A/N the next few chapters aren't going to be about Cerise... it'll be how the characters react in their play's

also if you didn't really get the plot, the schools plays are not in the future it's right when they are at EAH and it is just for fun and the benefit of the future...

She sat right at the back of the hall waiting, like everybody else, to have their names called sat next to her as well as Cedar Wood, daughter of Pinocchio

"Does it mean if i lie, my nose grows bigger?" Cedar asked looking at Cerise

"No, i don't think so...but in the tale it kinda does" Cerise replied facing her friend

"Am i allowed to lie? because i don't think i can in the play" Cedar questioned wanting to know what she could and can't do

"I don't think so, i mean they're probably going to change it around like Raven isn't-" Cerise had almost said

"I'm not going to what?" Raven interrupted looking at both of them, she must have heard their conversation

"-Poison Apple, i don't think she is ready yet..." Cerise said to Cedar

"So i just pretend to lie?" Cedar questioned. How many questions was she going to ask me? Cerise thought

Before anyone could answer her question, Headmaster Grimm, who was at the front, had started talking in to his microphone

"Students of Ever After High, let this be practice to you of your future chapter. We ask that you give your best in acting out a play now for the benefit in the future"

Headmaster Grimm got out a huge scroll which had almost hit Little Bo Peep in the face. He began reading out the names and which chapter they would act out. Apple was really excited, Cerise saw Briar sleeping, Blondie, holding in her hand a medicine kit Probably for the bear chase... and Daring was doing the usual, staring into his mirror. The royals seemed very happy, as they should, they have a happily ever after. Cerise then turned to the rebels, Raven was trying to manage a smile, Cedar was just day dreaming, Hunter was chasing after that squirrel of his...what was it...Pesky?. Of course Cerise couldn't see Kitty but she knew she was there, and Maddie...wait...where is Maddie? She thought looking around for her.

"And Raven Queen- Apple white and the seven dwarves"

Raven suddenly jumped up as she heard her name being called out. Cerise was half asleep during his speech but heard stuff like props and other boring things. Cerise realized that everyone was standing up to go to different parts near this school to perform their plays.

"Good luck, Raven" Cerise said whispering, making sure Headmaster Grimm couldn't hear her

"Same to you" Raven whispered back and smiling