Chapter 24

After everyone had cleaned up their wounds and got rested they finally managed to get the everything checked off on the wedding 'to-do' list and with that all that was left was to get the bride and groom dressed and ready for the ceremony.

Because of the unspoken rule that the groom was not allowed to see the bride before the wedding, Johnny and Mavis were forced to get dressed in separate wings of the hotel where they both got themselves read for the big event.

In Johnny's room Johnny was with Drac, Frank, Wayne, Murray and Gill. They were all wearing their tuxes and were now trying to work on Johnny's hair, but to no avail. They could not get it to be neat and tidy. They eventually gave up and left it as good as they could manage. Johnny stood before each of them wearing a green jacket, black trousers and a white dress shirt, the only parts about it were his sneakers and funky looking orange bowtie.

"Wow, Johnny, you look like a million bucks!" Frank remarked. "You know, aside from the bowtie."

"Thanks! I guess…"Johnny said, unsure of how to respond to that.

"So, how's do feel, buddy?" The Invisible Man asked.

"Oh man, I feel awesome! I'm finally getting married!" Johnny exclaimed. "Although at the same time I kinda wanna wet my pants right now…"

"Yeah, I'd probably wet my bandages too if I were you." Murray stated. Everyone looked at him a bit disgusted after he said this.

"Ok… too much information." Wayne said, slowly.

"Way too much." The unseen man added.

"Relax! It's gonna be fine, chum." Gill assured him.

"Hey, thanks man, say… would you like to be my best man?" Johnny offered. "I mean I know it's last minute and all but…"

"It would be my honor, my friend." Gill smiled. Johnny smiled back at him. Dracula then approached Johnny with a proud smile on his face.

"Jonathan my boy, while you may not have originally been my first choice of a husband for my Mavy … or my second… or my third… or even my forth…" Dracula admitted, which made everyone scowl at him a bit. "But… I am very glad she is marrying you, Jonathan. You have definitely proven yourself to her… and to me."

"Aw, thanks Drac, that means a lot." Johnny said, gratefully.

"Don't mention it. Just remember; no funny business after the wedding. Got it?" Drac said sternly.

Johnny then looked a bit nervous after he said that and smiled apologetically. "Well actually…" he began. Just by saying this he caused Dracula's eyes to glow red with anger.

Everyone else in the room froze, not sure how to react and exchanged worried glances with each other.

"This... does not bode well..." Murray remarked to the others who all nodded in agreement.

"No. No it does not." Gill agreed.

At the same time in Mavis' room, Wanda and Eunice were both helping Mavis get ready as well.

"Ooh this is just so exciting!" Wanda said, smiling brightly.

"Our little Mavis is getting married. Oh! I couldn't be more proud!" Eunice declared trying not to cry but failing and was beginning to short circuit for a bit. She blew her nose then regained her composure. "So, Mavis, how do you feel?"

"Oh… I am SO over the moon right now!" Mavis exclaimed, happily from behind a certain where she was putting on her dress. "I'm finally getting married!"

"Well then quit your gabbing and show us whatcha look like already, sweetie!" Eunice told her.

"Ok… get ready." Mavis said to them both as she prepares to step out.

When she finally did step out Wanda and Eunice both gasped sharply and happily when they saw Mavis in her wedding dress, which was comprised of a pure white, sparkling, strapless, sleeveless ball gown. The gown's petticoat is also white and sparkling with little diamonds down the sides. Along with the gown, Mavis wore white, sparkling opera gloves, white shoes to match the gown, a diamond necklace with matching earrings, and a tiara with a clear wedding veil attached to it to top it all off.

"Oh my…" Wanda breathed, awestruck.

"Wowza!" Eunice, loudly looking impressed. "Look. At. You!"

Mavis turned and gasped when she saw herself in the mirror with her dress on for the first time.

"I can't believe this was my mom's dress!" she expressed.

"You look beautiful sweetie…" Wanda said, with tears full of joy as she struggled to contain her immense happiness.

"Aw, thanks!" Mavis smiled.

