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Chapter 2: Don't Go In Their, Violet

Violet soured in the clouds.

They had been to Aunt Luna's and Uncle Riku's just yesterday, just to visit.

They had to take a car, because they couldn't fly, it was the human world after all.

Violet had a GPS in her backpack.

So she brought it out and turned it on.

She set it to Aunt Luna's and Uncle Riku's house.

It said in a metallic female annoying voice,

"Drive point 71 miles."

Violet flew faster until the gray clouds started to get white and puffy.

"Arriving at destination."

Violet turned off the GPS and shoved it in her backpack.

Then she dove straight down.

As soon as she saw the grassy ground, she stopped and gently landed on it.

In front of her was a cozy little log cabin.

She walked up to it and knocked on the door.

"Just a minute!" Came a woman's voice from inside.

A few seconds later the door swung open.

A woman with long auburn hair and caramel colored eyes was standing in the doorway.

She was wearing an apron.

She gave Violet a confused smile.

"Violet! How good to see you! Um...where's Esther and Sor?"

"Um, hi Aunt Luna. My parents aren't here...I...um, just want to talk to Scarlett."

Luna looked at her.

"Oh. Of course. Scarlett! Come here, sweetie! You have a visitor."

A few moments later, a 12-year old girl with long blonde hair and brown eyes came walking to the door.

"Yeah mom?"

Then she noticed Violet.

"Oh! Hi, Violet! Um...weren't you here yesterday?"

Violet looked at the ceiling and mumbled,

"Yes. Um, Scarlett, can we just talk in your room?"

Scarlett stared at her.

"Uh, sure. Mom, we'll be in my room."

Luna smiled at them both.


Then she walked into the kitchen.

Violet and Scarlett walked down the long hallway to her room.

As they passed a room, Riku was standing by an open window, enjoying the breeze.

"Hey dad." Scarlett waved to him as they passed.

"Hi Uncle Riku." Violet nodded at him as they passed.

Finally they got to Scarlett's room and closed the door.

Scarlett flopped onto her bed.

"Sooo...what did you want to talk about?"

Violet hesitated.

Scarlett was one year younger than her.

She didn't want to tell her what her parents told her, because then she would know that she was a Dream Eater too.

So she ad-libbed the truth a bit.

"Well...my parents were sorta being annoying, you know? So...so I just had to get out of there, get a little fresh air, go on a little adventure, you know."

Scarlett stared at her.

"You're a really bad liar, Violet."

Violet stared at the floor.

"Yeah, I know."


Then Scarlett jumped off her bed.

"Aw heck! I'm still in, Violet!"

Violet grinned at her.

"HEY MOM?" Scarlett called to her mom.



"Ok, but both of you bring your weapons!"


Scarlett went to her dresser and opened up a drawer.

In it were two long hunting knives.

"Let's go. You got your weapons?"

Violet nodded.

They opened Violet's bedroom door and walked out of it.

They walked down the long hallway.

Once they got to the end they waved goodbye to Luna and walked out the door.

They closed the door and walked along the prairie.

"So, Scarlett, where do you live in the human world?"

Scarlett tapped her chin in thought.

"Well, we live somewhere called...Kansas...I think."

Violet snickered.

"Kansas? What kind of stupid name is that?"

Scarlett laughed.

"I know! But Mom and Dad like to live here because it's peaceful. But peaceful came sometimes be boring."

Violet nodded.

"I don't know how I could survive here."

Scarlett nodded too.

"Yeah, but sometimes it's nice."

They walked along for hours, talking and laughing.

When, gradually, the clouds started to darken.

Scarlett looked up in the sky and screamed.


Violet laughed.

"Dude, those are just clouds!"

Scarlett shook her head madly.

"NO! I know that clouds are white!"

Violet laughed again.

"Dude, I LIVE in those! We have them all around our house!"

Scarlett looked at Violet.


Violet put a hand on Scarlett's shoulder.


Scarlett looked down at her shoes.

"Oh. Sorry."

Violet smiled.

"Um, that's ok, cousin."

So they walked some more, talking and laughing, and as they walked further, the clouds started to get darker.

Until, they saw a giant black castle looming in front of them.

"Uh-h-h-, Violet-t-t-?"

