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The Distorted Shadow

Three years. It had been three years since the fourth Shinobi war had ended and Naruto had quickly discovered one simple problem in his goal for world peace… it was boring.

In the three years since they had defeated Madara and the Jūbi and everything had changed. The five nation alliance had endured courtesy of the sandaime Tsuchikage and Nara Shikaku creating a system that all the current Kages agreed was fair and didn't favour any country more than the others.

Beyond that the 'five nation alliance' had expanded, allowing other smaller hidden villages to join, creating a truly massive organisation of shinobi that practically spanned the entire continent.

Beyond that the crime rates had decreased significantly, bandits that at one time would sit at the borders of countries and simply run across if shinobi appeared to apprehend them no longer possessed the safety of differing countries with aggressive reactions to others, giving them nowhere to run if they were ever caught.

Combined with several other factors including rules that stated that shinobi were no longer allowed to fight each other reduced the number of missions that came to the shinobi alliance and gave them more manpower to hunt down and capture nuke-nins and it wasn't long ago that nuke-nins became a thing of the past.

All of this combined with Sasuke's return and pardon from his previous crimes had left the hero of the fourth shinobi war with nothing to do. He had spent three years using Kage bunshin to train and had long since become a far more balanced fighter, possessing a significantly larger repertoire of ninjutsu and taijutsu along with a few genjutsu he had spent years' worth of work on.

He had also decided to give reading another shot, after all he had enjoyed Ero-sennin's first book back when he read it on Myōbokuzan while learning Senjutsu. He had quickly discovered that with his newfound patience granted by learning how to sit perfectly still for hours on end, combined with nothing important to do, books were far more entertaining to him than before.

Then of course there was Sakura, after Sasuke's return and his decision to let his hate go and just get on with his life, she had finally succeeded in getting a date off the reformed Uchiha. He had been surprised by how little he felt over that event, quickly coming to the conclusion that he had misinterpreted his feelings for her.

He had gotten closer to Hinata, though no matter how hard he tried he simply couldn't think of her as anything other than a shy little sister figure in his life and that had destroyed any chance he had of ever becoming more than friends, much to her dismay.

All in all, he simply felt bored nearly all of the time, having learned so much and reached a level where people were beginning to call him the next 'Shinobi no Kami' had left him with no challenge anymore. There was no Akatsuki, there was no Orochimaru, there was no Jūbi, there were no nuke-nin, there was no excitement.

Suddenly his mind was assaulted by the memories of a Kage Bunshin he had put to working on time/space techniques and he couldn't stop himself from grinning at the potential that had shown itself to him.

Quickly grabbing the red sleeveless coat Shima had made him he proceeded to make his way to speak with the Rokudaime Hokage about his resignation.


Hatake Kakashi was a talented ninja, sure he lacked the inhuman chakra reserves of people like Naruto or the Yondaime Raikage but what he lacked in power he more than made up for in versatility. It was this that had resulted in him being appointed the Rokudaime Hokage after Tsunade's death at the hands of the resurrected Uchiha Madara.

He had long since stopped arriving late for everything, realising that the person he had admired had turned into one of the cruellest and most dangerous shinobi in the world. However that debacle was behind him, while Obito had come to the belief that happiness couldn't exist in the world as it was, Kakashi knew he was wrong. The present was enough to confirm his own belief as well.

With the nations joining together the continent had been united and the suffering that had once plagued the elemental nations had been quickly stamped out, sure the process wasn't finished yet but it had only been three years.

The one thing that truly worried him though was his old student. Naruto had been so happy when they had succeeded in defeating Obito, Madara and the Jūbi, however as time passed he began to look jaded before he eventually became a recluse, spending most of his time holed up in his new home (a gift for the pivotal role he played in the war) instead of with his friends.

Kakashi understood exactly why that had happened as well… Naruto was a man of action and there was no longer any action in the elemental nations to sate his thirst for a challenge.

As he was thinking on this he nearly jumped out of his seat when the doors were flung open and a sight he thought he'd never see again appeared before him, an excited Naruto.

"Hey Kakashi-sensei! How's it going today?" the blond opened with some small talk, however Kakashi knew that it was just to try and ease the air between them for whatever he was going to say later.

"Not too bad, though I do have to wonder why you decided to drop by today," the silver haired man asked him with an eye smile, only to lose it upon seeing the blond untie his hitae-ate and place it on the desk.

"I've come to hand in my resignation," the shock that appeared on the older shinobi's visible face made the blond smile lightly, "you don't need me anymore, I have nothing left to work towards except being Hokage and even what would I do? So I want to travel outside of the elemental nations, I want to see new places and meet new people… please don't try to stop me Kakashi-sensei."

