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"Mom, please?" Clary tried to look as cute and innocent as possible.

"I told you no"

"But mom..."

"But mom nothing. No" Luke, making coffee behind her, shook his head. When her mother opened the refrigerator door for milk Clary looked at him pleading. 'Pleeeeese?' She mouthed to him

"Oh, come on Jo! It's just this once. You can go Clary"


"Really?!" She grinned and gave Luke a hug, he returned with a smile.

"No!" Her mother exclaimed. "Who said your word counts?" Jocelyn turned to him

"I'm giving you permission" He said to Clary who looked at her mother expectantly, he dismissed her waiving his hand. "Go get your stuff. We leave in 5"

"Great!" She didn't need much time. All her stuff were already at the Institute, just her pjs and a change of clothes would do. She could still hear her parents talking in the kitchen


"Who says my word counts? I say my word counts! Its legal remember?" He pointed at a paper stuck to the fridge door.

They were married now; the weeding had been about two months ago and a little after that Luke had asked Clary if he could adopt her, this had been very moving to her and to Jocelyn, too. Now to the US government she had two parents, officially. It was law so yeah, he could and should have a say in the stuff concerning her.

"And I'm her mother!" She heard her mother say. "I don't want her pregnant. Besides, she's grounded!"

"Grounded on what crime? Oh Come on, be rational. It's just a sleepover with the girls. I'll talk to Maryse... Don't worry, I'll make her lock Jace up if she has to"

"As if!" Her mother slammed a cabinet door.

"Go easy on that, I repaired the thing! I think you're forgetting Jace's little problem now. It's not a question of want, they can't" Clary felt herself turn red with anger and embarrassment. She hated this topic.

"Yeah I know, the fire, but still…"

"But still? They can both burn... I know teens, I was one. They are…impulsive. But I think that not very appealing or pleasant really...Jace wouldn't want that for Clary" Clary entered to cut their conversation. "Ready?"

"Yeah, let's go." Her mom pressed her lips, clearly upset. She kissed her mother's cheek. "Don't worry mom! It's going to be fine. Aline and her girlfriend are going to be there, they are going back to Idris tomorrow, Isabelle thought it was a good going away party"

"Girlfriend." She muttered. Clary raised an eyebrow

"What's the problem? It's not like it's the first gay couple you've known."

"No, I know. It's weird between shadowhunters. That's all"

"Ugh, I hate it how they are so xix century."

"Its weird they are so opened Clary." Luke said "They would have hid before"

"Well that's changing, thankfully"

"Yeah, and its great." her mother added and she rubbed her temples. Luke opened the door and got out but the look on Jocelyn made Clary stayed behind

"Mom, seriously...it's not like that. And I really don't want to go there. Besides, Jace is not going to be at the Institute anyway. They went looking for some foresaken that killed a woman yesterday" Her mother made a face.

"This is getting out of control" Some poor mundanes and a few shadowhunters were dropping dead every week. It made Clary really nervous.

"I know, that's why they went looking for them."

"Okay, have fun" Clary smiled and her mother smiled too. "What time are you coming back tomorrow?

"Thanks. I'm going to train tomorrow; I'll be back at noon"

"Who are you training with?" Clary rolled her eyes.

"Maryse!" Luke horn two times. She kissed her mother one more time and went outside.

The Institute looked deserted. Clary found Church curled up in an armchair in the hallway. She woke him up stroking behind his ears, he purred in delight.

"Hello Church, is there anyone home? Where is Izzy?" The cat stirred and led her through the hall to the kitchen. Clary was praying for Isabelle not to be cooking

"Izzy!" She called; the beautiful girl was sitting on a stool in the breakfast counter. Her black hair in a French braid.

"Finally, did your mom give you a hard time?"

"Luke convinced her. She gave up after a while"

"Good. Do you want some cookies?" She motioned the plate in front of her. Clary was going to say she passed but Izzy added "Don't worry; I didn't make them from scratch, just cookie dough." Clary didn't know if Isabelle could even pull that off wrong so she took one, it tasted fine thankfully.

