A/N: I'm a "little girl" that wrote this story while dealing with a fever. So I'm basically drunk and wrote this story without thinking. It's pretty half-assed and it's my first fanfic.

Dislaimer: I do not own Shingeki no Kyojin or any of its characters.

"I already cleaned this room!" Eren threw his bandana on the floor. He was having a fight with Corporal Levi.

"But it's still filthy, brat," Levi crossed his arms.

"Damn you, Heichou!" Eren has rage in his eyes. Levi kicked Eren with his heel, pushing him to the wall.

"I said it's not clean enough, you pile of trash." Levi grabbed Eren by his shirt. The boy had tears in his eyes. He got out of the grasp of the Corporal and ran away. The two didn't talk to each other the rest of the day.

Levi had finished his day's work and headed for bed. He climbed in and thought to himself.

Tch. That damn brat. Acting like that to his superior.

The Corporal slowly dozed off to sleep.


Levi slowly opened his eyes to see a small figure jumping on top of him.

"Wake up, Levi-chan!"

Levi's eyes slowly focused. A little boy. He looked somewhat familiar.


"Levi-chan! I made breakfast!"

Levi was confused. What world was he in?

"Come on!" the little green-eyed boy grabbed the Corporal's hand as he climbed out of bed, leading him out the door to a dining table. There lay three plates full of unknown, black chunks.

"I tried my best today!" the little boy wore the sweetest smile.

Now, Levi was confused. But he was charmed by the little boy, so he sat down and took a bite.

"This is terrible!" Levi gagged. The boy forced a smile.

"Hehehe… I still need to improve, don't I?" the boy took the plates and walked toward the trash can.

"Wait. Don't waste. I'll eat it all,'" Levi took the food from the boy and placed it on the table. He began eating calmly. The boy sat staring happily at the window, his legs swinging. Levi stared at him. He's seen that face before. Then a spark came to him.


"Yes, Levi-chan?" the boy's eyes sparkled at him.

The boy really was Eren. But this boy looked like he was seven or eight. Levi asked him about his age.

"How old are you, Eren?"

"Hehe… I'm turning eight today!"

Then the Corporal remembered something. It really was Eren's birthday. He had forgotten.

Levi put his elbow on the table and his hand on his cheek. He felt a sudden pair of lips on his neck.

"I love you, Levi-chan!"

The Corporal felt a warmth in his heart. He widened his eyes. He turned his head to the boy, but he was gone, along with his surroundings. Now everything was dark. Levi closed his eyes.


Levi slowly opened his eyes to see a figure on top of him.

"Oi! Wake up, Levi!" it was a young boy in his teens. He wore a white shirt and a red tie; a school uniform.

"I made breakfast."

Levi got up and followed the teen. No mistake. This was clearly Eren.

Levi reached a dining table, where lay a perfect breakfast; an egg omelet, pancakes, ham, and a glass of orange juice. Levi ate while he watched Eren get ready for school. Levi couldn't help but notice Eren's beautiful green eyes.

"I'm going," Eren headed for the door, Levi following him.


"Bye, Eren."

"Love you, Levi."

Levi felt a kiss on his cheek.

That's when everything went black. Levi had finally realized his true feelings for Eren. His feelings were always hidden deep in his heart.

A dream.

Levi woke up to reality. All that was a dream. He looked around and saw his own room. He sighed of relief. He climbed out of bed and headed for breakfast. Eren was the only one there. Levi sat across Eren.

"Where's everyone?"

"I don't know. When I came here, it was empty. They must still be in bed or something."

The truth was, everyone knew about the fight yesterday, so they were all hiding behind the doors, watching the two.

Levi stared at Eren. Those same beautiful eyes from his dreams.

It became awkwardly silent.

"Oi, Ere-"


They spoke at the same time.

"You go first."

"Levi Heichou. I apologize for yesterday. I was wrong for acting like that to my superior."

"I was a bit too harsh on you."

Everyone behind the doors were smiling at each other. They looked to see what happens next.

"Let me get this straight, Eren. I don't like you."

"Levi is being a tsundere!" Hanji whispered behind the door.

Eren had a perfectly normal look on his face.

Obviously. It's no surprise.

"I love you."

Levi extended over the table and planted a kiss on the surprised boy's lips.

Auruo, Erd, and Gunter were scared as hell behind the doors, while Hanji and Petra blushed hard, about to scream.

Eren looked down, his face beet red.

What the hell just happened?

The Corporal couldn't help but stare at the adorable boy.

"Happy birthday."

The boy blushed harder, becoming more embarrassed by the second.

"I'll be waiting for your answer." Levi stood up and left the room. He headed to his room and buried his face in his pillow. He turned red of embarrassment. The Corporal never thought he would ever come to fall in the love with another male. And one less than half his age.