Have any of you wondered what happened to Darkrai after his defeat at Dark Crater? This story does just that! Enjoy!

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Urgg… My head hurts…Where am I?

I lifted my head to scan the surroundings. All I could see was rubble. Whole towns were decimated as dark clouds swirled around in the sky like some kind of evil stew.

I picked myself up and tried to remember how I got here. I went through my mind, reaching out for the memories but not finding them. I tried to look for something, anything else. But it wasn't there.

What's my name? Who am I? I asked myself. And the answer scared me. I…I…I don't know.

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It had been a few hours as I roamed through the huge wreck of a world, looking for someone, anyone, but it was fruitless. I was getting hungry, so I foraged for food. As I floated around, I tried to collect information on myself. All I had was that I was alive, I'm an amnesiac, and that I can float. A flame of rage was filling my entire being as I slowly got more irritated at myself. I stopped and counted to ten. The flame was quieted for a few moments and then it suddenly flared up. I lost it then. I roared and a dark pulse of energy shot out from my hand like a laser and hit a dead tree. I glanced at my hand in fear, then back at the tree. All that was left of the tree was a small, 2 foot stump that was smoldering as I neared it in cautiously. That was Dark Pulse, a voice chided to me. Wait, what!? I called back. Tell me more! But that voice didn't answer again. I shrugged my shoulders and trudged on.

A few hours later, I crossed a river and went through a tunnel to reach this cliff-like terrain. As I leaned against the cliff to get a breather, a loud, obnoxious voice emanated through the thick air. I froze. I steadily turned to the direction of the voice and found myself face to face with some sort of humanoid thing that had a red Mohawk. His pants (for a lack of better description) were constantly slipping off, and he'd pull them right back up.

"Hey! What in Arceus' name are you doing, punk?" the Mohawk thing sneered at me.

I gave him a hard glare as I answered, "Doing my own thing. Why, what's it to you?"

"Listen punk," he spat, "This is Scrafty territory. And we don't take no crap from anybody, ok? Especially not from you, got it?"

I looked at him in genuine confusion at the mention of a "Scrafty" My flame was reigniting itself and the Scrafty apparently noticed. He caterwauled and 7 more Scrafties strode up to me. My eyes darted around in shock at how quickly they came. Are they some sort of a gang? I thought.

"Ok punk, if you don't get lost in the next 10 seconds, we're gonna have to give you the smack down. 10…9…"

My body reacted before my mind. Grabbing the lead Scrafty by the throat, I brought him in close to my eye and took a good look at him. His eyes were like mirrors, so I got a good look at myself. I could see that I had a blue eye, and white hair covering the right side of my face.

"Don't tell me what to do," I hissed menacingly. Then I threw him on the ground face-first. He slid a few feet and bumped into a boulder.

The others looked at each other and jumped at me. I turned my hand over and saw a dark flame bursting out of it. I smiled and blasted the cliff edge clean off, which fell on one Scrafty, instantly KO'ing it.

Another Scrafty landed a Hi Jump Kick into the small of my back. I turned around and shot a black ball of energy at him. This is called Shadow Ball, the voice said again. The ball slammed into him and threw him against another advancing Scrafty. I looked to the sky and raised my hand. Dark energy gathered around it and entered me. I suddenly felt more powerful. Hmm... Let's call this Nasty Plot, I thought, beating the voice by a few seconds. I actually might be getting my memory back! I fantasized. I then dispatched the two Scrafties with a quick Shadow Ball combo.

The lead Scrafty recovered from his time in the ground and charged me with an Ice Punch attack. I summon some spheres of darkness and shoot them at him. He collapses to the ground, asleep. What was that? I asked mentally. Dark Void. It is your specialty so make good use of it, the voice answered back.

There were five more left. Two of them stared me in the eye and attempted a Focus Punch attack, but I dodged and raked them across their ribcages with spectral claws. That is Shadow Claw, the voice commented.

"You wanna know what? I'm going to call you Esteban, is that ok?" I asked out loud. I mean, he didn't seem harmful or anything.

Fine by me. Now focus!

The final three Scrafties each had an Ice Punch in one hand and a Focus Punch in the other. Together, they sprinted towards me at full speed. I moved my arms into an outward position and prepared a reddish colored sphere into my hands. I screamed, "FOCUS BLAST!" and released all my energy into those two spheres. They exploded into the Scrafties and knocked two out cold. The last one was about to strike me when I looked up and swerved around him and firing a torrent of Shadow Balls at his back. His back arched up in pain, and his body dropped.

I turned my attention to the lead Scrafty who was stirring from his artificial sleep I put him in. As soon as he got up, he got two Focus Blasts to the face and his face had a reunion with the ground for the second time. The adrenaline slowed down through me and I caught my breath. I did a crescent-moon smile at the unconscious bodies and said, "I told you not to tell me what to do." With that comment hanging in the air, I floated away, fired up about my victory.

A dark figure leapt off the cliff and slid down the face towards me. I quickly summoned a Dark Pulse and fired but just missed by inches. "Hear me out! Please!" the figure said.

I brought my arm down and took a gander at him. He was basically an oversized tree gecko with leaves on his elbows and a stick in his mouth. He was green and his body was covered with scratches as he stuck a hand out.

"Pleased to meet you, stranger. My name is Grovyle." The Pokémon introduced.

Oh snap! Darkrai and Grovyle meet for the first time! Anyway, next chapter should be up in 2 days or so. Spanish is so hard at times… Anyway! L0rd Aurastar signing off, so ciao!