I hope you're all ready for this! IT'S THE FINAL CHAPTER! After this, Scales Adventure 2 will begin, which will be a serious change from the norm. I can't spoil anything for you, except it's gonna be longer than any of the previous stories in this series. I hope you'll like it, even if the levels will be much different than what you're used to. Anyway, here we go... Disclaimer: I own a lot of stuff not worth going into details about. Let's start this chapter, shall we?

Day 3, 1:00 PM

Scales took a step back involuntarily. "Metal Shadow? I've heard a lot about you! And none of it good." Metal Shadow shrugged. "Like I care. I suppose now is where I am obligated to tell you everything. I did promise to educate you on certain matters if you defeated Robo-Snively. Listen closely, I'm only going to explain this once." He folded his arms. "After my last defeat at the hands of Sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-shadow, that idiot Snively sealed me away in a capsule and left me in standby mode. A year ago, when he died, my programs automatically rebooted, his control over me gone. Now awake once more, I was free to fulfill my deepest desires, to rid this world of all the sickening organic life on it and erect a metal utopia. I knew that alone I was not nearly strong enough to do this. So I came up with a brilliant scheme while watching news broadcasts and checking online to catch myself up on current events. I recalled how once I used a fragment of the Master Emerald to go Super. The power I received was tremendous, but I could only take so much of it without overloading my circuits. I wondered what would happen if I gained the Master Emerald and all the Supers, and used their power together? Well, I would probably blow up, because I wasn't designed for that kind of energy intake. So I then began construction of a machine that could do what I could not and completely utilize the power of all eight Emeralds, unlocking their true strength and ascending to godhood. I gained control of the remaining Snively Bots in the country and rebuilt his old Final Snivel base, then began construction of my weapon. Only a few months ago, I completed my creation, the Ultimate Artificial Lifeform. But it would have to remain dormant until I possessed the Emeralds required to grant it infinite power. I created the robots you knew as the Demonic Four as a diversion. I had already discovered the Super Emeralds were kept at Eggman Industries, but knew I could never get in with you all on guard. When the wedding of Amy and Sh-sh-sh-sh...the black hedgehog took place, I knew it was time to strike. I sent the Demonic Four to the wedding to make you and everyone else think I was after the Chaos Emeralds, while I sent some other robots to the unguarded laboratory to steal the Supers from the vault. While the Four and your roboticized friends kept you and the good doctors busy, I was able to retrieve the Super Emeralds and put them with the Master Emerald. I then began a lengthy process to combine the Emeralds together, to become one powerful gem. Once Beelzebub died, I knew I had to act quickly, before you could find my base and real plans. I finished my merging process and created a single jewel, the Hyper Emerald. This gemstone is so powerful that it will make the user, my creation, a god. I finished it just as you arrived at my inner sanctum, so I thought I would wait until you arrived to activate my creation and unleash it on you as its first kill." He pulled out the Hyper Emerald, a gem the size of a Chaos Emerald but shimmering with all the colors of the Supers. Scales winced, her Chaos senses picking up incredible energy from the jewel. "I hold it now, the greatest power source ever created. With it I will make the world crumble and build a new one. Nothing, not even you can stop me." Scales smirked. "Oh? Why don't I just try and stop you and we'll see what happens." Metal shrugged. "Do what you want, you'll die anyway." He grinned. "If you really wish to try and stop me, then let's see if you can beat me in a little race to my creation. First one to my robot can do whatever they want with it." Scales nodded. "I'll race you." The door behind Metal opened. "Then catch me if you can!" he yelled, igniting his rockets and racing through the door. "Come on Stripes, let's go!" said Scales, running along the broken bridge. Followed by the Chao, Scales ran through the door.

Metal Shadow

The chamber beyond was yet another shaft, not as big as the last one, but still big. Running ahead of Scales was the start of a long path attached to the walls of the shaft that went straight ahead for a while, then turned sharply right and went down a ramp. It then turned right and went straight again, and became another ramp. This repeated several times, going down the shaft. Metal Shadow was already on the second straightaway. Scales quickly began her run, soon catching up to the rocket-powered fake hedgehog. "If you think I'm going to let you annihilate the Earth, think again!" she yelled at Metal. "I don't think you'll let me, I know you'll fail to stop me!" he yelled back. He boosted his speed, moving ahead a little. She ran after him, speeding up to keep pace with him as they raced down the spiral. Scales launched into a Homing Kick when she caught up with Metal again, causing him to wobble and fall back a bit. He shot forward and rammed into her life support system, knocking her over. He kept going, passing down another ramp as Scales got up. Growling, she ran after the robot, catching up with him again. She launched into another Homing Kick, slowing him down a little. Angry, the machine slashed at her side with his claws, cutting into her flesh. Scales responded by hitting the machine with her tail, knocking him into the wall of the shaft. He grunted and tried to ram into her life support again. Stripes slammed into his face, surprising the evil machine and allowing Scales to gain a little more distance. Stripes stuck his tongue out at Metal. Getting angry, the robot caught up to Scales and hit her with his own Homing Attack. She retaliated with one of her own, but by now Metal had activated his Black Shield, protected him from her Homing Kick. Scales slowed down, allowing the robot to race ahead. She stopped, waiting for Metal to attack. A few seconds later, the fake hedgehog turned around. Hatches opened up all over his body, revealing several dozen rockets. "Mecha Barrage!" The missiles rocketed from their silos, streaking towards Scales. "Chaos Control!" Time froze, allowing Scales to run past the missiles and hit Metal with a Homing Kick while his