Cerise Hood looked at her diary reading it over and over tapped her pen continously thinking about what she was going to write next hmm...maybe i could tell a teacher that i can't attend classes today...yeah that's it! She stopped tapping her pen and put it down, she looked at her mirror and managed a smile full of hope.Okay time to go she thought as she got on her heels and headed to Headmaster Grimm's office as fast as she could (between you and me, that was very fast.) Her hood slightly slanted and she cleared her throat to make sure that Headmaster Grimm would be aware of her Grimm noticed her and turned around in his chair

"Headmaster Grimm...I...can't attend classes today" she said nervously, she didn't remember the last time she had came up to him and had asked him this question.

"What is it, Cerise Hood?" He said not taking her eye off her but was holding something in his hand.

"I-I'm sick,,,see?" Cerise replied pertending to cough, she was really hoping that he'd believe her.

"You seem perfectly fine Cerise, but if you are really worried then maybe you could spend half of the day in your dorm room with Madeline looking after you and doing your homework as well." He quickly added turning back round in his chair

"Thank you Mr Grimm" It was the other half of the day i was really avoiding...

Cerise exited his room and was on her way back to her room but halfway she bumped into Madeline or Maddy (as her friends had called her)

Maddy held one teapot in her hand and managed to hold two teacups on her other hand. Maddy seemed super happy about today, just like the other students besides Raven Queen of course

"Heeeeeeeeeelllllooooooooooo!" Maddy said as she saw Cerise, she gave Cerise quite a shock

"And hi to you too Maddy" Cerise giggled when she saw Maddy drop her teacups, which suprisingly didn't smash. Maddy was one of those people who brighten up her day and made her smile

"It's going to be a tea-riffic day today! why, i get to have a tea party today! and speaking of which..." She quickly brought out another set of two teacups then carried on "Care for a tea party?"

Cerise looked at her and spoke "I would but, i'm (She made quotation marks in the air with her fingers) sick"

Maddy looked back at her talking in between her sips of tea "Oh, you'd better go to your dorm but...teeeeeeaaaaaaaa?"

Cerise rolled her eyes and went back to her room still thinking about what she'd do Today is the day that we have to act out our stories...She was looking at the floor and didn't really concentrate on where she was going, which was no wonder that she had bumped into had accidentally growled at her but quickly coughed to cover it up

"Oh, Cerise! have you seen Maddy?" Raven asked Cerise

"Umm...yeah, crazy about tea as always" Cerise replied straightning her hood

"Are you okay?" Raven asked, it sounded to Cerise like she was teasing, and was poking her

"Why? just because you don't want to act out your mom's role as Evil Queen doesn't mean i don't want to act out being Little Red Riding hood"

"Fair enough, If you need me i'll be with Maddy" She said before waving to Cerise and left

Okay so i hope she'll be the last peorson i see She spoke as she finally got to her door when she pened it she was in for a surprise, she didn't know this until Maddy had said-