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OK, so this is a collection of YAOI lemons I will update at least monthly, in addition to the other YAOI pokemonxpokemon and pokemonxhuman stories I normally write.
This chapter will be the longest, as it contains a kind of prologue to the story in addition to the first pare of males in the daycare.

Peater Rush was a forty year old X-Pokemon master.
During his time as Pokemon master of the Teerhal region, he made enough money to live happily for the rest of his life without working.
Instead of turning into a lazy slob like some would do with this good fortune, he devoted his time to making the world better for People and Pokemon.
His starter Pokemon, a Magby, was gay. While training this Pokemon, Peater discovered that, unlike humans, Pokemon still didn't accept other Pokemon with different sexual preferences.
Peater's precious starter Pokemon, then a Magmortar, was killed by a group of wild Pokemon who despised homosexual Pokemon.
Peater decided as soon as this happened that, in honor of his starter Pokemon, he would go around catching homosexual Pokemon and give them a home.
This job was never ending, and Peater spent most of his time doing this. It was quite a bit of work, but Peater knew that in the end it was worth it.
He had seen some Pokemon he captured going from despairing wrecks to healthy proud Pokemon, and this was all the encouragement he needed to continue his efforts.
Another good thing about capturing a bunch of gay Pokemon was they could find mates just as easily as a male can find a female mate in the wild.
When Peater thought two males were particularly attracted to each other, he would put them in daycare where they could freely mate with each other.
That, of corse, brings us to the point of this story.
Peater flew across his region on a powerful looking Dragonite, landing in Veihil town. Veihil town was small, but had one important service no other towns in the region had.
Peater walked down the pavement toward the doors of the Veihil daycare center.
He reached the doors and opened them. The inside of the daycare looked nice. It had a PC in one corner, a healing machine in another, and various other machinery.
There was also several Pokemon toys on shelves or littering the floor. Behind the daycare was a fenced in play area where the Pokemon could run around and play games.
Peater approached the counter and started talking with the lady at the counter.
"Hi! Welcome to the daycare center!" She said in a cheery tone. "How can I help you?"
"I need to put my Pokemon into the daycare." Peater said, putting two Pokeballs on the counter.
She scanned the Pokeballs with a strange looking device.
"Charmeleon, aged 3 years, male." She said. "Flareon, aged 2 and a half years, male."
"Alright, you can rest assured your Pokemon are safe with us!" She said, releasing the two Pokemon out of their Pokeballs.

