After such a short break, we begin the first chapter of my new story! If none of you have read my previous work, Shadow Adventure 2, do so now or none of this will make any sense. Oh, and don't bother commenting on my formatting, it's not worth it. I try and I try to format my works properly, only to see it all fail due to a problem with the uploading process. So please, please don't bother mentioning it. (Oh, one more thing. Big's last name is Rose, which explains why Amy's is the same since he made her.) Disclaimer: Scales and the Demonic Four belong to me. Their original body designs, however, were based on Digimon. Also, most of the areas and happenings in this entire story are based on Sonic Adventure. Since I'm never making a prequel to Shadow Adventure 2, I thought this would be an acceptable alternative.

Day 0, 8:00 PM

It has been one year since the ARK incident. The Snively Empire has fallen apart without its master. The more intelligent robots attempted to set up their own fiefdoms, but they all collapsed thanks to our five heroes. The remainder of GUN attempted to take Scales and the others down in court for destruction of property and completely eradicating their central headquarters. But once Scales projected all the memories of her torture and the invasion of ARK by GUN, the trial was a moot point and GUN was permanently disbanded. Robotnik inherited the ARK and has turned it into a research center like it used to be. The Super Emeralds are all currently stored in a high-security vault in the Eggman Industries laboratory in San Francisco. Rouge has moved to Angel Island and is currently living with Knuckles. Her vast jewel showcase is hidden somewhere in Lava Reef. Robotnik is incubating a new Eggchao in his lab, and as for our favorite Chao couple Angel and Devil, they now have a newly hatched baby, Nightshade. As for Scales, she now lives with Shadow and Robotnik. She is a helpful addition to the team, and crime has never been the same since. But despite all the craziness in the last year, nothing that has come before can possibly amount to what is about to happen.

Shadow and Amy are getting married.

We join everyone on the ancient Echidna home, Angel Island. In the capital of this veritable floating continent, Echidnaopolis, the story begins in the Temple of Chaos, the centerpiece of Angel Island. It is a magnificent ziggurat, surrounded by a square moat of water and lush gardens. Inside the temple is a massive vaulted chamber, with stained glass windows lining the walls. This massive hall was full of humans and anthropomorphs, mostly echidnas. There are several large buffet tables, and large pillars supporting the ceiling. At the far end of the rectangular hall was a huge fountain built into the wall. Stone serpents rose from the edge of the fountain, water spilling out of their mouths. Rising above the fountain was a giant stone cobra, with torches for eyes and a closed mouth. Above the cobra statue was a single large stained glass window, a serpent formed of water depicted on it. A small set of stairs led to an altar at the edge of the fountain. Against a few walls were seats where a chorus of Chao sang for the enjoyment of the crowd. All our heroes and our friends were there, Scales, Shadow, Amy, knuckles, Rouge, Robotnik, Big, and a few others that Scales herself did not recognize. Speaking of which, let's see what's going on, shall we? Scales was standing with Shadow near a buffet table, sipping some punch. Considering how important an event this was, both were wearing something other than their standard attire. To put it plainly, Scales was wearing a ribbon around one arm and Shadow had a small black bow tie. Shadow looked a little nervous. "When's this thing going to start? I've been waiting for ages!" Scales chuckled. "Shadow, relax. Your wedding will start in just a little bit, don't worry. You're not getting cold feet, are you?" Shadow glared at her. "Of course not! It's just that I'm a little anxious. I can't help worrying something will go wrong." "Shadow, stop it! This is your wedding day. You've been waiting a long time for it, so just relax! Enjoy the pre-matrimonial party! Celebrate your last few minutes of bachelorhood!" said Scales. Shadow shook his head. "No thanks, I did enough celebrating bachelorhood last night." The night before, Knuckles and Robotnik had taken Shadow for a night on the town. He had gotten quite drunk and almost ended up in some hooker's bed. At the same time, Scales and Rouge had also taken Amy for a sort of bachelor party. Staying away from clubs, they had a huge shopping spree at the local mall. Scales had gotten so caught up in shopping that she had nearly gotten several dresses for herself before remembering she didn't need clothes. "Then go out and mingle! Do something other than sit here and dump your troubles on me. Go on, shoo!" She said, pushing him into the crowd. He looked a little angry, but gave it up and went to talk to some people. Scales sipped some more punch and was suddenly aware that something weird was going on by the fountain. The water coming