Staring out her window, Gaz wondered where her life was going. And then the answer came to her. No where. Sure that was a pretty hard judgment on one's self for a eighteen year-old but she was the daughter of a world-renowned scientist! Surely she should've done something remarkable by now. Yeah, she was feared by all, but that was only because she threaten them with her eminence power and intelligence. But she has never had the REAL chance to prove it. Sure that one time in elementary school she snuck into the janitorial closet and made a bomb and blew up the girls bathroom because the girl using it at the time took the last pudding during lunch. Juvenile. Yeah. That girl had it coming though. No one takes the last pudding!

Sighing, Gaz moved away from the window and looked around her room. A little dirty, it held her many inventions. Some failures and some not. Her stuffed animal-bots still guarded her room at all times; her greatest successes. A try at a stupid middle science fair project sat in a corner; her greatest failure. If it had worked it would've been amazing! All of Asia would have been evaporated (America's biggest threat at the time). Sadly, it had malfunctioned. Gaz could never figure out why. All other destructive devices she has made always malfunctioned too. Maybe it was the world trying to tell her something? To bad Gaz was too stubborn to listen if it was. She'd keep trying to put fear in the lives of all the people of earth!

With another sigh Gaz left her room to search for food. On her way she passed Dib's room, his door was opened. This wouldn't be weird, if Dib wasn't away at school. Gaz back tracked and went to stand in his doorway. Glaring, everything seemed in order, except the wind blowing through the opened window. With that Gaz grabbed the baseball bat by Dib's door and walked into his room. "Alright! If you're a robber you're really freakin' dumb. How do you not KNOW whose houses this is? Or are you retarded?" She swung the bat around frighteningly. She heard a scraping noise from behind her. She turned, but before she could react a (sadly) familiar green alien quickly crawled from underneath Dib's bed and rushed at her. Gas was pushed to the floor while the intruder made his escape back out the window. Gaz cursed and ran to the window. Looking out she made out the form of a freakishly green spot running through the woods behind her house. "ZIM! YOU IDIOT!" Gaz yelled out into the night. She slammed the window shut and stormed her way down stairs. Once in the kitchen she ripped the fridge open and grab the first thing she saw. Sitting at the table she began to eat and think. Stupid Zim, what the hell was he doing here? With all that alien technology, you'd think he'd know that Dib was at college.

Gaz choked on her food, spitting it out. Zim! Why hadn't she thought of it before? With all that stupid superior alien technology he surely could find out why all her world devastating inventions always failed! To bad he was so annoying to talk to, almost as annoying as Dib...

Before Gaz's thought process could change her mind, the hover TV floated into the kitchen. Professor Membrane appeared on screen. "Still staying at home, Daughter?" Gaz glared at the screen and growled. "Alright then. Have a good night."

Mind made up, Gaz stood from her chair, dumped the rest if her food in the sink, and walk briskly to her room. She'd threaten Zim in the morning.