Title: Cracks Beneath the Surface

Pairing: Mako/Haru, Rin/Haru

Rating: M for sex an' stuff

Warnings: None really beyond the sex part… maybe angst. Yeah, lots of lovey dovey angst.

Summary: AU—ish kind of… Between work and college and swim team Mako and Haru have little time left for each other. They moved in together as they had both entered college but beyond a few sparse moments together they still hardly see each other. But that's fine with both of them. They know their relationship is all going well, at least until Haru meets Rin again one night after swim practice. Five Shot.

Haruka woke slowly, like he usually did. There was the smell of fish wafting in from the kitchen. But he didn't stir. Keeping his eyes lidded, he watched the sway of the light cotton curtains from the breeze of the balcony's open sliding glass door. The door was directly ahead of him, with the door to the hallway and kitchen at his back. Shifting just a bit in the white comforter and sheets, Haru peered over his shoulder. Of course, the other side of the bed was empty. Haru adjusted enough he could crane his head back and see through the doorway.

Makoto was in the kitchen, apron on as he flipped the fish on the small electric grill. Haru would have kept watching except a small buzzer when off, probably marking some other food stuff was done, and Mako moved out of the doorway's line of sight.

Haru rolled back to the window. The breeze shifted the long curtains again, letting in splices of bright, warm sunlight. Why the balcony door was open Haru couldn't really remember. Mako always shut it, as well as locked it, after he had used the balcony. Not that it really mattered, they were on the fourth floor, and no one was getting in through that way. Haru smiled though, of course Mako would be the one to be over cautious.

Speaking of, Haru could hear the quiet steps of Mako's lumbering form coming into the bedroom. Haru let his eyes drift closed, knowing what would happen if Mako thought he was still asleep.

Sure enough Haru felt the mattress dip as Mako placed a hand on the comforter to hold himself up as he leaned over to Haru. One big, warm hand settled on Haru's shoulder, cupping the peak of his shoulder to pull Haru back into Mako's embrace. Warm, gentle breath against Haru's neck followed and made Haru inhaled deeply, taking in the perfect smell engulfing him. They didn't have enough mornings like this, Haru decided.

Mako pressed his lips to Haru's cheek, before nuzzling into his hair and coming back up with his lips to Haru's ear. "Come on, Haru," Mako said in a soft tone. "Breakfast is ready."

Yes, it certainly was, and Haru could smell it. But instead he cracked his eyes just a touch and grasped at Mako's hand, pulling it around him.

With a smile, Mako complied, climbing more steadily onto the bed. Haru leaned his head back, finding that wonderfully wet mouth. It didn't take very much encouragement before Mako was kissing back, and that slick meeting of tongues and mingling of saliva was exactly what Haru wanted.

This kiss heated quickly, Haru pushing to sit up and better be able to run his hand down Mako's chest. Mako was too easy to charm it seemed since his hands settled at Haru's middle, his thumbs rubbing pleasant circles over the smooth skin at Haru's hip bones.

Haru promptly untangled his legs from the white sheets. Last night had been the first night in two and a half weeks that both of them had gotten home at a decent hour and with enough energy for some bedroom Olympics. After said late night sports Haru hadn't bothered to find cloths. It was convenient now as he stood from the bed and grasped Makoto's hand, tug boating him towards the bathroom.

Because anything always got better when there was water involved. It was an obvious fact, Haru felt, that sex went from blissful to fucking awesome when water was added to the equation.

Mako laughed though tugging back from Haru, causing the boy to stop just at the door of the bathroom.

Looking back, Haru was pretty sure that his intentions were made clear, but maybe not. "I want to do it in the shower." He told Mako the obvious.

Mako smiled at him first. Haru considered that variety of smile to be his smile, cause Mako's eyes sparked and for just a second looked like green sea water refracting light and twinkling at Haru. It was beautiful and it was Haru's. Then Mako shook his head. "Not now. Breakfast is ready. Let's eat while it's still warm."

Haru thought about it for a moment. There was fish in the kitchen or a shower with the possibility of really awesome sex… sex won again. Haru tugged at Makoto's hand. "We have a microwave." He explained as he pulled Mako into the bathroom.