"They are good." She said after swallowing. Isabelle laughed at the surprise in Clary's voice.


"When are the girls coming?"

"They are not coming"


"They returned to Idris yesterday. I lied"

"Are you kidding me? My mother is going to kill me. If Maryse tells her..."

"Don't worry, she doesn't know. I'll make something up" Said the black haired girl calmly.

"Why didn't you call me? My mom's going to freak!"

"Relax Clary. Is not like you can't have the sleepover with me"

"Right, like you would prefer to stay with me rather than Simon" She smiled and Clary saw the love in her eyes when she mentioned her best friend. Simon and Isabelle were a cute couple, it was weird because they were so different but Clary loved them together.

"Hey! Maybe I just like to have you here. Is my company so bad?" Clary smiled.

Both girls have bonded in a way. They could call the other friend; the initial jealousy was left behind. Clary realized having Simon for a friend all her life, a girly friend was a great thing, even if that girl was Isabelle. She could talk everything with her "I'm doing you a favor, you should thank me! You only come and go to train now. You have to go out more and have fun"

"My mom doesn't like me out because my brother is killing people around. I think is understandable."

"And that's why you're grounded for no reason" Isabelle rolled her eyes "It's the institute, there's nothing to harm you here, well...supposedly. I could hurt you so bad but I don't feel like it and Church can scratch you" Clary snorted.

"Yeah that and the other thing... She thinks I'm going to get pregnant somehow" Isabelle looked at her with an eyebrow raised

"Like she thinks you're getting pregnant through divine intervention of something?"

"Exactly" both girls laughed.

"That's part of the reason I didn't tell you we call off the sleepover. You and Jace should be alone for a change."

"Tell that to my mother" Clary sighed.

"Did you guys got any better?" Clary blushed. "Come on Clary, you don't need to blush. It's okay" which made Clary blush harder.

"Mm, I don't know. Jace pulls away before I can try anything. I mean I guess it's better than it was the first month but…" She declared annoyed.

"I feel for you. It sucks"

"Yeah, well…" Clary sighed again.

"I'm bored. Go change and meet me in the train room. I want to show you some moves" Clary shook her head smiling. Training with Izzy was so fun. Except those days when she made her wear heels. She wasn't as hard on her as Alec or Maryse and not distracting like Jace.
Thinking of Alec, she got a stung of sadness.

"How is Alec?" She asked while walking to her room. Isabelle stiffened and her face changed.

"The same" She muttered

"I wish we could do something"

"There's nothing to do. He's heartbroken. He barely leaves his room. My mother and Jace had to practically force him out today"

"To look for those foresaken, to have some action… That should help him take his mind of things" Isabelle sighed.

"Yeah maybe for a little while. I hope so anyway. I called Magnus a hundred times. He just won't pick up."

"Do you know what happened?"

"Alec won't tell me, he just said it was his fault and now Magnus hates him"

"Magnus can't hate him. I found Alec the other day in the library..."

"I know he helped you with your exam, mom won't be happy." Clary smile sheepishly.

"That exam was really hard! And she doesn't have to know..."

"Its supposed to be. It's like mundane school, they grade you. The grades you get in this exams go to Idris, mom told you. You're completing your education, so you shouldn't be copying" Clary couldn't believe Isabelle talking like that about exams.

"I wasn't! Alec was just... Clarifying some stuff"

"Right Clary" Isabelle rolled her eyes "Did he say anything?"

"He asked me... He just wanted to know how I felt when Jace was gone. Because he felt like a part of his soul was ripped out." Isabelle's face show how sad she was about her brothers' break up. "I just told him he was feeling the right thing, and that he should try talking to him. We were never that close, I didn't want to pry about what happened"

"Sure. Me neither, he will talk if he wants to"

The training was intense. Izzy made sure she got tired and she had to actually beg her to stop and continue tomorrow. After two hours and a half of running, fighting, jumping nonstop all her body hurt. Clary found some satisfying feeling after an intense training even if every muscle ached. Fighting like that was in her blood and she loved it, and above all she loved she was good getting very good at it.

