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Katniss POV

I walk into the back of the bakery to see my father kneading whole grain dough, as usual. He knows how much I love to make sweets so he is the one who does all the bread. Well, him and my brothers.

For a teenage girl with two annoying siblings, we get along really well. They are so sweet when it comes to me, its like I really am a princess. Anyway, I decided that right after Peeta left, I would ask my dad about it. If it were really a big deal he would tell me that it's not for me to know and I would back down. But I it was nothing, he would tell me in a heartbeat… Right?

"Morning, Daddy!" I say as I prance into the kitchen. He seems to be in a good mood (even though it is a rare occurrence that he is no in one).

"Good morning sweetheart. I baked some sugar cookies already so, if you wouldn't mind, could you frost them for me?"

"Sure dad. Hey, I heard you talking to someone this morning. What was that about?" He seems to tense at my question but does answer with a short response.

"Just checking on trading arrangements. No big deal," He says with a certain edge of doubt to his voice. Huh, must be something he really doesn't want to know if he won't tell me.

About an hour later, I see a blonde head admiring my frosting work while her older brother is chatting with my father. I have wanted to do a little trading of my own with her but I haven't been quick enough to talk to her before she is being dragged away by her brother.

"Hey, Prim, can I talk to you? I think I can make you an offer you can't refuse," I ask before Peeta can rush her out.

"Umm, okay?" she responds with a curious look.

"I wanted to ask you, would you like to learn how to decorate a cake like that? I would be willing to trade an hour of lessons (which are not really offered by us, but she doesn't need to know that) for a ½ pound of your goat cheese per week? I have wanted to perfect my recipe for cheese buns as a surprise for my dad, but I haven't found the right cheese yet. I think yours will be just right for them. What do you say? I'll even walk you to the bakery after school and then walk you home. I can talk to your parents if you want," I say before anyone can interrupt.

"YES! Yes, yes, yes, yes, a million times YES!'' she screams with all of the enthusiasm she can muster. Her skeptical teenage companion looks over and stops in the middle of his sentence when he sees me as the cause of his sister's excitement. Okaaaaaaay. I've always loved Prim. She seems so sweet and optimistic that you just can't help but love her. She may be thirteen but she has the lightness and charisma of a 6 year old. I always catch her looking at my pastries and cakes. I have always been looking for an excuse to teach her but haven't come up with a good enough reason until now. I actually HAVE been trying to find the perfect cheese for my cheese buns. And I know that she has a goat and makes cheese with the milk. Plus, I think the saltiness of it all will balance well with the yeastiness of the bread.

"Great. Oh, here have your parents call me so we can set it up, okay? See you soon. I think your brother is about ready to get out of here," I say with about as much enthusiasm as she has. With a quick wave, her small frame takes off next her the blonde- haired, blue- eyed counterpart.