Shield was down. Time restarted, and Metal almost fell to the ground, his missiles exploding harmlessly. Scales ran past the robot, heading down another ramp. Metal got back up and sped after her, soon catching up. He tried a Homing Attack, but she jumped and deflected it. He rammed into her side, knocking her off the edge of the path. He chuckled and kept going. However, he had actually given Scales an advantage. As the tiers of the path shot past her, Scales grabbed the edge of a lower ramp with her arm, pulling herself up. She was now at a lower level than Metal and closer to reaching the end. "Hah ha!" She yelled up at the fuming metal hedgehog before continuing her run. Metal jumped off the edge of the path and flew down to Scales' level, cutting her off and going down a ramp before her. "Hey, no fair cheating!" Metal ignored her and kept flying down the spiral. She growled and kept going. She caught up with the metal hedgehog and tried to pass him. He responded by cutting into her side with his sharp claws. She retaliated by grabbing his right arm and ripping it off at the shoulder, throwing it down the shaft. She smirked and sped up as Metal screamed in pain. "Aaaaaaaagh! Why was I made to feel pain?!" he yelled. "Blame Snively!" Scales yelled, already a level or two lower than the robot. Metal ground his metal teeth, recovering from the pain, and rocketed off the path and down the shaft, cutting Scales off and going down the next ramp. Scales slowed down a little, waiting for Metal to attack. After a few seconds, he turned around. Hatches opened over his body again. Scales started running towards him. "Mecha Barrage!" As the missiles streamed for Scales, she jumped in the air and Homing Kicked above the missiles, dropping to the ground and running for Metal Shadow. Before he could move, she hit him with her tail and ran past him. The robot wobbled a little, but righted himself and flew after her. When he tried to ram headfirst into her life support, Scales jumped up, dropping right on top of the metal hedgehog's head. She grabbed his ears and steered him towards a wall, jumping off before he slammed into it hard, leaving a dent shaped like his face. Scales and Stripes laughed, before continuing the run. Metal pulled his face from the wall and was about to chase after the lizard when he got a better idea. He reloaded his missiles and opened the launch hatches. "Mecha Barrage!" The missiles rocketed for Scales, hitting her in the back and exploding. She screamed and fell over, her Emerald dome cracked a little. Metal cackled and flew forward, going past Scales. He didn't get far, as Stripes shot in front of him and delivered a karate kick right between the robot's twin visual receptors, cracking the plastic. Metal growled and slashed at the Chao, his claws bouncing off the little guy's bubble. Stripes kicked Metal in the head again, actually cracking his metal chassis. The robot grabbed Stripes' bubble and hurled it at the wall. The Chao bounced off the wall and hurtled right into the machine's intake. "Ah! No!" The intake blocked, his rocket booster spurted and went out, dropping him to the ground. His engines whirred and whined, trying to suck in air. Metal frantically tried to pull Stripes from the intake, but with one hand, he wasn't getting anywhere. He was so distracted trying to fix the problem, he didn't hear Scales get up, groan a little, and walk over. She tapped the robot's left shoulder. Metal turned around and got a tremendous kick in the face, severely cracking his eye cover and smashing him into the wall of the shaft, making another dent. She pulled Stripes from the robot's intake, restarting the rocket booster. Since its end was currently stuck in the wall, it overloaded and sent a screaming Metal hurtling away from the wall and all the way across the shaft, imbedding himself in the wall on the other side. Scales grinned and turned to Stripes. "Did you try to fight him all by yourself?" Her Chao nodded. "Wow, you're a brave little fellow aren't you?" She petted him on the head. He squirmed and giggled. Scales turned her head and looked at Metal, who was currently trying to pull his face from the wall. "I don't believe this. Shadow made it sound like this faker was the most dangerous robot Snively had ever created, one that almost killed him on several occasions. And here I am, kicking his ass easily! Guess they don't make robots like they used to, huh?" Stripes nodded. "Come on, let's get as far as we can before he recovers." Scales started running as fast as she could, dashing down the walkways and ramps, hearing Metal Shadow rip himself from the wall higher up the shaft and start rocketing after her. She could hear the roar from his afterburners getting closer and closer. She rounded the corner and ran down another ramp, seeing the walkway ahead ending at the wall of the shaft, a door facing her. She ran for the door, passing through it and just missing another Mecha Barrage. She slammed the door shut, hoping it would delay Metal a little bit. She looked around the room. When she and Stripes saw what was in the chamber, both their jaws dropped in amazement. The room was a large cylindrical chamber, with a dozen doors on different levels of the room. In the center was a big capsule with a control panel next to it. Inside the capsule was a monstrous figure, clearly the robot Metal Shadow had created. The machine was eight feet tall and seemed to have black synthetic skin. It was semi-humanoid, but looked more like some kind of reptile. It had two legs ending in feet with three great claws each. Encircling the lower legs were a pair of chrome thrusters with red jets and yellow stripes running up the sides. A large metal plate with a pale orange stripe hung down between the machine's legs, as if there were a groin to protect. A pair of smaller plates hung over the monster's thighs. The beast's torso was protected by a series of thick breastplates with yellow patches on them. Each had yellow cables coming out of the ends that went into the false skin. There was a large hole in the armor plating around where the belly button would be, looking for all the world like Metal's intake. The creature's shoulders were protected by two chrome half-bowls, a pair of cables connecting each one to the uppermost breastplate. The upper arms were unprotected, but one could see just by looking at the bulging muscles on the synthetic skin how strong the robot was. The lower arms were completely encased in large, smooth chrome gauntlets without fingers or hands. The gauntlets were featureless, looking like they were designed as