from each serpent petered out and came to a stop. The people around stopped their chattering when they noticed this. With a bit of a rumble and grind, the mouth of the cobra opened. A stream of water gushed out of the snake's mouth, dropping into the fountain. After a few seconds, the stream stopped flowing. The water that had come from the cobra seemed kind of weird, a little bluer than the rest of the water. It almost seemed to move through the rest, before suddenly emerging from the surface and moving onto the altar at the edge of the fountain. The blue water massed together and formed a body. It stood on two thin legs that ended in large feet, each with two long toes. It had a long, flexible tail that was slightly wagging. It had two long arms that ended in three great claws each. Its head had a tall protrusion on the top that extended into two long drooping fins or something that went down its back. It didn't have much for a face, just two green almond-shaped orbs for eyes, a curving fang-like fin growing down from either side of the head, and a pink sphere encased in a field of static in the depths of the creature's head. Scales had never attended a wedding before or heard of how the Echidnas did it, so she was naturally curious. What was that thing? The water being spoke. "Will the couple desiring marriage please come to the altar?" The creature's voice seemed louder than it should be, echoing through the chamber. Scales could see Shadow and Amy heading for the altar, meeting on the stairs and heading up. Amy had changed from her usual red miniskirt to a white one with embroidered flowers. Her red headband had a flower or two clipped to it, and she was wearing a necklace with a diamond in it, a gift from her father. Shadow and Amy stopped in front of the strange water creature. As the Chao chorus changed to an angelic song, the being spoke again. "Children of the Earth, we are gathered here today to unite these two hedgehogs in wedded bliss. Please bear in mind that any distractions or noises from you all before this ceremony is completed could possibly destroy the sanctity of this event. Therefore, please refrain from making any disruptions. And yes, you in the cheesy tuxedo, I'm talking to you." The being said, pointing at Professor Big, who was currently stuffing his face at the buffet with a disgusted Froggy nearby. Big quickly got up and wiped his mouth with a napkin. "Thank you. Now, to continue. Once the decision is made, it shall be final and unbreakable, a sign of your eternal love for one another. Shadow Robotnik Hedgehog, do you take this female to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold through good times and bad times, through sickness and wellness, to love forevermore and stay with until the end of time itself?" Shadow, having gotten over his anxiety, answered without pause or hesitation. "I do." The being nodded and turned to Amy. "And do you, Amy Rose, take this male to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold through good times and bad times, through sickness and wellness, to love forevermore and stay with until the end of time itself?" "I do." Said Amy immediately, taking a sideways glance at Shadow. The being nodded and looked around. "If there are any who see reason that this loving couple should not be united in eternal matrimony, speak now or forever hold your silence." Thankfully, nobody raised their hands. The water being raised its hands. A ring with a ruby in it appeared on Shadow's ring finger, a ring with a sapphire appearing on Amy's. "Then by the power vested in me by the Creator, I, Chaos, God of Destruction pronounce these two hedgehogs husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride." Amy and Shadow leaned closer to each other and began to kiss. Chaos lowered his arms, signifying the ceremony was over. Everyone started applauding. Scales clapped as hard as she could, tears seeping from the corners of her eyes. My little brother's all grown up. She thought happily. Amy and Shadow eventually broke from their kiss and started down the altar, holding each other's hands. The applause grew louder. On the altar, Chaos seemed to smile, though it was pretty hard to tell since he didn't really have much of a face. But as soon as the beautiful scene had started, it started to fall apart. A shadow could be seen across a stained glass window. As the shadow broadened, the window suddenly shattered as something smashed through it, landing atop a buffet table. The gasps and screams from the public were substantial, considering the intruder. It was clearly a male. He was humanoid, six feet tall. His flesh was black and he did not have any clear "area" if you get my drift. His limbs were long and lanky. His feet did not have any toes, simply ending in sharp points. A barbed tail grew from his rear. Bony studs grew out of his legs. His chest was muscled and had a large tattoo of a yellow bat on it. Two great black bat wings grew from his back. He had no visible nose. His moth was fanged and outlined in gray. A red tattoo of a demon's face was on his forehead. He had