She went to her room to have a shower but instead of using her own she carried her bag to Jace's room. He wasn't there of course and was greeted by the tidiness of his room. It changed slightly since the first time she had stepped in.

Se breathed the smell of his room in and her heart tighten with the sigh of the pictures that decorate the wall behind his wooden desk. The colorful images felt almost out of place in the white wall.

Every picture of them taken in these few months, mostly taken by Isabelle in those moments when they were not paying attention so they showed their natural faces and expression while looking at each other. She pouted at the smiling Jaces' that look back at her; she wanted him back and safe already.

She started to spill her stuff around and mess everything, it was one of her favorite pass times knowing how he would patiently put everything back in place. She kicked her sneakers off to the corner, dropped the contents of her bag on the floor and went to the bathroom.

Clary appreciated the hot water running through her body, relaxing her and stayed in the bathroom scrubbing the sweat until it run cold. She dressed quickly deliberately leaving her dirty clothes and the towels of on the bathroom floor.

Afterwards she picked her sketch notebook and some pencils from her bag and started on some unfinished drawings.

It was past 9 when she put her notebook down in the mattress frustrated because she was not getting some Idris landscape right. She pushed the cushions off the bed to the floor, lie down and pulled the quilt half over herself (spring was starting but the room was chilly) She grinned at the neatly folded corners of the sheets under the mattress.

Lying down against the bed smelling of Jace in the covers she couldn't help but to fall asleep.

"It was a waste of time. There was nothing to get us further, closer to him. Nothing" He told Isabelle. She was in pjs receiving him and Alec. Alec was already in the way to his room even before Jace got out of the elevator.

"I ordered food." Isabelle called but he was long gone and they heard the door slammed shut behind him.

"I'm going to my room to leave this stuff" He motioned to his favorite's seraph blades, the ones he kept in his room. "I'll be right back"

"Sure, take your time" She said with a mysterious smile and turned to the kitchen. Jace was tired and starving and wanted to check his cell that had run out of battery at least three hours ago. He wanted to call Clary but she was probably asleep already. He missed her terribly. Two days without her seemed like a nightmare. His whole world run around her.

The way his room greeted him was a surprised, it was literally turned upside down, to his eyes. All her stuff lying around. Clary always teased him saying he had OCD but he was like that only with his room, the rest of the Institute could be a wreck and he wouldn't care less. He closed the door softly behind him and hung his jacket and blades.

Isabelle deliberately forgot to tell him that she was here even though said sleepover never took place. And he loved his sister for that; the surprise made it all worth it. Hell he thought that living was worth it in moments like this. The sigh of her produced a new energy that run through his body, and that didn't have anything to do with the stupid heavenly fire. This feeling in his chest contracting was all her doing. And she walked around like she didn't know what she produced in him, what emotions she brought to the surface. Maybe she didn't know. Like she didn't know she was beautiful and smart and kind hearted and sexy.

She was in her pjs, wrapped with the cover, sleeping. Her sketch pad was beside her, he picked it up. There were a few runes on the side of the paper, and a drawing that looked like their manor house in Idris, the one that collapsed. He put the sketch book in his bedside table.

He stared at her for a little while. Admiring her delicate features. Her hair, her eyelashes, her lips.

"God" He breathed out the word. He adored her.

He lied down next to her and put his arms around her small body. Her smell was chocking him with happiness.

She opened her eyes when his lips touched her cheek repeatedly.

"Hey" he murmured. "I didn't want to wake you."

"I wasn't asleep." She said, he rolled his eyes.

"Sure Clary" The girl yawned and then smiled "I didn't know you were here"

"I texted you"

"Run down battery" He said and shrugged apologetically. Suddenly the feeling of how much he needed her made him really giddy.