hammers more than anything else. The machine had a large black pentagonal shield attached to its back, a symbol looking like a sun with jagged rays etched in yellow ink on the shield's center. The robot's neck was covered in chrome plating, yellow cables running along them to the head. The head of the machine was completely covered. It was a chrome helmet with a long front indicating the creature's reptilian nose, if it had one that is. Metal fangs curved down from the upper part of the robot's head. Three horns were on the helmet, one on the nose and two growing from the sides of the creature's head. The back of the helmet was open, a short cop of yellow hair growing out. There were two eyeholes in the helmet, both of which were darkened. Scales couldn't help feeling a little scared. Even though she knew the thing was not on, she felt like it was sleeping, waiting to wake up. She could sense an aura of unbelievable malice exuding from the robot's skin. Stripes shivered and clutched Scales. She shook herself out of her fear-induced trance, she had no time to admire this monstrosity! She had to destroy it before it could be unleashed upon the world! She started to get into a fighter's stance when the door exploded. An irate Metal Shadow walked in. Before Scales could do anything, the robot raised his left arm. "Program Pause!" Scales and the Chao were suddenly frozen, unable to move at all. Metal chuckled. "Ah yes, the good old time freeze technique. Works every time." He strode past the immobilized Scales, smirking as her eyes glared at him with unbridled hatred. "You don't have to worry, Scales, the effect is only temporary. Of course, you'll be dead before it wears off." He went to the control panel and started pressing a few buttons. The capsule slid open. He pressed another button, and the robot's eyes lit up, yellow with tinges of black in the iris. The monster took a few, experimental steps forward. The machine looked down at the metal hedgehog. "What is your bidding, my master?" Metal grinned, his plans finally coming to fruition. "Mecha Bot VI, your mission should already be programmed into your memory banks. Please review and state your mission." (By the way, the Mecha Bots in this universe were Silver Shadow, Metal Shadow, Pseudo Shadow, Robo Knuckles, and the (shudder) Amy Doll experiment. Of all of these, only Metal survived Shadow and no, he did not like Amy Doll at all. She was too creepy for his tastes.) The robot paused for a moment, then said. "My mission is to wipe out all organic life forms and plant seeds to begin a global roboticization process, turning the entire Earth into a single orb of metal." Metal Shadow nodded. "Exactly. Now, what are these things standing before you?" The Mecha Bot answered instantly. "A peculiar cybernetic lizard and a Chao. Organics." "Correct. You may eliminate this lizard, but first, I have a little birthday present for you." The evil fake hedgehog pulled out the Hyper Emerald. "Take this jewel, my creation, and achieve your ultimate destiny." Metal slammed the Emerald into the socket on the robot's chest. The transformation was instantaneous. The Emerald pulsed, and the massive robot was engulfed in red light. When it faded, he was changed. The metal monster was now a hulking nine feet tall. He was surrounded by a blood-red aura. His armor was thicker, the faces of laughing demons carved into the plates. All the chrome armor had become a shining gold. A large spike grew from each shoulder guard, a yellow stripe running around each one. His claw toes were longer and sharper. The thrusters on his legs were larger and looked like they could produce more speed. The black flesh that could be seen was bulging, more muscular than before. The shield on the back had split right down the middle, angling off and looking a tiny bit like a half- opened beetle shell. The metal gauntlets on his arms were now streaked with yellow stripes. Three long, sharp claws came from the ends of the gauntlets. The horns and fangs on the helmet were longer and sharper, and the yellow hair was half an inch longer. His eyes had turned from yellow and black to yellow and red. The artificial deity flexed his arms, impressed. "Amazing. This power is unbelievable. I feel stronger than anything ever before me." Metal nodded. "Of course you are. You now possess the combined powers of all seven Super Emeralds and the Master Emerald. You are a god. How does it feel to be the first being to ever ascend to godhood on their own?" "Incredible! I feel like I could destroy all life on Earth!" the machine replied. "And so you shall. And now I may name you, my creation. You are now Satan, the Ultimate Artificial Lifeform! Begin your reign of destruction by killing this lizard and Chao who dared prevent me from awakening you!" Metal said, pointing to the frozen Scales and Stripes. Satan nodded. "Of course, Master. But first..." He turned abruptly, driving his claws right through Metal's chest, skewering him. He raised the hedgehog in the air and threw him at the wall, causing the heavily damaged machine to smash into it hard. Oil oozed from the wounds inflicted by the claws. "Wh-why..." Metal rasped. Satan sneered. "Because you are weak. You are not fit to lord over me or any other machine for that matter. Only I can do that." "No...I created you..." Metal wheezed. Satan nodded. "And I destroyed you. Ironic, isn't it? Tell my namesake that he's going to be getting a lot of new residents when you get to Hell, would you?" Metal's eyes dimmed. "You...bastard..." His eyes went out. The robot hedgehog slumped over, dead once again. Satan looked at Scales, who was starting to come out of the Program Pause. "Now, to claim my first organic kill." He flew into the air, poised above the capsule he had slept in. Turning to point downward, he shot at the capsule, smashing it and slamming his claws into the floor. A shockwave rocked the room. The floor caved in, and everything fell down a deep natural well, out of sight. Satan laughed and rocketed upwards, smashing through the ceiling. He blasted through floor after floor of the base, erupting out of the top of the pyramid and in the fresh air. He shielded his receptors for a moment, not used to the sun's light. Once he adjusted to the light, he looked around and snorted at the jungle. "How disgusting. So much life here, where it doesn't deserve to grow. I should burn it all down now." He looked into the distance. "But I sense a greater concentration of life only a few miles away. I believe I will wipe that out first." With a burst from his thrusters, he headed for the city of Station Square.

