Ne.. Can moss get jealous?



Chapter 4


"Oi, Robin…"

Pausing from her trek, Robin glanced back to see the swordsman approaching her with a less than pleased expression on his face. "Yes, Zoro-san?" she asked curiously.

Normally Zoro was lost the moment he stepped foot on any island they happened to be docked at. The only time she usually ran into him was when they had to bail Luffy or Usopp out of some sort of trouble. This time, for some reason, Robin had the feeling Zoro had been following her for a while.

Zoro stopped on the worn path that led to the port town in front of the older woman. His good eye was looking away for a moment. Like he was hesitating before he seemed to forced himself to meet her gaze. ".. What do you know about the North Blue?"

"The North Blue?" Robin repeated with a raised brow. "I've never been there personally, but from what I read, it's a brutal sea. Only a few portions are even habitable. Even fewer have any sort of advanced culture."

"The weather that bad up there?" Zoro asked with a frown.

"The weather is colder, but it's not the weather. It's the people." Robin corrected.

The swordman's brows rose high. "The people?"

Robin nodded easily. "Yes. The people are.. Different from most. There's a different presence. A different attitude. Whether it's genetic or something that has to do with the environment, I really couldn't tell you. I think Brook has been there. You could possibly get a better answer from him." she offered when she couldn't explain it in definite terms.

Now confused along with concerned, though hardly admitting the latter to himself, Zoro looked back towards the ship. "… Where's Law?"

Robin tilted her head. "Law?"

"Yeah… Could you tell me where he is right now?"

Though puzzled, Robin nodded and closed her eyes. Delicately crossing her arms, she had several eyes appear throughout the area and onto Sunny. The moment one eye finish scanning it would disappear one by one. When she was scanning the ship, her brows rose when she saw Sanji heading into the bathroom. Another eye formed in the bath when the rest of the ship was empty, and her curiosity was rewarded when she discovered the Captain doctor reclined back in the steaming bath. … This is interesting…. She thought as she remained silent for a moment. A delicate ear forming next to the eye.

Law was sipping a drink as he watched the blond entering the bathroom. A slight smirk curling his lips. "I'm liking your choices… Seems a bit bold, doing this on your ship." the doctor pointed out lightly.

Sanji chuckled as he kicked off his shoes and loosened his tie. "We both have the senses to know if anyone is trying to board… Plus experience has taught me that trying to do something secret on an island is inviting the rest of the crew to crash the party eventually. We should have a decent amount of time to ourselves."

"That so?"

The cook glanced back as he was unbuttoning his shirt. "Doubt me?"

Law looked to the blond and shook his head. "Not so much you as the blue eye spying on us over there. Is that an ear too?" he asked as he looked directly at the eye watching them.

Sanji blinked and looked in the direction Law pointed. On seeing the eye Sanji chuckled. "Naughty Robin-chan." Sanji moved up to the eye and looked at it. "I bet the Marimo is having you spy, hm?" When the eye seemed to crinkle in amusement, Sanji smirked and put a finger to his lips. "I'll let you watch if you keep him away. Deal?"

The next moment a hand appeared flashing an OK sign before disappearing in a flurry of petals.

Robin opened her eyes and looked to Zoro. "I don't see him anywhere in the area, Zoro-san. He's more than likely finding a place to recover from being out at sea with us for so long." she mused with an easy smile. "Perhaps you should find Chopper? He may be able to help you if you're wishing to speak with Law."

Zoro frowned when he wasn't given a proper answer to either of his question, but he still nodded. "Yeah… Did you see if the cook was doing anything?"

"I saw him walking into the bathroom." She raised a brow high. "… Are you wanting me to peek on him, Zoro-san?"

The swordsman balked, and he was quick to shake his head. "No, that's fine. I'll.. Go look for Chopper. Thanks.." with that, Zoro wandered off away from the coast, no closer to figuring out this situation than he started.

Watching Zoro go, Robin let a slow smile curl her lips. "Very interesting…"

Once he was out of sight, Robin changed her direction. Heading for a little bistro on the boardwalk that would be the perfect place to relax and do one of her favorite hobbies.

Cook watching.


"Let her watch?" Law asked with a raised brow.

Sanji smirked and turned back to Law as he tugged off his shirt. "She's been watching me since we met. Watches me cook, clean, read, anything really." He let his shirt fall to the floor and hummed lightly as he unbuckled his belt. "Does it bother you?"

A thoughtful look was on the doctor's face as he considered it. "It's.. Different. Never dealt with a voyeur before." he mused as he finished off his drink and sat the glass aside. "You seem comfortable with it."

"I am. I like that she watches. Call me a closet exhibitionist." Sanji admitted on a chuckle as his pants and boxers were pushed down to pool at his feet.

Law watched with heated half lidded eyes at all the pale skin now exposed. "Sounds like a good partnership… Look but doesn't touch?"

Sanji stepped out of the pool of cloth of the floor and moved for the bath. His motions smooth and confident. "Hm, no touching. It's complicated, but it works. Especially in this situation. We have a vigilant look out on our side." he pointed out.

"Hey, stop there." Law called out.