Once he had the other boy in the small room, he turned on the faucet, letting the water heat up as he started to unbutton Mako's shirt. "You said you wanted a shower last night anyway." Haru said as he had the buttons dealt with and pushed the shirt off Mako's shoulders. Those broad, perfect shoulders. Haru ran his hands over the toned warm skin, his eyes already directing down. The pants needed off now as well.

"Yeah, last night after we were all sticky and stuff," Mako said. But he sighed into Haru's touch, letting the other boy take whatever he wanted off.

It was probably less than a minute before Haru had Mako under the water, sliding against each other and kissing again. It was warm, and wet and just like Haru wanted it to be.

Things weren't idol though and before long Haru had turned, his hands firmly placed on the shower wall as he concentrated on the stream of water over his head and back. Mako was gentle, because he was always so gentle, and caring, he was always trying to take care of Haru. Haru shivered as those warm hands now grasped at his hips, trying to find purchase over slick skin.

Haru didn't mean to, but his breath caught and his eyes squeezed shut as Mako finally stopped squirming around and went through with it already, slowly pushing in. Haru spread his feet just a bit wider before he pushed against the wall, pushing himself back.

His answer was the little surprised yelp from Mako before they were pressed together again.

"I'm moving." Haru blurted.

Mako was still trying to catch up. A glance over his shoulder and Haru quirked the side of his lips at the surprised, if not a bit worried, expression on Mako's face. For being twice Haru's size, or at least it seemed that way, the boy was always the one trying to keep the peace.

"Har-Haru, no!" Mako sputtered as Haru started to rock back, closing his eyes again. "You should let-" Mako stopped having to regain his breath. "You should get used to it ... Uhhhhuh first."

"I want this." Haru growled as an explanation. He slammed back, pushing off the wall.

In the end, he was the one to back Mako against the wall. And in return, Haru got to lean back, moving his hips in a constant and oh so delicious rhythm. It was awesome. Literally fucking awesome. Mako was perfect, as much as he worried about hurting Haru constantly. It was blissful and awesome. The other boy filled him perfectly and made this act so damn wonderful. It was different than swimming but just as good. Especially in the shower!

Mako garbled out a struggle hiss of words, half begging for Haru to move more and half trying to tell him to be careful, and all of it was babbling. Haru smiled as he leaned back, letting his weight rest on Mako more. His head tipped back and rested on Mako's shoulder, turning into the boys neck. His hips still moved, Haru's hands on the wall behind to get enough leverage to work his way back and forth on Mako's cock.

But one hand was already curling up around Mako's neck. The bigger boy was close for sure form the still constant string of groaned out part words and more whinpers. The way his breath was becoming erratic, his own hips jutting forward finally to join the rhythms, speeding it up in the process.

Haru panted out his breath, pressing his closed eyes to Mako's neck. "Harder," he whispered into the skin.

Mako's hips snapped forward, whether following the request or just chasing that ethereal rush of pleasure, Haru wasn't sure. The others breathing was getting faster, his voice squeaking and sputtering little adorable sounds with the pleasure of it all.

"I'm-" he tried. His arms shot around Haru, clasping them as close as possible, binding Haru to him. "I'm-" he tried again. His head bowed over Haru, shaggy, warm, nutmeg hair spilling over Haru's shoulder.

Haru welcomed it, arching back into his partner. "It's alright. Come." Haru said.

And as if on command Mako gave a low whine and his body tensed impossibly curling around Haru.

Haru gave cry as well, feeling Mako's seed spread inside of him. It was such a sensation. He forgot though that Mako was the one with the sure footing and the one mostly responsible for holding them up. Haru shot his arm out to fumblie his fingers across the wall as they started to slide down. Mako's muscles in post-coital laxation slipped, his consciousness still hazy from the rush. He didn't move to unlock his arms from Haru and Haru's hands sliding over the slick, wet walls barely slowed them down. They ended up at the bottom of the bathtub, Mako still clutching at Haru and their limbs impossibly tangled as Haru leaned back again into Mako's chest.

It was a good thirty seconds or so before Mako raised his head, his eyes still unfocused and mouth hanging ajar. He looked over Haru first, loosening his arms. "Sorry," he murmured as his gaze finally reached the erection still at full attention between Haru's legs. He quickly wrapped one hand around the organ as he placed his other hand at Haru's hips preparing to pull out.

Haru's hand snapped back, grasping at Haru's hand on his hip. "No." He said as he rest his fore head against Mako's cheek. "I wanna be filled still." He said.

