light lavender dress to match her beautiful hair and eyes. "Oh, hey Gaara," he greeted with a grin as the redhead joined them, "Where's your date?"

"Sulking in the kitchen," Gaara chuckled.

"That sounds like Neji…" Hinata sighed, "…I'll go find him…"

"Oh mother –" the annoyed voice of Itachi Uchiha could be heard from the living room as he tried to remove Mikoto from Kisame's presence.

"You know, I never bought that whole 'he's not my type' thing you used to say," she was saying rather happily, "I always knew that the two of you would be a wonderful couple! I hope Itachi's not treating you too badly. He's not too bossy, is he?"

"I'm not bossy," Itachi sniffed and glared at his housemates as they all nodded and Mikoto giggled.

"Well, Kisame, we must have you around for dinner sometime as Itachi's official boyfriend; Fugaku always did like you, you know," she continued, much to Itachi's chagrin, "Is he…you know…satisfying you?" She gave a cheeky wink and Itachi looked absolutely mortified as the rest of the guys all laughed, "…I mean; his father and I always thought that he was a bit of a prude…" Again, there was another burst of laughter and Itachi flushed angrily.

"…I think the entire house can vouch for Kisame being thoroughly satisfied with Itachi's efforts in bed," Shikamaru called out from the hallway and there were definite growls of confirmation. "I think it's safe to say he'd not a prude." Mikoto giggled cheekily and Itachi finally resigned himself to an evening of embarrassment and leaned against his boyfriend for support. Kisame's arms encircled him and he pressed a kiss to his cheek.

"Don't mess up my –"

"…I know about the tie, Itachi…"

" –Oh Kushina, we must get a photo of Sasuke and Naruto!" Mikoto squealed in delight, "It'll be just like their high school prom!"


"Behave yourself Sasuke."

The rest of the house roared with laughter at the sight of both haughty Uchihas being bossed around by their beautiful mother, and Kushina was even louder and more embarrassing when she came into the room with her camera held aloft. Sasuke and Naruto were forced to be in a montage of photos that eventually came to involve the rest of their friends as well.

"Neji, come on," Hinata was saying, tugging on the sleeve of her very reluctant cousin as Kushina put in the final call for a group photo. Sasuke and Naruto were jostled to the centre, shoulder to shoulder, as their girlfriends took the spaces on their other sides. Gaara smirked and pulled Neji to stand with him as Kiba held out a hand to welcome in Hinata.

"Stop shoving me, Suigetsu!" Karin complained, shifting closer to Sasuke as Temari and Shikamaru joined the group. As the shuffling died down, the camera flashed once, and then Kushina signalled for a 'fun' photo. Cheekily, Gaara took Neji's chin between forefinger and thumb and turned the taller man to look at him. At the exact moment that the camera flashed, Naruto and Sasuke happened to turn to look at each other; a lingering look captured on camera.

"I hope you all have a wonderful time at the prom!" Mikoto exclaimed in delight, hugging Sasuke and Itachi warmly once more and then happily embracing a much larger Kisame.

"Neji; we have to get going," Temari informed him. Since they were on the student council they were supposed to be the first there; to welcome everyone and make sure that everything was perfect, "Deidara, Sai and Kankuro are already there making sure the decorations are perfect."

"I'll drive," Shikamaru sighed, pulling out his keys from his pocket and giving Neji and Gaara a beckoning wave before heading out the door with Temari on his arm. Neji sighed heavily as Gaara walked at his side; the flower pin he had been given by his date beautifully matching his red hair.

The auditorium was a sight to behold. Black sheets hung down from the walls beautifully and fairy lights twinkled as stars. Huge snowflakes of resin, cardboard and various materials were hanging from the ceiling; adorned with glitter and LED lights. The prom committee had decided on a kind of 'Winter Wonderland' theme, and the resident artists had truly outdone themselves. Sai had painted a beautiful snowy, night-time landscape as one of the backgrounds for photos; complete with a slightly raised bit covered in 'snow' to make it look like the prom-goers were actually on a snowy hill.

Pride of place was taken up by the sculpture of an angel that Deidara had been working on for weeks. Kankuro had rigged up a mobile around it to make it look like there was snow dancing around her, and he was incredibly proud of it. He hoped that maybe Hidan would notice it.

"No date, Deidara?" Kankuro was asking curiously as he finally breathed a sigh of relief that everything was ready. The band had just finished their tuning and was playing a light song to get everyone in the mood for a good time. The blonde just shrugged and shook his head.

Pretty soon, people began arriving in droves.

