READ ME: So a lot of how Haru and Rin talk to each other is through text and I wanted it to look basically like a test message would so the format is after how it appears on a iPhones. Its pretty easy usually its Haru on the far right justification and whom ever he's texting on the left justification.

Haru watched the ice in his glass. His hands wrapped around the cool smooth surface of the water glass. There was a thick, heavy drop of perspiration rolling down the surface. He took in a deep breath.

He was pretty sure that he should have told Mako what had happened the night before. Or at the very least he probably shouldn't have answered Rin's text. He had meant to tell Mako but when the taller boy had gotten home the night before Haru couldn't do it. Mako's blurry red eyes had dark smudges underneath, making his eyes look sunken and sullen. There hasn't even been much of a greeting before Mako had collapsed on to the bed. He had asked how Haru's night had been at the pool, but before Haru could even get out an answer Mako eyes had drifted shut and his breathing had become steady with sleep.

Haru had pulled the duvet over Mako and escaped out on to the balcony. Sitting on the cold cement he had let his feet hang over the edge between the metal railing bars. It was as he had watched the moon refracting off or the apartment complex pool that the text had announced arrival on Haru's phone.

The texting had started out casual, but everything always starts like that. It was all fine at least until Rin sent:

I want to swim with you.

Haru didn't realize he was so lost in memory he had actually taken out his phone and was looking it over, until an incoming text alerted him out of reverie. He quickly clicked the screen off on the phone and shoved it in his pocket.

"I was pretty sure you weren't going to show up," Rin announced.

Looking up, Haru wasn't sure if he should cringe away from Rin's smirk or if he wanted to punch him to get rid of it.

Either option was voided though as Rin strode forward and took a seat across from Haru.

He was still smirking and it only grew wider at Haru. Those half-lidded eyes were on him. Magenta still made Haru a little uncomfortable. He felt his throat go dry, his hand's fidgety under that gaze and he quickly looked away, picking up his ice water he took a long sip.

"Haruka," Rin said as he sat back, looking at him still.

His gaze never wavered and Haru took another drink from his water glass. He really just wanted to find a large enough body of water to climb in and sink so far down into it that he was breathing it. He suddenly yearned the feeling of being encased in water, wanting to feel it breathing through him, constricting against his skin.

"Are you still with that looming mother bear?" Rin asked.

Haru didn't look up, didn't see those eyes on him. He frowned as he answered. "Makoto and I live together now." He said it quietly but he said it, even if it was just himself that heard it.

There was a long pause before Rin shifted in his chair, a breath or two later he spoke, in that slow way like he wasn't accusing so much as in a way that implied he knew so much better, like without even asking he obviously knew the answer. But he was going to ask, if for no other reason for the humiliation of the answered. "Then what are you doing here, Haru?"

Haru hated that voice, there was always a hitch to it that Haru couldn't quite explain. It was like Rin was mocking someone asking a question and acting as if he knew the answer and he was asking just to watch his victim squirm.

It made Haru want to curl in on himself. He curled his arms around his torso, hugging himself to try and stifle the feeling and not tip Rin off. He looked at him from across the table, through his fringe. "Is there any reason I shouldn't be here?"

Rin just gave another vicious smile. They both knew the answer to that question even if Haru wasn't sure he ever intended to admit it. There was no way that this would lead to anything, or at least that was what Haru kept telling himself like a montra. He just wanted- Rin made him feel, well at least something, Rin made him feel like he was so alive, like life was a typhoon again and that there was always a challenge and that he was so involved in it, meeting those waves with stinging strokes right at Rin's side.

Haru glanced down at his phone, checking to make sure that Makoto hadn't messaged him. Of course there was nothing. Makoto didn't have much time when he was with the kids swim team so there was hardly ever a message.

Rin shifted, leaning ever forward over the table to Haru. "It's been quite a long time." His intense eyes were still honed in on Haru. "Even your face has changed."

