AN: Hi hi~ The story officially wrapped up last chapter with his funeral, but the epilogue here is where I shall give a preview of an event that will happen in my Raijinshuu fic, Days We Hold Precious, as these two stories do take place in the exact same universe/timeline. So, when I finally get going on that again, since I'm done with this one, allusions to Black and Blue will be made. Perhaps the scene where Ever and Juvia talk again will be put in, but from Ever's perspective, stuff like that. It's being put in Black and Blue because Juvia does have to do with this part. This takes place right after the party, so no time jumps or anything.

I shall also be explaining what I intend for the sequel at the end of the epilogue, so please read if you're interested!

"Excuse me, can Juvia come home with you?"

"Wha-?" Laxus rubbed the back of his head, alarmed. "With us?"

Freed and Bickslow stopped putting on their coats and looked back at the two, eyebrows raised. Juvia nodded, putting her hands in her pockets.

"Juvia wants to check on Evergreen-san. She seemed more ill than she was willing to let on, and Juvia wants to check on her."

The men looked at each other, shrugged, and left the building wordlessly, leaving the rest of the party behind. They were indeed leaving early, likely for the same reason Juvia was; to check on Evergreen. Taking their silence as a yes, she followed behind, not even bothering to make small talk; they didn't seem like a small talk sort of people, really, they didn't.

They walked through the town until they reached the apartment complex, and Juvia silently followed them up the stairs. Apparently the elevator wasn't working, based upon Bickslow's grumbles. She chuckled as Freed fumbled with the door key, but stopped as he lifted an eyebrow and merely pushed it open.

"Odd… she always locks the door." They entered and took off their things. "Ever? Juvia is here to check on you! … Ever?"

"Something's wrong," Laxus said. "I smell her here, but she'd respond if-"

Freed ran down the hall and swung open a door; Juvia presumed that the door was to Evergreen's room, and he slammed it shut, opening the rest of the doors.

"Not in any of our rooms. That leaves the kitchen."

Laxus stepped forward, but Freed beat him to it, turning the corner and sliding on the tile in his socks. He vanished from sight.

They heard silence.

Nothing but silence.

Juvia was starting to get scared.

And then-

"Call Wendy! Now!"

Bickslow stilled himself no more, and not even waiting to see what all the fuss was about, he bolted for the door. Laxus and Juvia ran to the kitchen, turning the corner. Juvia covered her mouth with her hands. Laxus took a step back in shock, then knelt down next to Freed.

In Freed's arms was Evergreen, limp and pale and completely unmoving. Laxus put a hand to her forehead, then his other to her neck, checking for a pulse.

"It's weak, but there." Laxus grimaced down at her, a look that suggested he knew not what to do. "Bickslow better hurry…"

Juvia knelt down next to the brunette, putting a hand over her forehead. "Evergreen-san… Don't worry, Wendy-chan will get you fixed up. And I'm sure she'll bring Elfman-san with her, for, uh, support!"

"She doesn't need her 'boyfriend,'" Freed snapped, holding her head in his lap. "She needs medical attention! What's going on with her… She's never collapsed like this before!"

Juvia flinched back at the look on his face, suddenly recalling why he was called "Freed the Dark." She stood and backed into the kitchen doorway, watching Laxus hoist her up into her arms and carry her past her, into the hallway, into her room, and onto the bed.

"She's… going to be fine," Juvia said to no one but herself.

Evergreen was strength in her time of weakness. The words she had spoken had assisted her in getting past her dark times. She remembered how sad she had looked standing by that window, telling Juvia to live on for the both of them.


Had she known about this?

Uh, so, yup! This event will probably take place later on in Days We Hold Precious, since in that story, I'm still focusing on the past of the Raijinshuu, and we haven't gotten much into modern Fairy Tail. I will have a lot more time to write my Raijinshuu fic now that I'm done with Black and Blue, and I'm super excited for that, since the Raijinshuu are my children and my favorite characters~ But anyway, this was kinda a conclusion to how Ever was acting in the last chapter; shaking, being dizzy- she just finally collapsed in their kitchen, so yeah~

And about the sequel, it's not necessarily going to be, like, a fully plotted thing. More like a collection of little shorts? Some of them will certainly be linked together and have a plot, like little short stories, but I think the sequel will mostly be drabbles about Juvia that might not necessarily all be Gruvia. Some about her past in the mansion, or even further back about her time with her mother, father, and brother. Some about her wandering around after she left the Estate, some about her in Phantom. Some about her and Gajeel (with an added Lily depending on when the chapter takes place), her and Totomaru (some might be of the more romantic nature~), stuff about her and other friends like Meredy and Lamia Scale, along with other friends in the guild, and, of course, CUTE GRUVIA STUFF.

So, yup. Sequel will probably be like that. Drabbles about Juvia in different periods of her life, interactions with other characters, inner-thoughts, and some of the chapters will be linked into a short story. That is what I have planned. Just getting out all the Juvia stuff in my head onto paper. It would probably be called, And In Love With You, all to kinda go with the song thing; if you read in the AN last chapter, Black and Blue's title is based off of a song, and it goes "Black and blue, and in love with you." It's a really pretty song.

So, thank you once more for everyone who has read this fic all the way through, that have reviewed, and especially those of you who took the time to review every single chapter. That means so much to me, and I hope you'll all stick around for the up and coming sequel. I'll try to have it out within the next few months, and I will put up a notice on this fic once I have the first chapter out, so anyone who follows the story can check. Or you can just keep looking at my author's page, which desperately needs to be updated.

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