"See, it's not so bad being with me, right?" Gaara remarked conversationally as Neji took a break from greeting people at the door and came to sit down with his date.

"Well, we're only an hour in; there's plenty of time for you to be a perverted asshole," Neji remarked grumpily. Gaara rolled his eyes.

"I promised I'd behave," he reminded him, "Come on, let's just have a good time? Come dance with me?" Neji looked at him rather flatly. "Look, Naruto and Sakura are dancing…" Neji looked out to the dance floor and gave Sakura a sympathetic look.

"…I don't know if whatever Naruto's doing could be called 'dancing'…" he chuckled, and grudgingly got out of his seat to join the redhead on the dance floor; being pulled into a ferocious man-hug by Naruto as soon as he arrived.

Deidara was lingering around by the punch bowl, waiting for Sasori to get back. He'd been trying to escape from Matsuri probably ever since he'd arrived, and so far had been unsuccessful; having to pretty much run laps around the room to keep her from latching onto him. A disturbance over at the door and his 'jackass radar' suddenly sounding informed him that Kakuzu and his asshole bunch of friends had arrived; Hidan in tow. Immediately, he tried to make himself scarce by looking very interested in whatever was in the punch.

Naruto was having a great time. Sure, Sakura seemed more interested in dancing with her friends, Ino and Hinata, than with him, but he didn't care all that much. Gaara had gotten Neji to dance (albeit unwillingly) and he was pretty sure that had just made his night. Neji was flinging glares at anyone who dared to question his dancing ability. Naruto looked over his shoulder slightly and found his eyes wandering to where Sasuke was moodily sipping at a cup of punch while Karin chatted away at him. Black eyes met blue across the hall and Naruto immediately found himself blushing and not really knowing why.

Things had been good with them. They'd gotten all sorts of ridiculous photos together that night, and it hadn't been weird; hadn't been strange at all; so why did his heart suddenly jump when he saw Sasuke looking at him?

If he was being perfectly honest, the raven was looking most striking tonight. He was wearing the stereotypical black suit and tie combination and Karin was in a beautiful silver dress which contrasted nicely with her beautiful red hair. Sasuke looked particularly…dashing. Something about the black and white made him look so…mysterious.

"Having fun, Naruto?" Sakura inquired, looking over her shoulder at him. She was in a pretty blue dress; having decided that it went stunningly with Naruto's brilliant, blue eyes.

"Totally!" he exclaimed with a grin.

Meanwhile, Sasuke couldn't keep his eyes off the blonde. Naruto was on the dance-floor, having discarded his jacket, and just something about him was radiating energy…and he was finding himself drawn to him.

"…Something the matter, Sasuke?" Karin inquired.

"Nothing," he replied flatly, finally managing to drag his eyes away from Naruto to focus on his actual date. She looked attractive, yes…but…now, just looking at her…something was off. She was too curvy; too slight; too…well…feminine. He sighed and shook this thought from his mind and went back to pretending he was listening to what she was saying.

The night progressed smoothly. Hundreds of people turned up; the auditorium was packed. There was dancing (even by the lazy Shikamaru); punch consumed (and spiked, despite preventative efforts); good music and good conversation.

And for Neji; a whole lot of annoyance.

The band had decided on a brief bout of slow-dancing, and what was driving him crazy was the fact that Gaara keep giving him sultry, sidelong glances that made his throat run dry. Also, the fact that the redhead was being so passive, and so…not molesting him…it was out of character, and he found that he didn't like it. He kind of missed the old Gaara; the perverted one that made him feel…so…good.

"Look, if you want to dance, just ask me," Neji complained finally. Gaara just looked away with a sniff.

"I said I wouldn't do anything you didn't want me to do," he reminded him and Neji gave a low groan to himself, holding out a hand. Gaara looked at the hand as though it was about to bite.

"…Dance with me, Gaara?" he inquired flatly, and the redhead tentatively took his hand as the Hyuuga led him to the dance floor. When there, he grudgingly let Gaara's arms loop around his neck and placed his own hands in the safety of the small of his back. All too quickly he became aware of Gaara's warm breath against his cheek and though from experience knew that Gaara would start kissing him…he wouldn't. Not this time. Tentatively, a hand trailed slightly lower, and he spied Gaara's unusual eyes glinting at him with a spark of lust.

As they swayed in time to the music, he suddenly found himself remembering the way Gaara's lips had felt against his…That stupid, stubborn redhead! Molesting him and making him…making him want it…

"…You can kiss me…if you want…" Neji whispered softly into the redhead's ear.

