"What are you looking at?" Punk said to the Meerkat he was feeding.

He worked at the zoo, of course being a zoo keeper. The only thing that kept him going was working with his best friend Chris Jericho.

He had no idea why he applied for this job in the first place, but he learned to love it. Working with the animals was fun, especially the lions and tigers.

"When do you finish?" Chris said, walking over to Punk.

"8pm." Punk sighed. Another 6 hours. Brilliant.

"Good luck, I'm away." Chris Laughed.

"Lucky son of a bitch." Punk said, watching Chris walk away.

Unlike Chris, Punk had no family, he had no wife, no children, no parents, sibling, no one. He was pretty much a loner. All he had was his animals.

He used to be scared out his boots whenever he got told to go feed the lions but now he could just go in and clap them like a dog. Simba was Punks best friend and always lay beside his feet whenever he was in feeding them.

Simba always looked out for Punk like an older brother. Punk was their since he was a cub after all.

"So. Nice day huh?" Punk said sitting on the rock beside Simba who rolled over, wanting Punk to scratch his belly.

"Look at the state of you. You need to find a girlfriend." Punk laughed scratching Simba's belly.

"Did I just say that? I need to find a girlfriend." Punk chuckled, continuing to scratch Simba's belly.

Once he'd fed all lions, including Simba, giving him the biggest bit of meat. He made his way to the sea lions. He loved having a laugh with them. They were so stupid.

"Right." Punk said, pushing Nally, one of the girl sea lions into the water and laughing like a child. He really needed a life.

"BANG!" Punk shouted, pretending to shoot Nally who pretended to be shot, splashing about in the water.

"Here, daft thing." Punk laughed, throwing the bucket of fish in the water and walking out.

If you told him 4 years ago he'd be talking to animals 9 hours a day and living alone, hell he'd probably agree.

"Phil." Vince shouted.

Punk hated when people called him by his real name. Also Vince was the owner of the zoo, this should be good.

"Vince." Punk said.

"Eh that's Mr. Mcmahon to you." Vince said.

"Mr. McMahon?" Punk recorrected himself.

"You got a school coming in an hour. Try look like you don't sell meth and try not to scare the kids eh?" Vince said, walking away.

"Ha Ha Ha." Punk said sarcastically.

Great, a bunch of screaming children running around trying to touch the lions just to get their hand snatched off. His day just got better.

The other side of town...

"Miss Mendez? I need to go to the toilet." A little girl said to AJ.

AJ or her real name April was a kinder garden teacher. Today was their field trip day. She hated animals. Wasn't she oh so excited.

"Right quickly, the bus won't wait." AJ said, taking the little girl to the toilet.

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