Broken Wing

A Durarara! Fic by Arisa Maxwell

Disclaimer: Durarara! is not mine. Izaya is- I wish.

Chapter Seven: Walking on Earth

Walking on earth is not so bad after all.

"Izaya, you had to take your vitamins! Your immune system wasn't as good as before!" Shinra shouted angrily, while Izaya covered his ears that had been tortured by Shinra's shouts everyday. He didn't understand why Celty could bear him for years.

"Shinra, chill. I just forgot."

"I gave you the medicine, you won't forget that easily," scolded Shinra.

Celty walked in, her fingers typed on the PDA quickly.

[How are you feeling?]

"Good, Celty, thanks to you," Izaya grinned. "At least you kept Shinra's hysteria to the minimum."

"Hey, I'm not hysterical!" Shinra sulked.

[You are surprisingly lively for someone who just attempted suicide], Celty typed.

"Well, a Dullahan is taking care of me, after all!" said Izaya in a sing-song voice.

"Hey, Celty is mine and mine only!" Shinra's warning invited a hard punch on his stomach, by no one but Celty. It was already a common sight for Izaya, now living with the two.

[You should not do it again]

"Not gonna," Izaya laughed, "because you'll wrap my bleeding wrist with your shadow, so hard that I might scream!"

"You've fainted," Shinra said, "how could you felt pain?"

"But you know, breaking into someone's apartment by the window, moreover by swinging death scythe on it is rude, you know…" Izaya smirked.

"Well you did make us worry just think of it as a karma," Shinra scolded again.

"Yes, mommy," mocked Izaya playfully.


[You never changed.]

"I did change," Izaya said, "but hell, I love myself."

"After all, this is someone that Shizu-chan love, right?" Izaya, again, wore his trademark smirk.

Even though I lost my other wing,

there are people who will stay on the ground, just to accompany me.

Staying in Earth wasn't so bad after all.


Thank you for everyone who had read until the end! I really appreciate it! I love you all! Please wait for my next stories!