"…Do you want me to?" Gaara murmured quietly, his lips brushing against the sensitive skin of the Hyuuga's ear. Instead of answering, Neji this time, leaned forwards and was the one to close the gap between them; his mouth slowly ravishing Gaara's as he pulled them closer together. Neji felt heat pooling in his gut; the same warmth that spread whenever Gaara had kissed him. And now that he was initiating it…he realised that he needed it. But he needed more; a whole lot more.

As the song finished, he grabbed Gaara's hand and tore him from the dance floor, dragging him over towards the bleachers and then under them; crashing the redhead back against the wall as soon as he thought they were out of sight.

"What's brought this on, Neji?" Gaara asked slyly as lips attached to his neck and began kissing down as Neji ground their hips together, unable to prevent the lust rising now that he had acknowledged that it was there.

"…The way you've been looking at me tonight…" Neji growled, "The way you always look at me…and the way you always kiss me…It's been driving me crazy!"

"What…like this?" Gaara inquired, looking at the brunette from the corner of his eye and letting his eyelids flutter to half-mast; a bedroom look if Neji had ever seen one. As a response, he kissed the redhead hard again as Gaara ground down against the knee pressed between his legs.

"Don't do that," Neji growled, panting as he pulled back and felt himself growing more aroused by the second, especially as Gaara's hands wandered southwards towards his belt. Gaara just grabbed his tie and pulled him forwards for a lust-filled, hot kiss.

"…Ready to finish what he started at the party, Hyuuga?"

In minutes, Gaara's pants were around his ankles and his chest was pressed to the wall; Neji's cock buried deep inside him. In that moment, Neji didn't even care that his dick was in another man's ass and that he was at a prom; all he cared was that Gaara was leaning back to kiss him, and he felt fantastic. The only other time he had felt this alive was when he had been on that pool table; drunk as all hell and dry-humping the living daylights out of the man he was currently having sex with.

"Do me rough, Neji…" Gaara purred, "…I know you can be rough…" Neji gave a sharp thrust of his hips and gripped the redhead's pale hips tightly to assure him that he was well aware of this. Without waiting to start slowly he gave several violent thrusts and chuckled as the smirk was wiped off Gaara's face and quickly replaced with an expression of pleasure. "More…Hurry up, Neji…More…" Neji immediately obliged, wrapping an arm around the redhead's waist for support as he began to thrust into him, completely forgetting himself as he became clouded with lust. He didn't care that he was moaning Gaara's name, or that Gaara was moaning his…or that there were people nearby. All he cared about was that beautiful sensation he felt every time his hips snapped forwards and his cock drove into Gaara.

"Touch me…" Gaara moaned, and Neji's other hand snaked forward and wrapped around his leaking member, pumping it hard in time with his thrusts. Another breathy moan escaped from the redhead.

"Oh my god; is there someone having sex back there?" someone inquired suddenly, and two faces came into view. Kiba's mouth fell open and Hinata promptly turned beet red and let out a small, frightened squeal before slapping her hands over her eyes as she realised that she had just caught her cousin fucking another man up against a wall.

"Is that Neji Hyuuga again?" Someone else exclaimed, and several heads began to peer underneath the bleachers before either reeling back laughing or squealing in horror.

"Either join in or back off," Gaara growled, glaring at them as Neji bit down hard on his neck and thrusting up hard against his prostate, making the redhead throw his head back and let out a throaty moan, "C-Can't you see we're b-busy…" People began to gather; some jeering, but some egging Neji on.

"Seriously; is Neji at it again?" the singer of the band commented while in a break in the lyrics and a chorus of laughter went up. Neji gave a low moan and suddenly Gaara came in his hand, his eyes clenched tightly shut as pushed back against the Hyuuga; determined to have him as deep in him as possible. With a few final thrusts, Neji came deep inside Gaara and wearily staggered back a step, tucking himself back into his pants.

"Now…don't panic Neji…" Gaara remarked as he handed the brunette a tissue to wipe his hand with and swiftly pulled up his pants and began tucking his shirt back in, "….But there are people watching…and there may soon be videos of us having sex on the internet." Neji's eyes widened in horror and Gaara quickly grabbed his face and kissed him again to prevent him from screaming or fainting as realisation dawned on him in the fading lust.

"Calm," Gaara muttered, brushing the brunette's hair back off his face and pressing several hot kisses to his stunned mouth, "Are you calm? Just walk out grinning, and no one will care."

