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Thaddeus P.O.V.

It was my pleasure... the creature said, nodding his head.

"...H-hey n-now that I look at you," I started, thinking aloud again like an idiot, "you don't look that s-scary."

You think so? he asked, tilting his head to the side. His voice was low and had a light rumble to it when he spoke, almost like a purr. It wasn't scary and raspy like the first time we met, which was yesterday.

"Y-yeah," I nodded, scratching the back of my head. There was an awkward tension in the air, which made me fidget a little. This is so weird, what am I suppose to do exactly? What do I say? A groan was suddenly heard and we looked back towards Gerald, he began to stir in his sleep. "Oh-oh," I gulped, backing away from my attacker.

Don't worry about him, the creature suddenly said as he stalked over to Gerald. He hunched over, touched Gerald's shoulder, and just in the blink of an eye they both disappeared in thin air.

"W-What just happened?" I asked myself, rubbing at my eyelids and looking around. I walked over to the tree and looked around it. "How did he do that?" I asked before the tall man appeared in front of me. "Whoa!" I gasped, jumping back. "W-Where's Gerald?"

He is at his home, he answered.

"What about his friends?" I asked.

I sent them home as well, when they wake, they'll believe it was all a dream, he said as he began walking down the forest. ...I'll walk you home..

"O-okay," I nodded, quickly catching up to him and walking by his side. The walk was silent and almost peaceful. I put my guard down and let myself relax. Okay, this guy just saved me from being beat up and nearly getting raped, that's got to mean he's a good guy, right? I glanced up at his "face." His whole head was pale white, his cheekbone and bridge of where his nose should be were slightly defined, and he had no eyes, ears, and a mouth. He looked to be about 6.7 feet tall and had a broad chest and shoulders. His head turns towards me, causing me to blush and look away quickly.

Why do you hide your head? he asked.

"What?" I asked, looking back at him. He reaches a hand out towards me and touches my sweaters hoodie. "Oh, when did I put this on?" I questioned myself. "Did I have my hoodie on the whole time? ... I hate my hair," I admitted, looking at a the path ahead.

Why is that? he tilted his head to the side, awaiting an answer.

"Well, I was told that it was ugly and that blond is a stupid color," I said, remembering all the times i was teased for having blond hair. My town is so small that me and my family were literally the only blonds in the whole neighborhood. I furrowed my brows as my chest tightened. My hair was such a big problem that in sixth grade Gerald decided to give me a hair cut.

...I like your hair, the tall man suddenly said, breaking me out of my thoughts. My heart skipped a beat as I looked back at him with wide eyes. He grabbed a yellow leaf from a tree branch. It's as lovely as a yellow ginkgo leaf, he said, handing the leaf over to me.

"Y-you really like it?" I asked again, a small blush on my cheeks. He nodded his head as I held the leaf in my hand. A small smile formed on my lips as I twisted the leaf's stem around in my fingers. "...Thank you," I said almost in a whisper, letting my hood fall off my head and to my shoulders.

The walk home was long and silent, but it was nice either way. I haven't felt this much peace in a while. My house was not too far away from where we are and to be honest I didn't want this peace to leave. "...Can I ask you something?" I then asked, breaking the comfortable silence we had. He turns his head towards me. "Um h-how do you know my name and where I live?" I asked, hoping he isn't a stalker or something.

...Thaddeus, do you remember your childhood? he questioned.

"My childhood? Not really, I try blocking it out as much as I can," I answered.

Even the good memories? he then asked.

"...I don't think I had any good memories," I laughed, coming to a stop as we reached my houses back yard.

Thaddeus... he says, as I looked up at him, No matter how bad a situation gets, I will not let that situation be the reason for my downfall, I will live on...

"...Downfall..." I repeated. These words sound so familiar to me. Where did I hear these words before? A small headache began to form on my head as I thought hard. I rubbed my fingers on the temples of my head. Damn it! It's going to bother me so much if I don't remember who said these words!

I'll make sure no one will hurt you again, Thaddeus, he assured before hunching over and putting his hand on my cheek. I'll watch over you from now on my kitten, I'll see you soon...

"Kitten? W-wait!" I said before he could disappear away or something. "What's your name, or what can I call you?"

Call me by my man given name, he said before disappearing in thin air once again. Slender man...

"Slender... man," I repeated, looking around my yard. I wonder where he disappears off too.

"Slender man is this tall creature, with no face, that stalks after little kids and takes them away forever! But watch out, if you take one of his treasured pieces of paper then he'll come get ya!" Carlos words echoed in my head.

"...He doesn't seem at all like a bad guy though," I said before heading inside my house. "I'm home!" I yelled to no one. Anna and Dad wont be home in a few hours.

Gerald P.O.V.

"Ahhh!" I shouted, sitting up and crawling back until my back hit the wall. "Damn it!" I cursed, hunching over. My back was screaming in pain, like, like it's all bruised up or something! I looked at my surroundings, where am I? "I'm home?" I questioned, noticing the familiar posters, the flat screen, and scattered laundry. I was in my room. "What the fuck happened?" I questioned myself as I grabbed my phone from my pocket and dialed Jose's number.

"Hnng hello?" Jose groaned on the line.

"Jose! What happened?" I asked as I got off of the bed and headed towards the bathroom.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean where the hell are you guys and how did I get home?"

"I don't really know dude, I just woke up,"

"Really? You don't remember anything?" I asked, lifting my shirt up and turning to look at my back's reflection in the mirror. I gasped as I looked at the giant purple, green-ish, bruise forming on my back.

"...Well... never mind, it was probably a dream," Jose laughed.

"Tell me," I ordered, pulling my shirt back down.

"Fine... I remember a tall guy, with no face, choking me and growling some shit like don't touch my kitten,"

"Did he wear a suit?"

"A suit?"

"Yeah a suit!"

"Yeah... he did! Did you see him too?"

"Yeah I did, he slammed me against the tree and now I have a damn bruise,"

"Really? Oh my god, what do we do? Are Zack and Rob okay? DO YOU THINK THEIR DEAD?!" he panicked, I can hear him hyperventilating on the other line.

"They're not dead idiot, if it didn't kill us then it didn't kill them," I reasoned as I sat at my desks chair and flipped open my laptop.

"But what was it though?!" he shouted on my ear. "Was it Slender man?!"

"Slender Man?" I thought for a second. He did have the appearance of Slender man, not to mention he also had tentacles.

"Yeah him, you never heard of Slender man?"

"Of course I have you idiot," I growled, typing down said creatures name on the Google search bar.

"What do we do?! We have to tell someone!"

"And say what? Oh we were attacked by a fictional creature while we, ourselves, were trying to attack Thaddeus, oh please help us! Oh yeah, like we wont be sent to a mental hospital, or prison,"

"Then what the fuck do you think we should do?"

"Simple," I smiled from ear to ear, "We fight fire with water."

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