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"There's nothing that I'd take back,

But it's hard to say there's nothing I regret.

Cause when I sing, you shout,

I breathe out loud,

You bleed, we crawl like animals,

But when it's over, I'm still awake."

– Nanna Bryndis-Hilmarsdottir, 2013.

The 113th Annual Hunger Games

Orin Pratt (18) – District 7 Male

Of Monsters and Men – Silhouettes (2013)

I learned three things from my father – One, always be humble, no matter what the situation is. Two, take pride in living in District 7 and take pride in doing the district's work. And, lastly, how to use Seven's tools of the trade – axes and saws, chainsaws included.

My dad knows these rules by heart. He's Miller Pratt, victor of the 87th Hunger Games. I've watched those Games repeatedly, and it was the year when Opal, the District 2 girl, allied with Miller and his fourteen-year old district partner, Erika, only for her to betray the alliance by killing Erika while dad was at the feast. Dad eventually killed Opal at the end of the Games, securing his victory.

After returning to Seven, Dad returned to work as a lumberjack, got married, and had five children – me, my brothers, Yoren and Carson, and my sisters, Este and Rovana. By and large, the Capitol has ignored us in favor of other, more popular victors such as Holden Sarutobi from Two, Dylan Odair from Four, and Robin Hurst from One. My siblings and I have become close to Seven's other victors, Lionel Compton and Thanos Yunip, and their families – we have dinner with them, celebrate District 7's holidays with them, and even stay at their houses while dad was in the Capitol mentoring with either Lionel or Thanos.

Then we were suddenly thrust into the spotlight when I was reaped for the Games. Sure, my siblings and I were all of reaping age, but my reaping was the first time any Pratt from District 7 ended up in the Games since my dad's reaping. As soon as I shook hands with my district partner, it was made clear that dad was going to be my mentor.

As for my district partner, she was the first tribute who died. From our reaping, it was clear that she lost her mind after she got reaped. Between crying and screaming during our entire train ride to the Capitol, attempting suicide during training, and her training Score of two, she made it clear that she wanted to die, but on her own terms.

And, she did die on her own terms. My district partner jumped from her plate during the countdown, triggering the mines underneath in the process.

I find this year's arena to be unsettling. It's a tropical island, with a large, abandoned city, swamps, and some type of plantation. Our black T-shirts, khaki shorts, and sneakers offer us no relief from the heat, and the only times when it cools down is when it gets dark, when you're inside one of the buildings, and when it rained yesterday. However, there seems to be more to this arena then first present.

It is now the fifth night in the arena, and only ten tributes are gone. Right now, I'm in the plantation sector, hatchet drawn in case of tributes. I'm lucky to be in the plantation now, because when I got there, swarms of insect muttations were attacking the Careers. I hid inside of the plantation house and watched as mosquito, leech, and beetle muttations devoured the beautiful girl from One. The muttations have withdrawn and the rest of the Careers have since fled, allowing me to explore the area.

The plantation grounds are quiet, save for the sounds of animals and insects. They sound too foreign to me, as I have lived in the woodsy District 7. Are these animals and insects going to kill me like they did with the girl from District 1?

Then, I see it – a beautiful, dark-haired woman in an ornate dress. At the sight of her, I ready my hatchet. Then, the woman looks toward me – Her skin is pale, almost translucent, her eyes look tired, her nails are long and overgrown, and her teeth are pitch black. Then, she lunges toward me. I have no other choice but to run into the house and take cover. However, as soon as I get inside and lock the door, the woman charges inside. Despite the danger of giving my location away to any other Tributes, I scream.

"Hey! Who's making all of this noise down here?!"

The boy from Nine storms down, holding what appears to be a pitchfork, but with the middle tine missing. The woman shifts her attention to the boy from Nine. She grabs the pitchfork from his hands, shoves him against the wall, and plunges the pitchfork into the wall so his head is behind the tines, preventing him from escaping.

"It's an amok fork. I found it in the kitchen," the boy explains, motioning to the odd pitchfork trapping him. The woman sinks her nails into the boy's chest, giving me an opportunity to behead her. However, the District 9 boy is beyond saving – his cannon fires a few moments later.

I remove the amok fork from the wall and open the backpack the District 9 boy has on his back. The contents aren't that much – two bottles of water, a canister of nuts, a first-aid kit, and a lantern. I put the contents of his bag and the amok fork into my own backpack and grab my hatchet and the lantern. Before I leave the house, I do a last run-though of the house for supplies, and all I find are food, water, some first-aid supplies, and a blanket.

Afterward, I make my way back into the city portion of the arena. Feeling tired, I decide to stop inside of a mansion for the night and rest up, dreams of the boy from Nine and the devil woman haunting my dreams.

Including Orin's District Partner, seven Tributes died in the Bloodbath on the first day of the Games. By the time Orin made it to the mansion, four more tributes had died – the girl from Three died of an infection, the boy from Five was killed by the duo from One, the girl from One died from insect muttations, and the boy from Nine was attack by another of the Capitol's strange and deadly muttations, one resembling a demonic woman.

After that particular mutt attack, more ghosts and demon muttations showed up. On day six, ghosts appeared at the abandoned school the duo from Eight hid in and caused the building to collapse, killing the duo. On day eight, parts of the city were bombed, bringing the field down to the final eight – the boy from One, both tributes from Two and Four, the boy from Five, the girl from Ten, and Orin.

By day nine, that number fell to six when ghost muttations lurking in the swamp waters drowned the duo from Four as they chased Orin. Later that day, Orin ran into the boy from Two and killed him in a quick fight, while the girl from Ten killed the girl from Two.

By day fifteen, a cornucopia feast brought Orin, the girl from Ten, the boy from One, and the boy from Five together. This year, however, the feast proved to be a failure in terms of thinning the field, as the boy form District 1 was the only tribute who died during the feast.

Later that night, in a desperate attempt to end the Games, the boy from District 5 set fire to the shantytown area of the arena. However, the boy from Five died in the fire, which rapidly spread to the rest of the arena. Driven together by the fire, Orin and the girl from Ten began fighting. Sometime during the fight, the girl knocked Orin's hatchet out of his hand, leaving him without a weapon. However, Orin remembered that he still had the amok fork with him, and he used it to pin the girl from Ten to the ground. With the girl from Ten trapped, Orin was able to grab his hatchet and behead the District 10 girl, winning the Games and bringing another Hunger Games victory to the Pratt family and District 7.

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