"…Walk out…" Neji managed to pant, "Oh my god. Hinata saw. Oh my god. That's it; I've disgraced my family. You've turned me into some sex-crazed lunatic. Oh my –"

"Quit speaking the Lord's name in vain and just come on," Gaara muttered with a grin, rolling his eyes and shoving his hands in his pockets. The pair of them were then seen to casually stroll out from underneath the bleachers, Neji's tie askew and Gaara's shirt a little unbuttoned; but overall looking rather pleased with themselves. The crowd gave a cry of catcalls, but burst into applause when Gaara just winked at them.

"See, not so bad," Gaara murmured sneakily.

"Get me punch before I pass out," Neji remarked through gritted teeth.

"…Does this mean I can go back to doing what I want to you?" the redhead inquired slyly, giving Neji that arousing, erotic look that the brunette both hated and was turned on by.

"…Only if we're not in public, dammit…"

"Hey there, Deidara." Deidara swallowed very nervously, recognising the cruel voice of Kakuzu as he surveyed the dance floor. His smile faded very quickly as he turned.

"…Hi Kakuzu," he greeted, trying to act cheerful.

"Do all this lovely art, did you?" the bigger man inquired with a sneer, "What a fag."

"Can we not do this tonight?" Deidara inquired flatly, "…I'd rather like to enjoy the prom."

"Well maybe you should stop showing your faggy face around here and let the rest of us enjoy it," Kakuzu snorted. "Bet you would've loved to get in on that ass-fucking that was going on under the bleachers…"

"What the fuck did I do to you, yeah?" the blonde growled, noticing that Zetsu and Kabuto were on either side of him and not looking particularly friendly. Hidan was there with him, but looking noticeably awkward about it. Deidara avoided looking him in the face and he felt guilt flooding through him.

"You're a fucking embarrassment, that's what –" Kakuzu snorted, "Look at him, Hidan; bet he'd look real pretty with ribbons in his hair –" He gave a harsh laugh as though he was the funniest guy in the world. Hidan swallowed nervously and Kakuzu noticed his reluctance as the platinum-haired man looked away angrily. "Oh come on, Hidan, you love tormenting this little queer!" He gave the small blonde a shove backwards and Zetsu added another. "Look how fucking weak he is…" Hidan's eyes narrowed sharply as Kakuzu yanked harshly on Deidara's long hair.

That was fucking it.

"Oi, Kakuzu!" Hidan snapped aggressively, shoving his 'friend' aside and freely Deidara, "Keep your filthy hands off my boyfriend, motherfucker!" He shoved the other man aside and positioned himself between him and Deidara.

The music actually stopped. People stared.

"Oh fucking hell, yes, I fucking said 'boyfriend'; can we not make a huge fucking fuss about this?"

"Dating fucking blondie here?" Kakuzu sneered, "Fucking hell, Hidan; when did you become an ass-pirate?"

"Mind your own goddamn business," Hidan snapped, as Kabuto made to step forwards again and Kakuzu shoved the platinum-haired man roughly, "Back the fuck off guys; you're not fucking touching Deidara; not if I have anything to do with it." Zetsu, Kakuzu and Kabuto sniggered, as well as a few more of Hidan's so-called 'friends'.

"So you're fucking queer now too?" Kakuzu sneered, looking down at Hidan with eyes filled with loathing.

"…And so what if he is?" Itachi Uchiha's voice interrupted coolly, the elder Uchiha stalking over to join Hidan. His dark eyes glared scathingly up at Kakuzu.

"Yeah, so fucking what if I am gay?" Hidan snarled, "What's the big fucking deal? So what if I like a guy?" Deidara practically had stars shining in his eyes.

"Hidan has actual friends here who don't give a flying fuck about his sexual orientation, so I suggest you leave," Itachi informed Kakuzu flatly. Sasuke, listening, had never been so proud of his elder brother.

"And who's going to make us?" Kakuzu snorted condescendingly, "You and fucking Hidan here? You fucking little Deidara too, are you?"

"Well no," Itachi sniffed, inclining his head and Kakuzu suddenly becoming very aware that there were other people rising from their seats nearby; members of the Akatsuki House and Suna fraternities. "And I'm not a violent person. But I believe you might know my boyfriend; Kisame?" Kakuzu suddenly felt an ominous presence behind him and turned to discover a blue man probably a foot taller than himself standing there looking down at him with a very displeased face.

"Kisame doesn't mind fighting," Itachi remarked, almost conversationally, "…And I'll have you know that he could probably fuck you in the ass and make you enjoy it." He paused to let this information sink in before adding with a touch of affection and annoyance; "…Trust me."

"Leave the kid alone," Kisame advised in a threatening tone.