Haru nodded. The last year of school they all had filled out, Haru had grown about another inch with his finally growth spurt into manhood. Subsequently Makoto had shot up two inches. His perfect swimmers body, filling out as his shoulders broadened just a bit more for that triangle shape. He was one of the fastest on the team just because he was built so spotlessly perfect for swimming backstroke.

At the thought of Makoto like that, his Makoto, not the one studying to be marine mammal veterinarian, but the one in a green and black swimsuit and smiling at him, those sea green eyes intestines by the gleam or bright blue pool water. He wanted that Mako back so much.

"We've all changed." Haru simply said, his hand clenching around his phone.

Rin flashed another smile. His head tilted as he ever watched Haru, like a shark prowling through the reef. Haru wasn't so sure he wanted to be stalked like that. He looked away again.

"Haru-" Rin started his mouth open in a wide grin.

But Haru had surged up from the table with his school bag over his shoulder. "I have to go." He said hastily, making sure he had interrupted Rin. "I have class."

Rin nodded, "Alright, Haru."

It was something else they boy knew was a lie. They had set this time, this place because Haru didn't have class and didn't have it until later that day.

Haru clutched at his phone, looking away from anything in particular. He wasn't sure what else to say or do so he strode forward, only to be abruptly stopped as Rin snatched his wrist.

Haru couldn't look back.

"I want to see you again, Haru." Rins voice had dropped into that deeper tone, the one he used when he was trying to make himself very clear. "Please." There was a breath before Rin said quieter, "please just meet with me again, Haru."

Haru turned his head, unwillingly making a move to look back. His eyes half lidded as he looked down at Rin. He snapped his head up a second later uttering a quiet, "alright." And then he quickly hurried away, eyes back down.

For once it was the other way around. Haru slipped in through the bedroom door to find that Makoto was already in bed. The entire house was dark. There was a trail of homework leading back to the bedroom. And finally asleep under the covers was Makoto. There was a textbook and a couple of notebooks taking up the space where Haru usually slept.

With a sigh, Haru started to move the jumble of homework and general odds and ends from the bed. Makoto usually wasn't this careless. Or at least the Makoto Haru thought he knew wasn't usually this careless. They were together so little it wasn't like Haru could pretend he really knew.

The taller boy didn't even look like he'd bothered with pajamas, still in a hoody and sound asleep. Haru took a cue from him, flopping down over the covers without bothering to strip. He rested his head against Makoto's back, right between his shoulders. There wasn't even a stirring from the other end of the bed. Makoto was down for the count that was for sure.

Haru closed his eyes, hoping he could just sleep like that, loose himself in the current of dreams.

His phones buzzed in his hand though. He pulled in a long breath and opened it, the light cast by the phone illuminating Haru's face and alighting his blue eyes. He wanted to say he was surprised or at least unnerved that it was from Rin. He was more disappointed in himself for the fact that he didn't even hesitate in opening the message up.

Meet me for breakfast tomorrow

Haru looked at the message, feeling the rhythm of steady breathing from his partner lying right next to him in the bed. With the thought of a Mako so close, Haru typed out his answer quickly:


The sound of his phone snapping shut was a bit of shock but Haru still foster it in his hand. He pressed the back of his fisted hand to his forehead. His eyes stared blankly up at the ceiling. The buzz of his phone could be felt through his hand and he opened it to see Rin as persistent as ever had replied. Haru told himself that it was out of curiosity that he opened the message.

I want to see you again.

Haru huffed but typed a reply back. If he didn't Rin would just send another message again.


His hands didn't seem to want to work though after he pressed the send button. The glow of his phone was across his face. His eyes were wide as he looked at the limited conversation between Rin and himself.

Abruptly there was a buzz and with his messages already open the incoming script popped up for the bottom of the screen.

Haru, please.

A second later another message popped up.

Have breakfast with me tomorrow.

Haru stared at the message. His fingers were poised over the key pad, so on the brink, so ready to dive in and just-he didn't even know! And wasn't that the whole problem? He didn't know! He couldn't even guess! He hadn't known why he went that morning and now tonight he had no idea what he was thinking!