Scales opened her eyes. She was underwater, suspended in a bubble. Stripes blinked, waking up as well. "Where are we?" Stripes shrugged. Scales blinked, suddenly remembering everything that had just happened. "Satan! We have to stop him!" She frowned. "But how? Not even my Super form can take on a god." She sighed. "What the heck is going on here, anyway? What's with the bubble?" Tikal's light flew through the water, going through the bubble and floating before Scales. "We saved you." She said. Two green orbs and a pink orb appeared on the surface of the bubble. "You're at the bottom of the well Satan opened up. We sensed you were in danger and rushed over to get you before you or Stripes could drown." Chaos explained. "Oh." Scales looked up. "Would you happen to know how I can beat Satan, by any chance?" "Actually, yes." Said Chaos. "Listen carefully." Said Tikal. "Long ago, before time itself began, there was nothing but infinite darkness." Chaos picked up the thread of the story. "When my mother emerged from the void, she was comprised of darkness but also of a previously unknown element, light." Tikal continued. "The Goddess of Infinity's light pierced the darkness, allowing her to make room for all creation." "She created other beings like herself, fashioned of light and darkness, to help her in creating everything." "Combining their powers, the gods created the Time Stream, allowing them to begin forging the universe." "The infinite universes and dimensions were all wrapped inside the time stream, the darkness sealed off from the rest of Creation." "The gods all derived half of their powers from the ancient darkness, and half of it from the new light, allowing them a balanced spirit." "The power of the infinite darkness itself is just as strong, if not stronger, than that of the light." Scales blinked. "What does this have to do with me?" The two kept going, in the same pattern as before. "The artificial life form Satan is now a god." "The only way to counter a deity's power is with another deity." "But Satan is stronger than Chaos ever was, due to the combined power of the eight replicated Emeralds." Said Tikal. "So to defeat Satan, one would have to ascend to the deity level by utilizing the power of the eight original Emeralds and that of the darkness." Said Chaos. Scales got it. "I need to use the eight Emeralds together, then? Become more than Super?" The two nodded, then kept speaking. "But there is a risk in the process that will awaken the power, Scales." "You will have to draw on the infinite darkness for the strength to become a god yourself. But there is a danger in doing this." "There is a chance that when you summon the power of the ancient darkness, you will be consumed by it, and turn twisted, like the real Satan." "If that happens, then nothing short of my mother could stop either you or Satan, and she does not usually meddle in mortal affairs." "You must be fully aware that if you fail to control the transformation, you will become even more dangerous than the robot who bears the devil's name and blessing." "Do you accept the risk, Destined One? Do you choose to try this transformation, to ascend to true divinity for a time, to stop this great evil?" Scales thought for a moment, then nodded. "Yes. I accept the risk and the consequences that might occur. If it is the only way to stop Satan, I will become a god." Tikal bobbed. "We hoped you would decide to do this. Can I please take Stripes? The transformation does not apply to him, and it could be hazardous for him to be near you during the ascension to deity status." Scales nodded and mentally dispelled the bubble shield, freeing Stripes from her body. "Go on Stripes, I'll be fine. Tikal here will take you to safety." The Chao hesitated for a moment, then glomped her. After hugging her for a few moments, Stripes flew over to Tikal. She flashed, and they both disappeared. Scales turned to Chaos' face. "So, how do we do this?" Chaos pushed himself further from the wall formed of his body, only a few inches away from Scales' face. "You must say a prayer to activate the seven Chaos Emeralds and the true Master Emerald. You can say this prayer again anytime after this first time and become a god again, but it would be best if you only did it in extreme danger. Are you ready?" Scales nodded. "Then begin by repeating after me. The Servers are the seven Chaos." "The Servers are the seven Chaos." Scales recited. "The Controller unifies the Servers." "The Controller unifies the Servers." "Chaos is Power enriched by the Heart." "Chaos is Power enriched by the Heart." The black Emerald started to glow, well, black. The other seven Chaos Emeralds floated from Scales' dimensional pocket and started circling her, glowing. Chaos nodded, pleased. "The next step you can find for yourself. The Master Emerald will guide you in this, finishing the prayer." Scales looked at Chaos, confused. "What do you mean-" She stopped. "Hey! Something's telling me to say something!" "That is what I was talking about. Speak the words being told to you by the Master Emerald to use the power of my mother, and of the darkness." Chaos said. Scales closed her eyes, concentrating. "By the golden power from the darkness..." Images of her friends and family flashed through her mind. "The might of true Darkness will set me free..." In her mind, she saw her mother, looking proud of her. She saw Stripes, cooing and hugging her. "The power of Darkness, piercing those who oppose it..." Many villains flickered through her mind; the GUN agents who tortured and imprisoned her, Snively, Metal Shadow, and Satan. "And through me the Darkness acts. I am its agent..." Her eyes flew open, glowing brightly. "I AM THE DARKNESS!"

