Love On A Leash

By: Atsureki

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Warnings: AU, OCC, Angst, Rape (nothing real graphic but it is there none the less), Abuse, Slavery.

Notes: Stuff written in Italic are thoughts.

Okay I only write angst but this is a very dark fic, very unlike the others I've done so far. Watch out for rape and stuff. I don't like that sort of thing but well this idea came to me and I just couldn't keep it from being written.

Chapter 1. A Reluctant Owner

Fujimiya Ran, known to most people as Aya, was not a very nice person. He was cold, callous and sometimes down right nasty. Not that he cared what others thought about him. Ran didn't give a shit about anything or at least that was the facade he put up for others to see. He muttered sourly to himself as he sat up on the edge of his bed. It was still too early to be awake but he felt like crap. Gently he rubbed his forehead and grunted. The redhead didn't drink much but that was something he obviously had changed the previous night since he was suffering from a hangover from hell. Shuddering in disgust he rose to his feet and swayed.

"Kuso," he growled to himself and tried to catch his balance. The bedroom was pitch black but he knew his way around well enough. Carefully he made his way towards the bathroom and was to say the least surprised when he stumbled over something and fell flat on his face.

"What the hell?" The redhead staggered back to his feet and fumbled around to get the lights turned on. There wasn't supposed to be anything he could trip over on the floor. Cursing to himself he flipped the switch and the room bathed in light. Lightning bolts of pain cut through his head as the sharp light blinded him. He squeezed his eyes shut and rubbed his temples.

After a few moments he opened them again and squinted at the spot where he had fallen. Amethyst eyes widened in surprise. In the middle of the room sat a naked man on his knees. His head was lowered so much that Ran couldn't see his face but there was something vaguely familiar about the mop of brown hair.

"Who the hell are you?" he asked coldly and stalked closer. No answer. The man didn't move a muscle as Ran's narrowed eyes ran over his body. There was barely an inch of skin that was unharmed and the sight made him wince. Someone had beaten, cut and by the looks of it burnt the man with cigarettes. It wasn't until his eyes landed on the collar around the stranger's neck that Ran realized that the man was a slave.

"Who are you?" he tried again. The slave didn't reply that time either. Annoyed the redhead walked around him and saw a piece of paper in his lap. Muttering he bent over and snatched it away.

I'll never play poker with you again Fujimiya! I hope you enjoy the slave you won, he was the best one I had. Have fun playing with him. I've taken the liberty of registering him in your name.


Kase? Who the hell was that? Ran thought for a while before he remembered. He had played cards with some men he didn't know the previous night. That Kase person had to be one of them, but he had no memory of winning any slave. The redhead sighed inside. He had never owned one and didn't want to either. The whole slave business made his skin crawl. It had been legal to own and sell slaves for about ten years and the business was huge. As crimes got worse and the prisons fuller some people had come up with the wonderful idea of bringing back slavery.

Instead of serving time locked up they simply took away the convicts freedom by turning them into slaves. But it hadn't stopped there. Parents sold their children to make money and sometimes people just disappeared never to be seen or heard from again. Most of them ended up on the market as slaves. As an owner of one you had the right to do whatever you wanted with them as long as you didn't kill them. Ran frowned deeply and stared at the brunette.

"Get up!" he ordered harshly. The slave winced and slowly rose to his feet but he didn't raise his head.

"What's your name?" No answer. What the hell am I suppose to do with him? the redhead sighed inside. His slave seemed to be just a few years younger than him. Ran scanned the naked body and growled when his eyes landed on a small mark on the slaves left hip. The little sign meant that the man had been branded a slave, most likely sold by his parents or simply stolen from a normal life.

"Can you talk?" The slave hesitated for a moment before he nodded.

"Well then, what's your name?" The brunette lifted his head slightly.

"K… Ken," he croaked out hoarsely. Ken had the biggest and brownest eyes Ran had ever seen in his life. The redhead scowled and pulled his eyes from the naked man.

"Go take a shower and put some clothes on!" His harsh order made the slave flinch and the brown eyes were shadowed with fear, but he obediently started limping towards the bathroom. Muttering curses underneath his breath the redhead picked up the phone to call for a doctor. Slave or not Ken needed to be checked out. After having arranged for a doctor to come over Ran headed for the kitchen. He seriously needed something for his headache.