no hair, nor any visible need of it considering how his entire body was black. He had two horns growing from the side of his head and a pair of glowing yellow eyes. Needless to say, he looked very much like a devil and it was perfectly understandable for the echidnas to panic. As many guests started streaming for the exit, more screams were heard as the ground burst open, another monster erupting from the floor. It was only four feet tall, but it looked quite dangerous and somewhat insectoid. His legs were long, greenish and looked like they had no actual joints, like they were made of solid flexible muscle. His feet each had three long sharp claws. His upper body was covered in a chitinous gray-blue armor and two huge plates of armor covered his shoulders. Each was long, curved, and had a spike growing from the top. His arms were much like the legs, no actual joints. They ended in a pair of armored hands, each with three great talons. Several curved spines grew up his back in a row. The intruder had a flexible neck and a face covered in a bony mask, hiding all features except for the formidable mandibles surrounding the intruder's toothy maw. The monster had green eyes. Two horns much like the other creature's grew from either side of the bone mask. More people panicked as another window shattered, a huge monster jumping through it and flattening a buffet table as it landed. This monster was fifteen feet tall and covered in a bony white armor. Its legs were thick and ended in feet that each had two claws. The legs joined in a spiky base. From the base grew a silvery faceted support, which held up the monster's great torso. It was like an oval and extended sideways, spotted with black dots. Each end of the oval ended in a shoulder that looked like a large organic ball, a head really. Each head was green and purple, with three blue eyes and a mouth lined with fangs running almost all around the side of the surface. From the bottom of these peculiar shoulders grew arms, each with an extremely round and thick lower arm, ending in a flat surface rimmed with three fingers, each of which split into two claws. The monster had no neck, merely a spiky armor ridge growing up the back and set atop the oval. Placed on the front of this ridge was an oval mask split into two portions, one white, one black. In the very middle of this mask was a hole from which a blue eye peered out. If this wasn't enough, the stained glass window over the cobra shattered and one last creature fell through it, landing atop the stone serpent. In a way, this creature was the worst of them all. It was seven feet tall. He was the only intruder with clothes. He wore large iron-tipped boots with three spikes at the end of each one. He wore dark jeans and a black leather jacket with 666 emblazoned on the back. A long rat tail grew from his rear. Two holsters holding some nasty pistols were attached to his back. His sleeves were long and had metal bands wrapped around them. He wore biker's gloves, each of which had the fingers torn through due to the creature's silvery claws. He wore a purple motorcycle helmet with the back cut out. A visor lowered over his upper face, enshrouding it. His bottom face, which was visible, had gray skin and a mouth with semi-sharp teeth. Spiky yellow- white hair grew from the back of the helmet. Two red eyes could be seen through the visor. A hole was cut into the helmet right above the visor, revealing a third eye, placed vertically in the intruder's head. He grinned down on the shocked people and said. "This is where you start running." After a moment, they did just that, screaming and running for the exit. The intruders made no move to stop them, rather they laughed at the fleeing populace. Scales saw Shadow, Amy, Knuckles and Rouge push through the crowd, obviously not leaving. Scales was about to stay and help out her friends, until she saw the Chao chorus were still in their seats, wailing. Chaos was moving about, trying to gather them up, but it was obvious he wouldn't be fast enough to save the Chao if a battle were going to start. Scales quickly warped over to the little things, scaring them even more. "It's okay, it's okay!" She said reassuringly. "I'm here to save you. Now gather around Auntie Scales, and we'll be out of here faster than you can say 'Chaos Control.'" A little worried, the cute little critters grabbed hold of her legs. Chaos noticed what she was doing and started herding the other Chao towards the lizard. When all the Chao and the strange water being were close enough, Scales focused on her Emerald's power, reaching out to hold everything near her, not just the stuff touching. "CHAOS CONTROL!" There was a flash and the whole group was warped outside. Chaos stumbled a little when he saw he was outside of his temple. He looked at Scales, shock visible in his green eyes. "How did you." he looked a little closer. "You have it.the eighth Emerald." Scales was too busy being mass hugged by the grateful Chao to pay attention to what Chaos was saying. "Okay, I'm glad you're all okay, now can you please get off of me?"