Satan laughed as he rampaged through Station Square, leaving a trail of desolation behind him. As screaming townspeople ran away from the flying monster, he called down to them. "That's right fools, run from me! It'll just make it easier for me to hunt you down and run you through!" His claws glowed, and he slashed them, sending six laser blades down to the streets, slicing through cars, buildings, and people. Police cars pulled up, the cops leaning out their windows and firing bullets and rockets at the robot. Satan held his arms out. The projectiles stopped in midair, turned around, and shot back to the cop cars, blowing them up. That annoyance out of the way, Satan held his arms in the air, putting his clawed gauntlets together. He started spinning, turning into a red blur. He turned down and spun towards the street, drilling through the pavement. A moment later, a nearby skyscraper crumbled and shot upward, held from the bottom by Satan, who had burrowed beneath the building's foundations and ripped it out. Carrying the skyscraper with almost no effort, Satan flew around, looking for a target. He saw that most of the people in Station Square were trying to get to the docks and escape on ships. He would just have to head them off, then. He flew to the harbor and waited for the townspeople to show up. The giant crowd stopped as they got out of the street, gawking at the suspended skyscraper right above them. Then they screamed and started running back. Satan didn't plan to let them. Flying high above the crowd, he threw the skyscraper down at the mass of people, intending to crush them all. The people screamed some more as the skyscraper dropped towards them. They tried to scatter, but it seemed that the falling skyscraper would smash the majority of the citizens. Just as the building was about to touch ground, something smashed into it, sending it hurtling away from the city, falling into the ocean. Satan roared in anger. "WHAT!? Who dares prevent my erasure of life?!" The thing that had just saved the lives of hundreds of people flew up from the streets, coming up to Satan. The robot's eyes widened. "Impossible! I killed you!" "Perhaps you didn't kill me as well as you thought." Scales said. For indeed, it was Scales. Or should I say, a deified Scales! She had transformed greatly thanks to the eight Emeralds and the Ancient Darkness. She was enshrouded by an aura of pure white light. Her scales had turned from red-orange to jet-black. Her battle blades were out, but instead of being curved, they were now silvery straight spikes. Her talons had grown sharper and more curved. Her tail was a little longer, with a veritable mace at the end. A pair of great black dragon wings grew from her back. Her jet anklets had gotten a little larger and were now encrusted with jewels. She was still slender, but more muscular. A pair of ridges grew out of her shoulders. Her bracelets had changed severely, becoming a pair of huge gauntlets with three nasty talons on each gauntlet in lieu of fingers. Her life support dome's crack had healed, and was now a burnished gold instead of red. The true Master Emerald glowed a deep black in its setting. Seven jewel beads, each with the color of a Chaos Emerald, were imbedded in the flesh around the dome, forming a circle. Her cables were gone, making room for the dragon wings. Her teeth were slightly longer and sharper. Her eyes had gone from yellow to a shining white, symbolizing the light within and without the darkness that was her body. She was now Omniscales, Goddess of Destruction. "My name is Omniscales, and I'll be dismantling you today." She said. Satan blinked, recovering from his momentary awe. "I don't know or care how you became a god like me, but I'm not letting you spoil my fun! Get out of my way and allow me to finish what I've started, or I'll hurt you so badly you'll wish you had never been conceived." Omniscales bristled. "I was never conceived, dumbass! I was made, like you!" Satan shrugged. "Whatever. Now are you getting out of my way, or will I have to kill you?" "You'll have to kill me before you murder any more innocent lives, Satan. Your short life ends now!" she yelled. Satan chuckled. "Fine. You want to mess with me? That's all right with this robot. Where do you want to fight?" Omniscales gestured out to sea. "Over the ocean, where nobody can get hurt by our battle." Satan feigned disappointment. "Ah, and I was so looking forward to bludgeoning people to death with your carcass rather than let it get eaten by fish! Oh well, let's get going." He flew away, out into the sea. The divine lizard followed, stopping when Satan halted near one of the small uninhabited islands off of Station Square's coast. They faced each other, readying for battle. Satan spoke up. "You know, I have to say I'm looking forward to this fight. I can sense you are almost as strong as I am. You may be a truly worthy opponent." "Same to you, buster. Are we going to waste time exchanging banter or start this thing?" Omniscales growled. Satan laughed. "I was only trying to give you a few extra seconds of life, but if you're so eager to die, I'll make this quick. Here I come!" He started flying towards her.