His fingers flew over the pad though a second later, just long enough for Haru to pull in a breath and stop thinking about what he was doing.


"Haru?" The shift in Makoto's shoulders as well as the groggy voice was Haruka's indication his partner was awake.

Haru's thumb jammed down on the send button before his hand shot down as he buried the phone in the bed covers. His breath stopped as Makoto shifted again and rolled onto his back. Now nose to nose with Haru, there was no way of escaping those sea green eyes. They were half-lidded with sleep but Haruka from this close could see every little detail to them. And as always they were breath stealing how beautiful they were.

Makoto gave Haruka a soft smile, the kind that was dripping with so much sincerity it practically produced light of its own.

"I missed you," Makoto whispered as he stole forward and pressed a small kiss to Haru's lips.

Haru was statue-still his lips sealed shut as his mind raced to keep up with his situation. In the end he just managed to mumble, "yeah," as he shifted his eyes away. He turns to his side away from Mako, trying to make it seem as a casual gesture of expressing fatigue and more importantly that he didn't want to talk.

Mako's chuckle came from behind him, probably still wearing that sweet smile. The warmth that envelope Haruka as Makoto shuffled forward, wrapping an arm around Haru's middle, was unnerving for the first time in Haru's life.

Haru's phone vibrated again, from under the covers.

A stolen glance over his shoulder only revealed Mako yawning before snuggling into the pillow, his cheek pressed to the back of Haru's neck as he closed his eyes again. Makoto would be asleep in a matter of seconds probably.

Haru waited those seconds, counting them down in time with the mad heating of his face.

It wasn't until he was sure that Makoto was asleep for sure that Haru slide his phone out from the covers. As quiet as he could he turned the screen brightness of his phone down first thing, before opening his messages.

I still want to race with you again.

Haru slammed the phone shut and pushed it out of sight on the night stand, trying his best to ignore its presence.

The next morning he wasn't sure how he had gotten there. Well obviously he had gotten out of bed and made himself go to the cafe. He just wasn't sure at what point between the texting the night before and the hurried kiss goodbye that morning from Makoto a few hours ago that Haru decided to show up.

There was a part of him that suggests he should just leave but that would be embarrassing since he'd just sat down. ...because Haru was the kind of person that avoided embarrassing things obviously.

As with the day before, Rin was late. But he gave Haru a smile as he sat across from him. There was a moment of silence where Haru was made shockingly aware of how deep Rin's eyes really were. It was to the point Haru shifted, willing himself not to lose himself and subsequently looked away.

Rin smiled again before he started pulling his backpack off and starting in. "I've been rooming with Nitori." Rin gave a mocking single laugh. "He hasn't changed since high school either." There was an implied, 'unfortunately.'

Haru nodded. "He's at the same university as you?"

Puffing up a bit more Rin gave a smile. "Of course. He knows where it's at, dispute his downsides."

Haru nodded but didn't fight it. He knew the university Makoto and he were attending was just fine, especially for the fact they were both studying marine life.

Rin escalated into his school facts, starting out with the swim stats of course. Haru nodded but he didn't comment or contend. Rin liked competition, he liked it almost in everything he did. It had always been something that set him apart from the rest of them all in high school.

As the conversation lulled, Haru, looked back down at the glass of ice water in his hands again.

"So are we having breakfast or is that your breakfast?" Rin commented as he looked to Haru and indicated the tall glass of ice water.

Haru opened his mouth not quite sure what to say. Suddenly it was very real that he was sitting there, with Rin, just Rin. He licked his lips before blurting. "I had breakfast with Makoto this morning."

Rin looked to him, but didn't speak.

Like a flood Haru just went right on then. "We have breakfast every morning." He looked to the street. "Makoto likes to cook for me. It's kind of our ritual."