"…Leave them both alone, yeah?" Shikamaru suggested from nearby, "…Or you're going to have the Akatsuki to deal with; you hear?" Kakuzu looked like he was about to fight...but realising that he was outnumbered; that Kisame looked big enough to beat down a house, and that entire prom was witnessing him being humiliated, decided that retreat was the best option. Everyone watched him and his cronies stalk from the building with what remained of their dignity.

"…Hidan…" Deidara began to exclaim, but that was when the bigger man grabbed his face and pressed a harsh, open-mouthed kiss against his lips. Tanned arms wrapped out his neck in delight, dragging him close as the room let out a long 'aww'.

That was, apart from Sasori, who just took a sip of his punch, rolled his eyes and muttered, "Well, it's about fucking time."

"So you're dating Deidara," Itachi remarked in amusement as they broke apart, flushing, "Really, Hidan, you could've told us…"

"Yeah, man," Suigetsu rolled his eyes from nearby, "I mean Neji and Gaara literally just had sex; I'm pretty sure Sai's gay; like half the guys we know are gay." Hidan just scratched the back of his head awkwardly as the microphone crackled to life.

"…Not that I'm not really excited about this whole 'gay pride' exhibition," Temari remarked, sounding a little amused, "Hidan, great to hear you're out of the closet –" He gave her a wincing thumbs up, " –And Gaara, sweetie, I'm glad that you got laid; Neji, Kankuro's going to kill you –but could we please get on with this prom?"

"Go ahead…" Hidan remarked weakly, reaching over to nervously grip Deidara's hand in his own. The music struck up again and normality resumed.

"…So this is the 'girl' you've been seeing," Suigetsu teased, heading over and elbowing Hidan cheekily. Deidara was rather enjoying the blush that Hidan was wearing. "…She sure is pretty." Deidara's expression soured slightly. "Hey, Dei; I'm just kidding –holy shit; are you the blonde that Hidan went home with after the party…" Realisation dawned on the faces of some of their nearby friends and they all started laughing. "Oh my god, you fucked a gay dude you hated while drunk and he turned you gay!"

"…It's not funny, guys," Hidan whinged.

"It's hilarious," Itachi chuckled.

"Shut up, Itachi, the same thing happened to you," Kisame teased, kissing his boyfriend on the forehead. "Come on, let's go dance."

A bit later Sasuke found himself on the dance floor pressed close to Karin as the song "Footloose" began playing. Over Karin's shoulder he could see Hidan finally being able to show that he loved old school musicals and was dancing along with Deidara, who apparently loved them just as much. Sasuke knew for a fact that Hidan had watched Hairspray and Footloose and Grease over and over to learn old school rock and roll, and now he and Deidara were displaying their abilities by tearing up the dance floor. Hidan spun Deidara around dramatically and everything laughed and danced along with them. Even Naruto was giving it a shot with Sakura, though the idiotic blonde really had no idea what he was doing.

Sasuke had to chuckle, seeing the sparkle in the blonde's eyes, and suddenly his mind flashed back to a different kind of sparkle that he had glimpsed sometimes…and seen for sure back in that motel when they had…He suddenly saw Naruto look over at him; his hair ruffled and face grinning, and he felt his heart skip a beat a little.

"Who knew Deidara and Hidan knew how to do rock and roll?" Sakura laughed, pulling back a little as the pair laughed and embraced as the music came to a halt; meeting in a passionate kiss. Naruto chortled along with the rest of them, and suddenly recognised the next song.

"Wait here, Sakura, I have to get Sasuke!" he exclaimed, "Get the others; we totally have to do this dance!"

"Karin, come join us!" Naruto crowed excitedly, latching onto Sasuke's arm and dragging him to the centre of the room where a large circle had been cleared. It had originally been cheering on Hidan and Deidara, but now several of their friends were gathered in it, lining up to the song "Fake ID" by Big & Rich. (1) When they were pledges, they'd been forced to learn this dance number, and it was ingrained into their memories.

Hey, I've been driving all over the town…

"Come on, Sasuke, you know the dance!" Naruto cried, dropping into formation beside Suigetsu and laughing as Sasuke stood at the edge of the circle, shaking his head incredulously. They all looked ridiculous doing a line dance in suits and fancy dresses. And then Naruto just happened to slap his ass while looking at him cheekily, and the raven couldn't resist.

He dropped into step with Naruto, right next to him; executing the moves perfectly. He found himself drawn to the blue eyes that were trained on him; as though they were daring him to leave the dance floor. Slowly, the gap between them closed, until they were dancing in each other's personal space.

