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Z is for...Zzz...


He was exhausted. The kind of exhausted that came from 37 hours training and then a draining gym battle. And all Silver could think of was his cold apartment up six flights of stairs.

But then Silver remembered, tonight was the night when Gold got home early. The apartment would be warm, there would already be food cooking, and Gold would be there waiting for him.

Not that any of that bothered him; as soon as he got in, Silver crawled into bed, boots and all, and passed out on their bed next to Gold, still clutching his new badge.


Gold liked his lie-ins. He liked to stay in bed, soaking up the sunlight from the window, feeling the breeze on his bare shoulder and a warm weight against his front.

Said warm weight stretched, luxurious and cat-like.

"Good morning~" Gold purred, pressing his lips to Silver's shoulder.

"Piss off." Silver rolled over, curling into Gold's chest and beginning to doze off again, but Gold wasn't about to have that. Naughty hands crept down lower...and lower.

"Gold!" Silver squeaked, leaping backwards out of bed.

Oh yes, Gold liked lie-ins, but with Silver, there were much more...interesting things he could do.

*closes bedroom door*

I think we can leave them there, don't you?

So this has been an interesting time for Gold and Silver; we've seen some downs, and some ups, we've seen how they deal with jealousy and mild angst (but that one was mostly Silver) and most of all we've (hopefully) seen them love each other a little bit more.

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