There was that sly sneering smile again rising on Rin's lips, "so why are you here, I mean if you've already ate, why come?" He lowered his voice just a touch. "Aren't you satisfied?"

The answer was in the fact Haru chose not to answer. He just continued to look to the street. Everyone going by seemed like there was nothing more out of the ordinary than any other day. But was it just another day? Haru wasn't sure. For the first time in weeks he was deviating from his usually lonely schedule. ...and he- he had had breakfast with Makoto that morning.

"You're right," Haru said abruptly as he got up. "I'm not that hungry. " he refused to look at Rin.

The other boy hadn't made any move beyond blinking slowly at Haru. Finally he gave a cocky smile. "Of course,"

Haru quickly slid the strap of his bag onto his shoulder and headed out.

"I'll text you later." Rin called over his shoulder.

Haru stopped but didn't look back, and didn't turn. He just nodded and started out the door.

Today, 6:54 PM

What time is your class in the morning?

I don't have class in the morning...

Perfect. Then you'll come and actually have breakfast this time?

thats a poor invitation

Would you like me to try again?


Aw mamaMako looming?

what if he was?

I don't know, what if he was?

Would you still be texting with me?

why wouldn't i?

Would you eat breakfast this time if I invited Mako as well?


...I could bring Nitori to even it out?


Makoto that boring still?

no I don't want nitori there.

But Mako would be fine?

if I just said yes to breakfast would you drop the subject?

Perfect. :) I'll see you in the morning.

be on time for once

Anything for you

Slipping out of his wet swim suit, Haru stepped back just in time to come face to face with Makoto. Completely naked, he felt the rush of blood to his face.

Mako smiled at him and seeing the blush ducked his head and turned around.

"Makoto," Haru breathed

Haru looked back and quickly tried to find his cloths. He'd spent the evening swimming again.

"What are you doing here?" The last place he expected to see Makoto was in the locker room after. Besides he was about to head home and they could just see each other there.

There was the creak of the bench as Makoto sat, looking away from Haru still out of respect. Haru almost looked away and started to pull on his underpants.

"I wanted to see you," Makoto spoke in a quiet tone, his usual gentle and soft rumble.

Haru turned away, facing his locker instead of facing Makoto's back.

"I saw Nagisa today."

Haru nodded. "Yeah,"

That was no surprise. Makoto spent most of his time studying with Rei and Nagisa and Rei lived together so really it wasn't a stretch.

"It's been a long time since I've seen him." Makoto said like it was something that should matter. "It turns out he has a new job."

Haru nodded again. "Good." He said for Makoto's benefit. He pulled on his shirt.

Behind him there was the creak from the bench again. Haru looked behind him to see that Makoto had leaned over his face in his hands. That froze Haru right where he was, like he had grown roots and stuck them straight down through the tile flooring. Makoto's shoulders were hunched, his shaggy hair hanging from his head in a limp manor, next to him his backpack sagged against the bench and tile flooring. It was so full that the seams were tight. Haru winced thinking how heavy it looked.

He stepped forward, raising his shaky hand to Makoto's shoulder. Not sure what to say Haru just settled for a quiet, "come on."

Makoto didn't look up at him, only wiped his hands over his face, looking tired and worn as he nodded and made to heave his bag up from the floor.

"Let's go home," Haru said as he turned away, already headed to the door.

There was no sound from behind him though. It was once he was through the doorway that he stopped and looked behind himself, "Mako?" He called.

Much taller it was a challenge for Mako not to look at Haru usually. But Mako had managed it this time around. "Haru," he breathed, his brow was furrowed, like he was trying to figure out something, some sort of puzzle splayed on the floors where his eyes rested. "Are we-" abruptly those eyes flicked up at him. He didn't move his head, his eyes alight, looking out at Haru through Makoto's troubled expression. "We're alright, aren't we?"

Blinking, Haru turned back to the door. "Of course we are," he mumbled as he started again. "Come on, I'm hungry."

Hope ya guys liked and I'm working on the next chapter.