Inside the temple, everyone had gotten out. Everyone except the four intruders and the four heroes. "What do you want here? How dare you ruin our wedding!" Amy yelled at the creature on top of the cobra. The three-eyed biker-looking monster grinned. "Mephistopheles," he said, pointing to the black monster with bat wings. He sneered. "Lucifer," he said, pointing to the large bug-like monster. The creature chittered. "Baal," he said, pointing to the big monster. The creature grunted. "And as for me," said the biker, pointing to himself. "I'm Beelzebub. And together, we are the Demonic Four. We've come for your Chaos Emerald." Shadow's eyes narrowed. "Who sent you?" Beelzebub waved a finger. "Ah, can't tell you that. The boss said to take the Emerald and run. Now are you gonna fork it over, or do me and my brothers have to get tough?" Knuckles looked at his companions. "Hey guys, would any of you object to kicking these freak's rear ends?" "I'd love to. It's been a while since I've had a good fight." Said Rouge. "I'll show these goons not to ruin my wedding." Growled Amy, taking out the infamous Piko Piko Hammer. "I have no problem, Knuckles. Let's take them one-on-one, shall we? Rouge, you take the guy with the bat wings. Knux, you can have the bug. Amy, I'm confident you can take on the big guy. As for me, I think I'm in the mood for a little rat." Shadow said, looking at Beelzebub. The stranger sneered. "You think you can take us on? So be it! Boys, get 'em!" The monsters headed towards the anthropomorphs, who split up, each heading for their respective intruder.

Rouge stopped in front of Mephistopheles. "Come on, tall dark and handsome, show me what you've got!" "My pleasure." Mephistopheles took to the air, startling Rouge. "Hey, those wings aren't big enough to let you actually fly!" she yelled up at him. "Ask me if I care!" he yelled down at her as he suddenly shot down in a spinning drive, pointed feet first. Rouge rolled out of the way as the creature struck the ground, avoiding something very much like a drill drive. She launched into a powerful kick before he could lift off again, smashing him into a pillar. As he tried to pull himself out, Rouge let him have it with a Black Wave. The special attack blasted him straight through the pillar and onto a buffet table, breaking it and sending food flying. Rouge ran around the pillar and was surprised when Mephistopheles got up, not looking very damaged at all. "Nice one. Would you like to see my wave attack?" He spread his wings wide, pointing his long arms at Rouge. "Screaming Evil!" Rouge's ears vibrated, sensing a high-pitched noise. She dove behind the support pillar as the intruder shot a high-intensity sonic blast at her, completely shattering the window he had hit instead of Rouge. He took to the air again and started flying behind the column, only to find she wasn't there. "Huh? Where did-" "Hey handsome, look up!" yelled Rouge from higher up the column. Mephistopheles looked up just in time to see Rouge kick off the side of the column and shoot down in a drill drive, knocking the devil to the ground. He moaned and tried to get up, only to have Rouge kick him into a buffet table. She ran towards him and started kicking his chest repeatedly, causing the monster plenty of pain. He suddenly grabbed her leg before she could launch another kick and stood up, holding Rouge upside down. He hurled her at the column as hard as he could. Rouge flipped around in midair and grabbed the column as she hit it, then began climbing up. Frustrated, Mephistopheles started to fly up after the climbing bat. He stayed out from under her to prevent her from using a drill drive, then started charging up his special move when he was level with her. Rouge kicked off from the wall and glided into Mephistopheles before he could unleash the attack, knocking him from the air. As he tried to regain his flight, Rouge shot down at him with a drill drive, sending him to the ground hard and really doing a number on his chest. He struggled to get up, until Rouge kicked him in the head, knocking him out. Rouge blew on her spiked knuckles. "Yep, I've still got it." She said.