Kakashi couldn't stop himself from giving a sad smile under his mask at his students declaration, honestly he felt it would be a good thing for him to get out more and meet new people, the boy had been distancing himself enough before so who was he to try and deny the boy?

"I understand, will you return?" the one eyed Kage asked the boy calmly, earning a sad look of the blond.

"Probably not," the blond admitted with a sad smile, earning a sigh off the former Jōnin.

"I see… well then at least give us some time to see you off," the man with gravity defying silver hair asked the blond, earning a simple nod off the blond.


Naruto had to admit that he wasn't expecting such a large farewell, he was pretty sure that all of Konoha and most of the shinobi in the world had come to see him off as he prepared his newest jutsu to transport him to the place that had piqued his interest.

It truly was an incredible sight to behold, seeing so many people in one place all wishing the saviour of the world the best of luck as he prepared to leave them forever, the world no longer in need of his presence to maintain the newly established peace.

It was certainly a strange experience, the lack of sadness he felt upon seeing the people all cheering his name as he was about to leave, he almost felt proud that he had helped bring the world together the way it had been.

It was with a final farewell that he used his newest jutsu to leave, not one person in the crowd expecting the truth of the technique he had used.


Opening his eyes, he smirked as he saw the city his bunshin had ended up in before, in an alley in a truly massive city that stretched into the sky, covering the many alleys in perpetual darkness as countless people flowed through the streets and large metal contraptions whizzed through the middle.

He took a deep breath and almost choked at the sheer pollution in the air, shocking him at the fact that so many people chose to live in such an unclean environment.

[Hey punk! Fork over your wallet!] came a yell in a language he didn't recognise, making him turn around and see a scruffy man holding a tiny blade that was currently pointed towards him in one hand.

"Huh? What did you say?" the blond asked blankly making the man shake his head a little before muttering to himself and thrusting the blade at the spiky haired teenager.

The next thing the mugger knew, he was on the ground with an arm twisted behind his back and his penknife laying on the floor several feet from his current position.

"Sorry about his," Naruto told the man earning a confused look of the guy that had tried to kill him before placing a hand on the persons head and using a jutsu that was widely used by T&I to extract information from uncooperative prisoners.

Sifting through the man's memories he picked apart the language, using a trick he had long since learned to help process the memories of his Kage bunshin when they dispelled to compartmentalise all the information he was extracting in order to pick up the language these people used.

When he was finished, the mugger had lost consciousness and simply lay on the ground out cold from the sifting process, making the blond turn to the street with a grin.

Yes, this Gotham City would be fun to deal with.


Naruto had to admit, creating an identity for himself in this world was far easier than in the elemental nations, after all it appeared that only about one in a million people possessed any form of ability even remotely similar to the sorts of things that could be achieved with chakra. However in this world they were known as meta-humans and tended to be either loved as hero's or feared as villains, some even had the same sort of reputation as Madara back home, where even the mere mention of the name was taboo.

Still, without anyone capable of dealing with genjutsu that he was aware of, it was a simple matter to create an identity for himself. He had even managed to worm his way into Gotham State University on a sports scholarship while he took a toxicology course.

It really hadn't taken him long to get up to speed on everything about the world, being capable of creating up to five thousand Kage bunshin and make them invisible definitely had its perks.

He also found computers an interesting development, even going so far as getting his hands on one and deciding to see if he could succeed in making money in a similar (albeit less perverted way) than his late godfather.

It hadn't taken him long to get settled into his new lifestyle, go to university, send a Kage Bunshin to work, keep a bunshin working on his book and keep his skills up to scratch.

He had quickly learned that his clothes were… unusual in this world and had pawned a few of his things and gotten himself a normal wardrobe for this world, consisting primarily of loose fitting jeans, black t-shirts and a leather jacket.

Of course that didn't stop him from sticking out, he had to admit that he was rather annoyed at the sheer number of times he had had to tell people that his 'whiskers' were birthmarks and not scars or tattoos

However none of that would matter once he made his 'superhero' debut. He had not come to this world unprepared after all, he already knew that he would wear a standard cloaked ANBU uniform with a mask that was very important to him. It was a simple shape with a pair of slanted, slit like eye holes, while a large red swirl and sharpened line were painted on the jaw to cover the mouth with its last distinguishing feature being the four lines that decorated the forehead.

Yes, that mask was important to him, the previous owner had taught him a valuable lesson back when he had gone on his first C turned A rank mission… that it was by protecting those precious to him that he would become truly strong.

Even now he still remembered that lesson, however his precious people no longer needed him, so instead of sitting around doing nothing he was going to make his mark on a new world.

He would show them the power of his nindo, his ninja way.