When Ran returned to the bedroom he found Ken sitting on the very same spot on the floor again. The slave had obviously showered since his hair was still damp but he hadn't put on any clothes. Sighing the redhead approached the young man.

"Why aren't you dressed?" Ken winced at the sound of the cold voice.

"I… I don't have any clothes to wear," the slave mumbled and cowered before his new owner. Ran shook his head. Normally he liked the way people were afraid of him but he didn't like the idea of Ken thinking he would hurt him. Cold and impassive as Ran could be he wasn't one to physically hurt people, unless they really deserved it. Slowly the redhead took out a pair of boxers, sweatpants and a shirt and walked back to the slave.

"Here, put these on," he said and tried to make his deep voice sound a little less harsh. Ken took the clothes but made no attempt to rise. "You're going to have to get up." Trembling the brunette got to his feet and started dressing.

The pants were too long and the shirt too big but at least he wasn't naked anymore. As soon as Ken was dressed he sank back down on his knees. The room became quiet until the sound of the doorbell cut through the air. Ran headed for the door after taking another look at the slave. What was he suppose to do with Ken? He didn't want a slave, especially not one that was so scared and beaten. Muttering to himself he opened the door and let the doctor in.

"So what's the problem Fujimiya-san?" the plump man asked with annoyance. Ran decided not to answer just yet and lead the doctor to the bedroom.

"He is," the redhead said and nodded towards the slave who was sitting on the floor. "Get up." His order was obeyed at once.

"What am I suppose to do with him? He's a slave!" Ran rolled his eyes.

"I don't care what you do with him as long as you examine him!" The doctor grunted.

"Well then boy," he muttered to the slave. "Get undressed!" Ran frowned. He did not want to stay for that! Ken obediently started taking his clothes off.

"I'll be in the kitchen if you need me," the redhead muttered and hurried out from the bedroom. If he hadn't been in such a rush he would have noticed the hungry look in the doctors eyes. But he was too occupied with his problem of having to find someone to take Ken off his hands.

Most slave-owners weren't very nice and Ran wasn't too keen on sending the brunette to be mistreated, again. He sank down on a chair in the kitchen and poured himself some tea. So far he hadn't gotten a clue to just what type of slave Ken was and he had a hunch he didn't want to know either. His parents had never kept slaves and Ran wasn't social enough to be familiar with the business. The only one he knew who owned a slave was his cousin. Maybe he should call him?

The redhead had just finished his second cup of tea when he heard a strange sound from his bedroom. Scowling Ran rose to see what was going on. He walked into the bedroom and froze completely before his whole body started shaking in anger and disgust. The doctor had Ken pressed down on his stomach across a table. His fingers viciously digging into the soft skin of the slave's hips as he violently raped the brunette.

"Get away from him you sick fuck!" the redhead roared and pulled the disgusting man away from Ken. "You have five second to get out of here before I kill you!" The look in Ran's violet eyes was one of pure hate. The doctor pulled his pants up and ran for his life.

Trembling with anger the redhead turned to the slave again. Ken hadn't moved but his body was shaking badly. Ran swallowed. What was he suppose to do now? Why hadn't Ken called for help? The slave was bleeding and had a set of new bruises forming on his hips. Carefully the redhead placed a hand on the brunette's shoulder and shuddered inside when the slave flinched from the touch.

"Ken?" A pair of tear-filled brown eyes looked at him. The redhead might be cold, callous and sometimes mean but he wasn't heartless and what he just had seen made his heart ache "I'm sorry," Ran mumbled and helped the young man to his feet. He felt so guilty and knew that he should have stayed with the brunette instead of just leaving him at the hands of that perverted doctor. Now what? the redhead asked himself.

He still needed to get Ken examined but not by another man who would take the slave as someone who was up for grabs. Frowning he picked up the phone and dialled a number. This time he would demand a female doctor and he would stay to watch so that nothing more happened to the poor brunette. Ken was still shaking and tears kept on running down his smooth, bruised cheeks.


I'm being a real bastard here I know I know. This fic is very much AU. I'm not sure where this is going but I like the idea and will write on it when I have time. Ideas for Weiss-fic keep popping up in my head like weeds and I just can't stop myself from writing them down /grr/ Anyways, if you want more please tell me what you thought of this.

Oh and I also know that Ran is probably acting very strange here but oh well it's AU so he's a bit different than in the anime etc. And please don't kill me for what I did to poor Kenken. /hides under her bed/ Ja/Atsureki