Knuckles squared off with Lucifer. "Those fists of yours look pretty strong. Not as strong as mine, of course." Said the monster. "Oh really? Why don't we just see about that!" said Knuckles, charging towards the bug. Before he could land a blow, Lucifer burrowed underground, popping up a second later and sending Knuckles flying. Knuckles got up from where he had landed and started charging towards the insect again. As Lucifer dug underground, Knuckles paused, his senses telling him where the monster would emerge. He jumped out of the way as Lucifer popped out of the ground where he had been standing. Before the bug could register anything, Knuckles delivered a powerful blow to the insect's face. Lucifer staggered back and swiped at Knuckles with its large claws, slashing across the echidna's chest. Knuckles winced, hiding the pain. "It'll take more than that to put me down!" he yelled. "Like this?" asked Lucifer, a fist flying forward and knocking Knuckles through a buffet table. As the echidna started to get up, Lucifer submerged himself and headed for Knuckles. Just as Knuckles was about to get hit by Lucifer from underground, he jumped away and punched the bug as he emerged. Lucifer growled and jumped backwards, clinging to a support column with one hand. "Let's see you dodge this so easily, tough guy! Inferno Blast!" A huge ball of fire manifested in the air and shot down towards Knuckles. His eyes widened and he tried to jump out of the way. The fireball struck the ground and exploded, sending Knuckles hurtling away. He lay on the ground, not moving. Lucifer giggled and dropped from the pillar, walking over to the echidna. As he was about to take a bite out of Knuckles, the echidna shot a spiked fist up, right into Lucifer's mandibles. The bug screamed and reeled back, clutching his equivalent of a jaw. While the insect was distracted, Knuckles prepared his own special move. "Thunder Arrow!" A ball of yellow electricity appeared over his head. A yellow bolt of energy shaped like an arrowhead shot for Lucifer, hitting him and putting the bug down for the count. "That's what happens to any vermin who cause trouble on my island!"

Amy glared up at the towering Baal. The giant laughed. "You puny pathetic thing. Do you really think you can harm me with that comedic hammer?" Amy's eyes narrowed. "You creeps busted in on my wedding ceremony uninvited, scare all the guests, and now demand my new husband's Emerald. I'll show you what happens when you make me mad!" Wielding her hammer, she ran at Baal. The great monster slammed a fist down, trying to pulverize Amy. She jumped out of the way of the arm and then hopped on. As Baal raised his arm back up, Amy launched herself from the limb with a Hammer Jump and swung her choice weapon right in the monster's face, knocking him back. Baal grunted and swung his right arm around. Amy swung her hammer at the exact same time, connecting with Baal's appendage. The resulting blow knocked both of them back a few steps. The giant gave up trying to pulverize Amy. He crouched down and suddenly jumped really high in the air, falling towards Amy. She rolled away from the giant's shadow before he hit the ground, cracking the floor. Baal turned to see Amy launching from a Hammer Jump. He had no time to block as she brought her hammer down on his face, knocking him to the ground. As the big monster struggled to get up, Amy hit him again and again and again with her hammer. Baal grabbed Amy with one of his odd fingers and flung her at a pillar. She hit the stone column and fell to the ground, hurt. Baal loomed over her and raised an arm, intending to smash the pink hedgehog to a pulp. Amy rolled away as Baal smashed his arm into the ground. She jumped onto his limb, launched herself off with a Hammer Jump, and swung her hammer into the monster's face, knocking him back. Growling, Baal was furious. He had had enough. "Okay you little nothing, take this!" His shoulders/heads opened wide, revealing a dark, hollow interior. Energy started to collect in the gaping maws of either shoulder. "Elder Shot!" Two huge balls of darkness shot from the shoulders. Amy sidestepped one all and immediately swung her hammer, hitting the other ball. Baal was more than a little surprised when, instead of exploding at contact with the hammer, the dark ball shot back along its original vector! Before he could move, the ball flew right into the shoulder/mouth that had created it and exploded. Baal roared in pain as his shoulder screeched in agony. Amy took advantage of Baal's moment of weakness and launched herself at his head with another Hammer Jump. She held her hammer up as she got higher in the air. "Time to finish this! Storming Heart!" Her body glowed as dozens of pink hearts formed in the air and shot for Baal's mask, each hitting and exploding, causing more and more damage. As the last heart exploded, Baal's vision cleared to see Amy's hammer about to hit him. Amy smashed her hammer into Baal's face and fell to the ground. The giant stood there for a moment, stunned, before he toppled, causing the ground to shake with impact. Amy put the hammer away and spit at Baal. "You shouldn't have messed with my wedding, bub. Like all roses, I have thorns."

