Okay so I decided that I didnt like my other story and i have an idea for an AU so I wanted to try it out.

BTW, i do not own the hunger games, I am not nearly as talented as Suzanne Collins.

Katniss' POV

I raced down the steps and into the family business, letting the delectable scents fill my nose. Looks like Dad is here early today. I tie the strings of my Mellark's Bakery apron around my neck, preparing for the early shift. I worked this time slot every weekend. It was my favorite time of the week, spending time baking and goofing around. Okay, so maybe I was a Daddy's girl but my mom gets enough kissing up from my two older brothers, so I get to be my Daddy's little princess. I will happily do anything he asks, and he will do the same for me. It's like our silent agreement.

As the faint glow of the ovens come into view, I hear chatter coming from the cash register. Thats weird. No one ever comes in this early. I can clearly hear my dad's charming voice, mixed with a familiar, yet unusual one. I am typically not an eaves'-dropper, but I can't help but listen to this conversation.

"... as long as you can get up the courage to ask, I would fully support your relationship," my dad says. Relationship? What relationship? I would say it may be one of my brothers, but the voice before his is definitely not theirs.

"Thank you, Mr. Mellark, I will be back soon with some squirrels!" the other responds excitedly. Squirrels? Now that I think about it, I can identify the voice. Peeta Everdeen. Son of Lila and Jonathan Everdeen. I always loved a good love story. My parent's was simple. Boy sees girl. Boy asks girl out. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl get married. Simple. Ordinary. I guess that you could say I clung to these stories because I never had my own love story.

I don't really date. It's not that I haven't had any offers, because i surely had my fair share of them, but I just never felt a connection with any of them, so I didn't even bother. My mom read about princes and princesses falling in love after talking or dancing. I had only felt that with one person, but I know it wouldn't happen so I just wait, silently praying that one day he would notice me. Hoping I would get my perfect life from this one person. This seems so impossible, I know. But I feel like it may happen one day.

I always thought the Everdeen story was absolutely beautiful. Lila Animus was the daughter of two doctors. Her parents were rich. Jonathan Everdeen came from a poor household with a miner as a father and a stay-at-home-mom. One day, Lila stumbles upon Jonathan while deep in thought, singing to himself. She immediately falls in love with his voice. He quickly falls head-over-heels for her. The only problem is that Mr. and Mrs. Animus were not too happy with the fact that their perfect little daughter had fallen in love with a miner's son, who would eventually become a miner himself. Oh, but that didn't stop them. The next day the couple had gotten married. From that day on, Lila refused to talk to her parents. Even after they had repeatedly apologized for their actions, she could not accept they fact that she found her happily ever after.

Mr. Everdeen is a kind man. He occasionally brings meat that he hunts in to trade with my father. he always takes the time to ask me how I am, after 16 years of living on this planet. He likes to crack jokes. He has a son, Peeta. Peeta just so happens to be my age and the sweetest guy on earth, right next to his father. We don't talk often, only saying hi in the halls of high school(which just ended for summer break) of when he trades to help his father in a time of extreme business or when he becomes ill (which is exceptionally rare).

Back to the real world. What kind of relationship is he talking about?With my father of all people? I understand that my dad is one of the easiest people to open up to but I just can't help but wonder about the topic of their conversation. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to come down here early. Oh well, its done. Maybe I'll ask him about it later.

Like or hate? Please let me know. I really want to hear frome you. Just to be clear, Katniss is a lot more open about love in this story because she hasn't seen what death does to it. In the books, she does't want to fall in love for two reasons:

a) She saw what happened to her mother after her father died. She didn't want to wind up like that, ignoring out her family and children.

and b) she didn't want to have kids due to the horrendous things the capitol did to them in the Hunger Games and the starvation they would face, much like the kind she experiences regularly.

There are NO Games in this series.

Thank you so much for reading. Please give me some advice on how to improve.