They kept going for several run-throughs; some of the crowd even joining in, but when the song reached a break in the lyrics, Sasuke was surprised to find himself standing chest-to-chest with Naruto. They were so close, and the raven suddenly discovered that all night, this was what he had desired. He didn't want to have this night with Karin; he wanted it to be with Naruto.

"…Sasuke?" Naruto inquired softly, but he found himself unable to respond. No, this wasn't how it was supposed to be! They were meant to have sorted out this stupid sexual tension and it was meant to be good again! Wordlessly, he turned and stalked from the dance floor towards the exit.

Once he was outside, he leaned against the nearest wall and inhaled the cold night air, hoping to clear his head a bit. After several deep breaths, his head was clearer, but he didn't like it. Ever since he and Naruto had slept together, he'd been playing it cool; acting as though everything was normal…but it wasn't. He saw the blonde in a different light now; a…dare he say it…romantic light. He found himself wanting to treat Naruto like Kisame treated Itachi; wanted to be able to lie in bed with him and wake up to see him…Kisame and Itachi had been best friends and lovers…why not him and Naruto?

"Sasuke?" Naruto appeared at the door, and dark eyes looked over at him, "Sasuke…what's the matter?"

"I thought I could do it," Sasuke muttered flatly, "But…turns out I can't."

"Can't do what?" Naruto frowned in confusion, coming over to lean on the wall beside him.

"I thought it'd be okay spending tonight with Karin," he suddenly snapped, folding his arms, "…But spending time with her has just made me realise that there's someone else I'd much rather be spending it with."


"…You, you moron," Sasuke growled after a moment, rolling his eyes and gritting his teeth. Naruto looked at him in surprise and then looked a little guilty.



"…How would you feel…if I said that I…that still think about you; even after what happened?" he remarked awkwardly.

"I'd be happy," the raven replied, looking up at the sky, "…Because I keep thinking about you." They remained in silence for a long moment.

"…It wasn't just sexual tension was it?" Naruto murmured quietly, feeling hope rising in his stomach. Ever since the motel, he'd been trying to be normal, but his mind was wishing that Sasuke would hold him close; purr his name; hold his hand and wake up next to him..

"I don't think so." The blonde frowned at Sasuke's words.

"…Do you think we…like…each other?" There was silence.

"…As if I'd ever like an idiot like you."

"Bastard –mmf –" Naruto was suddenly shocked by the fact that Sasuke had grabbed his face and kissed him. After a moment, the blonde kissed back tentatively before pulling back and touching his stomach with a frown.

"What is it now…" Sasuke inquired flatly.

" –Well…" Naruto remarked, "…I kissed Sakura tonight…and I…I didn't feel like this when I kissed her." He blushed a little bit and scratched the back of his neck awkwardly, "…I um…I really liked having sex with you, Sasuke…and I mean…" He fumbled for words, "I've been thinking; and I mean, you're my best friend; so I like you, and all; but I think I actually maybe sort of 'like you' like you…and I mean, the sex was great, but I think it maybe made me realise that it wasn't just physical what I felt for you and…"

"…Naruto…you're rambling," Sasuke chuckled, pushing his hands into his pockets, "…I know what you mean. I tried to act normal; I thought I could…but I knew that I maybe felt something for you when I just got so jealous when you were with Sakura…and…" His voice grew a little predatory, "I've never been very good at sharing."

"…Can you maybe kiss me again?" Naruto inquired with a blush, "…You're looking...I mean...you look kinda good tonight and I've kind of been wanting –" His words were cut off again as Sasuke leaned forwards and pressed a tongue past eager lips to passionately entwine with the blonde's. Their kiss was suddenly interrupted by a shocked gasp, and they broke apart to see Sakura standing there with her hands pressed to her mouth.

"Sakura!" Naruto exclaimed, "This isn't what it looks like…"

"It's exactly what it looks like," Sasuke informed her rather coolly; suddenly feeling rather superior and a little possessive since he knew now that Naruto reciprocated whatever it was that he was feeling.

"Sakura, I'm so sorry; it just happened suddenly, and…I didn't mean for this to happen…or for you to find out like this…" Naruto babbled, and then took a breath, "…I…I think I'm gay for Sasuke…"

"Oh this makes everything all right!" Sakura suddenly exclaimed, rushing forwards to embrace them both. Sasuke and Naruto both looked astounded and didn't know how to react, "Oh, Naruto! I was feeling so bad…and I didn't want to tell you because you liked me so much…but if you like Sasuke now, it's fine!" she sighed happily, and took a step back, letting out a quick breath.