Shadow ran towards Beelzebub. The menacing intruder whipped out both of his powerful guns and started shooting at the hedgehog. Shadow veered to the right or left, zigzagging to avoid the bullets. Beelzebub started leading his shots, trying to get Shadow to run into his fire. It didn't work. The dark hedgehog continued to avoid the bullets. He stopped when he got to the altar at the edge of the fountain. Beelzebub fired again. Shadow held his hands out as the intruder fired about a dozen rounds at him. Shadow's hands snatched the bullets out of midair, catching them all harmlessly. As Beelzebub stared at him, impressed, Shadow wound back his arms and threw the bullets at somewhere around the speed of sound. Several of the bullets pierced Beelzebub's flesh, leaving noticeable holes on his clothes and jacket. A couple of rounds shot straight into the barrels of his pistols, causing them to blow up in his hands. The intruder cursed and dropped the guns, shaking his hands. The intruder grimaced at Shadow. "Dammit, do you know how much damage you've just done to my jacket?" Shadow blinked. "Impossible! I just threw a dozen bullets at you at Mach 1 or thereabouts. How can you still be standing?" Beelzebub laughed. "Let's just say I was never a baby. You may have taken out my pistols, but my claws are still primed and ready for blood!" Beelzebub ran to the end of the cobra's snout and jumped off, lunging for Shadow. He jumped out of the way, causing the intruder to smash headfirst into the altar, cracking it. Beelzebub grunted and got up. "Good thing I always wear this helmet." Shadow instantly knocked into him with a Homing Attack, knocking Beelzebub into the fountain. The intruder jumped out of the water immediately and kicked at Shadow with one of his spiked boots, sending the hedgehog through the altar. Yes, I mean he smashed through the altar and hit the ground at the bottom of the stairs. Beelzebub ran down to Shadow, claws ready. Shadow groaned and got to his feet. As Beelzebub was about to claw him, Shadow raised a foot towards the intruder and activated his jets, hitting the freak with flames from his specialized shoes. Beelzebub roared in anger, seeing how his jacket was burnt. He beat out the flames and swung a fist at Shadow. He dodged the punch and ran around Beelzebub, knocking him over with a Homing Attack. Beelzebub got up and deflected Shadow's next Homing Attack with a fist, knocking Shadow to the ground. Beelzebub started preparing his special attack. His silver claws started glowing purple. Realizing this was bad, Shadow got up and started running as Beelzebub raced towards him, claws out and glowing. Getting an idea, Shadow ran straight for a support column. When he reached the base, he spun around, waiting for Beelzebub. The intruder was almost on him. Beelzebub grinned, his special attack charged. "Darkness Claw!" He slashed with both claws, leaving a trail of purple energy. Shadow jumped over Beelzebub's head at exactly the right moment, causing the monster to slice through the support column. As Beelzebub's three eyes bulged in horror, the column rumbled and tilted over. He screamed and started to run away, but wasn't fast enough. The pillar collapsed, smashing him into the ground. Shadow shook his head at the sight. "What a waste. Wish I could have found out where he came from." Suddenly, a portion of the fallen column shattered, Beelzebub jumping out from the dust cloud. He was clearly pissed. "Okay, that does it! No more mister nice guy!" As the enraged monster raced towards him, Shadow pulled out his Chaos Emerald. "Chaos Spear!" A huge bolt of green lightning shot towards Beelzebub, striking him. He screamed, crackling with electricity, and fell to the ground. Shadow blew pretend smoke from his Chaos Emerald and put it away. He left to see if the others were done fighting as well.