Mako nodded as he started to move his other hand, pumping away at Haru.

"You're so warm." Haru said. It was a compliment, he was pretty sure Mako wouldn't recognize but it was one anyway.

Haru let his body sink back into Mako's said warm embrace. He was confident he would be just fine at the mercy of Mako's very capable hands. Haru let his breathing go, loving the feeling of the water spraying them from above, pounding against his chest and shoulders and a bit even in his face. Haru let his legs spread even more, just concentrating on the feel of Mako softening inside him as well as that large, warm hand stroking and pumping him from the front.

Throwing a leg over the bathtub edge he had the thought that he should really find a way to get Mako to do this in the rain with him. It would be amazing.

But just as quickly as the fantasy came, Haru was jerked back to the present. His breath stopping for half a second with it as he could feel the coiling orgasm in his muscles start to tingle with need. He was so close, he rocked his hips, making Mako grunt as his softened cock was lavish with a bit more affection, though probably a bit over sensitive for it.

But it was enough to send Haru over the edge. His teeth gritted and he threw his arms up to tangle his fingers in Mako's hair. "Makoto!" He gave in a strained whisper before-

"I think sex before breakfast makes it taste better," Haru stated as he sat down at the table. At Mako's insistence, he was wearing cloths again, though he didn't tell Mako he had his swimsuit under the khaki shorts he pulled on.

Mako chuckled at Haru's ear as he leaned over the boy to place the boy to place the tea onto the table. Haru had already started on the mackerel Mako had made that morning. It tasted fantastic, even though it had been reheated in the microwave. There, proof right there to Haru's statement.

Mako brushed another light kiss to Haru's cheek as he stepped away, picking up his toast and jam before returning to the table.

Watching the messy hair and easy smile on Mako's face Haru almost smiled himself. He took another bite before he spoke. "We should go to the pool today. I want to swim with you." It had been weeks since that had been possible. Even with them both on the swim team Mako was usually gone for practice. He'd forfeited his captainship, something Haru still wasn't in favor of to devote more to his studies.

Haru stopped eating when he realized that Mako wasn't answering him. He looked up. The frown on Mako's face wasn't a good sign.

Fidgeting with his toast, Mako looked down. He hadn't eaten a bite of it yet. And his eyes lidded, telling Haru that his plans for the day weren't going to happen, yet again.

"I—I'm really sorry, Haru." Mako said, still frowning, still not looking up. He did give one briefest glance of sea green though before he went on. "There's a test in chemistry on Monday." This time when he finally tilted his head up enough to look at Haru, his eyes were that same sea green, not shimmering but this time flashing with other emotion. "I know I promised you this weekend Haru, But I have to study for this test. Rei even offered to help me out today at the library on campus."

Breathing in very slowly Haru started to fidget with his own food, his fork, sliding a stray piece of fish across his plate. "And tomorrow?" he asked.

Mako lit up them his hand surging across the table. "I'll be home most of the day tomorrow. I promise."

"Most?" Haru had heard that before.

Mako gave a nervous smile. "I have to help with the kids swim team in the morning, but just until two that afternoon." It was hard for Haru to dispute that. The scholarship money from their swim team took care of their tuition and books, but living costs still needed handled. Mako working with the kids helped out a lot. Especially since Haru's job at the sporting goods store hadn't given him a regular schedule yet.

Mako grasped at Haru's wrist, knowing clearly all too well that these conversations usually ended with Haru leaving abruptly without a word. "The entire afternoon I'll swim with you, Haru. We can do whatever you want. I promise."

Licking his lips, Haru thought over how many times he'd received heart felt promises just like this one. Maybe this was what happened in a relationship over time. In high school Haru took for granted all the times he came absolutely first in Mako's life. And now that life was so much busier, it was making Haru realize how much he wanted to come first in Mako's life, no excepts, and how much he really wasn't.

But Mako was working really hard in school. And the money from teaching swimming lessons was what kept them afloat and Mako woud make it up if he said he would. SoHaru nodded. "Alright. We'll go swimming tomorrow.'

There was Haru's smile again, spreading on Mako's face. It was bright and glorious and made Haru pretty assured that he had made the right decision. Those sparkling sea green eyes were enough to make Haru stand. Placing his hands on the table for balance, he leaned over it to press his lips to Mako's.