It was no secret that the Charmeleon had a thing for the Flareon and thankfully the Flareon shared the flame Pokemon's fealings.
They had spent hours and hours together. Battling together, talking with each other, playing together.
They had done pretty much everything but mate. Charmeleon believed they may do that today as well.
There was lots of Pokemon around, but the Charmeleon saw places they could go where, if they chose to mate, they would not be desterbed.
He and his Flareon mate walked side by side, he on two legs, his mate on four.
Their tails were intertwined, a sign of effection between two Pokemon, letting all the other Pokemon know they were a pare.
Some of the Pokemon scoffed and glared at them, but several Pokemon smiled and remarked to their partner "how cute."
Many of the Pokemon were used to homosexuals here, some of them had gay trainers or had met many of Peater's other Pokemon here in daycare.
There were no other gay couples the Charmeleon could see, but that didn't necessarily mean there weren't others here.
The two fire Pokemon lovers played a few games together as they usually did, until Flareon braught up the subject of mating.
"You know, we've, urr, known each other for a while now." He said, fidgeting a little.
The Charmeleon thought he knew what was coming next. His tail fire began to glow brighter, which any breeder would know means the reptilian pokemon was becoming aroused.
"Uhm." He said, trying to mask the excitement in his voice.
"Well, it's just, well, most couples would have mated by now." The Flareon said, his face turning a brighter shade of red.
The Charmeleon could barely contain his excitement.
"Well, have you, ever, well, considered maybe us, err, perhaps, well, ya know, doing that?" Flareon blustered.
"As a matter of fact, I have indeed considered this." Charmeleon said in a relaxed voice.
"You want to now? today?" Charmeleon asked his mate.
"If you want too, only if you want to." Flareon said, his legs shaking.
"Of corse I want to!" Charmeleon exalted, waving his tail rapidly causing the air to heat up drasticly.
They walked over to a secluded private looking area and started to kiss.
It was awkward for them to do this, but when the Charmeleon bent down to stand on four legs it was doable.
They tasted the sweet taste of the other's maw, basking in the taste.
The Flareon pushed Charmeleon on to his back, exposing his stomach and penis to the view of the fire eon.
They continued kissing until Charmeleon pushed Flareon on to his back.
"You ready?" He asked the Flareon.
"Ready as I will ever be I suppose." Flareon responded nervously.
"Alright then." Charmeleon said, grasping Flareon's erect member as it poked from his sheath.
Charmeleon put his mouth over the tip of Flareon's penis and pumped it with his hand.
The fire fox Pokemon squilled in delight, humping into the Charmeleon's mouth and hand.
Charmeleon kept this up, the Flareon moaning periodically.
Flareon licked the top of the Charmeleon's head while the Charmeleon was doing this to him.
Charmeleon kept this up until the firy seed of the Flareon erupted over their bodies.
Faster than you could say Entei, the Charmeleon flipped the Flareon over and prepared to mount.
The charmeleon wasn't used to mating doggy style, but he knew it would be the most effective and most comfortable way for them to mate.
There was no question who would be mounting who, the Flareon had made it obvious throughout their relationship that he was the submissive one.
Charmeleon slowly found the Flareon's entrance, and began to push inward.
The Flareon moaned with pleasure.
"Harder charmeleon, harder!"
"Don't worry flarey, I'll get harder soon." Charmeleon said through pants and moans of his own.
Charmeleon thrust into the hot hole of the fire fox Pokemon, enjoying the feal of his lover's hot tailhole.
Flareon was loving the feal of his dominator's penetration. The pleasure made him riggle underneath the fire reptile.
The Charmeleon's belly hitting his rump and back added to his pleasure. He loved the feal of his mate so close.
Charmeleon's member was being squeezed by the Flareon's hole, sending jolts of pleasure down his spine.
He saw the Flareon's member hanging beneath them, the Flareon's ingorged red knot pulsing with need.
Charmeleon kept thrusting, his firm grip on the Flareon's shoulders keeping them on corse.
The feal of the Charmeleon on top of him was enough to make the Flareon cum, and cum he did. A torrent left his cock and pored on to the durt and grass.
When the Flareon came, it caused his hole to tighten more around the invading member of the Charmeleon.
Flame pored out of Charmeleon's mouth as he lost all of control of his body.
The flame didn't bother the Flareon, good thing since it was poring on to his neck.
Charmeleon thrust and thrust. Flareon was now getting the faster and harder mating he had begged for earlier.
"I love you so much." The Flareon said through the pleasure. "I wish I could hold your babies."
This touched Charmeleon's heart deeply, but he didn't think about that until later. His mind was too fogged up by his lust for him to ponder the Flareon's statement.
Sweat pored from their bodies, a rather odd thing since they were both fire types and used to high temperatures.
Charmeleon was starting to tire, but he didn't notice his failing body.
He thrust in and out, the Flareon moaning with every motion the Charmeleon made.
Charmeleon's toung hung from his mouth, drewl falling from his mouth and on to the Flareon's natural yellow collor.
"Flareon." Was all Charmeleon could say before he thrust two more times and ejaculated into his lover's cavern.
Flareon was disappointed it was over, but they were both very tired.
Charmeleon was no canine and therefore had no knot. They were not tied together.
They ambled over into the sunlight and layed down next to each other, the sun's rays hitting there bodies.
They fell asleep, and didn't wake up until Peater had returned from where ever he had gone to.

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