Draco and Harry meet at Dumbledore's office, just on time, neither with a detention. Draco runs towards Harry and embraces him. "Hi" he says excitedly. "Hi" Harry replies. "I wonder what Dumbledore has planned for us." "Why don't you two come up and find out" they hear in Dumbledore's voice. "What even?" Draco asks. "No clue" shrugs Harry. They bound up the stairs hand in hand. "That was quick, come on in" Dumbledore says waving them in. "I heard you two made quite the splash today, Professor Snape and many of the students have been talking." "New relationships are always the subject of gossip" Draco quips. "Indeed they are, but our first male couple, and two sworn enemies, it is quite the scandal" Dumbledore says with his eyes sparkling. "Either way, after the media mess I have a different evening planned for you two. One a bit more...out of sight. Now if you will follow me" he says getting up and heading towards the door. "But where…?" Harry starts to ask. "Patience Potter" he replies. Draco shoots Harry a confused look. Harry just shrugs and grabs Draco by the hand and follows Professor Dumbledore out of the office and through the hallways, twisting and turning. "Here we are" Dumbledore says stopping to face a bewildered Draco and Harry. "A wall...in a corridor?" Draco asks trying not to laugh. "Draco...don't you know where we are?" Harry asks. "No. Should I?" Draco replies. "Draco you really should pay better attention to your surroundings" Dumbledore says. Harry lets out a laugh and nods. "We walked forever and went on a tour of the entire castle" Draco protests. Dumbledore mumbles a spell and closes his eyes while looking at the wall. Draco is still standing there confused, until the door appears. "WAIT...It's...REAL?" Draco asks. "Obviously" Dumbledore replies. "You really didn't know about this Draco?" Harry asks. "I heard heard rumors about the room of requirement, but I thought it was just a Hogwarts myth" he replies. "Well clearly it is not. You should explore the castle more Draco" Dumbledore urges. "For now you two, enjoy your date. I will be back in a few hours to collect you." "What do you think he has in there for us?" Draco asks. "Knowing Dumbledore...could be anything really. Shall we?" Harry asks. "Sure" Draco replies, pushing the door open and holding it for Harry. Harry lets out an audible gasp as he enters the candlelit room, with roaring fire. There is a table full of desserts and tea. In the other corner there are couches, a table with a game of chess set up and some books. In the other a wooden dance floor next to an old muggle record player. Draco follows Harry in, takes a long look around and then heads to make them both some tea. Harry sits on the couch and watches Draco, he knows how to make Harry's tea. How does he know that? "Thanks" he says as Draco hands him a cup of tea with two lumps of sugar. "How did you know how I took my tea?" "I do pay attention you know. Would you like a sweet?" he asks. "Sure, surprise me" Harry replies with a smile. Harry gets up to turn on the record player. He finds a Beatles album and puts it on. "What is that?" Draco asks. "You mean that wizards have never heard of the Beatles?" he replies. "Obviously not" Draco says. "Well you really do live in a different world. They were a global phenomenon in the 1906's. The Dursley's enjoyed them, and that is one of the few things I do share with them" he answers. "Chess?" Draco asks. "I suppose, I hope these chessmen listen to me better than Ron's did" Harry says with a laugh. "You should never play with other peoples chessmen, they don't trust easily. I don't know how well these will listen, or whose they even are" Draco says studying them. Draco and Harry play and just chat about their day. The chessmen behave fairly well, and don't correct them too much. Draco is quite excellent at chess, not that Harry is surprised by Draco being excellent at everything. "So, do you think Dumbledore is going to keep helping us escape? Do you think the media will really lay off? Do you think your parents will ever accept me?" Harry fires off rapidly. "Woah now, calm down. That is a lot of questions and a lot of I don't knows. Let's not think about that tonight, let's just enjoy and be as normal as we can be under the circumstances. Do you want to dance?" Draco asks. "I would love to, but this isn't very conducive to dancing" Harry answers. Draco flicks his wand towards the record player and Come Around by Rosi Golan comes on. Draco takes Harry's hand and pulls him up from his seat and whisks him over to the dance floor. He puts his arms around Harry's waist and slowly starts to sway. "Didn't your parents teach you how to dance?" Harry asks jokingly. "Of course they did, but I don't want to be stiff and formal, I want to relax and sway and just be close" Draco answers. "Problem?" "Not at all" Harry says wrapping his arms around Draco's neck and resting his head on his shoulder. They stay like this swaying long after the song has ended. They stop only when they hear an "ah hem" from the corner. They look over and see professor Dumbledore standing there. "Time to say good night boys" he says with a smile. "Professor, before we do, can we have some more tea and sweets?" Harry says looking longingly at the table that is still full. "I suppose, but only if I can join you two" he answers. "Sure thing, how do you take your tea?" Draco asks. "Milk, one lump, thank you" he answers and takes a seat on one of the plush sofas. Harry helped Draco by putting some sweets on a few plates and bringing them over. Once Draco joins them Dumbledore asks "is everything okay?" "Of course" they both reply. "Thank you so much for this night, it was wonderful, and the chess men, they were very well behaved" Draco says. "I am so glad. But Harry, you look worried" he replies. I am, a little, but I am sure everything will work out" Harry answers. "What are you worried about?" Draco asks. "Well I asked you about your family and accepting me, if the media would ever let us be, I'm worried about both of those things. I'm worried about how the world will react. I'm worried about making your life harder. I'm worried that if things don't work I will have made your life miserable for no reason" Harry rambles and then cups his face with his hands. "Harry, never think that I will regret this, or that you are making my life harder. No matter what happens I will always be grateful for this time. Please, don't worry so much. My family, they will come around, my Mother will make sure of it. The world...well who cares?" Draco answers. "Draco is right, his family will come around. The media will eventually find something new and more interesting. As for the world, they will still love you, they have to. You know this. You know why. You are the boy who lived, you...well you will see as you get older. They will not hate you for being with who you love" Dumbledore says. "Who said love" Draco says with a panicked face. "Relax, no one said that...yet" Dumbledore says with a smirk. "Now let's finish our sweets and get you two back to your dorms before lights out! Harry, come see me tomorrow if you are still worried and we will talk more, but I assure you, this is the least of your concerns and you are worrying for nothing." "Thanks professor" he replies. They finish their sweets in silence, and head back out. Dumbledore escorts Draco to his dorm first, Harry kisses him good night. On the walk back to Gryffindor Tower Dumbledore strops and explains to Harry "You know you have another job to do, you know that Voldemort still has to be beaten. As long as you fulfill the prophecy, the world will love you. Draco already does, it is why he panicked. Be gentle with him and he will help you." "I know, and I love him too, you know that though. I just don't want to hurt him" Harry replies. "You won't. We both know that" Dumbledore says. They continue walking until they reach the Fat Lady, as she opens he says "Have a good night Harry, and remember, be gentle."