"Hm?" Sanji stood still as told at the edge of the bath.

Law looked over the long and lean body. "Turn around for me slowly." he instructed his eyes took in the blond's frame and muscle structure.

Seeing that he was being examined already, Sanji smiled and began turning slowly. He was surprisingly calm under the doctor's stare. Able to feel the tension in the air, but knowing it already made it seem.. Natural.

Gray eyes scanned slowly over the pale body, lingering on the long legs. "… Your legs are longer than average compared to your torso.… Compact torso yet a broad chest… Your ribcage is wider, more than likely containing larger lungs than a normal person. That would increase your breathing capacity." He listed off in a very clinical tone.

"Would it?" Sanji asked on a chuckle as he stood still in front of the doctor.

The doctor nodded. "A normal person only uses roughly 60 to 80 percent of their lung capacity for breathing. Swimmers are able to make use of over 90 in order to hold their breath longer."

"Very astute." Sanji began for the bath again. Slowly stepping into it and letting out a low purr as he sank into the hot water. He settled into the bath and looked to Law expectantly. "So, how would you like to begin?"

"Hm.." Law slowly moved across the bath and dipped his hands down to take up Sanji's right leg. "I believe I'll work my way up… You can learn a great deal from touch…" he mumbled as he took up Sanji's foot and began massaging it slowly. Closing his eyes and letting his fingers map out all the bones and tendons, listing each by name in his head.

Sanji's blue eyes became half lidded as Law began. A low groan sounded deep in his chest as he relaxed back and let the doctor examine him. His Toes gently flexed under the attention. It had been ages since anyone had given him a foot rub, and he was enjoying it greatly.

After a moment Law seemed to pause as his hand went to the back of Sanji's heel. He frowned slightly and felt the area again. ".. It feels like you've got two Achilles tendons…" he said as he focused his attention to the area and felt around carefully. He distinctly felt two tendons where one should be. ".. Has it been split and repaired..?"

"No.. I've never had an injury to the back of my heel." Sanji answered easily.

"… Fascinating…" Law reached for Sanji's left foot and felt around in the same place. ".. Two… It's like it split… And is now supporting double.." He tested the flex of Sanji's foot and ankle. ".. the range of motion is greater.. The tendons can extend further…" He was about to examine Sanji's toes when he noticed a lot of scar tissue between each toe. He opened his eyes and looked at it. The scars went between each toe in a distinct curve. It had clearly been surgically done and was very old and faded. At first he was confused, but then it hit him. "… Webbing…" He looked up at Sanji. "You had webbed feet.. And had it surgically removed.."

Sanji smirked and wiggled his toes at the doctor. "You are good.. Chopper hasn't even noticed that."

"Was that a genetic trait?" Law asked, looking very eager now that he knew he was right. Sanji's race had developed genetic mutations to survive.

The blond nodded. "It would help us swim to the deeper parts of the ocean. A lot of my people would earn their living diving for pearls as they traveled."

"Pearls used to be the main form of currency in a lot of lands." Law mused as he studied the cuts. "You had this done young."

"When I was taken aboard the Orbit the ship's doctor did it. I couldn't walk for a month. Couldn't swim for almost a year. It was torture." Sanji groaned as he rubbed at his temples. "But I understood why it had to be done."

"It was an identifying trait." Law filled in. "Must have been painful."

The blond nodded. "My hands were worse."

Law raised a brow. "Hands? They were webbed too?"

Sanji nodded. "You can't tell it now. The doctor was able to do it better since there's obviously more space between fingers than toes." Sanji held up his right hand and looked at the three scars over his right thumb. "They were tender for a long time afterwards though. I cut myself peeling apples and it felt like I had hacked off my entire thumb because I cut over the scar."

After a moment of silence, Law looked to Sanji's eyes. "I'm wondering if you may be part fish man." he stated, it wasn't too far a stretch to assume something like that.

A shrug tilted the cook's shoulders. "Maybe distantly. There were tales of a tribe my people branched off from that sounded like fishmen. Nothing that could be proven though."

"Doubt anything could really be proven." Law agreed as he took hold of the hand and examined it carefully. Letting his fingers move over the long tapered fingers, the doctor paused when he felt it. It was very faint, but he could feel the line between the fingers. "… It was very well done… Minimum scarring that diminished as you grew older…"

"You sound impressed." Sanji mused as he watched with half lidded eyes. His hands were still very sensitive. The touches made his hair stand on end.

Law looked to the glazed blue eyes and smirked. "Perhaps I am.. And it explains why you don't like using your hands to fight." He let his thumbnail barely ghost over the scar line along Sanji's middle finger.

Biting his lip, Sanji twitched and writhed slightly. His heart pounding as the faint attention had him feeling like he was being driven mad. "F.. Fuck… La… Law…"

"Fascinating… How a scar so old can still be so sensitive.." the doctor purred. He kept up the torture until it looked like Sanji had enough. He let go of the hand and hummed as he watched the cook panting softly, all flushed and slightly frustrated. "I was correct.."

"A… About what?" Sanji asked as he rubbed at his hand, the tingling feeling wouldn't go away.