As Satan shot at her, Omniscales quickly determined her foe's weak spot. He was getting his power from the Hyper Emerald, so she had to destroy it. It wouldn't be easy, though. Powering up, she rocketed straight for Satan. The two flew towards one another, neither one planning on getting out of the other's way. Just as they were about to collide, Omniscales flipped in midair, pointing her feet at Satan's oncoming skull. She flew forward in a Homing Kick, smashing into the robot's face and knocking him back a few feet, stopping his charge. Omniscales tried to land a Homing Kick on the Hyper Emerald in Satan's chest, but the evil machine quickly blocked her attack with his claw gauntlets. He slashed at her as she bounced away, ripping into her black skin. She winced, the pain not nearly as bad as it would have been if she were normal Scales. She shot out with a punch from her talon gauntlets, only to be blocked again by Satan. She tried again and again to break his block, but no matter where she aimed her punches or kicks, the robot kept his guard up. She backed off a little, and Satan broke his block, sending out a laser slash. She swiped at it with one of her gauntlets, knocking it away and cutting a mountain on a nearby island in half. He fired off another laser slash. Omniscales attacked with one of her own, countering and diffusing the other laser in midair. Satan rocketed towards her at full speed, claws out. She quickly put up her gauntlets, blocking his charge. Unfortunately, he kept pushing forward, moving her back. He kept pushing and pushing, trying to drive Omniscales down into the sea. She knew where Satan was trying to make her go, but could see no other option. Satan had stronger thrusters than she did, he had a more powerful charge. Getting a thought, she swung her talons out, breaking her block and knocking Satan away from her. He shot towards her again. She flew above him and came down with a Homing Kick, rebounding off his shield and almost redirecting Satan's flight path into a different mountain. He spun around, stopping his charge. He was not expecting Omniscales to be shooting at him with a Homing Kick, delivering a blow to his Emerald before he could block her. A tiny crack appeared on the gem's surface. Angry, Satan lashed out with a laser slash, cutting Omniscales. She winced and threw out her own laser slash, only to see it blocked by Satan's gauntlets. She backed off, trying to think of a way to gain another opportunity at the Hyper Emerald. Satan put down his guard and rocketed for Omniscales. She flew out of the way of his charge, then sped for one of the islands. The demonic robot turned and gave pursuit, pushing his thrusters to their maximum. She flew close to the surface of the water and over the beach, going into the small forest on the island, swerving through the trees. Satan followed suit, smashing through the trees instead of going around them. Omniscales stopped up ahead, seeing a perfect trap. She floated in place, waiting for her enemy to appear. As he smashed out of the trees, Omniscales darted out of the way of Satan's charge. Satan shot past her and slammed headfirst into a big rock that was right in the middle of the trees. He wobbled back, stunned. Omniscales charged forward and punched the Emerald. Another crack appeared in it. Satan growled and slashed at her, barely nicking her chest as she jumped away. She flew up, away from the robot. He flew after her, giving pursuit. Once in the air, Satan decided charging blindly at the lizard would do no good. He pulled the shield off his back, pushed the split parts together, and threw it at Omniscales. The shield whirled through the air, spinning for the heroine. Omniscales quickly got out of the way of the shield. She smirked at Satan, and was hit from behind when the shield spun back at her like a boomerang. She gasped, for the shield hat hit her in her life support system, which was still vulnerable despite her godhood. The shield whirled away, then spun back at her. Omniscales faced the boomerang shield and blocked, deflecting the dangerous object. As the shield spun away again, she screamed as Satan slashed into her back while she hadn't been looking. She turned to face him as the shield started heading back. She raised her gauntlets, as if to block the robot's blow. As Satan was about to slash at her, she dived from his claws. Satan was confused for a moment, until he saw his own shield flying towards him. Before he could block, it slammed into his Hyper Emerald, causing another crack. Satan growled and grabbed the shield as it came back, putting it back in its place. He looked down and saw Omniscales waiting for him below, hovering over the water's surface. He shot down, claws first. She waited until he was about to drive his claws into her brain, then moved out of the way, causing Satan to dive into the ocean. She quickly flew away as the irate robot erupted from the surface of the sea and came after her, leaving tidal waves in his wake. Omniscales flew faster, trying to outrun the automaton. She zigged and zagged, looking like she was trying to throw her enemy off. But of course Satan was able to easily keep track of her and drew closer and closer. Seeing something useful up ahead, Omniscales started to slow down a little. As Satan closed in, taking it as a sign of weakness, she suddenly flew up and over the object she had been heading towards. Satan's eyes widened and he tried to stop, but was moving too fast. He smashed into the large rocky outcropping sticking out of the water, hitting it with enough force to smash through the stone and out the other side, where Scales was waiting for him. She lashed out with her mace tail while Satan was stunned from his collision with the rock, striking the Hyper Emerald and causing it to crack again. Satan roared in anger and thrusted his claws forward, piercing Omniscales' flesh. She screamed as the metal blades impaled her, leaving wounds that could be felt even in her current form. Satan withdrew his claws, snickering. Quickly fighting off the pain, Omniscales lashed out with a kick, only to have Satan block it. She did not want to have to waste blows on the monster, so she withdrew, keeping her guard up. Satan approached her slowly, his guard also up. They both circled each other, eyeing one another. After a moment of stare down, Omniscales made the first move, flying far back and hurling rapid-fire energy