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Tears ran down the little boys red cheeks as blood trickled from his scrapped knees. He hiccupped silently to himself as he wondered through the forest, looking for his tall "friend." He wiped the snot from his nose with the sleeve of his shirt and came to a stop. "Tall man?" he whimpered, swallowing the lump in his throat. "The big kids were mean to me again," he explains, wiping the tears from his eyes, "they called me stupid and said I couldn't play with them anymore." The small boy clenched his eyes shut tightly as a way of blocking out the bad memories. "They pushed me and I got hurt," he whimpered, bringing his hands up to his eyes.

"I told daddy that they were mean to me, but he said he was busy working," the boy continued. "I told Anna too, but she told me that I deserved it for killing mom." A cough escaped the boy's lips. "Why doesn't anyone like me?" he finally whimpered, falling to his knees and sobbing quietly. That's when he felt a large hand lie on his head. The small boy wiped the tears from his eyes and looked up to see the creature touching him.

I like you… The man with no face stated, running his hand down from the boys head to cup his small cheek. Never forget Thaddeus, I like you and will always be here for you, he said before picking Thaddeus up and cradling him in his arms.

The blonde boy smiled up at his friend and hugs him. "Tall man, you're my best friend," the boy sighed, nuzzling his face on the tall man's suit.

You're mine as well child, the tall man cooed, tightening his hold on the small blond.

"Let's play a game!" Thaddeus giggled, pulling on the tall man's suit. "Let's play hide and seek!"

As you wish, the tall man said before placing his large hand over the boy's scrapped knees. Small warmth spread throughout the boy's legs, making him sigh in satisfaction. Five seconds later, the tall man removed his colossal hand and placed the small boy on the ground.

"Thank you," the boy giggled, referring to his now healed knees. "You count and I'll hide!" The boy cheered before running off into the forest, no longer sad or in tears.

Yes child, the boy heard the creature say as he searched around the area. One… Two… Three… he heard his friend count in his head. Panicking, the boy went further through the trees. Six… seven… A large smile plastered on the boy's lips when he saw a small opening under a large tree. Ten, he heard the tall man say before he hurried inside the small hole.

"He, he," the boy giggled before covering his mouth with his hands, trying to stay silent.

Thaddeus? He heard the suited man call. Hmm, where could this child be? Thaddeus remained silent as his heart rate quickened in excitement. Thaddeus? Come out, come out, where ever you are, the man called in a sing song voice.

Thaddeus giggled before taking a peek of his head out of the small hole. He looked left and he looks right. The tall man is nowhere to be found. He isn't even calling out for him anymore. Furrowing his brows in worry, Thaddeus steps out of the small hole.

Found you! The man said before grabbing the boy from behind and hoisting him up.

Thaddeus shrieks in surprise. He then puffs his cheeks and glares at the tall man over his shoulder. "You cheated!"

My apologies, the man chuckled before hugging the child in apology.

"…Its okay," the boy said before smiling once again. "Next time promise you won't cheat?" the boy asked, extending his pinky finger.

I promise, the man agreed. He extends his long, white, pinky finger towards Thaddeus and locks fingers with the boy.

"Okay!" The boy smiled before grabbing the collar of the Tall man's suit and pulling him down to place a small kiss on the side of his cheek. "Let's promise to always be friends and to play with each other forever and ever!"

Of course child, I will never leave your side…


Thaddeus P.O.V.

"Thaddeus? Thaddeus!"

I jumped from the sudden shout of my name. "What? Huh?!" I panicked looking around the room for the source of the yelling.

"Thaddeus!" Anna yelled from the other side of my door. She slammed her fist on the locked door. "I know you're awake!"

"What do you want?!" I groaned before covering my head with my bed covers.

"Dad said he's coming home early today, so I expect you to make this place look spotless!" she said.

"That's a woman's job!" I sneered, quickly getting in a bad mood.

"That's why I'm telling you to do it!" she yelled, probably smirking from her sassy remark. I huffed before angrily tossing the covers off of my body and sitting up on my bed. "I'm heading to work now; you better do as I say or you won't eat dinner tonight!" she warned before walking away, the sound of her footsteps now fading away.

