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Comely Bank.

By Mithua.

Chapter 1: Percy's Life.  

Percy Weasley. Whenever any one actually thought of him, they thought of the quiet studious red-head, the prefect, the head-boy.  The living example of a model student, clearly on his way to success.  Anyone would have though he'd had the perfect life…a loving wife, with Percy jrs reading books and doing well in school, and a very well paid job at the Ministry. Well…life didn't exactly turn out to be perfect for Percy.

It was true; he managed to get a job at the Ministry. But every one saw that beforehand. After that unfortunate incident with Barty Crouch, just one year into the job, Percy had to take the role as head of The Department of International Co-operation. Quite a task for a young wizard as himself. Being the head of department, you'd think he'd be paid quite a lot, but the money was just enough to put food on the table, which was good enough for Percy.

Family-wise, Percy was single. No wife, no kids. Everyone was so sure that Penelope Clearwater would end up as his spouse; however, things had never tuned out the way they had planned. However, they were still the best of friends and kept in close contact.

Percy lived in Comely Bank, a small muggle community, in Edinburgh. In a rather homey terraced house with a blue door. The only blue door in the area. He shared his home with a muggle girl. Helen Boot. Her brother, Terry had gone to Hogwarts, so she knew about the magical world. She was like an annoying little sister to Percy, and she did have her moments when she would just be a moody bitch but that was only during 'that time of the month' so Percy couldn't really blame her.

So all in all, you could say that Percy's life wasn't exactly perfect, but normal. As normal as normal lives could be…


Percy apparated home after a long day working at the Ministry. He was exhausted. And frankly quite annoyed. A new employee had messed up all his files and it took a good three hours or so to fix the problem. And then his secretary, Gwen had pointed out that he was going to be late for his meeting. Something about an International Quidditch team coming over for the World Cup. He really did not want to have to talk Quidditch to the Ministry members; however, it was his duty as the head of the department.

Percy climbed up the stairs tiredly, and wasn't startled to hear moans of pain, coming from his bathroom. He gently tapped at the door.

"Helen? Are you ok?" He asked. He heard some more moans and the toilet lid come down and flush. The door opened to a much disorientated looking blonde.

"I feel like shit Perce…" she groaned and clutched at her stomach. In Percy's opinion, she looked like shit too. Her blonde hair was tangled in knots, her skin looked grimy and that pained look on her face didn't make her the most attractive girl in the world.

"Well, you don't look so well either. You should go and clean yourself up and I'll make some dinner. What would you like?" He asked her.

"Get me something from the chipper. Don't just magic it up…because frankly, your cooking skills are shite," Helen muttered and closed the bathroom door.

Percy frowned a little. His cooking wasn't that bad. But he had to agree, he preferred Helen's cooking than his. He went to his room and dressed himself in muggle clothing. As he headed down the stairs, Helen opened the bathroom door.

"Oh! And get me some tampons and pads! This period's being a bloody nightmare! And no pun intended!" She shouted.

Percy called back an incoherent reply and headed outside. He walked around the corner and said short hellos to his neighbours. The local chipper wasn't too far and he knew Helen's order off by heart. Helen always craved greasy food during her time of the month, and she always ordered the same thing. If she didn't get everything exactly as she wanted, she exploded. Percy laughed a little when he remembered how the new worker in the chipper had got her order wrong. For the next three weeks, he didn't have eye brows.

After ordering their meals, Percy made a hasty visit to the store to buy Helen's 'essentials.' When he got back home, Helen was sat at the living room, her hazel eyes watching the TV with uttermost interest. She was watching a football match, Manchester United vs. Newcastle United. Apparently, they were both very good teams. But Percy never actually kept track of muggle sports, but Helen often kept him posted. She saw him enter and smiled.

"Great match this is! Only 10 minutes to go and then we'll see who wins the Premiere Cup!" she said excitedly.

"Fun." Percy commented, not really sounding that interested. He gave her her chipper meal, which she took gratefully. She seemed to feel a lot better than she had felt before. She wolfed her meal down, whereas Percy ate his meal in a more civilised manner.

After dinner, Percy started on some papers that he needed to do. He nearly jumped out of his desk when he heard his owl Hermes hoot at him. Hermes had become quite old; however, he was as good as ever, and a lot more reliable than their old owl Errol. Percy took the letter from him and opened it.


