So my beloved Caren was a guest judge for The Lemonade Stand's weekly Flash-Fic Friday, and her prompt had a plot bunny in my head within minutes. You can see the GIF at my Tumblr (same username, post#60493397098). That 300 word limit was tough for me, so I wrote what I wanted then cut it down. This is the full version. You can see the shortened version I posted in The Lemonade Stand post from 09/06/13. Heather preread and gave me the shove I needed to post my words.

This is what happens when friends send me porn-y GIFs while I watch Brody Jenner do a backflip off a yacht in Greece. YOLO, all.


I crept along the wood floors, wishing I had grabbed my slipper-socks before leaving the bedroom. November in Marquette was much colder than I had expected, and the heavy snowfall earlier hadn't helped. I was freezing. I was also cranky and tired, but I desperately needed some Ibuprofen.

Fucking Edward and his gorgeous eyes and his "C'mon Bella, you know you want to." The man takes the whole YOLO concept to a whole other level.

The guy showed up with my brother for our yearly no-parents-allowed family vacation, all cocky smile and wicked sense of humor. But then, when we ended up alone in the kitchen, he was so sweet and charming, asking me about my plans after I graduated from ASU in May and helping me make lunch for everyone. I liked him...and if his flirty banter was any indication, I was pretty sure he liked me, too.

He thought all of us jumping off the upper deck of the cabin into the snowbank would be a great way to end our first night of vacation. His back-flip from the rail had my heart racing in fear and, to be honest, a little lust. He was beautiful and athletic - arching his long body as he slowly flipped in the air, his wavy hair whipping around his face, the killer grin he shot me as he landed ass-first in the huge mound of snow below.

My jump didn't end nearly as well. I landed too far to the side and smacked my wrist on the picnic table buried in the snow. Embarrassed and a little pissed at myself, I had avoided everyone when I got back from the E.R., but the pain was getting worse. I just had to make it to the kitchen, then I could head back upstairs to my comfy bed.

I tiptoed down the stairs, navigating by feel as my eyes began adjusted to the dark. I hadn't wanted to turn on a light knowing Edward and Jasper were sleeping in the great room. I spun around the banister at the bottom of the stairs, intending to slip into the kitchen quickly to find the pills, but a soft grunt stopped me in my tracks. I glanced across the room at the futon but it was empty. Hearing another noise, I peeked around the corner into the small office, not knowing what to expect.


Edward - on the couch - in nothing but his boxer briefs...head back, jaw clenched, eyes closed. His body practically glowed in the moonlight coming through the skylight, and I was helpless, unable to resist staring at the scene before me. That chest, those arms, those abs - everything about him was long and lean, sinuous and almost feline. His arms shifted down, his ab muscles quivering, both hands disappearing under the black cotton fabric as he released a delicious moan. One hand slid back up enough to catch the elastic band, pushing it down over his hip, revealing the round head of his...

Oh my God, his hand was on his cock.

I shifted to the left, trying to hide a bit behind the door frame, but I didn't leave. I knew I shouldn't be watching him, but I couldn't look away. The way his muscles contracted when his fingers wrapped around himself...the sighs and grunts as his arm moved faster...the frantic way he used one hand to push the fabric further over his hips so he could reach down to tug on his balls. Every move, every sound, went straight to my clit, and I began to feel the telltale tingling of arousal between my legs.

Edward jacking-off was the most erotic thing I had ever seen.

Just another minute, then I would leave. I had to see his face, needed to know what it looked like when he finally reached his peak. He was practically growling as he worked himself with both hands, his legs twitching and flexing as his cock slipped in and out of his fist. I could feel the tension in the air, practically taste it, and I knew he was almost there. Just a couple more tugs, a few more grunts, another…

I almost moaned as I watched him come all over his abs, his hand slowing but never stopping, stroking through his orgasm as his breathing hitched. I slid my eyes back up his body, noting the white puddles all over his stomach, the way his chest expanded when he inhaled, how his nipple ring glinted with every exhale as it caught the moonlight from above. He licked his lips, and my eyes darted up, shocked to see his eyes open, watching me as I watched him. I was too turned on to be embarrassed, too flushed and breathless to even pretend I hadn't seen. A slow smile spread across his face as I took a deep, shuddering breath, and I returned it as I stepped slowly into the office and closed the door behind me.



I spent one of the coldest winters in a century in Marquette, Michigan. It in the Upper Peninsula on Lake Superior, and it is COLD there. Lots of snow, lots of cloudy days, some really cool lava rock formations to jump off in the summer, and psychotic moose. Did you know moose are territorial and aggressive? Neither did I... until I decided going moose-tracking was a good idea. Good thing I could run fast.