Law moved closer, almost on top of Sanji as he leaned in and let their lips faintly brush over each other. "About you being good research material.." he whispered before closing the space between them. He started slow. Coaxing the pale lips open before going deeper. Mapping out the cook's mouth with his tongue. Counting his teeth, Quickly discovering a long and flexible tongue returning the favor.

However Law was the one that needed to pull back for air after a long lingering moment. He was breathing a bit faster as a wicked smirk curled his lips. "… Just how long can you hold your breath..?" he asked as his hand dipped into the waters.

A curled brow quirked up before he was smirking as well. "More than long enough for you…" he purred as he placed his hands on Law's shoulders. He slowly pushed Law back to rest against the edge of the bath. "Care to time me..?"

Law relaxed back and let out a low hum. "Go down.." he said, then watched as Sanji took a deep breath and sank beneath the lightly steaming water. A second later he was biting his lower lip and letting his head fall back.

"Fuck… Perfect.. Research material…"


A secret little smile was curling Robin's lips as she relaxed back. There was a nice breeze blowing over the bistro's patio and the sun was nice and warm on her skin. Perfect conditions for her hobby. Things were really steaming up too. She felt herself getting a bit warm simply watching.

She had just watched the blond head sinking beneath the water when a large shadow settled over her.

"Robin-chan is peeking~!"

Opening her eyes, Robin looked up at the cyborg grinning at her. "I don't tease you with your hobbies." she pointed out lightly, but was still smiling.

"This is true! But! I doubt my hobbies would make my nose bleed." Franky pointed out as he took a seat.

Robin blinked before taking up a napkin and dabbing at her nose. When she saw nothing there, she level a light glare on her nakama. "I'll steal your panties again."

"Good! Then everyone will see the SUPER~ upgrades I just installed!" Franky cackled before waving down a waiter. "Oi! Cola! All of it!"

Robin rolled her eyes and delicately crossed her legs. "I know you didn't wander over here just to brag."

"Also true! I came to see if a slightly pissed swordsman just interrogated you." Franky admitted as he adjusted his sunglasses.

A thin black brow quirked up. "So Zoro asked you about the north blue?"

"Yep! I couldn't tell him anything other than it is located in the north. I don't think that was the answer he was looking for."

"No. I don't think it was." Robin mused lightly.

There was a moment of silence as Franky took a few cases of soda from a freaked out waiter and had his little mechanical hand pop out to open the small bottle. After drinking a few, he let out a thoughtful hum and looked to his companion. "Am I correct in thinking that this is having to do with the only two currently on Sunny that happen to be from the north Blue?" the cyborg asked casually.

Robin had her eyes closed again. "Hmm.. Could.. Very well be…" she clearly sounded distracted as she took a menu from the table and began fanning herself.

Franky didn't miss a beat and kept talking. "I'm wondering just how obvious he can be while still being oblivious. I used to find it funny. Now it's just super sad." Franky sighed. "I've been tempted to write a song of lament, but my head is far to super to be cut off. I'll leave it to Brook." he added with a resolute nod.

A soft laugh left her as she took up her drink. "That would be… Very prudent… Oh my.." She pressed the cold glass to the side of her neck in an attempt to cool down. "If only.. I could see under the water.." she whispered, chewing lightly on her lip.

Looking at the flustered woman, Franky lifted up his sunglasses, eyebrow raised high. ".. HA! And I'm called the pervert! Dirty Robin-chaaan~!" he cooed before downing another bottle of cola.

"It keeps me out of trouble…" Robin countered. "And it doesn't seem to phase them… Definitely doesn't phase them."

"As long as cook-bro is happy. Still feel bad for Zoro though. Even though it's his own fault." Franky added thoughtfully.

"There's a difference between feelings earned over time and Kinship. If Zoro admitted his own, I doubt this would be happening right now… Or that… Damn.. He can hold his breath a long time…"

That made Franky pause in thought. "So you're saying Sanji and this captain doctor bro are just having a tumble because they have kinship?" The fact she was getting hot and bothered didn't seem to bother him as he kept the conversation going.

"In a sense. They understand one another on more levels…" Robin shifted in her chair and fanned more. "Ultimately, their reasons are their own… But either way… Zoro flying off the handle is more than likely going to drive Sanji closer to Law… And from my perspective… I don't think Sanji has very far to go…"

Ignoring the innuendo and the fact Robin was about to have a lady fit right in front of him, Franky perched his chin on his giant fist and pondered the situation. "I didn't build Sunny to contain that much drama. I hope a fight doesn't break out. I don't wanna think of Sunny being chopped into little bitty pieces." he whined slightly. "But still! Kinda funny. Sanji going all Super crazy over the ladies while the men are going Super Crazy over him. I don't see where he gets the energy!"

"Mmm.. Neither do I…" Robin mumbled right before her jaw dropped. "Law.. Is more expressive than I thought…"

Franky rolled his eyes and popped the top on another cola. "It's like watching a smutty romance, only more smut and less romance."

"Shh.. I'm watching my smut.."



Oh my.. It's always the quiet ones…