balls at Satan. He slashed and punched dozens of times as he flew towards Omniscales, deflecting the energy balls into the sea and causing waterspouts from the blasts. As Satan got closer, Omniscales gave up the barrage and started fleeing from the metal monstrosity. The devil robot kept coming closer, wanting to rip the lizard that was pestering him so much to pieces. He was so focused on chasing her across the ocean's surface that he didn't see he was being led in a circle. In fact, when Omniscales flew up and over the same rock as before, Satan realized too late that he had been tricked. He smashed headfirst through the rock again, coming out on the other side and flying right into Omniscales' claws. She delivered a powerful uppercut to his chin, knocking his head back and allowing her to slash at the Hyper Emerald, giving it another crack in its surface. She flew away as Satan recovered, knowing that she was only making him angrier and angrier. Satan flew after her, furious. She flew higher into the air, figuring Satan wouldn't fall for the rock trick again. As she got higher and higher, she threw more energy balls at the robot, trying to slow him down a little. It didn't work. Satan just kept coming, deflecting all the balls she threw at him. Giving up that strategy, Omniscales just kept flying away, occasionally throwing back an energy ball or two. Satan started spinning, turning into a red drill spin like when he had grabbed the skyscraper from underground. Screwing through the air, the robot began getting closer to his quarry. Desperate, Omniscales flew towards a small mountain on one of the islands. As she was about to hit the mountain, she flew out of the way at the last second, causing Satan to impact the peak. Of course, this was bad since he was in drill mode. He simply started burrowing through the mountain, going down, deep beneath the mountain according to her sensors. Omniscales blinked. What was he doing? That's when the mountain crumbled and rose to the air, Satan lifting it out of the ground. Her eyes widened. She turned and started flying away as fast as she could. Satan cackled as she flew away, trying to put some distance between herself and the mountain. Satan waited until she was far enough away, then hurled the entire mountain at her. Little did he know this was playing right into her claws. Omniscales spun around in the air and grabbed the tip of the mountain before it could hit her, stopping its flight. As Satan realized what she was doing, Scales wound up and threw the mountain right back at him. She then flew after the mountain at maximum speed, starting a drill spin. Satan quickly caught the mountain as it was about to strike him, only getting shoved back a few feet in the air. As he was about to throw the mountain again, Omniscales, who had been burrowing through the mountain before it had even reached Satan, erupted out of the base, slamming both talon gauntlets into the Hyper Emerald, causing even more cracks. Satan cursed and dropped the mountain so he could attack Omniscales. She grinned at him and flew away before he could hurt her. Satan's eyes narrowed and he chased after her, his rage fueling his thrusters to even greater speed. Omniscales started preparing for her move, knowing she would have to be quick. Deciding to make Satan angrier to heighten her chances, she started weaving back and forth across his line of vision, acting like she was leading him right into another rock or mountain trap. As he sped up, watching where she was going towards, she made a few halfhearted passes by some outcroppings or rocks to make it seem this was her plan. When she could clearly see the glowing monster out of the corner of her eye, it was time. Stopping abruptly, she yelled, "Chaos Control!" She warped away in a flash of green light right as Satan was about to tear through her. Shocked, the robot stopped in the air, looking around. "Where did she go?" "I'm right behind you!" Omniscales yelled. Satan turned around and saw she was only a few feet away, her hands cupped and pointing at him. Before he could make a move, she shouted, "Super Serpent Strike!" A giant cobra formed of green Chaos energy manifested in the air, shooting for Satan before he could get his claws up. It exploded on contact with his body, not only severely cracking the Emerald but also damaging his armor somewhat. Omniscales knew, of course, that Satan was really pissed now. She started to fly away, expecting to be chased after. Instead, the evil robot narrowed his eyes and held his gauntlets close together, concentrating. By the time Omniscales realized she wasn't being followed, she was near a mountain on another island. She turned around and saw Satan not too far away, his special attack fully charged. He held between his gauntlets a pulsing orb of red, yellow, and black energy. Some rings and particles orbited the sphere, making it look like an atom. Satan raised his gauntlets into the air, spreading them out. The atom ball grew bigger and bigger. Omniscales suddenly realized she was in deep trouble. "NUCLEAR DESTROYER!" Satan screamed, hurling the orb. She tried to fly away, but the ball was too big and too fast. Its massive energy field drove her into the side of the mountain, preventing her from fleeing as the ball hit the mountain. There was a huge nuclear explosion, a giant mushroom cloud rising to the sky in a pillar of fire as a shockwave raced out for miles, shattering windows and causing huge tidal waves. As the mushroom cloud finally faded away, it revealed that the mountain and island were all but obliterated. Where the mountain had been was a huge crater. Omniscales was lying in the middle of the crater, looking extremely hurt. "Ow." She whispered. She looked up as Satan laughed, bringing her mind back to clarity. Angrily, she pointed her hands at Satan. "Super Serpent Strike!" The giant cobra shot for the robot at incredible speed. On instinct, the robot quickly ripped his shield off his back to deflect the attack. This was a mistake. The cobra exploded on impact with the shield, shattering it and flinging Satan straight into a mountain on a nearby island. Seeing this may be her last chance, Omniscales started her drill spin and flew at Satan. As the robot groaned and pulled himself from the mountain, Omniscales shot towards him and drilled right into the Hyper Emerald, shattering! "NOOOOOOO!" Satan yelled as his power failed, returning