"Oh… look at my little Mavy, so grown up!" Eunice gushed as she pinched her checks affectionately a bit. "You know your mother would be very proud."

"You think so?" The bride asked, hopefully.

"Oh we know so." Eunice nodded.

"Thank you… thank you both!" Mavis smiled as three of them hugged. Mavis then glanced to a picture of her mother she had set on her bedside table and smiled. She was a bit surprised when the picture suddenly winked at her but smiled regardless.

After they were both dressed both parities made their way to the wedding area. The whole place was packed with all their monster and human friends seated up close. Everyone in the crowd mummers to each other anxiously and excitedly, eagerly awaiting the bride to walk down the aisle with her father Dracula. Johnny and Gill were both up front with the minister who was a large fly man.

"Well chum… this is it." Gill whispered to his friend.

"This is it." Wanda said to her husband in the hushed tone.

"This is it." The Invisible Man told Eunice.

"Hey man, this is it!" Murray muttered to Frank happily. Frankenstein responded by blowing his nose into one of Murray's bandages, looking teary eyed.

"Oh, come on!" Murray complained.

Spotting them, the skeleton on the pipe organ started playing the wedding march. Johnny held his breath until he saw Mavis turn the corner with her elbow locked with Drac walking her down the aisle and a bouquet of flowers in her free hand. Johnny nearly passed out from the beauty of the scene before him. Everyone in the room that had just stood up forgot to breathe for several seconds as they gazed on the beauty before them. Dracula's face was beaming with happiness, eyes tearing from pure joy seeing that his little Mavy Wavy was getting married.

"Mavis honey, I am so proud of you." Dracula whispered to her. "You've finally achieved what your mother always dreamed for you…"

"Thanks Dad… thank you so much…" Mavis whispered. "For everything."

Johnny just stood at the altar motionless as if he had become a statue. He could not remove his gaze from the magnificence before him.

"Wow…" he breathed.

"Wow." Gill remarked, impressed. Then he noticed Esmeralda nearby growing and quickly sprayed her away with a quick stream of water, not that anyone in the room noticed.

It was only when Mavis reached the alter and the ceremony commenced that Johnny finally regained his mind and knew that he had his Zing standing next to him. As the ceremony started and everybody sat back down, Frank and Murray both began to bawl their eyes out causing Frank to short circuit and Eunice to just roll her eyes.

"He always cries during weddings." Eunice said to Wanda. "So annoying."

Wanda could not hear her as she was so transfixed on seeing Mavis and Johnny getting married that nothing else in the world mattered at that moment. Wanda was holding Wayne's paw and was squeezing it tight remembering her own wedding day. Wayne returned the squeeze and sat with a smile on his face knowing Mavis had found the right person to spend her life with. The Invisible Man then took his glasses off to wipe is eyes as small streams of water could be seen floating in midair. Johnny's Mother and Father were also tightly holding hands and were smiling proudly.

"We are gathered here today, on this happy and joyous occasion, to join this man and this woman in matrimony." The minister said starting the ceremony.

Johnny and Mavis both exchanged vows they had written themselves and they were the most heart melting displays of their pure love for one another.

Johnny's vows were as followed;

"Mavis Dracula, I take you to be my totally awesome wife, rocking companion and loving zing, forever. And with you by my side forever I will never be alone. Though the world sees a strong and independent vampire babe, I see the kindest and sweetest girl in the world. Whenever I was feeling like down on myself you've always been there to bring me back and cheer me up with your presence, so on this day, at this moment, I pledge the rest of my life to you. You've always believed in me, and I've always believed in you and I won't ever stop. You're my zing Mavis and I love you, forever after."

Mavis' vows were equally loving.

"Johnny… I wanted these vows to be perfect, but then I remembered that I hate perfection, since it's the imperfect things in life that make everything special. And when whenever I think about love… I think about mom and my dad and even to this day my Dad still loves my Mom even though she is gone. Johnny I cannot imagine spending a moment of my life without you. So I promise that I will always be by your side If you've always been by mine, even though I once doubted you, but that will never happen again, I swear it on my immortal life. You are my true love as well as my zing, and I am yours and will be forever."

