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Now just don't freak out Lucy. Just grab the necklace, then wolf up, and get the hell out of there.

That was the only thought running throughout Lucy's mind. She sneaked through the halls of the majestic castle. If she gets caught, in vampire territory, man she'd be a dead wolf. The darkness in this case, was her best friend. It completely hid her, due to her all black jumpsuit.

Her inner wolf was killing to be released, mostly because of all the unfamiliar scents in the area. She just wanted to sniff around, know what's what-

No! Stop! You're the female Alpha! You can't keep doing this Lucy!

She gasped at the beam of light slowly approaching her. Quickly, she dove behind a podium with a carved stone head. Peeking out, the guards rubbed their necks,

"I could've sworn I smelt wolf!" one whined,

"Sure, and I hear a fairies singing! No wolf comes into vampire territory!" the other sneered.

Then as quickly as they came, the vanished. She let out a huff of air she was holding. Getting up slowly, her elbow hit the stoned head.

"No...No...No!" Lucy whisper-yelled. Reaching her hand out, she extended her abnormally large claws, and made a small pillar like 'pillow' for it to fall onto. Placing the head back on the pillar, she looked around, using her night vision like vision. Two double doors immediately caught her attention, and her inner wolf broke free. Stalking over to the double doors, she quietly slipped in.

Closing them silently behind her, a loud snore made her heart stop, and her ears pop out. Her hair was standing as she realized, once again, she wondered into a royal bedroom because of her inner wolf. Turning around, she found a queen sized bed, with only a blue cat and pink haired boy.

"Prince Natsu!" Lucy whispered. He stirred, and the cat popped up, extended his wings and started sleep flying. Lucy knew she should've been long gone, but she was never this close to a vampire before, and that inner wolf was making her curious.

Curiosity killed the cat, Lucy! In this case, Curiosity killed the Alpha wolf!

Shaking her head back to reality, she was walking towards the door. Her hand was hovering over the handle, when Prince Natsu jerked to a sitting position, waking his flying cat.

"I smell wolf!" Natsu hissed. Lucy mentally kicked her self while she flipped out his open window, and released her claws. She pushed her claws against the bricked wall, stopping herself from falling. Looking up she was a pull up from re-entering the prince's room.

"Natsu! There is no wolf!" a pitched meow came from the room.

"Yes there is, c'mon, check the room with me!" Natsu cried.

Looking down, if Lucy's claws slipped, she falls about 20 feet, and hit pointed rocks pointing out of the raging sea.

Man, Bloodsuckers pick scary places to live.

"It's coming from the window, Happy!" Natsu hissed his shadow clearly visible to Lucy. He was sitting on hi window sill, looking around, up, but never down. Lucy sweat dropped,

He really is dense.

"Natsu! If a wolf did come through there, they'd fall to their deaths!" the blue cat whined.

"But, I smell them! And it's a girl! My nose smells vanilla, and strawberries!". He whined, "Her blood smells delicious!".

Lucy gulped, and then bit her lip from laughing, "This idiot can smell my blood but can't locate me using it?".

Natsu's shadow jumped, "See? She called me an idiot!". Lucy cursed, she forgot about Bloodsucker's sense of hearing. Happy sighed, "What else did, said wolf say, Natsu?". Natsu looked out the window, "She said I was an idiot that couldn't locate her by her blood.". A loud smack was heard, then a whine,

"Ow! Happy? What the heck?!" Natsu growled. Happy was yelling now, "Then just track her! She's got to be close, being able to hear our conversation.". Natsu took a deep breath, "It's strong in here. Mostly near the window. But I don't see anything!". Lucy took a deep breath, what she was going to do was extremely risky. When she saw that Natsu was facing away, she pulled herself up the ledge, grabbed the cat she assumed was Happy, and gently stroked him to sleep.

"Maybe she's invisible! Oi? Happy?" Natsu said, turning around. He looked Lucy in the eye, "Hey! Who are you? Are you the wolf?". Lucy shrugged, "Maybe.". Natsu groaned, "I can smell your blood! I know it's you.". Lucy pouted, "I don't know what you're talking about.". Natsu grabbed her wrist, "Stop playing dumb!". Lucy pulled her arm away, "I'm not playing.".

Natsu sat on his bed defeated, "Who are you?". Lucy looked at Happy, who was sleeping in her lap, purring, "Someone.". Natsu smirked, "Somewolf." Lucy smiled, "Observant are we? I didn't expect that from you.". Natsu jumped up, realizing something, "You're the one who called me an idiot!". Lucy laughed at that, "That's true.".

Natsu shifted towards his door, "I'm turning the lights on.". Lucy jumped in front of him and grabbed his arm, "Sorry, can't let you do that.". Natsu hissed, his fangs fully extended, "I didn't suck you dry, or call the royal guard on you. You can at least let me see your face.". Lucy was silent. Natsu let a noise of annoyance, "Typical wolves.". Lucy growled, "Watch it, pretty boy. I'll rip you to shreds.".

"Pretty boy? That's not fair! You have night vision! You know what I look like!" Natsu whined, crossing his arms and pouting. Lucy laughed, "That and you are the prince, I've seen you everywhere, Natsu.". Natsu let a cry escape, "You even know my name! If you don't tell me yours, I'll...I'll".

"You'll what?" Lucy said, letting the amusement escape. Natsu laughed devilishly, "I'll drink your blood.". Lucy laughed at that, "Nice try. Like I'll believe a dense-".

Then, as quick as lightning, he grabbed her wrists and pushed her against a wall. He let his fangs out and leaned into the crook of her neck, "Well? Name or Blood?". She struggled, but it was no use. She didn't utter a peep, until she felt the tip of his fangs against her neck, she squealed,

"Lucy! It's Lucy!". Natsu pulled away, disappointed, "Man, I was going to enjoy that too!". Lucy pulled away quickly, after his grip loosened. Natsu smirked, "I smelt fear off you Lucy. What's wrong? Scared?". Lucy blushed, thank god he couldn't see it, "N-No! I'm not afraid of Bloodsuckers!". Natsu grabbed her by the wrists again; his onyx eyes turning red, "Watch it, Lucy.".

They stood like that for moments, staring at each other. That was until a knock on the door pulled them apart. Lucy hid behind the open door. A woman with long, blue hair walked in, wearing a piece of jewelry that caught Lucy's eye.

"M-Mom! What are you doing up?" Natsu said, his eyes falling on Lucy from time to time. His mom sighed,

"I could ask you the same thing. But if you really must know, the guards thought they caught a whiff of a wolf, which seems to be flowing in this room. Natsu? Have you seen a Moonhowler?". Natsu casually shook his head, "No. But I did awake to that smell.". Taking another smell, his mother seemed confused, "Whoever it is, and they smell like vanilla and strawberries.". Then she turned and walked out of the room.

Before she completely left though, Lucy quickly let out her claws, unhooks the necklace, and slips it into her pocket in one quick second. The door closed and Lucy let out her breath, again. Natsu sighed disappointed, "You better get out of here.". Lucy nodded, "Yeah. But I'll be back." Lucy said, quickly jumping out the window.

Natsu looked out his window, expecting to see a dead body at the bottom, but instead he saw a white, brown, and black wolf. It turned to him and flicked its ears in a goodbye and ran to the Howler woods. Natsu sighed disappointed, he knew she'd be back, but he knew he wouldn't forget those brown eyes.

A loud shriek filled the castle. Natsu ran out to see his mother, clutching her neck, "My necklace! Where did it go? Have you seen it?!". Natsu smirked, "That sneaky little-"

A loud howl interrupted his sentence.


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