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Broken Wing

A Durarara! Fic by Arisa Maxwell

Disclaimer: Durarara! is not mine. Izaya is- I wish.

Chapter One: Which is Which


The sound said it all.


"Shizu-chan! You will never hit me with such accuracy!"

"Shut up, flea!" The blonde, as always, raised another street sign and furiously swung it. Of course, as always too, the smaller man evaded easily.

"As always, your accuracy sucks!" The raven, Orihara Izaya, smirked mockingly towards the blonde, provoking him. "You have to do much better than that to kill me!"

"I said shut up!" Another vending machine flew towards the raven, but again he evaded it. The poor vending machine hit the asphalt with a loud crash, but none of them bother with it.

"Make me," answered Izaya provokingly.

"I'll kill you, Izaya!"

Izaya chuckled. "Always the same words, but never once you are able to!"

"I will, today!"

"Not gonna happen in a million years, Shizu-chan!"

"Don't call me that, flea!"

Izaya fled, mixing up with his beloved humans, occasionally watching over 'his' humans. Ahh, Shizu-chan really is a monster. My beloved humans are lovely as always, unlike that monster.

Izaya smirked at his own thoughts, and walked to his apartment in Shinjuku in a relaxed manner. He was sure that Shizuo wouldn't be able to track him when he mixed up with his beloved humans, Shizuo was a protozoan after all.

"Ahh, today was another tiring day!" Izaya entered his apartment, and was greeted with his secretary's sour expression. She was always seemed irritated. She was working with Izaya, after all.

"I finished it all. Rather than teasing people and break stuff in town you better sit down and do your job," his secretary, Namie, said.

"But you oughta earn your paycheck, Namie-san, that's why I gave you jobs," Izaya answered in a sing-song voice, which irritated the secretary even further.

"Whatever, I'm done." She walked out the door, slamming the door rather harshly, inviting a chuckle from the raven.

"Always," Izaya sat on his chair, and a dazzling light blinded him, and he jolted awake. He was… inside his room?

"Finally, you're up," a man with glasses said. Izaya sat up on the bed, gritting his teeth.

"Shinra," Izaya hissed, "I am enough of your bullshits."

"Izaya, it's not like that," Shinra pleaded. "I am not lying, he's-"

"You are lying, Shinra! I just fought with him!"

"It's just your delusion!"

"And now you're saying that I am insane?! You are really a mad scientist, and get out, now!" Izaya took out his flick blade, and pointed it to Shinra's neck. "Now."


"If you're not used to be my friend, you'll be dead by now. Three seconds."

Shinra shut his mouth, finally sighing in defeat. "Fine, but tell me if you need a help."

"I don't need one."

"You will," Shinra walked out of his apartment, while Izaya threw himself to the bed.

Which is reality, I didn't know anymore.

To be continued

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