"I'm a lesbian and I've fallen in love with Ino." Two pairs of eyes stared at her; blinking blankly as they processed this new information.

" –Also, Sasuke; Karin's only dating you to try and make Suigetsu jealous," Sakura added and then turned her attention to her boyfriend, "So, Naruto…we're over, right? We're good? Gay pride, right?"

"What is happening?" Naruto exclaimed in shock, and she just giggled, giving him a quick peck on the cheek before disappearing back inside.

"I was used?" Sasuke repeated flatly, "I, Sasuke Uchiha, was used…"

"Oh shut up, we're all heartless users," Naruto sniffed. Silence reigned for a long moment.

"What do we do now?" Sasuke inquired. He felt a tanned hand slip into his pale one and looked up to see bright blue eyes gleaming at him with delight. How had he spent so many years without seeing how beautiful those eyes were; and the bubbling personality that came with it?

"…We make the most of this coming-out party that the prom has turned into."

Shikamaru sighed heavily when he saw Sasuke and Naruto walking back into the prom hand in hand. Well, they were holding hands but Naruto was apparently dragging a rather reluctant Sasuke across the floor towards their group of friends.

"Naruto; what are you –" Karin tried to say.

"Karin; you and Sasuke are now broken up; Suigetsu; Karin wants in your pants," Sakura announced. Suigetsu's mouth dropped open as Karin made a very embarrassed, defensive noise.

"Not another one…" Shikamaru complained, running a hand through his hair in exasperation, "Troublesome."

"Oh lighten up," Temari giggled, and his expression softened.

"So you too, little brother?" Itachi remarked in amusement, "Ending up with our best friends?"

"It appears so," Sasuke replied flatly, and then smirked at his elder brother, "…Except that I'm seme." Itachi's eyebrow twitched in irritation and Kisame burst out laughing.

"I think we need to get a new picture," Sakura remarked with a small grin, dragging them over to where the photographer was looking a little startled at seeing a large group of people headed for him. Shikamaru and Temari wandered over a little slower, wondering how on earth this had happened. Kisame and Itachi…Hidan and Deidara…even Sasuke and Naruto…and he didn't even know what was going on with Neji and Gaara.

"Well…" Shikamaru mused with a sigh, "I suppose they do say that things that you do while drunk reflect what your sober heart feels…" Temari smirked at him and kissed him on the cheek mischievously.

"…In that case," she remarked lightly, "At that party…do you remember telling me that you love me?"

"Hold the fucking phone," Hidan demanded, grabbing Deidara under the arm and lugging him forward. Obligingly, everyone stopped and waited as the platinum-haired man gestured for the photographer to take photos. "Happy prom, Deidara." He wrapped an arm around the younger man for a G rated photo, and then picked him up and wrapped the blonde's legs around his waist; kissing him passionately as the camera went off again.

"Hidan, you're such a fucking perve, yeah!" Deidara exclaimed hotly.

"And you're such a fucking uke, Deidara," Naruto laughed.

"Oh yeah, coming from you…" Sasuke rolled his eyes with a smirk.

First were the pictures of the couples; Kiba and Hinata smiling sweetly; then Neji tackling Kiba to the ground when he went in for a kiss. Then Gaara picking Neji up and 'distracting' him in the background so that Hinata could have a chaste kiss on the lips from her date; followed by a series of progressively hotter photos of Neji and Gaara until they physically had to be removed from each other.

Itachi was loath to be in any embarrassing pictures, but eventually Kisame just picked him up and threw him over his shoulder, and there was Itachi captured on camera; angrily dangling against his boyfriend's chest while said boyfriend looked very pleased with himself. Of course, there was the picture of Karin punching Suigetsu in the head and then another of him kissing her to make it all better.

And then there was the group photo.

Of course, they tried to get it nice; a perfect, sweet photo…but that wasn't how they were.

Kiba and Hinata were kneeling in the front row; both laughing at the madness that was going on behind him. Kisame was chuckling and had his arms around a stoic Itachi, who was frowning and adjusting his tie; looking like he was scolding him. Shikamaru was definitely being scolded by a Temari and looking rather bored about it. Gaara and Neji had once again become attached at the lips; Gaara unbuttoning Neji's shirt. Hidan had Deidara's legs back around his waist and was crudely flipping his middle finger at the camera as his boyfriend moaned at the feeling of lips on his neck. Sakura and Ino were arguing. Suigetsu and Karin were arguing.

And Sasuke and Naruto were the centrepiece of the picture.