How are you dear? We're all fine here, although I'm trying my hardest to keep your father here. He constantly wants to visit you and experiment with your 'muggle gadgets.' Ginny's fine, she loves her job at the Daily Prophet. She can't wait until tomorrow's papers come, her article is coming on, on page 2. Be sure to read it! Talking of Ginny, her birthday is coming up next week, and she'd like all of us to be home for her birthday. Bill and Charlie are coming too, so I'm sure you can come. This is not a request! You HAVE to come home on the 23rd November. Be sure to bring any friends! The more the merrier!

Lots of Love,

Mum xxx

Percy sighed. As much as he loved his family, he didn't actually like going to family events like this. This was more of a reunion, than a birthday. He'd have to find a good book that will last him a VERY long time. And that was usually difficult, as Percy was a rather quick reader. He quickly replied saying he would come and continued with his work.

"Hey Perce! Want to go to the pub?" Helen called from downstairs.

"No thanks. Got work to do." Percy replied, and inked his quill.

"More bloody work? Oh come on, have a break!" she sighed.

"I'm sorry, but I really need to do this!" Percy called back.

"Percy Weasley! Get you workaholic arse down here right now! I promised Penelope that you'd be coming and you know me, I never break promises!" she yelled.

"Well, this is going to be the first promise you break then!" Percy yelled back.

"Oh no it isn't!" she shouted and started to stomp up the stairs. She walked into Percy's study and grabbed Percy's free arm, tugging hard at it. Percy remained on his chair, but looked slightly annoyed. You would've thought that a tough tomboy like Helen would be able to get slim Percy off his chair, but Percy seemed pretty adamant.

"Percy! Don't make me hurt you!" Helen tugged again warningly.

Percy would have used magic to block her out. But through all his years living with her, he knew it would just be the easy way out to use magic on her. So never once had he used magic on her…well…sometimes to make her shut up, and to annoy her, but other than that, no other reason.

"Percy! Please…come with me this one time, and I'll…I'll find you a date!" Helen said.

"Helen, firstly I don't want to go to the pub, and secondly, I'm not looking for anyone right now, so I really don't care." Percy replied.

"Percy…please?" Helen finally pleaded.

"Ok then." Percy smiled and started to get his jacket.

"What?" she said starting to look shocked.

"I said, I'll go with you to the pub." Percy replied whilst putting on his jacket.

"After all that?" she said.

"Well you said please. You never say please to me." Percy said and headed out. Helen just looked on, with a slightly bemused expression to her face.

"You coming or not?!" Percy called. She just smiled and together they headed towards the pub.

True to her word, Penelope was sat at a table waiting patiently for them. She sat there with her husband, Warren. Warren was a muggle, but knew very much that his wife Penelope was a witch. It was a bit of a shock to find out that his blind wife had magical powers, however, he loved her all the same. Penelope herself had been Percy's girlfriend, however, she wasn't the love of Percy's life, more like a best friend. However, she had been in an accident last year, so bad, that she lost her power to see things, and was therefore blind. She had met Warren by the accident, and he was the last person she saw before she became blind. No Medi-Wizards had found a way to cure blindness, so Penelope wouldn't be able to see for a long time. She didn't let that fact bother her though. She was just the same as before, and she could often picture everyone in her mind.

"Percy! Helen!" Penelope sense them and reached out to give them a hug.

"Hi Penny." Percy greeted. He shook hands with Warren.

Together, the four of them talked about how they were and any future plans that would be happening.

"By the way, you're all invited to Ginny's birthday on the 23rd." Percy informed them.

"Oh…I can't make it on the 23rd. I've got to go meet my new nephew, Terry won't shut up about him, so I better go and visit this bundle of joy." Helen told him.

"We can make it though. Can't we Warren?" Penelope's pale, milky blue eyes turned to face where she sensed Warren.

"Yeah, should be fun meeting all you family," Warren told him.

Soon enough, Penny and Warren had to leave so Helen and Percy said their goodbyes. Soon afterwards, Helen said she was going to go and rent a movie to watch. So ordered one last drink. But as he turned around, he knocked into someone, spilling his drink all over that someone.

"Oh…crap! I'm so sorry. I didn't see you there! That was my entire fault…" Percy started to apologise.

"Percy?" said a voice. Percy looked at the person for the first time.

It was Oliver Wood…Quidditch Superstar.


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