"I'm so glad you're here" He said and he snuggled against her neck leaving little kisses along the way. Clary giggled, his hair tickling her.

"We saw each other on Tuesday." She reminded him.

"Yes, but I thought I was no going to be able to see you until Saturday. And that made me missed you even more" With that he brought his mouth against her neck again "Clary Clary Clary Clary. Clary" he murmured. His arms tightening around her, she laughed and stroked his hair.

"You love me" She said matter of factly. He propped himself in his elbows and looked down at her curiously. He saw realization in her eyes

"Well... After all the things we lived. All the stuff I said to you...One would think you already know that." He run his fingers through her cheek "I should remind you more often" He said rather to himself.

"Clary... You just have to look around this room to see how much you messed me up. From day one you messed up with my mind, with my heart, my body, not to mention my hair" She laughed at that. "And look how much you messed up with my room and I just love that it's your mess, before you and besides Isabelle and Maryse no other woman had step inside let alone start dropping their stuff around. And I was already a messed up kid, but in your messiness you fixed me up" Clary brought his mouth down to hers and kissed him.

"I missed you" She breathed between kisses. She could feel him smiling against her lips. Excitement was running through her body while the kisses heat up fast.

"You're so beautiful" He whispered in her ear. "You're perfect"

"Isn't that your description of yourself?" She asked teasing.

"Well we have that in common, don't we?" He smirked and caught her mouth again.

Jace was not as relaxed as she would like though, she could feel he was being cautious. Let yourself go she wanted to say and slid her hands to his shoulders to relax the tension in his muscles. Maybe if she let him do it his way, if she didn't try anything this time it would last longer.

Clary wasn't sure if that was the ideal; the longer it lasted the harder it was to pull away. He pressed himself against her body and shifted slightly so that one of his legs was between hers and she struggled for air when he pressed his knee softly down to her centre while trailing kisses in her collarbone.

Clary felt her panties getting wet. The sensation was normal now; her thoughts sometimes really dirty while even standing close to him embarrassed her.

Clothes started to be on the way and when Jace's hands went underneath her t-shirt, running up and down her back and sliding in her stomach she shivered. Clary was surprised by this but she let herself enjoy it while it lasted.

"You're so soft, Clary" He murmured against her neck skin. Clary unconsciously rubbed herself against his leg and moaned. Jace started saying something over and over again while kissing the sensitive spots below her ear. Clary couldn't make out his ranting words, she felt hot all over and she didn't know if that was them or the fire inside him.

She wanted to touch him, to touch him everywhere so she started pulling up his t-shirt, he stiffen a little but he let her slide it up to his abs. She run her hands slowly up and down his back.

"We have to stop. We have to stop. We have to..." That was what he was saying in her ear, his words clearer now.

"No, no. Please" She replied breathless. She knew what was coming and she wanted to keep him close so much she put her mouth against his neck and suck and bite a spot really hard. His fingers dig in her waist.

"Clary!" He moaned.

Her arms intertwine in his neck pulling him against her. She could feel him struggling but she was strong now and she could against him, and right now, with these intense feelings he wasn't in his best shape. He brought his mouth against hers again. Clary stomach was burning, like she had been lying in the sun for hours. With both their tshirts pulled up the sensation of the contact of skin making her shiver even if she was burning. When she run her hand along his chest and down (still one arm around his neck to keep him against her) she burned her hand like she touched a hot pan. She couldn't care less and kept going down. Running her fingers through the little golden hair leading further down, his sexy happy trail. Her boyfriend groaned and gasped against her mouth, in pain, in pleasure or both, she didn't know. The unnatural heat was suffocating.

Jace was really trying to push her away now but she wouldn't give in. So with his mouth still on her he bite her lower lip hard. She moan and in second of relaxing her arms he had gotten up and was standing at the foot of the bed, grabbing the wooden post hard, his fingers tips getting white.