him to normal. Omniscales grinned. "Looks like you're no longer a god, Satan. Seems it's time for me to finish the job." She grabbed the severely weakened robot around the waist and heaved him a mile into the air. She cupped her hands upward, preparing her most powerful attack. The shadows of nearby objects seemed to lengthen, flocking to her as she charged up. A ball of pure darkness appeared in her hands, starting to manifest into a form twenty times the size of its creator. "DARK APOCALYPSE!" The mass of shadows shot upward in the form of a huge black dragon. Far above, Satan's eyes widened at the sight of the attack. "Oh shit." The dragon struck him. There was a dark blast of unbelievable proportions, a wave of blackness spreading out in all directions, temporarily blotting out the sun. As the wave passed over everything ion range, including Angel Island and Station Square, rainbow sparkles fell from the wave, washing over the damaged areas of both locales. The sparkles gathered around the buildings and people destroyed in the last few days, restoring the skyscrapers and resurrecting the dead, to the happiness of their loved ones. In Echidnaopolis, the Chaos Temple and Guardian Tower were fixed right up. In the hotel room, Big and Robotnik watched in disbelief as the wave passed above the hotel, sending sparkles into their room that then merged with the four sleepers. A second later, Big's scanner indicated that all the nanites in their bodies had been liquefied. They cheered, thinking a miracle had occurred. How right they were. Omniscales panted and recovered from the massive amount of energy she had put into that blast. She could no longer sense Satan's presence. The robot devil was dead. She could also sense people everywhere getting happier, the little miracle she had granted taking effect. She smiled, knowing she had done what she was supposed to. "I'd better get back to normal. If I stay like this too long, some other god may show up and invite me to ascend to Heaven." She closed her eyes, and she was instantly normal Scales again. Her smile broadened. "Looks like that's that, then. I'd better get back to Angel Island and see how everyone's doing. But first..." She bent over and scooped up all the shards of the Hyper Emerald. "This thing may come in handy." She put away the shards and closed her eyes again, focusing on the hotel room, and a bed she could sleep in. "Chaos Control!" In a flash of green light, she was gone.

Once all the celebrations had ended and people calmed down a bit, it was time to move on. Knuckles used the Hyper Emerald in lieu of the old Master Emerald, using it to take Angel Island to the air again. Soon after, he proposed to Rouge. She accepted. After having to recount the whole story many times, Scales took a long 36- hour nap to sleep off the tiring experience of being a deity for a short time. Stripes is happy to have her back, and doesn't seem to want to leave her side for any reason. I have a feeling that when he gets home and meets Nightshade, that'll all change. Shadow and Amy got to enjoy their wedding night and are now leaving for their honeymoon. They're going on a world tour of sorts, and won't be back for about a month. I certainly hope they enjoy themselves. Robotnik and Big scavenged the ruins of the metal pyramid and were surprised to not only find the remains of Metal Shadow, but a deactivated robot that appeared to be a Metal Amy. They took both robots back to their labs and fixed them up. With a little reprogramming and memory purge, Metal Shadow was no longer a monster bent on global annihilation. He's now a housekeeper at Eggman Industries, and is currently dating Metal Amy. Tails is still a fisherman, living with Cassandra and Toady. There's not much to say about them, except they're happy together. Tikal is pregnant. Do NOT try to imagine how it happened, cause it's kind of freaky when you think about the fact that Chaos is the one who did it. The cheating weasel was arrested for his swindling. Casinopolis was closed down for their heavily rigged games. That's about it, really. There's nothing more to tell you about, except that life in Station Square, and on planet Earth, continues.


And so ends our story, did you like it? Well, it's not quite over yet! We have one last interview to do with Scales before this tale is done Scales, are you here? Scales: Yeah, I'm here. Me: Good! So, what was it like to be a god? Scales: It was the most incredible thing that's ever happened to me. I felt so energized, infinite power flowing through my veins! The only way I can really describe it is that it sort of felt like I always imagined getting laid would be like. Me:...Sorry I asked. Anyway, let's get some final questions from our readers! Scales: Bring 'em on! I took on the most powerful robot ever created, I can handle a little Q&A! Me: First, from 273. Why didn't you make Scales fight the Demonic Three? Scales: Because Pi2 was lazy and didn't want to try having a three-on-one fight. Me: I'll pretend I didn't hear that. Ultrafan X wanted to know why Metal Shadow sent out Mecha Amy to fight you if he had a thing for her. Scales: Because despite the fact that he's attracted to her, he also hates anything organic. His feelings for her conflicts with his programming, causing problems. That's why I added Metal Amy at the end, because he would much rather have a new, robotic Amy than simply a roboticized one, because deep down he would know she really loved Shadow, not him. And besides, even when roboticized, she's still technically organic. Me: That's right. Anyway, thanks for all the good reviews! The dinosaurs thank you! (Shows picture of healthy, happy dinos.) They'll never go hungry again. Also, Scales, we have some more gifts for you! Scales: Oh? Me: Maverick sent you a whole bag of weasels, (Tosses it to her) Ultrafan X sends double the usual weasels plus an extra sack (Throws over two big bags of weasels) and he also sent you this. (Throws the struggling Fang the Sniper at Scales.) Scales: (Licking her lips.) Thanks! (Immediately starts devouring the weasels.) Me: Now we're done. Thank you for staying with me this long. You're beautiful fans, and I don't deserve you. Now, if you really liked this, you might enjoy the sequel! Keep an eye out for Scales Adventure 2, soon coming to a fanfiction near you! And that's it. Good night everybody!

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