Mako kissed back with appreciation, even raising a hand to stroke his fingertips over Haru's exposed long neck.

The kiss broke and Haru gathered his plate and utensils to take them to the kitchen sink. Mako followed behind him still nibbling at his toast.

Haru didn't bother to look over his shoulder as he started to fill the sink with water, and two arms snaked around his waist. Makos forehead rested at the top of Haru's spine, his warm body already starting to heat up Haru's. If nothing else, Mako seemed to be a degree or so warmer than Haru at all times, and therefore made a great space heater. Haru never needed a blanket on cold nights when it was so much easier just to burrow into Mako's arms and push right up against his chest.

"I'm so sorry Haru," Mako whispered to him from behind. "I'm never home right now. It'll get better though. You'll have a regular schedule at work soon and once the kids swim team is through with tournaments I won't be there nearly as often."

Haru nodded. He started to pile the dishes from breakfast into the sudsy water.

"And this is my last semester of pre-med." Mako went on. "after this med-school won't require as much study."

Haru didn't nod at that. It may require less test taking and constant hours spent in the library, but Mako would have to be at school more and once his residency started it would mean more hours spent at hospitals. No, the only hope in that track for more time was that hopefully after his residency and Mako had a stable and regular job that things wouldn't be so hectic. Or at least that's what Haru hoped.

He turned his head, noticing that Mako had tilted his own head just enough to press a kiss at the nape of Haru's neck. "It's alright. We can be together later tonight and swim tomorrow."

Mako lifted his head, letting his chin rest on Haru's shoulder. "What about Monday?"

Surprised, Haru let his hands in the dish water go slack. "What about it?"

"I don't have the kids swim team to worry about and my only class that day is for Chemistry." Mako explained.

Haru looked down at the sudsy, bubbling water. "The class you have a test in."

Mako tightened his arms, taking a step closer to Haru. "It's at eleven. I'll be out by twelve thirty. Can I make up for today by spending time with you then? I can work it so I don't have anything else that day but you."

Haru quirked a half smiled, letting his weight rest back into Mako. "Can we go hiking?"

Immediately, Mako was nuzzling into Haru's hair, smiling effortlessly as he chuckled. "Of course, I'd love to go see a waterfall with you, Haru."

Sitting at the edge of the pool, Haru had known the second his phone rang. He watched the distortions from the water as the bent and shimmered the image of his submerged feet, listening as his plans for the night were rearranged by another study session that was going to go way over into overtime.

"I'm so sorry, Haru." Mako's voice on the other end of the phone was already to the point of desperate pleading. "I just—I'm not confident about this test yet."

Haru nodded. He kicked his feet just a bit, watching the water ripple and respond to his movement.

"I'm really—I'm so sorry, Haru." Mako had repeated that phrase eight times since Haru had answered the phone. He'd counted.

Taking a deep breath, the familiar scent of chlorine and pool water filled his senses. It helped keep him from sliding back into the water, tossing the phone aside and just letting the water ebb away all of his problems. He concentrated on the feel of the water around his legs, the lapse of it at his knees, the ripples he'd created earlier were still causing enough ebb and tide to let the water slowly rock over his skin in a soothing motion.

And as always, when he opened his eyes it was better and he could speak. "It's alright, Mako" He said into the phone.

From the slight pause on the other end it clearly wasn't a response Mako believed. "I'll make up for this."

Haru nodded again. "It's alright." He repeated. "Come home when you feel like you've studied enough.'

There was a sigh on the other end of the line. "Okay. …thank you, Haru. I will make this up to you."

They rung off, exchanging the complementary endearments of love and caring before Haru tossed the phone back to his cloths a few feet away. He slid back into the water a second later.

It was almost midnight when Haru finally felt good enough to pull himself out of the water. Dripping on to the cement floor, he trudged back to plastic lounge chair where his cloths and towel were sitting. He had never bothered to turn on the pool lights. Since it was the college's pool he was authorized to be there as late as he liked and there was no one there anyway.

He raised the fresh towel to his face brushing the water from his eyes first before he tossed it around his shoulders. Gathering his stuff he turned in the direction of the locker rooms when he froze.

It had been a very long time since he had seen that magenta hair and matching eyes. All the cutting memories whirled back to Haru though as Rin smiled, revealing neatly rowed sharp shark teeth at him.

"You haven't slowed down one bit since high school I see."