I took long, deep, breaths to sooth my heart. It was still running a mile from the rude awakening. "Selfish witch," I grumbled, before stretching my arms over my head. "Sorry about that," I apologized, as I turned to face the tall being. "She usually ignores me in the mornings… Slender Man?" I questioned, finally noticing that he wasn't lying on the bed. When did he leave? I scanned my room, there's no sign of him anywhere. A wave of disappointment went through my body. Did he have to leave so soon? I thought maybe we could hang out for a little. A heavy sigh escapes my throat. "I wonder when I'll be able to see him again," I wonder as I stood from my bed and made my way out the room and towards the bathroom.

He did say he was looking out for the Wendigoes. That probably explains why he left early. How many Wendigoes are there anyway? Can he take on all of them? If they look half as big and scary as the Wendigo I saw yesterday then I don't think Slender Mans got a chance, being so skinny and all. Well... I'm not exactly sure how strong Slender Man is. He has lots of strange powers.

I walk into the bathroom. Turning on the sink, I began rinsing my face. My mind drifted off to the dream I had. "I think it was a memory," I told myself, drying my face with a nearby towel. That had to be a memory; the scenario was too realistic and familiar to be called a dream. So I have met Slender man before. A small smile formed on my lips before I began brushing my teeth. How could I have forgotten him, my only friend? I wonder what other things we've done together back then. How did I react when we first met? Why did we stop seeing each other?

I furrowed my brows in wonder. "…I will never leave your side…" He said this, but he never kept his word… I'm going to have to ask him what happened.

Spitting out the paste from my mouth, I look at myself in the medical cabinet's mirror before leaving and heading to my room. A yawn escapes my lips as soon as I entered my room. Anna is such a jerk, waking me up from such a good dream. A blush formed on my cheeks. The reason it was such a good dream was because Slender man was in it. I shook my head, in an attempt to erase the embarrassing thoughts, and walked to my closet. I removed my shirt from my body and swung the closet door open. Looking through my closet I pulled out a blue, plaid, button up shirt and another plaid shirt, except its grey. "Which one should I wear?" I asked myself, thinking hard.

The grey one, it would hug your body pleasantly,

"You think so? Well I guess I'll settle for the grey one," I answered, before placing the blue plaid shirt back on the hanger and in my closet. I began to slide my hand through one of the shirt's sleeves until it hit me, did I just hear Slender man's voice? I turned my head to look behind me. "Slender Man!" I exclaimed excitedly.

Good morning Thaddeus, the tall man said, nodding his head. He was sitting on the edge of my bed, with one foot crossed on top of the other.

"Good morning to you too," I smiled, walking over to him. "Where did you go if you don't mind me asking?"

Warding off vermin, he explained, probably talking about the Wendigoes. He brings his hand up to my face and brushed my hair behind my ear. I felt my face grow hot from the small action. How was your morning my kitten?

"Kitten?" I questioned, "well, Anna woke me up to clean the house. She wasn't too nice about it either," I scoffed, folding my arms.

I see… he said, drifting off. I tilted my head and gave him a questioning look. He wasn't looking at my face. He may not have eyes but I can tell when someone is looking elsewhere when their face is facing a different direction.

"Is something wrong?" I asked, furrowing my brows in worry. His head was facing my chest. Why is that? Is there something on my shirt or- "Whoa!" I nearly shrieked before turning my back towards Slender Man, trying to hide my exposed chest from him. "W-Why didn't you tell me I wasn't wearing my shirt?!" I scolded, quickly slipping the shirt on and fidgeting with the buttons.

He chuckles lightly behind me. Let me help you, he says before gently turning me around, making me face him. He gently tugs on my arms, bringing me closer to him. His colossal, cool hands touch my bare chest, making me flinch from how cold they were.

"W-What are you doing?" I asked, feeling my whole face turn red from embarrassment.

Inspecting your body, he said, running his hand down towards my abdomen.

