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The seven Pokemon trudged through the seemingly endless Archivas Desert, a fabled desert which is said to harbor the guardian of Archivas' main Time Gear. I saw Dusknoir and Grovyle share a grim look and smile at each other, which looked like an oxymoron in my opinion. I mean, a smile really shouldn't follow a grimace. It's just not right.

Anyway, Zekrom was leading our rag-tag group of survivors towards the Nightyard. I knew I could handle the Nightyard pretty well, because, you know, I'm a Legendary. Duh.

Palkia grabbed my shoulder and held me back, allowing the rest of the group to pass the pair of us. I was slightly frightened because I could tell Palkia was a monster of power, and I wasn't exactly sure I could be confident in my abilities to take him out or even on.

"Palkia buddy? Why are you holding me back?" I asked nervously.

"I HAVE to give you back your memories now. I'm not exactly sure how this could affect your outcome, but we have to take this risk. It's the only way for you to unlock your full potential very quickly. Are you ready?" Palkia spewed out like a flooding river. My head suddenly became dizzy. What would I see in my memories, my past life?

I closed my eyes, knowing that I had to do some soul-searching before I received my memories. I traveled through my veins, where darkness coursed through them tubular structures. Swimming through the sea of darkness, I made my way into my heart. There was where I believed my soul was.

My consciousness took a deep breath and burst into my heart's palace. My soul sat on a throne of black orbs, a crystal jutting out into the sky. I reached to touch the crystal, but as soon as I made contact, my hand sizzled back.

You cannot enter your soul without your memories. You must find them to enter. NOW, LEAVE! A mental boot smashed into my consciousness, kicking me out of my trance and to jerk my body into a confident position. A voice that didn't sound anything like how I was feeling spoke with a cold courage, "Give them to me, Palkia. Otherwise you shall be hurt very severely. Comprehendo?"

The temporal giant moved his gigantic right arm so that the orb was directly in my faced, and he roared as loud as an Exploud screaming into the world's largest amplifier. The orb lit up in an ominous pink (does that make sense?) and shot out a powerful blast of power that knocked me off of my feet and sent me sprawling into the ground. My eyes widened with fear as the beam formed into a shape of a painstakingly familiar creature that I feel like I should, but I can't find the memory for it. The creature soared up into the sky and came down onto me and into my body with a tremendous impact. The last thing I could remember was Palkia lumbering over me, with some emotion in his eyes as he frantically waved the others over to me with an oversized limb. Then everything went night-black.

My eyes blink all the blurriness away from my retinas and I swipe my hands in the air like I'm trying to catch Butterfrees. A gnawing hunger ate at my stomach as I stumbled to my feet. The same pink figure floated in front of me caringly as a warm sensation flooded all throughout me. "Darkrai, my long-lost brother, I have finally found you."

I looked at the pink creature with confusion. "Who in Arceus' sweet name are you?" I half-yelled at the pink creature. She (I think?) shrunk back in fear? Disbelief? I couldn't tell the sky from the ground at that specific moment.

"My name? You really don't remember me? Darkrai, I was born in the same egg as you? We grew up together. I'm Cresselia, your sister!" I could easily tell that it was a feminist voice.

Suddenly, a rush of adrenaline spread through me like a Surf attack, freezing me in place. Cresselia looked at me with genuine fear. "They're coming back, aren't they?" I'm sure my expression said it all.

My eyes drifted closed, and as the two lids connected, a blur of images flashed in front of my retinas. Images flew by at terminal velocity, but my mind was slowly getting filled with the memories. I felt as giddy as a Buenary prancing around in a field of grass. Then, a certain group of memories came by and killed that mood ASAP along with making my blood run cold.

The first one was me standing on a lone rounded bump in the landscape. Clouds scooted lazily across the sea of in black, the full moon shining like Arceus' heavenly light. A Luxio romped around in the clearing with his little brothers, the proud parents smiling a feline smile. The cats didn't see me until it was too late. I swooped down on them like a Staraptor, shooting nightmares out of my palms. Six shots, six Sinnoh natives were wracked with nightmares. My blue eyes glittered with malice. A darkened wisp exited out of the Luxio's mouth and into my palm. "Yes. Soon, I shall have enough energy to execute my next phase."

The second memory was me fleeing though a fiery crater, along with an Arbok, Mismagius, Macargo, Rhyperior, Aggron, and Magmortar. "Come on, move it!" I yelled at them. The five Pokemon picked up their pace. Soon, we reached the end of the plateau we were traveling on. A large rock spiraled out of the lava beneath the plateau. My palms were spurting out dark fire. "Go hide. When I give the signal, and trust me, you will know what it is; attack the meddlesome Treecko and his friend Shinx. And while you're at it, take out my stupid sister of a Cresselia. Copy?"

"Copy, lord!" The other five Pokemon nod in fear, not wanting to get blasted into an endless nightmare. Quickly, they sprinted into the shadows. A sinister grin escaped though my impregnable expression of emotion.

The last memory was me standing in front of a blue, green, and black portal, with Cresselia leading the trio of her, Emerald, and Bolt. "Darkrai, you WILL not go through that portal. It's not right!" Cresselia squealed.

I shot her a villainous look and smashed my hand into her head, sending her flying to the ground. The Treecko jumped at me, but I used Psychic and threw him back. As soon as I threw the tree gecko, I took one step into the portal. Now I was half-in and half-out. As I was moving my other foot in, a tremendous roar echoed in the cavern. The god of space himself materialized into the chamber, immediately charging up a rage-boosted Spacial Rend. I knew instinctively that it was going to be a critical hit. He had said something but I could hear, as I was too busy hauling butt out of the horrid place. My body wracked in pain from the stress of time-travel, but at least I had escaped. For I was Darkrai, the uncatchable master escape artist.

But all was not well. Palkia's powerful attack ripped through the dimensional hole and smashed into my spinal cord. The last I could remember was an explosive pain in back, and thinking that I could never move again, then I slipped from consciousness, my body floating in the space-time continuum like driftwood after a storm.

I gasped, as cold water was splashed on my face. I opened my eyes, imagining them to no longer be happy, but have a dark rage in them. Grovyle and Dusknoir shook me by the shoulders, shooting me through 2 layers of Dreamscape before I fully came to.

I looked at Palkia, Zekrom, and C. "I have one question for you all. I know you didn't give me my memories just so that I could be stronger. What was the true reason?! "I yelled, in anger.

The three Legendaries looked at each other apprehensively. When no one responded, I blustered, "Tell me now otherwise I'll kill you!"

Palkia's deep voice rumbled, "Well…"

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