Ichigo and Rukia sat on the couch together. Rukia sat with her hands folded in her lap and Ichigo leaned on his thighs. The ultrasound photo sat on the coffee table. Across from them, Isshin sat rigidly, with a serious expression on his face and his arms folded across his chest. He looked angry and disappointed, and for once in their lives the young couple were worried about their goofy father.

They sat like that in a heavy silence for a few moments before finally, Isshin spoke in a serious, disappointed tone.

"How long have you known about the pregnancy?"

Ichigo and Rukia looked up at him, but Isshin was still looking down, not meeting their eyes. Rukia glanced at Ichigo worriedly, who returned her look.

Isshin continued, his eyes serious and disappointed as he glared as his son and daughter in law, "A day? A week?...A year?"

With this, all worry drained from Ichigo. He rolled his eyes. Rukia sighed softly.

"D...Dad..." Rukia spoke uncertainly, still not quite used to calling Isshin (or anyone for that matter) Dad, "We've only known for a week... nobody knows yet besides you, and Nii-sama..."

"But Byakuya found out before me. Since when is he more important than me?"

"You're right, Dad." Ichigo spoke in a sarcastic tone, "We should've told you immediately. You're a part of this as much as Rukia or I." He nodded at Rukia, who also nodded in a mocking way.

Isshin nodded seriously. "Yeah. Thank you." He paused then, "There IS one way you can make this up to me..."

"What is that?"

A goofy grin spread across Isshin's face, "If it's a boy name him Isshin jr!"


Rukia laughed, "It's not so bad! If it's a girl I wanted Usagi, but Ichigo said no." She squinted at him.

"We're not giving this baby any weird names!"

"USAGI IS NOT WEIRD, IT IS BEAUTIFUL!" Rukia tugged his arm, "Just imagine it Ichigo! Kurosaki Usagi!"


"Isshin jr Kurosaki!"