Clary took a minute to process the whole thing. Panting, she bite down on her lip and could taste blood but maybe he had done that. She turned her head the other way, looking at the wall. Her heart was biting like she had run a marathon and sweat was running through her temples making her red hair stick to her forehead. Her tank top was pulled up and her stomach felt like she had been beside a radiator for too long.

Jace still gripping the pole breathing hard looked at her through the corner of his eyes "Christ Clary!" He let out. Clary heard him cursed a few times under his uneven breath. She concentrated on calming her own breathing.

After a few minutes Jace heard her sigh. Those breaths girls were supposed to let out when annoyed and unsatisfied. And he cursed again; he should be able to make her sigh after making love to her, in pleasure and bliss. He wanted so bad to satisfy her, to hear her moan and yell his name. To do it, again and again.

"This is so not okay" Clary blurted out. Jace didn't move. "It sucks so much. It's so frustrating" She put an emphasis in each 'so'. Jace tried hard not to listen to her. "Jace..." He run a hand through his hair.

"Don't" he managed to say

"We were doing okay. Why did you stopped?"

"Are you kidding me? We were clearly not okay. You should be glad we got that far"

She considered this, and he was right, they had gotten very far, and she thought maybe it was because he didn't know how much he could hold before.

"One of us has to be prudent. And clearly is not going to be you. You'd prefer to burn to death"

"Hell yeah I would. At least I'd die happy!" She argued. He paced around, her voice soften "I want you so bad."

"Shut up. Shut up, Clary. You are making this harder"

"I need you. I need you to touch me. Please" He covered his face with his hands because she looked ridiculously cute lying on his bed saying those things... he might as well give in.

Clary knew she was being mean to him, but she really didn't care if she got hurt. They had waited long enough.

"The Silent Brothers-" He started.

"The Silent Brothers are not doing enough! This happened like 3 months ago! Shouldn't it be fixed by now?"

"Sorry" She opened her arms to him. So tempting, to be embraced by them, warm soft arms, it was like a welcome home. He had to turn away.

"It's not your fault. Technically its mine" She said, he went to the window and opened it. The buzz from the street grew louder and he stood there breathing in the night city air. Clary appreciated the chilly wind. Jace turned when he heard Clary burst out laughing.

He looked at her with an eyebrow raised "What's so funny?" She laughed more.

"Everything. Isn't it ironic?" Jace shook his head humor in his eyes. "Our luck"

"This is your mother's fault you know"

"I know my mother is a pain sometimes but I really don't see how it's her fault" She said defensively

"It is. If she freaking let us be together more I wouldn't want to attack you every time I see you" Clary smiled at the attacking part. She was fine with it although she had to admit that he had a point. "I'd be able to control myself"

"Oh I don't care" She shivered and he closed the window.

"Right, I figured you don't. But I do"

Looking at her, her cheeks blushed, lips full, one of the straps of her tank top down and all her red curls in a tangled mess, and those beautiful green eyes. He turned away and started to pick the things up from the floor; tidying everything she had wreck just for the sake of doing something.

"Well... You know what they say-"

"No I don't" she ignored him

"Practice makes perfection. Come back to the bed, will go slow"

"I think we pushed our luck today" Clary groaned in frustration. "Clary... I swear is it really so hard?" He asked when he opened the bathroom door to find her clothes and towels on the floor.

"No, I do it on purposed"

"I know you do" He picked the stuff putting them on the laundry basket. He looked in the mirror "Well... Look at that miss." She looked where his fingers were pointing, his neck showing a big red hickey.

"You love it"

"Yeah" He shrugged. "I look really good with it, it enhance my neck nicely." Clary agreed silently.

"Well, come back, let's make a few more" She said invitingly

"I'd love to see what your mom's got to say about it" She hope the collar of his shirt cover it, she felt embarrassed in advance.

"Jace..." She looked at him pouting.

"Don't. Don't. Don't make that face" He pleaded.

"Please" She pleaded back.

"I once told you that you were the one persona that made me felt stronger. I changed my mind, you make me so weak" She patted the bed motioning to sit next to her. "So tempting" He turned around and Clary rolled her eyes. Suddenly she felt angry so she grumbled and got to her feet. When Jace turned around to find her sliding her pajama pants down.