"You take that back, bastard!" Naruto snapped aggressively, grabbing Sasuke by the front of the shirt as Sasuke smirked back at him; that typical argumentative, idiotic blonde and his smug bastard. The camera flashed; seconds before Sasuke leaned forwards and stole a kiss from his blonde.

That was how they all were.

"Alcohol is so troublesome," Shikamaru muttered as they wandered away from the apparently exhausted photographer.

"I don't know; it turned out pretty well for me," Deidara chuckled with a shrug.

"Same," Gaara admitted with a shrug.

"I just got like six weeks of awkward confusion," Naruto grumbled, folding his arms moodily.

"…I couldn't walk properly for a week," Itachi muttered, and they all sighed heavily.

" –Where are your boyfriends?" Shikamaru inquired curiously and they all looked rather disgruntled.

"…Getting a seme photo…"

"Final dance of the night!" Temari called out into the microphone, "Everyone, grab that special someone and bring them to the dance floor!"

The floor became a swirling mass of bodies as girls dragged their unwilling boyfriends onto the floor for one last dance.

"…Maybe we should go out some time," Neji proposed to Gaara as they swayed there, Gaara's head quite contentedly on the brunette's shoulder. "You know, on like a date…One that you didn't pay like three hundred dollars for…" Gaara just chuckled.

"Sure," he purred and Neji grinned, "…But for the record, it was worth every cent."

"…Now I feel like a prostitute."

"...And to be honest, I should make the most of it because Kankuro's going to kill you tomorrow."

"Thanks…Kisame…" Itachi murmured as he leaned against his boyfriend's strong chest. "For tonight…" He felt his chin tilted as Kisame kissed him lightly on the lips.

"…Well it's not like I can ever say no to you; you are adorable," he smirked, and noted that the raven's eyebrow twitched.

" –I'd prefer 'sexy', but I'll let it slide this once," he replied flatly.

"…Yes, Itachi…" Kisame chuckled in response, "…Does this mean I'm getting laid tonight?"

"Don't you always?" Itachi sniffed, trying to feign irritation when really he was rather pleased, "… 'It's not like I can ever say no to you'," he added mockingly.

"…Well, that's nice to know; because I did book a very nice hotel for us," his boyfriend smirked, "Lovely view; room service..."

"…This is why I love you, Kisame," Itachi sighed, and then immediately bit his lip and buried his face in Kisame's chest; hoping he hadn't heard. He immediately knew he was mistaken when he heard the rumble of Kisame's familiar chuckle and felt lips beside his ear.

"…I'm sorry, Itachi…Did you just say you love me?" he inquired innocently.

"I take it back," Itachi muttered.

"…Can't take it back," Kisame chuckled, "…Don't worry; I love you too."

"Does this mean I don't have to jump out your window anymore?" Hidan inquired as Deidara nuzzled up against him (but would later deny having done such a thing). Suddenly, some of the plastic snowflakes above them all burst open and streamers and glitter began flitting down onto them as Hidan leaned in for a kiss.

"Oh my god, Deidara, please tell me that this wasn't your fucking idea," he remarked flatly, spitting out a mouthful of glitter.

"Oh come on, look how pretty it is!" Deidara snapped, "It's magical, yeah!"

"…You're about as straight as a fucking rainbow," his boyfriend remarked with a sigh before resigning himself to glitter in his hair and all over his suit and kissing him.

Naruto had his head rested in the crook of Sasuke's neck; breathing in his familiar scent. Somehow; it felt right just being there with Sasuke holding him as they swayed to the music.

"Are we…are we going out now?" he queried Sasuke quietly, feeling the raven's hands slide down his back comfortably.

"Mmm…" he replied noncommittally and then groaned, "My god…Mother is going to be absolutely terrible when she finds out." They both froze, remembering that their mothers happened to be very good friends, and the news that their darling babies were romantically involved would likely be greeted with shrieks of delight, many hugs and 'I knew it all along' speeches. Sasuke sighed, and just hugged Naruto closer to him. He could see his now-ex girlfriend dancing with Suigetsu; who looked like he was in over his head, and Sakura and Ino were dancing nearby as well.

The blonde in his arms made a sleepy, contented noise and the raven smiled to himself. This felt right. It felt like exactly what he wanted; having Naruto close to him. Maybe it had taken a dare game, a mixture of awkward situations, denial, a vast amount of alcohol and a bit of sex to realise it…but at least he had. And maybe; deep down; this had always been the way he wanted things.

Suddenly, Kiba perked up.

"You know what we should do to celebrate a great prom?" he exclaimed; eyes turning to look over at him in apprehension.

"Have another house party!"

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