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"If anybody asks me who I am…

Just stand up tall,

Look em' in the face and say…"

- R. Kelly, 2002.

The 114th Annual Hunger Games

Lilith Adams (14), District 14 Female

R. Kelly - The World's Greatest (2002)

An oil refinery, wow. What an arena… Those were my first thoughts when I entered the arena. It really surprised me when our uniforms for this year's games were sleek black cat suits, no doubt a reference to the oil that was drilled here long ago. It doesn't help that we're out in the middle of the ocean. Naturally I would go on with my complaints but this is the Hunger Games, and those who complain are usually the blunt of the Gamemakers traps.

The last day of the Games has now come upon us and I can't help but be grateful as I know I'll be coming out of the arena one way or the other today.

Of course I'm sure you're wondering how a fourteen-year-old made it to the end of the games? A mousy little girl with perfect blonde hair and delicate ghost-like skin. Someone who only scored a training score of three. How could I possibly be a final combatant in the 'great' Hunger Games, as Finnick Odair would say?

It's quite simple, really. I've hid within the great machinery during the Games. Being small and nimble as I am, I can easily travel throughout it unlike my larger competitors. But if you think I've only been hiding throughout the Games like a scared little girl and got lucky enough to make it through to the finals, once again you are mistaken. No one can survive the Hunger Games that way, at least not that in the eight games I can clearly remember seeing in my lifetime. Along with traversing through the large metal constructs as if it were a jungle gym, I have spotted tributes traveling alone. Seven foolish 'big kids', as Peeta Mellark would say, and that foolish boy from District 2: Hercules, have both playfully and threateningly taunted me before the Games. Seven foolish 'big kids' who tried to navigate the arena on their own were ambushed by me and though some put up fights they underestimated me due to my training score and small stature, making me bag seven hard-fought but ultimately comfortable kills.

Now I traverse the inner mechanisms of the arena to make it up to the cornucopia, it's probably best to stay within this place until I make it to the ladder that'll take me to the platform above the arena where the cornucopia lies. But I could only imagine the hellish torture the Gamemakers are using to try and direct us there. 'Poor Hercules… What a shame…' I smirk to myself at the taunt. If I'm lucky he'll be half-dead by the time we get there, then it'll just be the simple throw of a knife and game over.

I've now made it to the top of the rig itself and climb the ladder up to the cornucopia. Climbing up the ladder was quite easy and I look to see the cornucopia, completely cleared of any and all items that were once there. No doubt accomplished by Hercules and his former allies. I look around and realize that the hulk isn't even here yet. Damn it. I really don't feel like waiting for my possible victory.

It's been five minutes and I'm surprised the Gamemakers have been so kind to me, by now Hercules should be here or I should be fighting off hordes of muttations, jumping off this platform or just plain running for my life. Hercules is probably giving the Capitol audience quite the show if he's taking his sweet time getting here, and the Gamemakers are paying little to no attention to me. Good, I'd rather see the fool fail when the crowds are excited for his victory.

Finally Hercules rises onto the platform. He pants and is covered in lots of scratches and bruises, looks like it was smart for me to travel close to the center of the refinery because whatever hell he went through either couldn't find me or couldn't fit in within the mechanisms. Obviously I'm going to go for the latter of the two as the Gamemakers wouldn't leave a tribute alone until they got to the cornucopia and that's if they're lucky.

Finally Hercules looks up at me, surprised. "How'd you get here?"

I smirk. "Oh you know I've been around, playing with dolls and stuff."

"Whatever." He pants. "So how many kills you get?"

"Does it matter?" I ask.

"Afraid of admitting you got none?" He asks. "It's OK, a little kid like you, would never be able to do it. If it's any consolation I got five."

"Seriously? You're still going with that?" I ask. "How old do you think I am?"

"Five, six?" He inquires. "I don't know. All I know is that you'll have a short life. Maybe if you beg, I might give you a quick, painless death."

"Is that so?" I ask. I get up from the Cornucopia I am leaning against. "You know what your problem is Hercules? You think that just because you're older, taller, stronger, you think that your victory in these Games is guaranteed. I may not win but I sure as hell will give you a damn good fight."

"Who do you think you are to say that?" He asks me while unsheathing his sword. "You're nothing but a runt! I can take you out easily."

"Show me then." I say holding out my knife defensively.

Like that he dashes towards me, wildly swinging his sword. Seeing as this will be a battle of close combat I let him come to me. He makes a swing at my left side but I jump to the side far enough that he misses. He then tries to make a jab at my head but I duck under the blow and give a sweep that makes him fall to the ground as his legs are brought out from right under him.

Now going on the offensive I run to the downed career and attempt to stab his forehead but of course I miss as he darts his head in the side to dodge the blow. Before I can make a second attempt to strike the boys head again he sends both his legs at my chest causing me to stumble back, trying to keep myself from falling.

Luckily I regain my balance, and right on time as I see Hercules making a downward slash towards me. Using my quick reflexes I expertly twirl towards him and swing my knife in his face with a playful giggle.

He steams and sends a jab to my stomach which makes me quickly jump to the left to avoid the blow. He growls at this and makes a downward slash at me so I hold up my knife to block the blow. I hold my right hand at the handle and to my chagrin I have my left hand holding the blade to block. I grit my teeth as he continues to put more force and weight his sword down and the knife pierces my hand releases blood.

He grins at me. "Not so tough now, are you?"

I don't reply and give him a kick to the stomach that sends him stumbling backwards. Luckily he isn't to light on his feet and isn't able to regain his composure. Taking the chance I run at him and send a slice at his side which successfully meets its mark and causes him to fall from the pain of the recently opened wound. Now I've got him! I slam my foot into his stomach pinning him down and causing more blood to spill from the wound.

"Ah!" He shouts in pain as I push my foot into his stomach harder making him groan in pain. "I-I don't understand." He groans. "How can you be so good?"

I smirk at the career. "My parents were from District 1, dumbass. They were so scared of their little girl getting reaped into the Hunger Games they unofficially trained me. Of course we couldn't get access to weapons but they made sure that I was as nimble as a cat, where I lacked in brute strength. How else would I be able to prance around like that?" Of course the mention of my parents training will go unaired due to how treasonous it is to do such and how it'll entice people to rebel despite our two failures over the course of seventy-five years.

He gasps at this and I prepare my knife for the finishing blow. But I can't help but say one more thing to the arrogant career. "By the way remember when you asked how many kills I got? It was seven, welcome to hell number eight."

He struggles to get out of my grip before I fling the knife into his neck making his cannon go off immediately. Who's the big kid now?

"Ladies and gentlemen! The victor of the 114th annual Hunger Games: Lilith Adams!" I smile at the booming voice of Finnick Odair.

I may not be the biggest or the oldest, but I was just as mature as any other tribute. Size doesn't matter. A ghost of a little girl was able to become a victor of the Hunger Games.

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