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Just a little idea that came to mind while I was watching Slender videos XD Honestly I don't know about you but I feel as though there aren't enough Slender man yaoi stories. Like I search and search and search but I can't seem to find a good story T.T We should change that! lol XD Enjoy! BTW! I'm not a person that regularly updates her stories. xP just saying.

Warming: MalexMale. Strong language, sexual theme, violence

I wiped the fresh tears on my face with my sweaters sleeve. Their words echoed in my head like a broken recorder as I continued my path through the tall trees. I don't know where exactly I'm going but I hope its far. Far away from everything. "Why?" I said to no one in particular, stumbling on a twig. "Why am I the reject of the school, the pest in my families eyes, the mistake God has made?" I whimpered, hugging my body tightly searching for the comfort I needed. I shivered as a gust of wind passed by, causing my hood to fall off my head.

"I hate you, I wish you were never born!" Anna said early today. Out of everyone who has said cruel things to me, her words stung the most. To have your own sibling tell you they hated you is like a stab straight in the gut. Hey it's not my fault our parents got horny and forgot to use a bloody condom! It's not my fault I was born and killed our mother!

"It's not like I did it on purpose!" I cried, smashing my fist against a tree. I fell down to my knees and leaned against the rough wood. Blood trickled from my knuckles because of the harsh blow, but I didn't really give a damn right now. A shaky breath left my lips as I looked up at the crimson sky. The sun was just about to set and the creatures of the night are probably getting ready to hunt. I looked down at my bloody knuckle. "Maybe some wolf will smell my blood and try to eat me?" I laughed as some of my tears fell to my hands, mixing with the blood.

A groan escaped my lips as I felt the bruises in my stomach burn. Gerald decided to be extra violent today. After I accidentally tripped over his new shoes he got so angry that he got some of his buddies and decided to teach me a lesson. "You're such wimp!" I remember him saying in a sing-song way. "How about you do us all a favor and kill yourself?" He laughed before giving me a blow in the stomach and leaving me in the school parking lot.

"I would but I don't think God or the Devil want me around them," I joked to myself again, laughing weakly. I have a tendency to talk to myself. Wow, no wonder everyone thinks I'm a freak. I stood up as slowly as possible, trying my best to lessen the pain, and once again I looked up towards the sky. "Should I go home?" I asked myself closing my eyes and leaning against the tree. "Hmph, No one wants me around... I should just keep moving forward until I'm nothing but a memory," with that being said I continued my way through the forest.

"What a loser!"

"Hey Thaddeus, how does it feel to be such a faggot?"

"Your parents must be so disappointed, to have a good for nothing kid like you,"

"Shut up already! Just Stop!" I shouted covering my ears with my hands. I fell to my knees as their voices continued. "Enough damn it!" I cried as a stream of salty tears ran down my cheeks.

"Your so ugly!"

"Thaddeus? What type of stupid name is that?"

"You're probably the stupidest person in the school!"

"Stop..." I whimpered as their words continued to torment me. When will this stop, when will this end? I cant take this anymore! All the abuse, all the hate, everything! I wish could just die! "Someone please make them stop!" I whimpered, clenching my eyes shut, trying to escape from reality. I've had enough!

Do not weep my little kitten...

I gasped aloud and snapped my eyes open. Was that someone's voice just now? "W-Who's there?" I asked as I slowly stood up to my feet and looked at my surroundings. My heart rate quickened and shivers ran up my spine. No one's here... but I'm sure I heard someone-

-Do not be afraid... The same low, raspy voice said causing my heart to skip a beat. I swallowed the lump in my throat as I hesitantly walked through the forest. The tears in my eyes had stopped flowing and the harsh voices no longer repeated in my head. Thaddeus...

"W-Who are you?" I stuttered coming across a large tree. For some reason, there was a piece of paper attached to it? I raised a brow as I reached out towards the paper and let the tips of my fingers lightly brush against it. My gut tightened up as I grabbed the end of the paper. For some reason I feel as though my life will change dramatically if I take this paper. But why? It's just a piece of paper. I took a deep breath, trying to relax my racing heart as I tugged the paper from the tree. I looked at my surroundings, nothing is out of the ordinary. "I guess it's just me," I said to myself as I read the piece of paper. My eyes widened. I will protect you, the words say.

"What the hell..." I murmured as I stepped away from the tree. "What-Why-where?!" I stuttered all at once. Okay this is getting creepy! Who is leaving me these papers and what are their intentions? A faint ruffling noise was then heard from behind and I quickly turned around and scanned my surroundings. "Hello?!" I said, backing up against the tree.


"Wh-Who-" my breath hitched and my heart skipped a beat when i saw the silhouette of a tall figure, watching me from the distance. My eyes widened and my body began to tremble violently. Who is that? What does he want from me? "G-Gerald?" I gasped, tears trickling down my cheek. Oh no don't tell me he's come to beat the crap out of me again? God, was beating me up in the parking lot not enough. Until when will he be satisfied?! "Gerald please," I cried watching as the figure slowly made its way closer, "don't hurt me anymore!" I forced myself off of the tree and quickly ran away from the figure. "Don't hurt me, Don't hurt me, Don't hurt me!" I repeated, moving branches out of my way and dodging the trees. "Oof-" I gasped as I tripped over a root sprouting from the earth. My body screamed in pain from the harsh blow. "Uh!" I groaned clutching my stomach as a shadow roamed over my body. "No," I whimpered putting my arm over my face to avoid the incoming punches. I gasped as long slender fingers wrapped around my wrist. "Ung," I whimpered, clenching my eyes shut. I trembled as my hand was forced away from my face.

Thaddeus, my kitten, I will not harm you... said the same raspy voice from earlier. It sounded warm and sincere. I slowly opened my eyes. That voice wasn't Gerald's or anyone else he recognized. I slowly lifted my gaze up toward the man above me and froze.

He...he had no face!

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