After hearing that every single human and monster shed at least one tear of joy. So there pretty much wasn't a dry eye in the hotel.

"Jonathan, do you take Mavis to be your wedded wife? Do you promise to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her in sickness and in health, remaining faithful to her as long as you both shall live?" The minister said.

"I do." Jonathan nodded. "I totally do."

"Mavis Dracula, do you take Jonathon to be your wedded husband? Do you promise to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him in sickness and in health, remaining faithful to him as long as you both shall live?"

"I do." Mavis said. "Always and forever."

"You may now exchange rings." The minister said.

Together, both Jack and Jake brought up both rings sitting on a lush red velvet cushion. They both reached for the rings when they both whispered to Johnny.

"Last chance to back out." They both said. Johnny gave them both a lit bonk on the head before taking one ring while Mavis took the other.

Johnny placed the ring on Mavis' hand first, and Mavis placed the ring on Johnny's hand next with tears of happiness rolling down Mavis' cheeks. Johnny normally could not bear to see Mavis cry, but at this one moment, he could not have been happier to see those tears. His eyes filled with water, but did not roll down his face. He slowly lifted her veil.

"I now pronounce you Husband and Wife. You may now kiss the bride." The minister said.

As Johnny and Mavis kissed and wrapped their arms around each other, the entire room erupted in thunderous applause as everyone jumped out of their seats. The kiss lasted for several seconds, and when it was broken, Johnny and Mavis wrapped each other's hands together and brought them up to neck level, looked deeply into each other's eyes and then looked out into the crowd with smiles. Dracula smiled at the sight, without even roaring loudly like he usually did, his friends all clapped and cheered just like Johnny's family. One his brothers also whistled a high pitched whistle.

"Whoo-hoo! Go Johnny!" Joe shouted.

"Way to go bro!" Jason called out, clapping.

"Thanks guys!" Johnny called back as he waved to them. Mavis waved to everybody as well.

"That's my ghoul…" Dracula muttered to himself. Gill then walked over to him and observed the newlyweds along with him.

"Not bad Mister Dracula, you did a good job with her." Gill complimented. "Martha would be proud of you both."

"Thank you, my boy." Dracula nodded. "Thank you…"

Gill then sighed. "So what's next?"

"What's next?" Drac echoed before looking towards his daughter and new son-in-law. "Next is up to them."

Later, Mavis, Johnny and everyone else were all in the ball room where the reception was to be held. As was the custom, Mavis and Johnny made the first cut of the wedding cake that Quasimodo made and was surprisingly very good and not poisoned whatsoever as some of them believed. They fed each other the first two slices, getting a fair amount of frosting on each of their faces, mainly on purpose, much to everybody's else's amusement as they clapped for them both.

After the cake came the dancing. As the music played and the lights flared, Johnny spun and dipped his new bride, before pulling her in close.

"Not bad for a guy with two left feet, huh?" He smiled.

"Yeah, almost as good as me." Mavis joked with a smile. "Almost."

As they resumed dancing to the slow music Dracula, and his friends all watched them happily.

"Hey, guys! Check out the newlyweds!" Eunice called. "Oh… so romantic!"

Wanda sighed blissfully. "If only Martha were here to watch this,"

Dracula just smiled, as he patted his heart, "I told you, she's always here, Wanda. She's always here…"

"Makes everything we went through… all worth it." Gill nodded.

"Yeah, you go, cuz!" Frank cheered.

"And you too Mavis!" Wayne called out.

"I'll admit, it's pretty cool, but do you think we can I don't know… liven things up a little bit?" The Invisible Man wondered.

"Man, I thought you'd never ask!" Murray declared as he rushed over to the record player and put in a new disk with a more upbeat tone. "Hey Johnny! Mavis! Catch!"

The Mummy then tossed two microphones to the both of them which they both caught immediately.

"Take it away love bats!" he called out.

"Ready?" Johnny asked her.