"What" He chocked "are you doing" the sight of her bare legs and her cute little flowerish panties, exciting him.

"I'm going to look for Sebastian. And kill him" He stared unable to say a word. She bent down and went though the clothes he had neatly folded, dropping all the clothes to the floor again. She found her jeans and started pulling them on when he caught her in his arms.

"And you're going to do that all on your own?"

"I might as well-" His hands went down her back, skipping her ass towards the back of her things.

"And how are you going to do that, striping for him?" He whispered in her ear. His warm hands caressed her thighs softly; Clary's heart skipped a bit.

"Do you think that would have effect on him?"

"We know he disgustingly wants you. You're too beautiful for your own good" She made a face. "And to be honest…well...you're killing me" He looked at her right in the eyes, their lips centimeters apart, she could feel his hot breath against her lips.

"No, no! Let me go" She pushed him back hard "You go all you're-killing-me after what just happened" She motioned to the bed. "And let me remind you, I wasn't the one who pulled away! Then you decide that you had enough fun and I'm left like..."

"Enough fun?" He rolled his eyes "Oh god Clary, you have no idea"

"Do you know how I feel when we stop?"

"You think this is only difficult for you? News flash: it's not. It requires a huge amount of self control. "

"You're very good at self control. I wish you weren't"

"It's wearing thin every minute" His lips brushed hers lightly

"Is it?" She narrowed her eyes, as if considering her next move. They could go back to where they were before but "I'm done- " She pushed him back again.

"Well above all... That's exactly what you're not" She looked at him and frowned, humor swimming in his gold eyes. He smirked. "Pun intended"

"That is not a funny joke. Would you keep your distance?" She asked when he came close to her mouth again "You're bipolar, didn't anyone tell you that?" He shrugged and walked backwards a few steps.

"Here?" He asked on the other side of the room.

"There" She nodded.

"Can you keep your clothes on at least?"

"Why? Is this..." She started pulling up her tank top. Jace stared at the marks on her stomach "distracting?" Jace bit his lip. She laughed and let it fall down. Jace picked the pajama pants and through them across the room

"Put them on before I start burning again. Your nakedness makes everything so much harder" She sighed dramatically and put them on.

"That could be fun" She smirked "watching you burn, I mean"

"I beg to differ. But you can try it on Sebastian." Clary's frown came back to obscure her features.

"We'll figure this out. I'm sure" He came close to her again without touching her, she rest her head against his chest anyway

"Why are you so sure?"

"When haven't we? And let me tell you, we were in more serious stuff than this. I mean we were freaking brother and sister a couple of months ago!" She shuddered and he wrapped his arms around her.

"And then you got fucking demon possessed, and after that my real brother made you his fucking puppet and I had to fucking stabbed you!"

"Say fucking again"

"Fucking" He laughed and kissed her forehead, he loved when she cursed.

"At least we are together now. And we will be together-together. I swear you just have to be patient"

"I am patient. Patiently fantasizing" She blurted out without thinking

"Y-you fantasize?" He asked swallowing hard. Clary blushed, a deep dark of red. He let out a breath.

"I was joking" She said quickly. He eyed her and shook his head as if to clear it.

"By the angel, this girl!" He breathed looking up to the ceiling grinning. And then he buried his face in her hair breathing in "You don't know how much I wish I could follow you in that perverted mind of yours" She blushed harder.

Jace was going to tease her about this forever, asking what she was thinking every five minutes!

"You dont?"

"I think about you all the time. You're always in my mind. In multiple scenarios " He trailed kissed along her temple and cheek.

"I'm hungry" she realized suddenly.

"Thought you'd never asked. I'm starving" He kissed her cheek once more. "Greenhouse?" He asked offering his hand. Clary smiled.

"Greenhouse" she agreed. "but after that...We have got all night" Jace sighed

"Self control" he murmured "self control"