Violet had a huge smile on her face as she looked at the giant castle.

"Scarlett! DO YOU SEE THE SIZE OF THAT THING?! That castle is freaking awesome! Let's go inside!"

Scarlett backed away from the black castle.

"No-o-o! What-t-t if-f-f someone's-s-s in-n-n their-r-r?"

But Violet wasn't listening.

She was already opening the door.

Scarlett ran over to her.

"Violet-t-t! NO-O-O!" She half-whispered half-screamed.

Violet peeked inside.

There was nothing but darkness.

She slowly crept inside.

Scarlett followed her.

Violet looked around.

So did Scarlett.

After a few moments, Violet looked over at Scarlett.

"See? Nothing here."

Suddenly, a withered old voice spoke from the shadows.

"Well well well! Visitors."

Scarlett screamed and Violet grimaced.

The door swung shut behind the girls.

The figure emerged from the shadows.

It was a tall, black figure with white eyes was standing before them.

Violet glared at him.

"Who are you? Back off! Scarlett and I are armed."

The figure put up his hands.

"I am not here to fight you."

Violet sneered.

"Yeah right. If you're not going to harm us, then my not open the door and let us go?"

The figure laughed an ancient laugh.

"Now now Violet, you don't really want to go back, do you? Well, maybe you do. Sorry I even bothered you. Go on. Go back to your parents, Violet. After all..." He said with a gleam in his eye, "...don't you need to train?"

Violet gasped and stumbled on to the ground.

But very quickly she got up.

The figure turned to look at the terrified Scarlett.

"And Scarlett! My, just look at you shake. Poor thing. What a shame."

Violet lowered her knife, just a tiny bit.

"What are you saying?"

The figure turned back to Violet and smiled creepily.

"Well, isn't that why you're here? You don't want to be a Dream Eater! Heavens, no! All you want is to be a normal girl. Not to die. And,certainly, not your family either."

Violet's knife clattered to the ground as she stared at the figure, eyes wide.

The figure looked at Scarlett again.

"And Scarlett. Why, you're so afraid I don't think you could raise that knife."

Scarlett froze with fear.

Violet picked up her knife and pointed it at the figure.

"Who are you?" She said, her voice trembling, just a bit.

The figure turned back to her and smiled.

"My name is Wither, and I can help you. I can take your Dream Eater power away. I can make you a normal girl, just like you want."

He turned to Scarlett.

"I can make you brave. With my help, you won't fear a thing."

Violet lowered her knife.

Wither smiled.

"That's a good girl. Now, I would like you to meet MY good girl. Come on out, Slend."

He gestured to the shadows to the left of him.

"Gladly, father." A female voice came from the shadows.

A few seconds later another tall creature emerged from the shadows.

Her entire body was a sickeningly lime green. She had slanted white eyes and a white scar across her cheek. He lips were bright red, and they stretched into a thin, but wide smile. Instead of fingers she had long, white, sharp claws. She had those on her feet too.

Violet stared at this girl with a sort of awe and disgust.

She was beautiful, in a horrible way.

Scarlett just stared at the girl, too scared to even think.

The creature, also known as Slend, smiled at the two girls.

"Hello. I am Slend."

Violet looked from Slend to Wither.

"Um, so Slend is your daughter? And you only have one?"

Wither smiled and nodded.

"Now that we are all acquainted, shall I show you to your-"

He was interrupted by another voice out of the shadows.

"Father, what's going on?" It was a small, scared voice, but it was also strong.

A girl about Scarlett's age emerged from the shadows to the left of Slend.

She had long red hair so light it was almost pink, and blue eyes.

Wither turned to face her and got angry.

Slend turned to face her and hissed.

Violet and Scarlett just stared at her.

The girl stared at the two girls with shock and fear.

Wither and Slend noticed the girl staring at Violet and Scarlett.

"Lily. Why aren't you in your room?" Wither tried to keep his voice calm.

Lily couldn't answer.

She was staring at the girls.

They were staring at her.

Slend put a hand on Lily's shoulder.

"Go to your room, Lily. I'll be there in a few minutes." She hissed threatenly.

Lily slowly walked back into the shadows, still staring at the girls.

As she walked back into the shadows, she caught Violet's eye and mouthed,

Get out of here.