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Molly Hooper had always enjoyed candy making. As a young girl she and her mother had made sweets for the holidays as they sang along with the carols playing on the radio. Once her mother had passed away Molly continued to make the sweets, but as she reached university it became harder for her to find time for her favorite hobby.

After university Molly tried to find a job, but didn't enjoy the job she did find in the vocation she had studied. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise when one day she stumbled upon an old, somewhat worn down shop. It was perfect. Even though it looked like it was only a decade from being condemned Molly could already see the bright white awning with black trim over the front door of the shop.

In the next month Molly was unsure how she found the money, but by the end of that four weeks space the building was hers. She started the renovations almost as soon as she got the keys from the relator. Not long after that she quit her flat and moved in above the shop.

Along the way she met a wonderfully hard working contractor named John. Molly didn't know much about him when he first arrived for a consult of the building, but for some unknown reason she immediately trusted the man.

As he worked on her new home with his crew of men she learnt more about him. He talked very little, but his men told fantastic stories about a man who spent most of his life training to be a doctor, entering the military only to be invalided home after a bullet lodged itself in his shoulder, a bullet that even after the surgery made it difficult to keep up with the other men from his old unit. Molly often wondered what would cause a man like that to end up working with his hands as someone who rebuilt and restored buildings, but never got the chance to ask.

The renovations went smoothly, more smoothly than either Molly or John had expected and within the third month after buying the small two story building Molly was picking out the furniture for her new business. John seemed unable to be properly finished with the project until Molly opened her doors for business. Molly might have found this annoying except for the fact that the slightly older contractor had grown on her to the point where she had to consider that she might just fancy him.

Nearly two months after Molly opened the store John was finally able to gather enough courage to ask the petit candy maker on a proper date. Molly had not been overly surprised by the offer and accepted with the thought that it was about freaking time.

Their courtship lasted far longer than Molly had anticipated with John moving at a glacial pace. They dated for nearly a year before the inevitable dinner and ring made their appearance. John was as sweet as ever and that made Molly both laugh and cry as she accepted his proposal. They set the date for several months later and within a year were happily married. As they grew together they created a family; John continued work as a contractor and Molly continued with her favorite pass time.