Chapter 1: Awakening:

Every muscle in his body was screaming at him and he rudely awoke from the clutches of unconsciousness. His eyes fluttered open and was met with the harshness of strong mid day sunlight as it encompassed the world around him. His neck was stiff from where he had been lying in a crumpled heap for god knows how many hours. He couldn't remember the events that had led him there but he knew it couldn't have been good.

When his eyes finally adjusted to the light he saw that another body lay not far from him. Although he couldn't see her face he instantly recognised the dark curls and red colours of her jacket. His military instincts kicked in at the sight of her being unnaturally still. He forced his protesting limbs into action by pushing himself up and crawling the short distance to her.

He pressed two fingers to her neck and sighed heavily when he felt the rhythm of her pulse beating beneath his skin. It was slower than he would have liked but he was just thankful that she was still with him. Her breaths were also coming in short and shallow and when he carefully placed a hand under her head he felt the hot, thick, sticky fluid that was unmistakably blood.

She stirred slowly back to consciousness and her eyes fluttered open in the same pattern that his had done. Obviously feeling someone cradling her face she turned her head to face him wincing as the movement caused her great discomfort and pain. Still now that he could see the wound it wasn't big or deep enough to be life threatening but it was enough to be concerned about. The gash was on her right temple and most of the blood had dried up but that didn't really make him feel better.

"What happened?" Her voice was weak but it cut him out of his mental intake at her condition. Other than the head wound he couldn't find any more injuries on her.

"I don't know" He answered honestly as there was no point in concealing the truth from her. She was able to read him like a book anyway so it was pointless to even try. "But don't worry I'll have you back and safe in Atlantis in no time."

His attempt to reassure her did not go as well as he hoped. She had picked up on the fact that he had said 'I' and not 'we' which meant that for whatever reasons it was just the two of them. "The others...?" She asked as she tried to move her to scan the area better but with no avail.

Since noticing her lying next to him he finally took his eyes off of her to take in their surroundings. He had been so fixated on her well being that he had ignored the environment.

They were situated in a lush clearing; everything was so green and bright that it looked picturesque. In every direction all he could see were trees that made up a dense forest and in the background where mountains that stretched up to meet the clear blue sky. There were no traces of the other members of his team which he was both grateful and disappointed with. Grateful for the fact that it seemed to only him and Elizabeth in this dire situation but disappointed because if Rodney, Ronan and Teyla had also been there then it would make for finding a way to get home a lot faster and easier.

Elizabeth started to sit up and although he doubted it was a good idea for her to be moving around so much, he figured they didn't have much choice in the matter. For all they knew enemies were waiting to come running out from the forest at any second.

He placed one hand on her shoulder and the other on her back and gently eased her upright. His focus solely on her John Sheppard knew that Elizabeth was in pretty bad shape. If he didn't get her wound cleaned up fast then it was only going to get worse.

"Can you walk?" He asked her as he pulled away from her a bit and moved his hand round from her back to her right side.

"I think so." She spoke uneasily as Sheppard grabbed her left hand and hooked her arm over his shoulder. He cautiously helped her stand up and place most of her weight on him.

Picking a direction at random they took a tentative step forward. When Weir showed no sign of nausea, Sheppard tightened his hold round her waist and they eased themselves into a stumbling walk and headed into the coverage of the forest.

A/N: So I started watching Stargate Atlantis again and was reminded of how much I missed the show and the fact that Weir left and never returned :( So I decided to write this as I simply felt that there wasn't enough episodes where she got into trouble and Sheppard has to save her. Anyway let me know what you think and if I should continue?