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Levi awoke to fresh, salty tears in his eyes. There was only one thing in his mind.

Where are you, Eren?

Levi noticed he was lying in a white bed and wore a white night gown. He looked around. He took the moment to realize he was in the hospital.

What had happened?

A few moments later, Hanji entered the room. She had noticed the awoken Levi.

"Oh, Levi! You're finally awake! I'm so glad!"

Levi stared at his usually paler hands.

"What happened to me?"

"So I see you don't remember. You were in a coma for about two months and-"

Levi got up out of bed and slowly walked toward Hanji.

"You can't get up yet! You need rest-"

"Why the hell did I end up in a coma?"

"We don't know, but I think it had something to do with that fight you had with Eren. On the day of the fight, you fell into a coma in your sleep. The fight probably had a negative effect on your body. It's pretty strange, how you fell into a coma and all."

Right here, right now, someone was telling Levi that all of that after the fight...was a dream? It seemed so real... and surreal at the same time. It felt like a faraway memory. Levi couldn't move and speak. He couldn't let out his internal sobs.

To find out that the love he had with the boy...wasn't real. Every single moment he spent with the boy since that day...was just a dream. And what? Now he has to accept that fact and move on with his life?

That morning he "woke up", he actually only woke up in a dream. He had a dream in his dream. No one can simplify forget someone they've loved for so long. His experiences with Eren wasn't real, but he knew his love was. Wasn't it?

Levi had been so consumed in his thoughts that he hadn't noticed the world around him going pitch black.

When Levi woke up again in the bed, he remembered. He remembered the deaths of his comrades in the mission with the female titan. Erd, Gunter, Petra, and Auruo, all gone. Eren was the only person left by his side. And now Levi falls into a coma the day he fights with Eren.

Well that's pretty fucked up.

The man had been in another world for two months, dreaming each day in such specific detail. Becoming lovers with Eren. So should he just shake it off and return to his normal Corporal life? Everyone died. Everyone except Eren. How could he return to his normal life?

The boy he loved.

The memories he made.

All a dream.

Nothing left.

In a coma for two months.

The man cried and inaudible cry, an internal sob. He saw a note on the nightstand next to him. The content was surprising:

I hate you.

Silent tears fell out of the man's gray eyes. He knew exactly who that note was from.

It was obvious to him. The boy hated him from the very start. Ever since the court room drama. And that fight only made it worse.

There was only one thing left for Levi to do.


Nothing more, nothing less.

It was ridiculous from the start, having a relationship with a boy less than half his age. Levi forced a weak laugh.

Ridiculous. Unbelievable. Indecent. Sinful.

Levi got out of the bed and stepped out, barefoot. He then saw Hanji walking towards him.

"Levi! You collapsed earlier, you need to rest!"

The man passed a wrinkled note to the lady, which was very unlike him, considering he was too neat to wrinkle anything.

"Give this to him."

"Are you sure?"


The man then walked past Hanji outside, where it was nighttime. He stared at the endless sky, the first time in two months. He swore to himself that he would deplete any feelings he had for Eren.

Why should he care for that brat in the first place? Hah.

Once you fall in love, there's no turning back.

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