Chapter 2


Hotel Transylvania

The deep misty and gothic region that was known as Transylvania was only something one could read about in horror stories. The forests surrounding a certain area stood high and mighty, shielding the night sky down below, creating a moonlit and eerie feeling.

The dark cloudy night sky was like that of a huge ocean of darkness that swayed in the sky. The mountainous area that looked it was setting from one of those old Boris Karloff movies back in the 1930s. Indeed the area was that of something from a horror film or story.

The isolated forest deep within the mist-hidden mountain forests of Transylvania was a dreary and darkened sight. It was a deep forest that nearly stretched on for miles with nothing but forest and open landscape.

The forests were filled with giant tall trees, with bare branches, twisting and turning towards the night skies. The leaves lay about the blackened and muddy ground, yet it was drier than anyone would ever suspect.

The dark clouds above the forest nearly befogged the entire blackened sky; not a single star shined out there. Not even the sounds of woodland creatures were uttered, nor did they dare, as something obviously spooked out only hoots and low howls and moans in the night.

On the other side of the dense fog, stood the most massive and largest castle you'd ever seen. It was practically as big as seven football fields and with walls as tall as the Berlin. A driveway was built in there, along with a wooden draw bridge in the front.

On the other side of said wooden draw bridge a spooky looking car driven by a monster with a pumpkin for a head sat in the driver's seat ready to go while the young couple known as Mavis and Johnny loaded their backpacks into the truck.

Behind them, Dracula along with his monster friends, Frank, Wayne, Murray, The Invisible Man, Eunice and Wanda were all standing outside the entrance to the hotel preparing to see the two love bats off.

Dracula approached the two. "So, Mavy, Jonathan, I trust you both have loaded up all our things for your trip?" he inquired.

Johnny struggled as he attempted to keep the trunk of the car closed. "Oh, you bet!" he replied enthusiastically. "Just need to get it all… in there…"

"Yeah Dad, we're all packed and I cannot wait to get out there!" Mavis said happily. "Thank you so much for allowing this Dad, it means everything."

"Of course darling, anything for you." Dracula told her sweetly as he and his daughter smiled at each other. Their nice father daughter moment soon ends as soon as they heard the trunk snap shut, it seemed that Johnny had finally got both of their individual backpacks inside.

"Ok! We're all good to go!" he called out enthusiastically.

"Well Mavy, I guess this is goodbye." Dracula said with a sad smile as he and his daughter hugged.

"I'm gonna miss you Dad." Mavis admitted.

"And I you, my sweet little blood orange." Dracula nodded.

"Hey, what about us?" Murray pointed out.

"Yeah, don't tell me you're not gonna miss all of us!" Frank added.

"Yeah, what are we? Rotten pieces of scream cheese or something?" Wayne quipped.

"Oh, of course miss you guys!" Mavis told her honorary uncles and aunts

Mavis and her Auntie Wanda gave her each a tight and loving hug.

"Oh, be safe sweetie." Wanda said to the young vampire whom she considered a daughter.

"I will Auntie Wanda, and don't worry I'll write to all of you every day." Mavis promised.

"You'd better sweetheart." Eunice told her, then looked at Johnny. "And you, you'd better treat her nice, got it skinny?"

"Uh, yes ma'am!" Johnny saluted, a bit intimidated by Eunice stern tone of voice.

"Don't worry Auntie Eunice, Johnny won't let anything happen to me, just like I won't let anything happen to him." Mavis promised.

"I am glad to you hear that." Dracula nodded with a smile.

"Well you two have fun out there!" Frank told them.

"Yeah just don't have too much fun, if you know what I'm saying, huh, huh?" The Invisible Man inquired with a suggestive tone. Everyone's eyes slowly widen at this and Johnny's face seemed to blush a little, the only one who didn't get what he was saying was Mavis. She turned to Johnny for an explanation but he only turned away and whistled to hide his blush.

Mavis looked to her father this time. "Uh… What's he talking about?" she questioned.

"What? Oh that? That was a… uh…" The count began to say. Dracula's eyes darted around as he tried to come up with an explanation till finally… "It is a… it is a joke, darling. Yes, a joke."

"I don't get it." Mavis said.

"Yes, he didn't tell it right." Dracula scowled as he tried to elbow the invisible man, but the seemingly floating glasses moved away.

"Missed me!" The Invisible Man whispered mockingly. Dracula did his best to contain his temper.

"Well before you go how about a big hug for the road?" The giant known as Frankenstein asked opening his arms.

Mavis rolled her eyes with a smile at her uncle's jolly laughter.

"Ok, ok," she said as she hugged her uncle tightly.

"Don't forget me!" Johnny cheered as he leapt over and joined in the hug, nearly tipping the big guy over, the three of them all laughed.

Then a horn went off, signaling that it was time to go.

"We'd better get going." Johnny reminded his vampire girlfriend. Mavis nodded, then turned to the others, and smiled at them.

"Bye, everyone!" she waved.

Mavis and Johnny made their way into the car and hopped inside. The spooky car's engine roared to life before driving away. Dracula and the rest of the monster waved and yelled their goodbyes as the car drove off towards the forest and then the airport where their journey would begin. Mavis and her father shared one last heartfelt and teary eyed look before the car zoomed out of sight.

Wanda sighed blissfully. "Oh, if only Martha were here to watch this,"

Dracula just smiled, as he patted his heart, "She's always here, Wanda. She's always here…"

Dracula continues to watch the car go off into the night, while he was sad that his daughter was leaving and worried about what might happen to her, at the same time he was happy for her and confident Johnny would keep her safe. All he could do now, was wait for their return.