"W-Why would you need to inspect it?" I stuttered, feeling shivers run up and down my spine. He didn't answer; instead he kept on running his hands all around my chest and back. I gasped when his fingers brushed one of my nipples. That felt strange! It made my hands feel tingly and my stomach flutter up. Slender Man didn't seem to notice my reaction to this. He was still fixated on my body. An inaudible sigh of relief escapes my lips. I'm glad he didn't notice. I don't want him making fun of me!

Slender Man P.O.V.

I ran my hands over the boy's small hips. His skin is very smooth, almost like a newborn's. His figure is petite and looks almost fragile. I don't know how anybody would want to harm this beautiful body. I ran my fingers over his flat stomach. This area use to be coated with scars and bruises. They'd still be visible if I had not healed him. I'm amazed no one came to Thaddeus' rescue. How did this go unnoticed?

I gazed up at the boys small pecks, they were well defined. Looking through the boy's thoughts, I can see he used to spend most of his time swimming. I reached up and lightly brush my fingers over his semi erect, pink, nipple. He gasps from the small action and shivers. I resisted the urge to chuckle. It's expected for Thaddeus to act this way, with his raging hormones making him sexually frustrated and all. He thinks I didn't notice his reaction to my touch? Well then, let's see how far I will go until I finally "notice."

"Hng," Thaddeus bit back a moan as both my fingers brushed his sensitive nipple. I glance up at his flushed face. His eyes were clenched shut and he was biting his lower lip. "S-Slender Man," he stuttered before looking at me with half lid eyes.

My heart rammed inside my chest and my hands were itching to do more. Without thinking, I brought Thaddeus closer to my chest and held him by the hips. He looked up at me with longing eyes and his thoughts were clouded up with lust. I cupped his cheek and inched my face closer to his. Thaddeus closed his eyes and perked his lips, expecting a kiss. Thaddeus…

The sound of a door unlocking brought me back to my senses. Out of instinct, I pushed myself away from Thaddeus and quickly dashed behind the boy to hide inside the closet.

"Wha-" Thaddeus uttered out before a female voice interrupted him.

"Thaddeus! You better not be sleeping!" the female yelled from where she was. I can only guess it was his older sister, Anna.

"Uhg, I'm awake!" Thaddeus yelled before sitting on his bed and buttoning his shirt.

"Good," his sister yelled back before walking around, doing whatever she was doing.

I placed my hand over my beating heart. What was I about to do to this child? The innocent and lust filled look in his features made me want to savor him. I was so close to losing myself to lust that I nearly took Thaddeus then and there. My heart went back to its regular beating. Funny, I almost forgot what it was like to lust over someone. It has been centuries since I last held a person in my arms.

"I left food on the counter," Anna yelled before the sound of locking was heard. Did she just leave? She didn't even bid her goodbyes.

There was a small moment of silence in the room before Thaddeus voice broke through. "Slender Man?" he hesitated saying. I emerged from the close not a second later and approached him. He averted his gaze away from me and had a crimson blush on his cheeks. "Um…"

I cupped his cheek in my hand and force him to look at my face. He has an unsure and worried look in his eyes, and his mind kept questioning if he did something wrong. I knelt down on one foot and brought Thaddeus into a tight embrace. He gasped from the action and tensed for a moment before relaxing. My sincere apologies, I said while running my hand up and down his back.

"Uhg- I-it's okay," he stuttered. Placing his hands on my shoulders he gently pushes me away to stare at my face. "Um, I don't mind," he laughs nervously while averting his eyes away and scratching the back of his head.

What don't you mind? I asked with a tilt of my head.

"Um," he says, laughing harder. His whole face was red now. I chuckled at his innocent behavior. He may be older now, but he's still the innocent child I took care of so many years ago. I was taken aback when his lips kissed the area where I'm supposed have lips of my own. He pulled away and gazed into my face. "T-This," he says, in response to my previous question. I traced the area he kissed. It felt nice; I even felt my stomach react to it in a positive way.

I nuzzled my face on the crook of his neck. You're too cute, my kitten, I purred before pulling away and standing up to my feet. He smiled up at me before heading out the door.

"I'm going to clean the house for a bit, do you want to hang out afterwards?" he asked as I followed him.

If you wish, I said, making my way towards his living room. But first, I need to give you information regarding the Wendigoes.