Outside, Scales finally got the Chao off of her. "All right, I'd better go see if Shadow and the others are okay." As she headed towards the ziggurat, all the people around her gasped, looking upward. Getting a bad feeling, Scales did the same thing. She gaped. Floating above the temple was a gargantuan airship. It was shaped sort of like a huge plane, but extremely thick and with wings making up part of the main fuselage. There were hundreds of jet engines and propellers keeping the thing aloft. On the very front of the ship was a huge rounded area pointing outwards. On this rounded area was painted a very familiar and terrifying image. Snively's face. Hatches on the bottom of the giant airship opened. Cannons lowered from the hatches and started firing at the ziggurat. Everyone but Scales took cover as the weapons caused the upper part of the temple to explode, showering debris everywhere. The weapons retracted and some more hatches opened up. Beams of light shone from these hatches, searching through the rubble of the wedding hall. There were eight beams in total. The beams found the unconscious figures of the eight people still in the building, the Demonic Four and Shadow and the others. As the beams shone on the right figures, they started to lift into the air, heading towards the ship. Scales ran forward, trying to get to one of the beams before they were gone. She was too late. All eight were taken inside the hatches, where they closed, the beams disappearing. The giant airship turned and started flying away. Desperate, Scales ran after it, running past startled echidnas and other people, jumping over passing cars while keeping an eye on the airship. After a few minutes of chasing after it, she saw the ship stop above the tallest building in the city, Guardian's Tower. This great skyscraper was built as a hotel/casino and the top areas were reserved for the current Guardian and his family. It was also where the Master Emerald was kept. That was bad. More cannons popped out of the ship's belly and fired at the top of the tower, sending Knuckles' and Rouge's home up in flames and reducing the residence of Knuckles' ancestors for many generations to be destroyed. As Scales watched helplessly, another tractor beam emerged and searched through the debris at the top of the tower. It stopped for a moment then began to retract, carrying a huge green jewel, the Master Emerald, with it. Scales moaned. "Oh no!" As the Master Emerald vanished into the giant airship, the whole island shook. The ship seemed to recede from view as the great floating landmass fell from the sky, crashing into the sea. The island quaked. Scales lost her footing, half expecting the whole thing to go under. She was quite relieved when, after a moment of shaking, the island was as still as it was before. Granted, it was no longer flying, but at least it was safe for the moment. Scales growled as she saw the ship fly away, heading east. She was about to try and think of a way to go after the giant flying machine when something tugged at her arm. Scales looked around and saw an echidna standing next to her. She was pink, though a little less so than Amy. She had a few white stripes of fur on her dreadlocks/spines and one large one on her chest. She wore a skirt with diamond patterns on it, sandals, and a necklace with a large sapphire in it. She wore a blue band on each wrist and a gold band on each arm. She had a gold headband with another sapphire set in it. She had startling green eyes. She didn't look much older than 20. "Excuse me, are you Scales?" she asked. "Yes, why?" Scales asked the echidna. The girl smiled. "Could you please follow me? Chaos wishes to speak with you." A little confused, Scales followed the echidna away from the Guardian Tower and through the mobs of stricken islanders.

And so the first chapter ends. Where did the Demonic Four come from? What was the deal with that airship bearing Snively's mark? Who is behind this new evil? And what the heck does Chaos want with Scales? For some of the answers, read the next chapter! And please review!