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P.S. After Tobias' victory a small Training Centre has been set up again in District 2, so they are now kind of at a semi-Career stage. The odd tribute they have is trained (like, one in four) and occasionally gain access into the Career Alliance once again, although Districts 1 and 4 are still the most dominant districts.

"Just open up like a page in a book

These words that I'm writing won't be misunderstood

If I'm dishonest bring me back to my knees

Show me why I'm even able to speak

I'll testify please help me to see

Don't close your eyes, keep your eyes on me

Open up, open up now so make me strong

There's blood on my hands,

And the killers not my enemy

It's all for the sake of love,

It's all for you."

- Kellin Quinn, 2010.

The 117th Annual Hunger Games

Indie van Horn (17), District 2 Female

Sleeping With Sirens - The Bomb Dot Com V2.0 (2010)

I can only feel two things right now. My legs are burning from all of the running I have done, and it feels like I am going to throw up from all of it. There is also one thought on my mind; the Career Alliance just broke up, and the girl from District 1 has been chasing me for the past half-hour to try and kill me.

Ever since the tributes from One, Two, and Four met on the night of the Chariot Rides, the girl from District 1 took an instant disliking to me. Sure, I was better at archery than her. Sure, I got a higher training score than her. And, yes, I do admit that I'm rather arrogant.

Then again, it's not my fault that I've had a bow and arrow since I was in diapers. It's not my fault that my training score of 10 beat out the District 1 girl's score of 9. And, it is totally not my fault that Kazura - my mentor - and Peeta Mellark liked me for my "fiery" attitude during the interviews. At least I didn't play the angle of the stereotypical, blonde ditz from District 1, even though I am blonde myself.

Then, everything came to a head the night before the Games. Us Careers had a private meeting/final training session, and I was elected to be leader of the Career Pack this year. Furious, the District 1 girl attacked me and we got into it before my district partner had to break us up. However, that didn't stop the both of us from exchanging some rather cruel threats.

Afterwards, things seem to become an "anything you can do, I can do better" contest between me and the girl from One. At the bloodbath, she slit the throat of the girl from Eight. I retaliated by shooting an arrow into the boy from Eleven's neck from several feet away. Then, the girl from One strangled the girl from Seven to death. I upped my game by strangling the District 3 boy to death with a spare bow string.

This contest continued, even after the bloodbath. When we got sponsor gifts that afternoon, the girl from One got fancy, Capitol soaps, while I got extra bows. While the girl bathed in the river with her fancy soaps, I hunted for food and killed three quails and a deer. While the girl from One managed to steal supplies from the boy from Seven, I upped her game again by shooting an arrow into his head.

Four days later, and our little competition has come to a violent end. The girl from One killed my district partner while he was on watch. Before I made a run for it, I killed her district partner to ruin her and avenge my own. Rumor has it that the girl from One was sleeping with her district partner before the Games, so what better way to get revenge than by ruining her emotionally?

Suddenly, I trip over a loose rock and fall to the ground. I manage to pull myself up as the girl from One barrels toward me. An arrow is already loaded into my bow.

"You bi –" The girl from One yells before I shoot an arrow into the center of her forehead. As her cannon fires, I pull her backpack off of her and take all of the food, water, and survival gear from her.

"What comes around, goes around," I say to the dead girl before I begin my hunt again. With this recent death, we are in the final eight, and the Games are soon going to come to a close.

I just need to make sure that I'm there until the end.

Indie killed three more tributes that day, and the boy from Four, the sole remaining Career besides Indie, killed one tribute, bringing the numbers down to four – Indie, the boy from Four, the girl from Six, and the boy from Nine.

The next day, muttations drove the remaining tributes together. However, the finale was an anti-climax - the boys from Nine and Four were killed by the muttations, and Indie finished the girl from Six off in seconds, securing her victory in the 117th Annual Hunger Games.

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