"Oh yeah, ready." Mavis confirmed with a smile. They both showed off their fangs before Mavis then started singing a song called 'Love is in Bloom', Johnny soon began singing along with her as well.

The crowd cheered loudly around them as they embraced yet again, especially Johnny's family.

"Best. Wedding. EVER!" Jason exclaimed.

"And the best DAY ever!" Jordon added.

"Indeed!" James nodded with a smile.

All too soon, after the celebrations wound down, Mavis and Johnny headed for the taxi that would take them to the airport, and from there, their honeymoon destination; the place where Johnny proposed; Hawaii. Drac, Gill and their friends all followed with the crowd of guests standing behind them,

"Hey Mav, the flowers." Johnny reminded her.

"Oh, right!" Mavis remembered as she threw the bouquet over her head. The flowers threw through the air and ended up in the hands of a girl who looked surprising like Mina did, only less crazy looking. This surprised everyone but they smiled regardless. The newlyweds turned to Dracula and the others.

"Well guys… I guess this is it… so thanks." Johnny said.

"Yes, thank you so much for everything you've done." Mavis smiled. "Not of this would have been possible without you guys."

"Not a problem my non-fishy friends and I know we will meet again, in this life or a better one." Gill promised as he and Johnny shook hands while Mavis hugged him.

"Enjoy your honeymoon, my sweet little one." Drac told his daughter before hugging her and turning to. "And Jonathan? Take good care of her... son."

"From one vampire to another, you can totally count on me, Drac." Johnny nodded. "And check it out!"

Johnny then morphed into a little brown bat that flew all around them whooping with joy.

"Check it out, I'm a bat-homie! Look at me! Look at me! I'm flying! I'm flying!" Johnny hollered, excitedly before flying straight into the wall, making everyone grimace. He then morphed back and held up a thumb, indicating he was ok.

"Congratulations, Mavis." Wanda told her.

"See ya soon, kid." Wayne added.

"Oh I'm just so happy for you too!" Frank cried as he hugged her tight.

"Ok Frank we get, you'll miss her, no need to strangle her." Eunice told her husband as he let her go. "And good luck out there Mavis."

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do, girl." Murray winked.

"Or me for that matter, if you can manage to catch my drift this time, huh, huh?" The Invisible Man asked, suggestively before Eunice smacked away his glasses again. "Shutting up…"

"Thanks, guys." Mavis beamed. "I'm missing you already."

Johnny then rushed over and stood back where he was previously. "Yeah, me too."

"And we you." Dracula nodded as they all embraced in a group hug. Then the Invisible Man spoke up.

"Hey, is it more or we all smell like cake?" he asked, which made everybody laugh.

On that heartfelt note, Johnny and Mavis climbed into the taxi together. They waved to their friends and families, who enthusiastically waved back. The pumpkin headed driver in front started up the taxi which then began to drive down the bridge. The crowd cheered and waved after it, until it vanished over the night. Inside, Mavis and Johnny were snuggled up together, exhausted from their big day. They both sighed a deep sigh.

"This… has officially been the best day EVER!" Flash declared.

"Same here." Mavis said as she kissed him.

"And now comes the honeymoon." Johnny smiled. "Just you and me, husband and wife, in sunny Hawaii and then… the world is our oyster. Metaphorically speaking of course."

"Can't wait." Mavis smiled. "Love you, Johnny."

"Love you too." Johnny said, putting put a arm around her.

They cuddled each other happily. Their big day had gone by without a hitch… mostly, and now they had the rest of their lives to look forward to, together.

Meanwhile, Dracula continued to wave and watch them go before he looked up to the starry sky and at the full moon where he briefly saw a ghostly image of Martha herself who smiled at them all before she turned into stardust and peacefully blows away. A little star twinkled shortly afterwards.


Author's Note: Thank you all for reading this. My next Hotel T fic, 'Hotel Transylvania 3 The Movie' will be coming soon. Also I took some inspiration from various other Hotel T fics as well as other fics involving weddings so I hope nobody gets angry with me and I thank everyone for their support. Good Night/Good Day.